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Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors!

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26 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:42 pm

”That means that we simply need to educate those who do not understand Air Treks that they are harmless and teach those that do realize this how to utilize them and not abuse their power. If we let the ignorant run about and scare those who do not understand Air Treks the rest of us will have to suffer because our wings will be clipped for no reason. If we have to mix a little terror into keeping the ignorant from terrorizing the innocent then so be it.”

Ophelia simply shrugged when she finished her statement, finding that to be the most logical explanation for how she felt in so many words. If he was truly concerned about the innocent getting hurt that was perfectly fine with her, but she was more concerned with those who were having their wings clipped. She had known that pain all too well because of how chaotic her life had become in the past few years. It was the worst feeling ever, not being able to fly and be free, and she wanted to make sure that everyone was able to experience the freedom that her Air Treks had given her.

The sounds of Storm-Riders laughing brought her out of her momentary thoughts, a small sigh slipping her lips as she let him ride to where he wanted once more. Her venomous gaze locked on him once more, waiting to hear what he was going to tell her now. The flirtatious words that slipped his lips made her roll her eyes, the thoughts of her past fading away with his words. She should have expected that from his lips but for some reason she had not and it only entertained her further as she suddenly pushed down on her wheels and switched so she was the one riding backwards, her hair whipping towards him in a frenzy as she blew a fake kiss at him just to throw him completely off. She wanted to fuck with his head, make it to where he could barely figure out what her next move would be as she let her own flirtatious lips pour from her venom coated tongue.

”Well Ezekiel I do not think that I will be screaming your name tonight, but I have a feeling you just might be screaming mine.”

Obviously she did not mean what he wanted it to, her words actually meaning the farthest thing from that as she smirked at him and flipped around so she was facing forward, letting the wind nip at her face as she took in the information that he had given her. His name really was Zeke which meant that he probably had a team and his brother was probably Rhoas.

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27 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:10 am

His ears twitched a little as he caught and really thought about her words. Educating would most likely be the best approach, but how does one go by this critical and serious matter? The government can't force the citizens to learn and accept this deadly machines. Her words carried much truth and passion; he's never seen another person within this much passion other then himself. Then, his mind wrapped around the phrase "clipped-wings". Was that really her main concern? The girl with the aura of a demon? Could she really care for others freedom this much? This suddenly changed Ezekiel's opinion on the female entirely; not like his first opinion was bad to begin with. The boys gaze shifted upward at the magnificent moon overhead as the powerful motorized skates on his feet hummed their beautiful toon.

Suddenly, while Ezekiel remained deep in thought. The crimson eyed girl came to a stop, and began moving backwards. The green eyed youth smiled at this, and closely followed; her hair blowing in the wind only added to her nature beauty. As he followed, the aura around the mysterious girl changed; but it was different, the feeling almost drew him in like he was under some type of spell. Suddenly, the girl blew him a fake kiss, this made the youth bust out into a laughing frenzy. Her aura and actions didn't match up so this obviously was a little game they were playing. But still, he enjoyed it; females usually aren't capable of keeping up with his strong unpredictable flirtatious nature. But to make matters worse. The next sentence coming out of her mouth added a greatly to this little game. The boy continued to laugh; eyes watery, ATs roaring, and the attentions of near by Storm-Riders caught.

"I can't scream what I don't know, babe. So why don't you help me out n' eliminate the middle man, huh?"

He spoke knocking away the tears of joy from his big green eyes. Upon doing this his mind drifted back to the girls "clipped-wings" phrase. He understood what it meant, but the feeling and meaning remained different for each Storm-Rider. Some felt free, while others felt trapped in a spiked cage; this girl was obviously one who felt trapped and helpless, even if she didn't show it. Riding a little close; no more than a few feet. Ezekiel looked deep in her blood colored optics and spoke yet again. This time, with a soft voice so only she could hear.

"Girly, if you feel trapped. Bust free! You control your own sky, and your own destiny. Don't let anyone take that way from you. If you have to fight then fuckin' fight. You only live once, right?"

