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The Blood That the Flame Causes

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1The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty The Blood That the Flame Causes on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:58 pm

Tiny bits of light drizzle, hit the windows to the coffee shop that Rohas was sitting in. It was his favorite place to just sit and reflect on plans for his team, and the future of where he was heading. After Dai Mugen's dissembled it was hard to get new members that met the standards. He needed talent and power, so far it was him,Luna of course who was out of town at the moment, Kota and Rath. While very good members themselves, he needed more. Rohas took a sip from his caramel latte while he pondered more. It was getting late about 10:00 oclock, and the shop was going to close soon. But Rohas was a frequent customer, and they allowed him more time to get ready.

From his research Rohas wanted a Bloody Road rider, he wanted someone with that absolute need for power and someone that could engage in close combat very well. Rohas finished his latte and stood up, he had his messed up AT's tied by the strings, and handing off his middle finger. Rohas was wearing a open grey cardigan sweater with his sleeves rolled up. A black shirt that read "Live Free or Die Hard." on it with red lettering. He had some blue ripped up fashion jeans and some socks on. He wasnt intending on wearing any other shoes then his AT's.

His short blonde hair, was very vibrant and strands of it came over his shadded glasses which he wore just because. He threw away his empty cup and smiled at the employees waving goodbye. As soon as he stepped outside he placed his AT's on. They were scratched up and looked just about over used. Even some pieces of the design were missing and it had some evident burnt marks on them. But the way Rohas would ride it was like they were brand new, but of course they had there quirks and mishaps. Which was pretty dangerous but he payed no mind.

Once he was done placing them both on, he started riding slow down the street block it was empty kind of ghost like. As he rode one would think he was a average storm rider, instead of the leader of Dai Mugen which was in control of San Francisco. One that had a good eyes noticed that Rohas left marks on the pavement as he went forward, although moving slow.

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2The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:29 am

If there was one thing that Ophelia could say with complete confidence it was that she hated the rain. The light drizzle was something that most had gotten use to in the beautiful golden city, the water droplets casting a lovely haze of gloom over the city’s barriers, but she had never adjusted to the weather. Yet still even with this type of weather pouring down around her the petite female went out for her nightly ride and training session with eagerness simply because she was happy to be out of her confinements and ready to spread her wings.

With a heavy breathe she took the freezing air into her lungs as she stood on the stoop of her front porch, watching the droplets drop down in a light shower that was so lovely in its own strange way. Silently the girl pulled her hood up to protect her face from some of the cold, tucking some of her golden locks inside before the wind sprung up at her feet. In an instant rush of momentum she pushed her weight down onto her back wheels and sped off towards the apartment in front of her before bending her knees slightly and then launching herself onto the roof in one graceful movement, landing without an issue even in the pouring rain and skittering down the roofs. It was dark enough for her not to worry about being caught and the rain only added to her shield since no police force dared tried to catch a rider in the cover of the night and storm.

She let a small smile paint her lips as she leapt from roof top to roof top in graceful movements, enjoying the feeling of the wind in her face and letting the cold water drops dance across her lips. She had put on a black skirt before she left for the night, a large baggy black sweatshirt tugged on over her crimson tank top to keep her warm. The color could barely be seen sticking out from underneath the fabric but it showed just enough to make her speckle the sky. The only other colors that could be seen were her pale skin that deeply contrasted the coal black material and a few of her golden locks that dance free from her hood because they were so long.

Slowly she skittered across one of the roofs before jumping up onto the edge of a roof and flying down onto the pavement, a look of excitement flickering in her eyes as she started to increase the pressure on her wheels to speed up. The sleek black material allowed her to fly freely down the street, letting her do as she wanted as she tried to find her next training ground. In her ride she never noticed anything else around her, not even the people that she passed or the male with blonde hair that she flew by without a single word.

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3The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:50 am

Rohas was cruising by again, almost like he was strolling down the block casually. He went to the side sometimes, going left and right down the street. He let a small smile appear on his face, he did just like the feeling of AT's in general he didn't have to show off with any fancy movement only when he wanted to increase his skill, which he would have to soon the strength of other riders was growing fast. He would have to show other ignorant storm riders, who was the Flame King.

Rohas thought about where Luna was, she wasn't in town he knew that. He let a sigh escape his lips, as many thoughts came to mind where she was. Rohas didn't have feelings for Luna but she was very important to him, like a little sister in his eyes. Whatever she was doing, he hoped she was making a good choice.

But he drained his thoughts of all of that, and let it go enjoying his casual stroll. Until a young lady passed by him with pretty good speed.
Rohas squinted his eyes to see her form, it was good, some what dance like. But what really caught his eye was her AT's. Rohas eyes went in shock for a moment, they werent the orginal regaila but he knew it when he saw it. From the research his grandfather showed him, they resembled them enough for him to have questions. With that Rohas doubled his speed to catch up to her, his speed was his trade mark. So catching up was easy, but of course Rohas had to be cocky about it.

He moved to the point where he was next to her, then infront of her. He turned his body to face her, so now he was skating backwards getting a good look at this mysterious rider with the Fang Sub Regaila. He caught a good glimpse of her legs they had scars alot of the. Rohas knew they were the effects of the regiala to a untrained rider. But she looked as if she was managing better with them.

"Great form I gotta say, listen name is Rohas Honzo. Perhaps you heard of me perhaps you haven't. But I need to speak with you."

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4The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:02 am

With quiet movements Ophelia continued to move the street while her eyes scanned the buildings up and down in an attempt to find the perfect ride, the one area that she had yet to dance across in the rain while all was silent. Her concentration though was on the sounds that echoed all around her and soon enough the sounds of air treks came to echo in her ears, but she kept her gaze ahead. She had no interest in bothering with people right now, simply wanting to get her practice done before her clothes were completely soaked through by the ice cold water that threatened to give her hypothermia. Of course this particular rider had to be stubborn though, skating up next to her and eventually moving so he was right in front of her and skating backwards. All she could do was scoff inside her mind at the overly cocky rider, knowing well that he was probably just here to mess around with her since more men with that gleam in their eyes often thought far too much of themselves.

