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A meeting of old friends

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26 Re: A meeting of old friends on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:47 am

Ezekiel released a sigh of deep frustration - it was way to early in the morning to be dealing with such drama. The green eyed youth stood over Luna as the girl seemed to finally calm down. The crossing over her arms over her large firm breasts made the boy smile a little. Lazily shifting his massive black arms behind his head, Ezekiel looked over the girl as she spoke, but as the words reached his ears, a look of confusion overtook his face almost instantly. Why would she go through his phone? And even if she did, why would it matter - it's not like the two are dating. He had no idea how to handle this situation, it was clear Luna was upset about what she read, but that much didn't bother Ezekiel to much. He looked the girl deep in her eyes with a serious look upon his face, before spitting out words of truth and sarcasm.

"If you go diggin' through peoples shit, you're gonna find somethin' you don't like, Luna. I shouldn't have to tell you this..."

He said lifting his eyes off the girl before him, and fixing his vision to the ground for a split second. Quickly, his head shot up again before another wave of sarcasm and seriousness exited his lips.

"Be honest, Luna. Was last night more to you than just a good fuckin'?"

Normally, that question would have never left his mouth, but Luna was different from other girls - he just couldn't have his way with her and move forward. He needed to know, but secretly, he was afraid of the answer.

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27 Re: A meeting of old friends on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:16 am


"If you go diggin' through peoples shit, you're gonna find somethin' you don't like, Luna. I shouldn't have to tell you this..."

She looked at him guiltily. Even if it had been sort of an accident she really did feel guilty. God, now she looked super crazy. There was no way in hell that she was going to get out of this mess without looking like a psycho. Where the hell was the old Luna? The one that could hang with Zeke, kick his ass at video games, and just throw cocky remarks back and forth with him? She'd turned all of this into some crazy scene out of a movie. She needed to put this childish girl back in her cage. The real Luna, the cocky bitch that couldn't be hurt emotionally by any man, that Luna was the Luna that needed to be pulled to the surface.

She took a few moments to breathe again. She pushed all of her emotions deep down and pulled the older and wiser Luna to the surface. Her face began to turn a bit colder. The emotions that had been so easy to see just a moment ago were wiped clean. The only thing that hadn't completely looked cold were her eyes, that looked watery and that would always betray her true feelings.

The girl listened to what he had to say next."Be honest, Luna. Was last night more to you than just a good fuckin'?" Luna didn't look him directly in the eyes. The words she had spoken moments ago would be ignored. They didn't matter anymore. She could pretend that it was something else entirely.

Last night? Come on babe, be both know that was more than just a good fucking. That was a great fucking! That's why i came to you. I knew you could help me with my desires... she wanted to say those words but had a feeling that it could possibly hurt him and herself. She'd be lying to his face. Once trust was broken with Zeke it was hard to repair. She still hadn't fully repaired it from the last time. Would she truly say those words she was thinking just to get out of this situation? Wouldn't it hurt both of them in the end? Well, either way, if she told him the truth they'd still get hurt.

She rubbed her temples before mumbling. "It was supposed to just be a fucking. A rather good one, but it ended up turning into something else, Zeke. I fucked up." she looked him in the eyes as she spoke these words. The cold, bitchy Luna was replaced with the sincere, emotional one again. God, she felt like she was bipolar! She'd heard most girls did this sort of thing when they were with their first loves. Zeke had sort of been that guy for her. Even if he'd never known it.

She looked into his emerald eyes, her blue ones slightly watery with emotion. "Ugh, I wish this could be simple!" She itched to just grab her AT's and ride. She imagined herself jumping out his window with her wings on her feet and just flying off, never to have to worry about human emotions again.

Luckily she didn't have to continue with swearing and cursing herself. Her phone began to ring. She blinked and answered it quickly to hear Rohas' voice. Her eyes widened slightly as he began speaking. "Luna, I normally don't bug you about your whereabouts but a package arrived for you today. There's no return address. I thought you ought to know, it seems weird to me." She wasn't sure if Zeke could hear his brothers voice or not. They were close together and the apartment was silent. Luna didn't reply to Rohas for fear of setting Zeke off.

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28 Re: A meeting of old friends on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:27 pm

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