He had no idea what kind of effect that would have on this mysterious girl, but he felt like it needed to be said. She was hiding something, but what...?

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There was a dull stinging inside the female's chest from the pain of her past memories though it quickly enveloped into a numbness that she only ignored like always. Silently her crimson orbs had traced over the make at her side, gauging the fact that he seemed so lost in the words that had slipped her lips and yet not uttering a single word in addition. The pain that she had felt so horrible had been transformed into the most beautiful thing she could think of, hope, and with that hope she planned on helping those who were completely broken on the ground. One person had spent the time to lift her up and without that person she had no idea where she would had been standing at that moment, but she was glad that she had them and that was all that mattered. Silently she watched the gears turn in Ezekil's head, wondering just what his thoughts were filled with in that moment of time.

After she blew her fake little kiss to him she noticed that he found great amusement in that, bursting out in a way she thought was extremely entertaining as she smirked lightly. Now he was having fun with this once more, the serious air washing away quickly as she let him throw a playful banter back at her. The best part was that he did not deny the fact that he would be screaming her name, her smirk depending with that as she let her name slip her tongue in a carefree manner with the rest of her words.

"My name is Ophelia and that's all you need to know. Just don't get too tired screaming it out tonight."

She let a light bell like laugh slip her lips as she covered her mouth with her hand, her orbs only taking in the happy image of the emerald hued man for a moment before he suddenly grew serious. His new aura made her slightly weary, a feeling he easily hid as he drifted closer to her body. She made not a single move to get away from him, her eyes remaining resolute as she held her ground firm and awaited what he was going to do. Her predator like aura was even stronger when people grew too close to her, the bloody red color narrowing as she held back the desire to shove him away from her body and instead listen to his words.

In all honesty the words that he spoke to her were shocking, words that she never expected to come from anyone's lips spilling from his own with ease. She tried to hide her shock, not wanting him to know that he had pegged her seemingly so easily as she put up a menacing front, a slight growl slipping her lips.

"My cage only extends so far into the sky because it is the bars of reality that hold me back. Reality is what holds me to the ground and even though I try to fly into the sun I cannot. I have settled with a crimson painted sky, staring at the full moon with the eyes of the wolf knowing that true wings are something I will never possess but must instead bestow upon those who still have a chance. I had my chance to live restricted and I do not want others to live through that."

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As the girl spoke, the feeling of feeling trapped and mentally being ripped apart like a bloody pulp overtook his body again. He's chest tightened up, and his thoughts all over the place, but he wouldn't let himself succumb to such a aura; his determination and passion was much stronger. Ophelia's words carried much weight, at first, he was stunned by such a unusually name; one with powerful origin and beauty. But as she continued to speak, Ezekiel started to remembered what he was talking growing up learning about Air-Treks; learning about "wings" and what they stood for. Ezekiel honestly thought nothing of these "wings"; for he didn't think they had any significant meaning. He continued to slowly move forward towards the girl; her aura stripping his body like a carcass in the wild. His face riddled with confusion and questions, but a caring playful smile still overlapped his face.

"First off, you have a sexy ass name, Ophelia. Secondly, I'd love to scream your name all night; it seems to roll off the tongue nicely."

His movements became lazy and more predictable, the look on his face simi-serious as he attempted to read the crimson eyed girls emotion; something he was horrible at. The other Storm-Riders seemed to quickly pass the two, one by one, watching with confused looks and whispering to one another. The green eyed youth didn't notice this, his eyes simply glowed as he continued looking at Ophelia. Suddenly, the serious look on his face faded away to a joyful one yet again. He spoke; his words still sarcastic, but 100% from the heart. But this girl was "different". He had no idea how'd she take what he would say next. He knew nothing of her background, so he could only understand her beautiful words, and not really feel them for what they really were.

"Reality, huh? Me, as a Storm-Rider, who follows the old school ways. Doesn't follow the rules of reality. Reality can't hold me back, girly. And it shouldn't do the same to you. If you wanna fly, then fuckin' fly. Put on the Air-Treks and prove to reality you're nothing to fuck with."