She half expected the first words to leave his tongue to be ones that tried to entice her to do something that he wanted and they were only she had not expected him to ask to speak to her. Her bright red eyes narrows in suspicion, glaring lightly at him even as she let her own words dance off her lips in a light bell like voice that most thought was delicate.

”Well that is nice for you, but I don’t speak to random creeps who glide up to me Rohas. Why don’t you go find some other poor girl to prey on.”

She just couldn’t resist throwing some snide comment at him as she waited for him to quickly retort to her words and say something else. Normally she would have simply taken off up the buildings and fled from him into the night but sadly enough she recognized the tell tale signs of a rider who had more speed than her, one sign being that he had caught up so easily to her and the other being the burn marks that marred his air treks. She may had been rather new to the world or air treks but she knew how to tell the markings of certain kings and his screamed out that he was the user of the Flame Regalia.

All she could think was that he better hurry it up so she could quickly get back to what was more important at that moment, training in the cold wind to build up her endurance to the cold weather and horrid conditions of San Francisco. In all honestly she wanted nothing to do with that man that skated in front of her and if she had her way and things kept going the way they were she expected that he would run into a pole sometime soon, a thought that brought a small smirk to her lips as she only prayed to the heavens that this guy would end up flat on his face in the pouring rain.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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5The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:31 am

Rohas knew getting this women to talk to him wasn't going to be easy. The special ones always were always alot harder to talk too. Rohas let a laugh escape from his throat, it was a small chuckle rather than a full out laugh. But Rohas didn't want the girl to think he was laughing at her, which might makes things worse for him. Rohas smirked and took off his glasses, the rain getting them wet he placed them in his pocket. He did notice that instead of moving away she stayed to wait for his response, which meant she wanted him to respond to her. That also let him know that he had one chance to actually get this girls interest.

"Hahaha I dont prey on females at all. They mostly come my way, anyways. But I assure you, you are special. Not many people can ride the fang regiala like that so easily. And from the looks of things, it wasnt easy for you. I have an offer for you, this is going out of my and I have yet to even know your name. But i'm pretty sure you would like to truly master those AT's on your feet, I can help you. Plus your kinda cute." Rohas said letting out the last words in a slight seductive tone.

The way the girl seemed, his charm would not work on her. But Rohas tried anyway because she was cute, and she did spark his interests. He was just thinking about having a Fang rider on his team, and there she was a weilder of the sub regiala itself. His prayers had been answered, now it was up to him to make it happen. The fact that she was being resistant towards him, only sparked his inner flame even more. Rohas noticed something coming from far behind her, it was a big black truck. Any Rider who looked at it knew what it was, The Storm Rider Hunters.

A small smirk appeared on his face. "You should answer quickly, we have some guests." he said looking at her, his eyes locked on her. Then he looked at the truck and saw an officer on top with a net launching like device. Rohas looked on "Now we really have a party going on." he said kind of excited.

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6The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:46 am

His comment about how he did not prey on woman only made her scoff at him in complete disbelief, his cocky attitude screaming out to her and his sentences only adding onto what she had first thought about him. At this point she was really hoping for that pole to appear out of thin air but alas there was none coming up. With a silent tone she listened to him iterate to her how he wanted to teach her how to master her air treks and that simple statement alone made her raise her eye brows. The idea of this male of all people teaching her to master her regalia only made her want to laugh in his face since she knew well that he probably was not educated in any of the time tunings related to the Blood or Rang Regalia; he was a master of the Flame Regalia and usually everyone kept to their own road.

From behind her she could hear the truck that he spoke of fast approaching, the Storm Rider Hunters truck that very rarely was seen pulling through the lower end of San Francisco. Still she was a little surprised that they would be on the hunt for storm riders in this type of weather and this late at night, but she simply passed it off to them getting smart. Her eyes held no worry at all, only a little bit of excitement as she let her words drip from her lips like venom, her bright crimson gaze never leaving that of Rhoas.

”You could teach me about as much about my regalia as I already know. The fact that you don’t even have the name right only adds to your ignorance since I am not a rider of the Fang Regalia. Before you start complimenting me on items make sure that your facts are straight.”

She let her smirk deepen on her pale lips as she suddenly sped up and maneuvered around him, her eyes dancing with mischief as she placed him in the immediate line of fire and pressed down on her back wheels to increase her speed. All she did was simply wave her hand at him in a mock solute before bending her knees, soaring into the air and up onto the roof of one of the apartments that would offer her only temporary shelter from the men. Somehow in the midst of the rain she called back down to him in the hopes that he would hear her teasing challenge loud and clear.

”Don’t get caught and I’ll think about talking to you. Piss me off and I’ll rip you to shreds.”

And with that she let her coy smile slip before her air treks beat against the concrete of the building, her eyes turning to face her new obstacles as she listened to the Storm Rider Hunters prepare to send an attack at the two riders who had been caught red handed.

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7The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:31 am

The girls attitude was somewhat exciting for him, she had attitude, confidence, a sort of spunk that you don't find alot in women these days. Rohas crossed his arms as she spoke, she challenged his knowledge on the proper roads. He probably did say something wrong, or used the nick name in the unproper place. Rohas showed a sort of surprised look on his face, and thought about his earlier words. She also switched around words, which Rohas sighed about. Could he show her how to user her road no, he never said he could teach her. But he can give her resources, info, space to train, other things that can serve as great benefits. Plus his bigger plan he needed the Bloody road by his side.

Rohas let out a cool breath, at her words. Of course he would meet the challenge, it was nothing to him. He shouted back while, turning around. "So demanding...kinda like it." he teased about. Dealing with Storm rider hunters was a daily thing, Rohas knew how to handle just about everything they could throw at him. He brushed his hands through his blonde hair, his blood started to rush a bit his heart started to pump. His mind started to become more focused but yet wild and excited.

