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IMAGINERS*, an original fantasy RP [LB]

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IMAGINERS*, an original fantasy RP [LB] ULrZG

    The Town of Alamira
      Population: Two million able-bodied people of various shapes and sizes, as is expected. Two million people that go to school, work, take care of their families, and generally live out their lives.

      Everything here seems normal, on the surface.

    The Dream World
      Everything that the Real World of Alamira is not. It isn't entirely unlike the town it surrounds-- you can walk in it, talk in it, explore it-- but as you have your physical limits - your mental ones are severely lowered in this place, so tread lightly.

      This World is larger than the town of Alamira and surrounds the city, as if the Real World were a tiny island in a giant sea. It is a vast, ever-changing landscape. You could fall asleep in a wide open green meadow and then wake up a few moments later stuck inside a brick room with no way out, when you haven't moved at all. The ground could fall away at any moment, sending you flying through the abyss. You could become stuck within a hallway that never ends, who's doors only lead to more hallways. All of the Dream World is a maze.

      Such a thing doesn't stop people from traversing the Dreamscape, however. For all of its volatility, the Dream World has something of worth that people crave, that they need to survive.

      Dream Dust.

      Valuable and powerful, Dream Dust is a resource found in the Dream World in any number of forms: in raw and unrefined chunks, or ground as finely as powder. It can be used in a variety of ways, to the point where it has even replaced fossil fuels as a form of subsistence.

      The town of Alamira has a Base of Operations situated near the Dream World for the sole purpose of sending groups of people out to mine the Dreamscape of its Dust. They take advantage of its special properties, for you see, when people step into the Dream World, they take on their true forms, and become what they're meant to be.

      One who can imagine any object into existence from the aether, whether it's a box or a house. They must understand the full components of an imagined object in order to form it 'perfectly', however. They are limited in their knowledge of the object and must be able to know each detail down to the materials in order to bring it into existence within the Dream World without error. Otherwise the imagined object will not be perfect.

      One who can navigate and map the Dream World. The Navigator is never lost within the Dream World and can chart courses, identify objects, guide people through the Dream World, and sense where danger lurks in the landscape. They also record the history of and all information about the Dream World. Navigators are immune to the Dream World's magic, but as a result, cannot have powers of their own.

      One who can use powers that allow them to directly battle creations either made or lost in the Dream World. Some Fighters have weapons and others have almost magical powers, but as they are not Imaginers, they cannot create things from nothing. This means that a Fighter cannot shoot fireballs without a source, because they would have to create fire. They can only manipulate what is already in existence.

    Groups of these gifted souls traverse the Dream World. The reasons why are limitless. Yet, the Dream World is not without its dangers. Hidden darkness will always erupt to slow the wanderers' path.

      A creature that was at some point in time 'imagined/dreamed/thought up/created' into the Dream World by unknown means. The Nightmares are numerous in amount and while some may carry very human characteristics, they are nothing more than dreams or desires a person had at one point in time, given form. They were created due to fear, loss, inspiration or anger. As such, a generous amount of these beings are born feral, without reason, and no goal except to become real and to be let free. They feed off of the emotion/conflict/imagination they were originally created with in order to achieve that.

    With conflicting purposes and ideals, it's safe to say that taking from and using the Dream World has a price. What's the particular cost, you wonder?

    Traverse the bridge that binds the two worlds, and find out!

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