Shifting his vision towards the moon yet again, he continued his rant with a wide smile and glowing aura.

"I believe you can fly; I believe you can reach the moon and become apart of its natural glow. Why? Because once you break away from Reality and live as a true Storm-Rider, anything is possible, babe. Any fuckin' thing!"

He chuckled, throwing both hands behind his head and eyeing the female yet again.

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As the male took in her name she took careful note of his reaction and how body seemed to grow tense while his face confused. It was an odd thing to see a person go through so many emotions at one instant, his playful smile only adding to her curiosity as to how exactly she made him feel. Ophelia had a hunch that it was her choking, demoness like aura that was probably making his body tense and that fact pleased her slightly simply because it meant that she had some sort of control over him. Whether he wanted to admit it or not she had some sort of strange hold over him entire being and silently she knew too that there was some strange sort of pull that made her want to keep teasing him relentlessly. She let a playful yet coy look cross her face as she listened to him state with ease that he would love to scream her name and that thought was one that was so ironic in her mind; he was not going to enjoy one second of screaming her name if things turned out the way they usually did.

”You may find the word to be bitter sweet across your lips by the time I have finished with you. It won’t roll off the tongue as nicely as you wish it.”

One thing that she noted was that his movements were getting extremely lazy as he began to grow serious, his eyes locked on her own crimson ones. She let nothing slip through the windows to the soul besides a feeling of mischief, her eyes glowing in the moon light as her hair wiped all around her in a frenzy. The orbs were intently locked on her companion, trying to understand just what he was doing as he gave her a look she found to be quite odd. Only every now and then did she allow her gaze to flicker away to peer at the Storm-Riders who were riding past them, each one becoming silenced the second she locked gazes with them. She had always found those who eavesdropped to be annoying so she found no issue with scaring them off.

When the look of serious finally dissipated around him she watched as the carefree attitude Ezekiel seemed to be known for return and envelope his body, her nerves relaxing as she gaze up on trying to understand what was going through his head. Instead she simply listened to his words, taking each one in as though it were precious to her just so she could get a better understanding of the man who she had been riding with.

His words matched his personality, carefree and encouraging even. He seemed to have no bounds, only wanting to fly with his wings and never let anything hold him back as he encouraged her to do the same. Sadly she knew that she would never be able to do that, flecks of pain filling her irises as she parted her pale lips to retort to all he had said to her.

”Reality shall always exist and if you do not allow some of the rules of reality to take grip upon your soul, you will find that it is a much harder place to live when you are forced to come back down to earth. Never push this reality off; never let it completely escape you because when you do that you leave yourself with nowhere to go when the end of the sky is just below your fingertips.”

Her words came easily to her, almost as if she had recited them over and over again to herself in the mirror. They were easily some of the easiest things for her to say even though they were some of the last that she wanted to come true.

”I chose to fly, soar into the sky and let both the sun and moon envelope my body, but I always keep in touch with the reality that lives below us for it is what must catch us when we fall. When all the birds are set free to fly and those who are ignorant learn not to act out, each person will have to remember that reality is waiting for them; flying simply offers them a moment of freedom that we all desire. I may love the feeling of the breeze against my wings but I too know when it is time to return back to the society that threatens to clip our wings.”

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Ezekiel said nothing to the girls first comment; he let his continuous laughter do the speaking for him. With both hands behind his head, the green eyed youth applied minimal pressure to the soles of the sibling ATs placed upon his legs, and brought his body to a slow paced stop. The feeling possessing Ezekiel began to fade away entirely; the trapped animal pinned against the wall by the predator still had plenty of fight left within it. The boy shook his head and turned away from the girl with quick leg movements. As he did so, his thoughts drifted back towards the simple days; the days when Paradise still was around. Things remained easy, fun, and care-free. Suddenly, he vigorously shook his head from left to right. There was no time, nor was there the need to enjoy the past; this was the present... The future.