He heard a cannon like weapon be fired from the truck, Rohas instantly turned to the right to dodge it, it was a net like object. Rohas pondered about it, that was new to him. With some good speed already built, Rohas started to use one of his tricks Wall Ride. He was using his momentum to scale the wall of a building, the truck shot another net at Rohas they missed. He movement on the wall were to unpredictable. Rohas lowered himself, and started going in the direction of the truck. His jumping ability wasn't that good, something he had to improve on greatly. But once he was close enough, he did a pounce of the wall and landed right on the cannon like object Rohas gave a slight wave at the hunter who looked shocked. Rohas moved to quick and landed a kick in his face with his AT's.

The hunters inside the truck, let out two more officers. With a weird looking jet pack device on their backs. They took off following Ophelia. Rohas landed on the ground, and thought the battle was over, but the truck stopped and Rohas raised an eyebrow. The last hunter came out but had a large suit case looking box. He pressed a button on the box, and a weird suit of high tech armor started to cover him. The officer turned over to look at Rohas, he had a wide grin on his face before a helmet covered it.

Rohas smiled. "Thats new." was all he said before he dashed towards it.

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8The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:40 pm

Ophelia listened to the sound of her air treks beat across the sound of the concrete roofs and the splash of water that had built up as she slid through each puddle. What she did not hear that she expect to though was the sound of pursuing air treks, those that should have belonged to the boy that was bothering her. It was odd to her how he would so actively pursuit her and desire her attention for a conversation yet not follow her when she teased him and she could not resist but to look back to see if maybe he was following her and the sound of the rain had overwhelmed her senses and dulled them. She turned her head back, her bright eyes tracing over every inch of the sky until she saw something completely unexpected. There were two men following her, the logo of the local Storm Rider Hunters painted across their chest and a jet pack allowing them to follow her with ease. Silently she lifted her eye brow at this because she had never expected this type of technology to be deployed in catching storm riders, but she supposed that the mounting tensions had forced local authorities to take drastic measures; it also explained why Rhoas had not followed her since he was probably tangled in his own battle at that very moment.

With a light smirk on her lips she purposely slowed down to allow the men to gain a feeling of ease, one of them speeding up when he saw that she had slowed down. Sometimes it was a little too predictable in figuring out what would draw the hunters into a feeling of comfort and clearly this man was a part of those who did not know what tricks riders would pull. He quickly drew closer to Ophelia as she neared a jump of about five feet from one roof to another, her smirk deepening as she waited for the timing to be perfect. With a slight turn of her hips and a bend in her knees she started sliding towards the jump sideways, her eyes locked on the pursuer from the corner of her irises before she pushed up and leapt through the air in a double axel, the man quickly speeding up to catch her while she would be more exposed. She had expected that move perfectly though and on her second turn in the axel she swung her leg at his chest, striking it across and drawing a rip through his chest with the sharp edges of her wheels all while latching her fingers on one of the tubes that stuck out from her and ripping it from its holding. She continued in her jump, landing on the long roof of an industrial building with sparks flying at her feet before she turned to skate backwards and watch the man stare at his now bleeding chest. The crimson liquid dripped down his tore up shirt as his altitude suddenly started to decrease, a triumphant smile crossing Ophelia as he fell to the ground suddenly from the lack of pressure in his jet pack. Now only one man was left to pursue her, the other indisposed because of his inability to fly and deep would that would need to get treated in the next twenty minutes at the most before he would fall unconscious.

The final member of the Storm Rider Hunters quickly sped up in an attempt to take down the storm rider that had taken down a fellow officer, hatred burning in his eyes for her ignorance for the law. She scoffed lightly at the clear passion to remove her since he probably assumed her to be a danger in society but she knew well that she was simply following her desire to fly. With a twist of her hips she swung back so she was facing forward, her pale golden locks flying behind her as her hood fell from her head. The locks danced around her in a tumult as she prepared to decent from the building, her own eyes filling with a fire as she suddenly pressed down on her back wheels before throwing her weight up to go soaring down, at that second the sound of something whizzing just above her catching her attention. She had just enough time to watch some sort of metal chain swing above her head, the device clearly designed to catch storm riders around their legs and keep them from riding with metal that would injure them. Her eyes narrowed at this vision as she glided down to the ground, her wheels catching with slight resistance before she turned and started racing down the street with the man starting to follow her as quickly as he could. Obviously he was not going to give and allow her to get away but she knew that she had a little bit of time to get him to an area where she would have an advantage because he would have to get closer to her and be sure that she would not move before trying to shoot her down again. Her eyes soon caught on her next location, a quick turn in the street where she could dart in before turning and ripping him to shreds when he was not prepared for an attack.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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9The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:47 am

The mechanized suit moved pretty fast for the way it looked, it was actually quite surprising. Rohas already moving towards it quite fast but this was only a small fraction of his speed. Hot streak marks could be seen, on the road. The suit moved his arm forward with it's hand open and directed at Rohas. Much to Rohas's surprise the hand shout out, with a steel like link connected to it. Rohas moved to the right quickly still going forward, the hand missed and hit the ground. Rohas put his right foot forward, and released getting him about 3 feet in the air. Using the moment of the jump, he landed on the suit's arm with his right foot.

With a quick flash he kicked the suit's helmet, with his left AT making crack marks along the glass. The officer was hurt, as a shard of glass cut his head. Rohas sucked his teeth, getting annoyed. "Fuck this." Rohas landed on the ground and started moving back, making a complete turn around heading away from the Storm hunter. The hunter laughed thinking Rohas was running away. The hunter's suit had a turret like machine come from his shoulder aimed at Rohas and starting shooting the pellets created to stop AT's.

Rohas when gathered enough distance started heading back this time with a large amount of speed. The friction on his wheels marking the pavement, heating up the surface. With a sudden kick off from his right, a spark of fire came about that double Rohas's speed and a sonic boom could be heard from the AT's. In a flash of a kick Rohas had destroyed the suit entirely hitting the center chest piece. Leaving it smoking, heavily. Rohas came to a stop having the fire die out. After that he pulled out a cigarette, lit it and and let out a cloud of smoke. He flicked it away before heading forward, despite the fight he had his eye on the female rider.