As Ophelia spoke more about "reality", Ezekiel took every word to heart. He had plenty to say, but didn't know how to say it. Her reaction wasn't a concern, his main concern would be trying to get his point across; if she accepted it or not was completely up to her. After a moment of thinking, he turned around; eyes glowing, and with the look of a prideful man, he continued his slow pace towards his crimson colored eyed friend. The AT's on his feet releasing a faint hum, while the air around his body remained relax and carefree. He placed his hands from behind his head, and placed them back within the pockets of the baggy black hoodie he wore. The other Storm-Riders speeding off, gawking, laughing, and living what they thought was the "dream".

"Honestly, reality doesn't effect me or what I do one bit, babe. I keep the two close, but separated far the fuck apart. Reality keeps me from doing the impossible, so I dismiss that shit for that very reason alone. But when people like you come along, that's when I come back. This shit is never simple, and this is what I like to call a 'reality check'

Ezekiel spoke getting mere inches away from he girl. Slowly, the wheels reversed and created more distance between the two; for a split second, the boy forget he was even moving. This was a conversation that made Ezekiel really think about where he stood in this war; the war between all Storm-Riders and the powerful SAF. But he kept his thoughts in check; not showing a single sign of anguish or sadness. Actually, it made him think of his brother once again. The thought only lasted for a split second. Applying pressure to the ATs again, the boy came to a stop; about two meters away from Ophelia. Everything about Ezekiel remained relaxed and carefree. His smile, his green glowing eyes, and even his lazy stance.

"Keepin' reality close is important, no joke. But once you learn how to separate reality and freedom, everything becomes clear, girly. You see what can't be seen, you gain what normally can't be gained, and you may even find yourself. The day my freedom and my reality becomes intertwined, is the day my fuckin' life comes to a end. And I don't plan on kickin' the bucket for many more years, gorgeous."

He said while a cold refreshing breeze quickly picked up.

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Now it was her turn to listen to the worlds that escaped his lips, thinking about every single thing he had to say about reality. Again she thought hard about every comment he made to make, her eyes sparkling with understanding as she watched him swivel about. She supposed that he was right in the fact that reality and flying could be separated out into two, but for her the reality of life stared her in the face every time the sun came back up. If she did not go back to daily life she would have no way of continuing to live comfortably or even being able to eat unless she figured out a way to use her Air Treks to make money; that was dangerous work though and she did not want to risk such a thing. With a soft sigh she shook her head from side to side, her hair moving around her face as she chose not to respond to his statement. It was just one of those things where if the other person did not stand in their shoes they did not understand completely and she just did not feel like getting into her past with him at that moment.

Still he kept moving about and speaking, slowly getting closer to her before moving away from her in a blue of speed. She had no idea why it was that he did that but what she did notice was the pain that flashed through his eyes momentarily, almost as if he was feeling remorseful of something she had no clue of. It made her extremely curious and she wanted to pry at the issue, rip it apart and figure out just what made him act so oddly but his words broke through her thoughts before an idea could form. Once again his words were so sincere and filled with passion and confidence, not an edge of doubt laced into his words. This made her smirk once more; his confidence lifted her up and she finally let words slip her lips.

”I’d be terribly upset if you kicked the bucket so early dear, but you never know what predator might just show up and rip you to shreds. Reality and freedom will always be intertwined though so be careful with just how much you try and separate them.”

With that said and a smirk on her lips she suddenly pressed down on the back of her wheels, forcing the motorized contraptions to suddenly pick up speed. She let all her worries fade away, let the wind kick up in her face as she brushed past him easily and let her eyes take in the image of the Golden Gate Bridge, the sound of excited Storm Riders filling their ears. Below them were storm riders a plenty, each one yelling with excitement and cheering on who they wanted to win with as much enthusiasm as they could muster. She began to realize that the race was probably half over but for some reason she could have cared less in the presence of her emerald eyes friend.

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33 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:55 pm

"Predator, huh? Well, babe. If or 'when' that happens. The predator will end up bein' the pray."