Catching up wasn't much at all, seeing her take down the last officer. Rohas smirked, "I did not get caught, I believe you owe me conversation babe." he said in a cocky tone. Smoke was coming from his AT's heavily, he just about ran these dead to the core. He needed new ones before they started breaking apart. Rohas looked at the girl softly. "Do you not ride the Bloody Road?"

TRicks used:
Name: Flame Road: After Burner
Rank: C-A
Description: Using the same principle behind a jet engine's afterburners, Rohas accelerates to supersonic speeds, creating a sonic boom and leaving tongues of flame where he made footfall. Because right now Honz is only a C rank, he can’t keep this up for long and it’s not that powerful at full capacity. Giving him only short bursts of speed and fire. This is the basic form of the Flame road. After burner only lasts about 2 posts with a cool down of two posts.

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10The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:04 am

Ripping apart the second man took her a little less than five minutes and by the end of it his broken and bloodied body had taken off into the night, leaving the girl behind in the corner of the dark alleyway. Blood was splattered all over the walls around her, a few drops even sticking to her body as she casually leaned against one of the walls as if it were completely normal to be surrounded by strands of blood. In fact she was so comfortable that Ophelia had settled upon inspecting strands of her hair that were coated in little droplets of liquid, pulling them out using the water that was dripping down onto her face. She suspected this Rhoas character to roll up any minute now, assuming he did not get caught, to demand a conversation with her.

Her thoughts were confirmed just as she was getting bored, her mind wandering as she wondered if it would be more worth it to simply take off before the sight of the second blonde made her push those away for the time being. He looked calm enough as he rolled up to her with the stench of a cigarette wafting around him, her own nose wrinkling lightly at the nasty habit. Not only had she run into some sort of psycho stalker who attempted to know the little details of her life she had run into one with a dirty habit of smoking, the one thing that she would have preferred to avoid at all costs. Still she said nothing though, simply letting out a sigh as she dropped her hands to the pocket on the front of her sweatshirt before tucking them in there.

Silently her gaze took in the now smoking appearance of his air treks, a slight snicker threatening to escape her lips as she wondered just how long it had been since he had made sure that his air treks were secure. If they had run into a real challenge it appeared as though he would not have lasted five seconds longer with the smoking devices and that only made her think of him as weaker since he did not take care of his still. She knew better than to start throwing snide remarks at him just yet though so she simply listened to the words that left his lips in a cocky tone, her rolling her eyes even more as she resisted the urge to punch him in the face for thinking so highly of himself for no particular reason.

“Yes and no; it all depends on your perspective. I am the Blood Queen, counterpart to the Fang King and his regalia. While the Fang King rides the Bloody Road I have found one very similar, though for now it has taken on the title of the Carving Road. Do a little research next time, won’t you dear.”

She let sarcasm drip from her last word, rolling her bright red eyes once more as she stood in the blood of the officer who had dared attack her. With smooth movements she pushed herself up from the wall and stood firmly on the ground, her body slowly sliding up towards him as she let a glare pass into her bright hues. She got straight to the point with her next question.

”Now tell me, what is it that you want?”

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11The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:29 am

Rohas let his weight drop to his left leg, kind of leaning on it. His wheels were turning but he wasn't moving. rohas folded his arms and looked at the blood on the walls and floors. The young lady was indeed crazy, perhaps psychotic this only intrigued Rohas's interest a little more. He was not shy of blood, and killing and little bit of crazyness now and then. He was used to it infact, the days in Paradise introduced him to alot of different people. Rohas's could tell this girl did not and will not even try to like him one bit. But this was fine, she didnt have to like him. Or even trust him for that matter, but she would join his cause sooner or later he just preferred sooner.

Rohas grinned at he comments. "Well excuse me for my info by your perspective. Perhaps my info could use more of an update on people that want to make a personal roads."

Rohas noticed she was very uncomfortable being there with him, he sighed about it. Maybe he was being too cocky, thats what Luna was always saying. But that was who he was, Rohas looked at his AT's and rubbed his chin.

"Lets make a little deal, miss no name. You obviously don't like me and I can tell you wanna hit me. You seem to be confident, Lets say you make one hit on me, and I leave you alone. But If i make one hit on you, you have to actually listen to me. I can't teach you how to use your road, but I can give you resources and tools to make it better. If you join my cause, If you join me then you will be known as the true Blood Queen, and actually ride at the level of a King. Your skills now are nothing compared to the legends, and that goes for all of us."

Rohas said to her, she could take his offer or refuse it. But if she refused, then he would follow and bother for the rest of the night. He had nothing better to do, then go home.

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12The Blood That the Flame Causes Empty Re: The Blood That the Flame Causes on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:53 am

Ophelia’s eyes took in the way he moved about on his air treks, the sounds of the ever spinning wheels echoing to her ears from the contraptions on his feet and alerting him of everything he was doing. Was she crazy? Probably but that was none of anyone’s concern really. Her own mental stability issues and corruption were kept neatly tucked away where nobody could dare bother with them much to her liking, only her slightly sadistic personality coming off to show any signs of insanity.

With a small smirk on her lips she listened to his proposition closely, her eye brows even raising in suspicion of how easy this all sounded. Landing one strike on a man was never something that she had to try hard at but she knew well that he was the holder of the Flame Regalia by his air trek’s appearance and by the smoking of the wheels which meant that his speed was far more than her own. In her mind she knew that she was doomed to speak with this male for at least another hour despite any protest she could make, the idea bringing a light sigh to her lips as she slowly started to skate past him. Her arm brushed his shoulder as she rode out from the bloodied alley way and onto the side walk just behind him, slowly turning once she was standing firmly in position.

Her eyes gave away no emotion as her new words left her lips, the bright hues fading into a dull crimson one as she pulled her hands from her pockets and placed one on her hip and the other to her lip in a thinking manner. She was so close to him that she would have to do nearly nothing to touch him. It was even to the point that her breathe probably danced across his face.

”My name is Ophelia if you must know; don’t question my insanity over the name and it’s reference. I think a more accurate statement would have been ‘If you can’t hit me then you’ll have to listen to me. If you can hit me I’ll leave you alone but I’ll still stalk you to the point that you’ll listen to me.’ That’s just my opinion though and that’s not very much fun if you ask me.”

She could feel a smirk dancing behind her lips and threaten to etch itself on her face as she tilted her head in an innocent manner up at him, her whole body suddenly relaxing before the malicious glint that was hiding just under the surface sparked up. In one quick movement she jutted her elbow into his gut in order to knock him off balance, that being an easy task in her mind simply because she was so close to him. She only hoped that she hit her mark though, the rest of her plan being easy to follow after that.

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Rohas looked at her with sympathetic eyes "Ophelia..." it was obvious he was thinking about something. Rohas rubbed his eyes, and shook his head lightly. Something was off in his head, but he had to let it go right now. She was really close to him, but he made no movement to move back at all. His eyes went from looking straight at her to down at the ground. Something was bothering on him and he couldn't shake it. His eyes went from stern and serious to almost sad, his eyes started to swell up. He gathered himself again, and rolled back this time just a few inches.

He was thinking about what he was doing heavily, was it really worth it? To go through all this trouble just for one chance that this girl would want to join his cause? If she wanted no part in it, then she wanted no part. He couldnt force it. As a leader, one must acquire a faithful team that comes with trust and more. This girl would never do such things, no matter how hard he tried. He offered her, his benefits she wanted no part in it. That was it, he should leave he should go. But what was really bothering Rohas was the fact that Opheilia reminded him of his mother.

Rohas was looking past her know, just at the street behind her. He saw her elbow coming in, and caught it with right and left hand. He stopped it seemingly effortlessly, and sighed. With another movement, he had her elbow hit his stomach nice and hard. So it would count as a official hit, for her. Rohas droped his hands, and placed them in his pockets. He looked at her closely in her eyes, his eyelids low and a genuine smile rather than a cocky grin. The feeling he gave off was rather sad, and he almost felt bad about it. He felt bad about people in general, he believed all that didn't join him was destined to just die and fail.

When he discovers the Wing Road no one would be able to take on its power, if it was up to him all would join him and his cause. Rohas's wants the less deaths as possible, but he knew that couldn't happen. Death was unavoidable, and all that stood in his way would meet death. His brother included, he would give one final chances for his brother and his team. But if Zeke again refused him, he would have no other choice. Rohas thought about his choice of character, was he truly falling into madness about this? or was this the right decision? Was Rohas loosing himself in his thoughts about this wing road? He had to lead the revolution for AT and the Wing Road could awaken everyone's hidden spirits, in order to make change death was a need.

If Rohas had to be the bad guy to open everyone's wings, then so be it he would die for that cause.

"I'll see you around, you should join my brother's team. When you do run into him his name is Zeke." Rohas said skating past her slowly. Would she think he is weird of course, but Rohas's actions sometimes can't even be explained by himself. She all the right to be creeped out by this Rohas could careless now. He felt bad for her in a weird sort of way. The wind picked up, and Rohas was riding the other way. So his hair went flowing along with the strong gusts of air.

He rode past a graffiti sign, it was obvious to be his brother's work. He had his fingers touch the pavement of the wall, and a smile appeared on his face.

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Silently Ophelia stood there as she listened to her name leave his lips in a voice that seemed to be taking on an element of sadness. That soft aura was something she had never expected from Rhoas, especially since he had been so cocky just a few minutes ago with his attitude. Her eyes peered over him in curiosity, a childlike appearance filling her irises as she tried to figure out just what was going on. She had never seen someone take such a turn so quickly and it made her wonder if there was something wrong with him or if he was simply afraid of her and her sadistic personality; that seemed to be the logical solution especially since he rolled away from her a few inches. Still she held her position firm, not letting her dominate position fade for even a moment as she waited for the right time to make her move.

The second she swung her elbow at him he seemed to be expecting it, her eyes widening slightly in shock for how easily he had taken her out. She had figured that he was fast, but never that fast to the point that she would have no chance to even keep away from him. With her arm locked in his grasp she did not even attempt to move from his grasp simply because she expected him to start going on about what he had wanted from her at his first words to her but once again she was shocked to find that he simply threw her arm into his stomach so she would get a clean hit before dropping her arm. That simple action made her wonder just what was wrong with him now, her eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion as she watched how his personality would alter this time.

She gasped when he grabbed her elbow, her eyes widening at how easy he had caught her. What shocked her most was that he then let her hit him to make it sure that she had gotten the hit before dropping his hands into his pockets. Now he really did feel sad and the fact that his cocky grin was gone made her feel odd standing there. He seemed so lost in through and she even felt as though she was intruding on his thoughts as she silently pursed her lips and let him think of his next words.

In all honesty Ophelia had begun to feel slightly bad for what he had done to him, acting like a psycho bitch when he clearly had some sort of issue to the point that he was acting oddly. Slowly Ophelia’s personality began to alter with the air that he had created, her eyes becoming childish and the aura of dominance fading as she let her resolve to stand firm dissipate. From behind her veil there was nothing more than an innocent child who had been lead astray and every part of her slowly changing stance reflected that purity that very few held.

Still Ophelia kept silent, listening to the words that left his lips. He spoke of a brother named Zeke who had a team, even suggesting that she join his team when she met him. That thought sent her for a complete loop as she wondered why he would suggest she join some team that he seemed to even hate. He may not have realized it but beneath the pity and sadness in his voice was a touch of hatred and she assumed that he had some issues with his brother that she refused to question just yet. Slowly she opened her mouth to say something at him, to ask him why on earth he was acting this way but before her words could slip off her tongue he was skating away from her and towards the street with the freeze flying all around them.

She followed suit in his actions by skating out onto the clean sidewalk, letting the wind pick up her locks and throw them all around her face. The golden hair danced all around her eye lids as she peered at him while he looked at the graffiti that had been painted the wall in front of him, a lovely image that had been there for a few days now. The look on his face though made it seem like he had found a part of himself, that the single image before him was something more important to him than she would ever understand. On some level she understood this. She had lost herself in madness, let it take over her mind but every now and then something would trigger the pleasant side of her nod make her be kind; this was one of those moments.