Ezekiel said turning his head towards the Golden Gate bridge. A riddled look overtook his face, he had no idea they have traveled so far; being stuck in conversation really made the time fly. The bridge remained beautiful; a golden type glow came from the massive object drawing attention to itself from miles away. The youth smiled as the glow brought joy to his heart; even further reminding him of the good old days. He fought the sudden wave of nostalgia, and turned to face Ophelia. But as he did so, the girl softly brushed past him; for the second time, bumping his arm. The sound of cheering overcame the entire area; the loyal groupies jumped up and down with frantic movements and loud voices. With lazy leg movements, the youth moved over to the edge of the building the duo stood on. The distance couldn't be more than a few blocks now, which mean't the race would have to be more than half way over.

"FUCK! Looks like all the good spots are taken from what I can see from this distance. Aw well, we can always jus' climb up that bitch, girly. Whatcha' think?"

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34 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:24 am

"It's very unlikely that the predator will allow the tables to be turned so the prey must always be aware."

With a wolfish grin on her lips Ophelia rode over to Ezekiel's side, her crimson orbs gazing over the massive crowds of Storm Riders. They were all so happy, laughing and joking about the race as they watched intensely and waited to see their favorite rider. The sight of the childish antics of the low class riders made the female sigh, shaking her head as the man's words echoed in her ears. The useless Storm-Riders had taken all the good seats, leaving them no where to go but up onto the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. silently she wondered why she had bothered with this little game of chasing the men, but she soon remembered how much she wanted to destroy her prey and just how entertaining her ridding partner was. With a soft smile on her lips she started to speak once more with an airy tone to her voice.

"When there is nowhere else to move to the only place left is up."

Those were the words she let slip past her lips as she suddenly pressed down on her wheels, accelerating forward in a burst of amazing speed straight towards the bridge. In her mind she could see exactly where to go, just following the rooftops in elegant motions of twists and turns until the railing of the gold iron came down to the level she needed. She waited for the perfect moment before starting her accent, smirking with a predatory glint in her eyes as she bent her knees before pushing up and doing a single front flip in the air, twisting her body at the last second in the decent so her wheels would connect with the metal smoothly and allow her to start gliding up the area. Only sparks gave away her positioning, her whole body shaking with adrenaline as she laughed a slightly sadistic laugh before taking off to keep going up.

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The girls words brought Ezekiel's head to a slow shake. It's obvious what she meant by that. The aura she gave off, the words she spoke, and even the way she pronounced them. But the boy said nothing of it; he simply looked over the smiling Storm-Riders. How someone could enjoy such a pitiful display of power and skill was beyond him. Is this really what the AT world has come too; a bunch of people doing whatever it takes to rule with the power of Air-Treks by their side? Ezekiel smiled as the thought entered his head. The very people before him knew nothing of the true evil lurking in the shadows while they "played". He lazily threw his hands behind his head once again, while his eyes glanced upward at the moon. The girls next words sent Ezekiel's heart racing; she seemed to agree with his early suggestion.

"That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' bout', gorgeous!"

He piratically shouted shifting his heads back down to his side as the twin ATs on his feet roared a vicious roar of power. As the girl shoot off, Ezekiel followed close behind, taking in the thrill of the moment while eyeing the well known bridge. Ezekiel followed Ophelia with green eyes, he soon realized she was talking a different approach to climb the structure; a route he respected but wouldn't take himself. The youth jumped from the building he was on; practically gliding in the open sky as he slowly reached the ground. Once the siblings ATs touched upon the hard surface, he shoot forward; swaying through the crowd of Storm-Riders like a type of ghost. As he approached one of the many metal bars connecting the bridge to the earth. The youth slightly bent his knees and pushed upward with mighty leg muscles.

"Lets get it!"

The Motor within the the ATs released a high pitch hum; loud enough for anyone within the immediate to hear. Pushing down on the sole of the skates, Ezekiel went into a extremely fast upward grind. The Storm-Riders on the ground level had no choice but to turn their attention to the amazing feat being displayed at this very moment. Many watched dumbfounded, while others took pictures. This simple, yet very easy display of skill almost instantly caught their attentions. But Ezekiel couldn't even notice; everything around him seemed to blend into a calamity of colors. If ones mind wasn't open enough, the aura around Ezekiel would strongly resemble a colorful dragon twisting it's mighty body up the iconic bridge.