“Hey Rhoas, just to let you know those have been painting the streets for the past few weeks. If they’re important I would suggest keeping your eyes on brick walls.”

That was the advice she gave him as she watched a small smile dance to his lips, something filling her chest as she skated up behind him to peer at the lovely piece of graffiti. It had been there three or four days now, decorating the spot thanks to an unknown artists that she had yet to see appear around town. She felt like she was intruding upon a personal moment, the desire to skate away from her building up in her chest as she started to roll a few feet down the street, her bright red eyes dancing over the stars in the sky as she tried to think of where she would go now. However her thoughts could not think of any place to go practice because of the way his fingers touched the painting in an affectionate way, almost as if that simply thing was the most important image in the world. His own childlike appearance to that image made her decide to do something completely uncharacteristic of her whole being.

“I could show you a few more, but I’m sure that you want to get going.”

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As Rohas'a fingers left the pavement of the wall, a small frown came upon his face. But he quickly let it go, once he saw Ophelia follow him. A couple of questions dawned on him, as of why she did this. From her earlier attitude she wanted nothing to do with him, and so he let it be as it was. She used his name casually as if she knew him like that. Rohas placed his hands in his pockets, and continued to look at the art. Apart of him wanted to burn it right then and there, then apart of him didn't. He was in a turmoil of love and anger, hate and compassion. He thought of his brother as a traitor, and nothing more for the past year. He still thought that way, but deep down something was telling him he wasn't.

Rohas quickly turned his mind onto other things. He turned his head and looked at Ophelia with kind eyes. "Nah i'm good, maybe another time." he said calmly looking back at the art work. He started to laugh a little when, he noticed something about Ophiela. He turned his head to look at her ruby red eyes. "You know the blood on your outfit, matches your eyes. They are very unique, I like them they match you." he said with a bit of a chuckle. His humor started to come out a bit, now that he wasn't trying to get this girl to join him anymore and simply wanted conversation.

Rohas's demeanor was extremely different then before, he was a lot more sweet sounding then he was earlier. The rain came to a sudden stop, and Rohas looked up his wet hair dangled over his head. His light brown eyes, had a seemingly happy look on them. Then he looked at Ophelia. "Follow me, I wanna show you something. If that's ok with you of coure." he said skating backwards down the street, so he could look at her. His hands in his pockets and is disposition innocent looking. It was her choice if she wanted to go or not, but if she wasn't he would be going to location anyways. It was his favorite spot to look over the things and relax.

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When he told her that he did not want to go with her she simply nodded her head in understanding, figuring that he was done with her now. She did not want to push him into something that he did not want, did not want to force him to go with her so she simply let her curiosity fade into her eyes. Silently Ophelia pushed her hands into the jacket on the front of her hoodie because her finger tips had begun to grow cold from the weather. All she could say was that she was happy that the rain had stopped at that time, the dreadful rain that she hated so much, as she started at Rhoas.

His next statement brought a light smile to her lips though, amusement entering her eyes because he had complimented her while at the same time teasing her about the blood. That part of Rhoas’ humor she enjoyed, the little bit of teasing that he did without trying to push her buttons. The new demeanor that he had taken on was one that Ophelia enjoyed and she decided not to say anything back in order to keep that personality around. After all, she figured what was the point of disturbing something that she preferred? People with cocky attitudes only made her want to be more violent but kind or sweet attitudes only made her calm. Her eyes scanned over his face to see if perhaps there was a little bit of deception in his face but there was none; there was only a boy with soaking hair and a genuine smile on his face.


That was her respond to him, the world slipping her pale lips in an unusually calm voice and even kind voice as he skated away from her slowly. Slowly Ophelia placed a slight pressure on her back wheels to propel herself forward as well, following behind him about five or six feet as she reached up to fix her hair. The pale locks were sticking to her face, a few falling over her eyes and obstructing her vision much to her dislike. She did not bother putting her hood back up after her hair was pushed away though because she knew that her hair was a mess anyways. In the pouring rain she looked more innocent, not a drop of blood left on her faced and her hair so disheveled she looked like a child that had been playing to long.

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Rohas looked pleased when Ophelia said alright, she would join him on this casual stroll. At least he wouldn't be alone tonight, and that was good. He didn't hang out with Luna much even when she was here in town, they kinda stopped talking alot. This bothered him alot, but what could he do about it he can't conversation when it wasn't there. Rohas knew Luna was out in Seattle visiting Zeke, she probably needed that. They haven't seen each other in a while.

Rohas gave Ophelia one last smile, and turned around to pick up the pace to where they was headed. He gave his right leg one big push and took off, kinda fast down the road. Then slowed down his pace, to make a left turn shifting his weight to his left his body perfectly placed. He slowed down just a little and shook his hair trying to get the water out, leaving his hair a spiky mess. He shoved his hands through it, and mangled with its appearance probably making it messier. He gave up after a while and blew air from his mouth in frustration.

"Ohpelia what do you think about...freedom?" it was a weird question to ask out of the blue, but there was reason for him asking it. "I don't mean general freedom. I guess how do you feel about you...wings?" he asked the question in a specified sense. So he can get a better answer, he spoke loud enough for her to hear. Although he wasn't facing her, he mad a sharp turn down a alley away. And using his wall ride trick, and jumping from wall to wall he would land ontop of a tall building. He kept going though, knowing Ophelia would keep up easy. He continued to move, from building to building they were getting taller and taller but it was a decent height from each building top. So it shouldn't be so hard at all, they were going far off into the city. But then Rohas sped up quickly, and did a big leap from one building to another. He landed hard on top, there was a slight wind blowing.

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The pleased look on his face was echoed in her own gaze, a light ghost of a smile painted on her lips as she began to follow him down the icy street. She knew that there would be a slight challenge with keeping up with his speed since he was so much faster than her but the tricks would be all too easy for her keep up with. Her eyes scanned over his body as she waited for the signal that he would begin the little race, that single coming in the form of him pushing off with his weight and starting to skate down the road without any concern for her keeping up. The slight challenge that it posed brought her small smile into a smirk, excitement painted her eyes as she pressed down hard on the back heels to take off after him.

Ever move he made was echoed in her body though her movements were a little more graceful than his simply because her movements mimicked that of a dancer, every little turn of her body was in perfect sync with her skating and that was one thing she took pride in, her ability to bend and sway with her skates without much trouble. Silently she road behind him, never making a noise as she listened to the words that whistled to her through the howling wind. Freedom and wings? Those were two things she thought about regularly and yet she was still forced to pause and think about it. It may had been easy for her to discuss in her head but she was not sure how to explain it to him in words so she decided to simply take her time, watching him jump up onto the wall and ride up to the roofs as her bodies followed. It was easy for her to keep up with him and jump up onto the building that he was now skating across, her eyes dancing across the buildings as they got higher and higher into the sky. Silently she was glad that he had taken such a turn in their route, loving the heights and the feeling of the wind through her hair.

When she hit the concrete surface of the final building next to Rhoas her air treks sent sparks flying in the air, an air of excitement flying all around her as she finally opened her mouth to speak the words that would answer his question in all honestly.

”Freedom…is the most amazing thing I have experienced. The freedom of soaring through the air on my wings is something I would not trade for the world because it offers me a release from my life. My wings are perfect for me and will carry me as high as I need them to. I absolutely love them. Do you feel differently about your wings?”

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Rohas was looking at the city, Ophelia hadn't realized how high they were above the city. That little route they took, was his short cut to his favorite spot in the whole city. He moved a little forward, and did a small hop so he was sitting on the rail on the ledge of the building, he would gesture his had for her to come over and look at the city with him. It was a beautiful thing if one had a eye for such things. Which Rohas was pretty confident Ophelia had very much. If she did come and look, they view was amazing many sky scrappers and buildings, the Iconic bridge and everything was in sight. Rohas was sitting down the wind blowing his hair and his sweater so they were kind of flowing along with the wind.

Rohas would answer Ophelia's question, as soon as his pleasant smile went away. He truly loved this spot, and not even Luna or Zeke knew about it. He never told them fearing they would bring other people, and ruin his little hidden place. But he brought Ophelia here, feeling sure she wasn't going to come here again after this.

"My wings?...I don't know really" he said suddenly looking down at the street way below. Then he rose his head up again, with a sudden push of pride in his tone. "I believe I carry the wings of sacrifice. This world is so caged, people are so scared and fear the unknown. Everyone has wings, but only some people possess the desire to fly." Rohas said simply looking back at the city. His eyes dwindled, as he though heavily on the subject.

"Do you think someone should sacrifice themselves for the sake of others wings? For the sake of everyone?" his next question was he would be looking at her this time, with truth and honesty in his eyes as he spoke. He wanted an truth fall answer from her.

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Her eyes danced over the area that he had taken her, a tall building of San Francisco that was perched at the perfect height for taking in the beautiful glow of everything. Unlike most people she picked up on the beauty that awaited her in an instant, following Rhoas’ gestures as she moved over to the railing. Her body leaned against the cold metal, her bright red eyes breathing in the glorious image of the city that seemed to be lain out just before her. It was a breath taking sight, something that she thought nobody could ever find and yet here she was, standing with the last person she had expected to see that night and staring out at the beauty of the city. Silently she wondered sky he would bring her up to this location but she chose not to ask about it, simply staring off at the Golden Gate Bridge, her favorite spot to city in the whole city.

She let a slight sigh of relaxation slip past her lips as she closed her eyes, letting the wind caress her face and push her hair from her eyes in a way that she found comforting. It may have been a cold breeze but to her that one offered her the comfort she had longed for now for many years, caressing her like she was a child. She was soon forced to push that all away from her mind though, her eyes turning to drink in Rhoas’ appearance as he spoke of his winds being those of sacrifice. The idea of sacrificing ones wings for the good of others was something she had barely understood, her own wings seeming far too precious to ever be sacrificed in her own opinion. She could hardly fathom giving them up and had no desire to do so, yet his words seemed perfectly honest and she respected that.

”If you can sacrifice yourself for others and feel no loss then you should. The joy that flying brings to people is something that few truly understand, but when it is it becomes the feeling that you never want to let go of. Our form of flying is misunderstood by the world and we need to let people see that flying with your air treks is a blessing not a curse.”

She let a soft smile paint her lips as she turned her head to look straight at Rhoas, not a single layer of deception present in her eyes as she opened her lips to speak once more. She was being completely honest, not trying to say something that would trick him at all.

”I do not think I could ever sacrifice my wings like that, but I hope that there is a person brave enough to do it. Those who were like me, stuck on the ground with nowhere to fly, need someone to bring them up into the warm kiss of the sky.”

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"A blessing, not a curse." he repeated her words looking at her. He took in her other words as well. "And bring them up into the warm kiss of the sky." he repeated her again, he was intrigued by her words. "Your very poetic Ophelia." he said smiling with his bright white teeth, with small touch of humor. But he was still serious about the conversation, he just wanted to lighten up the mood a bit.

"Ive been fighting for other people my whole life, I guess I feel as if that's what I'm here for. People have there own desire's and mine's is to see" he said calmly. And thats how he honestly felt about it. Thats what he wanted more then anything, he may come off cocky sometimes and even stuck up but Rohas was very selfless. He felt everything he was doing and going to do in the future was for a greater good of cause. Sometimes you have to leave the ones you love in order for that to work, you have to make sacrifice. And Rohas would do just that, for the greater good and the Revolution that was to take place.

Rohas realized he never told anyone his actual goals up until now. He would like to keep it on the low, and it was odd but he trusted Ophelia even though just meeting her. And a couple of minutes ago she wasn't hesitant to pound him to next week, thoughts like this made him chuckle.

"To be the wind that, guides everyone else's wings...I would like to be that guy." he said honestly. "But I can only go so far..." he said silently to himself looking to the side. But he quickly gathered himself again, an looked at Ophelia. "So someone like you was stuck on the ground before, interesting. I'm intrigued." he said to her implying that he was kind of interested in her past now, if she wanted to share it with him.

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A soft smile came to her lips when he mentioned that her words had been poetic, but in actuality it was the truth to her. Her ability to fly was a blessing; the rest of the world thought the wretched devices were a curse. To her the sky was beautiful and brought her a warm glow that kissed her skin like an endorphin, urging her to come back; others thought the sky to simply be that. Her eyes reflected the same poetic words that she spoke to him though, watching him smile despite the seriousness of their conversation..

She understood exactly what he had to say about wanting to let people fly and ever word that left his lips seemed so sincere. He truly wanted to be the one to guide the wings of those who could not fly and she only wished that he could do so. The world needed someone to come and lift the wings of those who could not catch the wind on their wings.

”I think you could be that person…the person who could help all of those who needed the wind to fly and soar away from this world and all their troubles…I honestly hope that you will be that person.”

The smile that graced her lips was warm, her body silently leaning farther into the railing as she stared over at him. The next words that left his lips though were ones that made her slightly uncomfortable, made old feelings churn in her stomach and her eyes dart away from his face. She silently gazed over at the iconic bridge of the city, her thoughts swirling in her mind as she slowly formed a sentence that she hoped conveyed what was necessary.

”I was once stuck on the ground, yes. My father died before I could remember him and my mother was left with a toddler and no money. She raised me while working several jobs and even thought we did not have much money I was happy…but then the world came crashing down on me when she fell ill…my childhood was ripped away from me and I started working full time to pay for her medical procedures even though she died in the end.”

She suddenly wondered why on earth she had begun to speak like that, why she had even fathomed that she could tell this guy her reasons for being trapped on the ground but now it did not matter, it was done and there was only the finishing touches to add.

”After that I was trapped on the ground, fallen into the hell that was an adult like before I was even sixteen. I was lost in depression from having nobody…but then air treks offered me freedom and lifted me up into the sun. Now I’m happy and I haven’t been happy in such a long time. I know it sounds stupid but this was the only way I become free, the only way I could reach that blissful place that kept me from my insanity.”

Her eyes flickered back to his face slowly, curiosity of what he thought of her bubbling in her chest as she tilted her head to the side lightly. She tried to read the emotions that flashed through his eyes, but nothing stood out immediately so she continued with the only thing she could say.

”To you it probably sounds like I was some stupid girl who was over reacting but it was true for me.”

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As Rohas listened, he realized just how similar their back grounds were. He almost felt connected to her, in a weird sort of way.

"No no I completely understand..." Rohas said quietly but loud enough for her to hear. He was dwelling on the past, remembering the last days he had spent with his mother. Rohas cried about far to many times, to shed tears now. But he still felt it in his gut. He took a deep breath, and looked at the buildings. "I lost my mother too." he said back to her.

"But in my case, I wasn't left alone to fend for myself. I had a uncle and a grandfather who helped raised my brother and I. I never knew my father point blank, he's out there somewhere but I lost all the drive to actually seek him out." Rohas said thinking about things, while talking to her. He kicked his legs out a couple of times, getting a good breeze on his legs.

"I guess we have kinda similar backgrounds." Rohas said looking at her red eyes.

"I wish you had what I had when you lost your mother, but then I don't. What happens in your past makes you who you are, you woulndn't have been as strong as you are now, if you didn't have to fight at such a age."

"It's quite amazing how riding bout you freedom." he said chuckling looking at his AT's. "But whats more amazing is how you just shared that with me, when just ten minutes ago you wanted to elbow me in the gut without hesitation." he said laughing.

He swung his legs back over to the ground, and stood up stretching his whole body while yawning. Rohas had hoped Ophelia would remember him at least. He was pretty sure that he would see her again some time. Maybe they would be enemies, perhaps distant comrades. OR maybe just strangers running into one another again. But it was good that Ophelia had hoped Rohas would be the one to guide other's wings. It made him smile and boosted his confidence a little. "It was nice talking to you Ophelia."

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Her crimson orbs took in his every movement when she was done speaking, watching as his whole body seemed to move with her words as emotions she had known he even had enveloped his personality. He seemed to become somber, sad even and that tone was reflected in his words as well as she listened to him admit that he too did not have a mother any longer. It was an automatic reaction of her own to let an apology roll off her lips, to tell him that she was sorry for his loss but it just did not seem to fit the situation so she kept quiet and let him keep talking.

In a way Ophelia envied him for having someone to help raise him, for having someone to take him in when there was nobody else to care for the child that he was. Yet at the same time she knew that it was horrible to wish that he had no one and that it would have been useless to wish that someone had been there for her since she knew that it would have only kept her from discovering her wings that carried her so far in life. Finally she let a small sigh escape her lips after he had mentioned something extremely similar to what she had been thinking just a moment before.

”We know what we are not what we may be. Without the past we would not be able to be what we are at this moment in time and without our present we will never know what we may be. For that I except my fate.”

She let a small smile creep to her lips as she leaned forward onto the railing, her crimson hues trailing down to see the world below her. Silently she wanted to just jump down and soar through the wind, just let the whole world envelope her being and enjoy the sights before her but she knew that the thought was crazy. All of this was thought while he joked about the fact that it was only a few moment ago that she was trying to beat him but she let it go, only allowing her smirk to return as he stood. These movements she watched from the corner of her eyes, seeing just what he was doing before she too stood straight and turned her body to face him. His aura seemed to have transformed so much in so little time, his whole being brimming with confidence that she knew would last and reverberate for quite some time.

Silently Ophelia let her body slip to the side, her wheels spinning and allowing the movement that she desired as she moved to the opposite end of the building, the place that they had entered. Just before she began her decent though she let a genuine smile grace her lips, turning back to peer at Rhoas once he had spoken to her.

”It was nice talking to you too Rhoas. Just do me a favor though and don’t stop trying to help those who can’t fly; it’d be a shame to see so many fall when you may be their only hope.”

With that being said she was gone, only a blur of blonde hair visible as she moved back down the buildings and to the streets that she was so familiar with.

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