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Her bright red hues flickered over to where Ezekiel was climbing up, a small smile of amusement dancing to her pale lips as she took in his every movement. She had to admit to herself that he was good at what he did, a small part of her even impressed that he could do such a trick with ease. The aura that now radiated around his body was fantastical, a mixture of determination, power, and confidence that truly represented all of the colors of a dragon and she found that she liked this about her companion. Still Ophelia would not let him know that she was impressed with this display of skill, her eyes only remaining on his figure for a moment longer as she kept her weight thrown on her back wheels so she would continue accelerating.

She was skating backwards with ease, her hair whipping around her face and shading the features of her skin before she bent her knees ever so slightly and then threw her weight upwards into the sky. Her body twisted with her as she used her chest as the center of balance to soar through the sky momentarily and let her eyes peer up at the moon, her motions then twisting so her body did a one eighty and she landed facing forwards. It was something that she considered to be simple but a few people had found the move to be rather impressive. She doubted her emerald eyes friend would see it as that though since he was obviously skilled in riding as well.

Silently Ophelia kept climbing up the railing to the first arc in the railing, her eyes locking on the railing where the long cables connected before going right back down again in another decent. Now she wondered if this game would continue across the bridge or stop there so they could watch the rather pathetic excuse for Air-Trek skill below them. Either would have satisfied her since they would have picked up their game right after but for now she planned on waiting to see what the male would do, but first she needed to come to a stop on the railing.

In a moment she readjusted her weight distribution and began a cartwheel combined with a one eighty degree turn without the use of her hands, tucking her torso into herself as she threw her legs over her body and then allowed them to come in contract with the platform of the top of the arc; it looked extremely similar to a move that some skilled break dancers would do and that was just where she had pulled her training for it. Her wheels sent sparks flying as she skidded back a few feet, her hand touching the ground to stop her motions in a crouch before she stood up once more and let her eyes scan over the area for the other Storm-Rider’s location.

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Nothing moved as Ezekiel rode up the extremely long railing. The sparks being produced by the sheer speed and friction followed his path in a brilliant display of white and yellow flashes. The surrounding area seemed to virtually come to a "stop" as his body moved forward, ever so closer to the very top of the iconic landmark. His breathing relaxed, as the thoughts traveling in his heads ceased while all this happened. His legs constantly danced while grinding up the railing. A endless amount of miniature tricks carried him faster and higher above the dumbfounded Storm-Riders below. Suddenly, Ezekiel jumped a few feet into the air, the boy swiftly spun his body in a perfect 180 degrees. His glowing green eyes looked over the area below his raising body, but he saw nothing but the ground. The other Storm-Riders were tuned out; it was now just Ezekiel and the world.


He muttered to himself frantically shaking his head from left to right; bringing his mind back to the real-world. Suddenly, everything came back. Sound, the cheering, the breeze from the night, and a sudden urge of laughter. Green eyes looked down at the other riders below; they still had the stupid looks upon their faces, but Ezekiel paid no mind to it. Without a moment to spare, he spun his body back towards the top of the tower with perfect leg movements. With a quick leap, the boy took to the sky once again; this time getting much more air then his previous jump. His hands still rested snuggle within the black hoodies front pocket. His body, twisting upside down and sideways, while his legs remained stuck together. Ezekiel's eyes made contact with the very top of the bridge. Gaining control over his body, the youth took his legs part from each other, and hit the metal surface with a forward sliding motion. Coming to a stop near the very edge. There, the boy took in the sight.

"No lie. This has gotta be the second best fuckin' view of the city!!!"

He shouted to his female companion arriving to the top mere seconds behind him. Ezekiel went into a jolly laugh as he reached into his right pants pocket and pulled out the silver lighter with a lone white cigarette. Shaking the metal contraption a few times; the sliver lid swinging back and forward making a very distinct sound. The boy placed the cigarette on his bottom lip, and lit the white stick quickly. Once finished, he put the lighter back within it's rightful place. Turning his vision towards Ophelia, Ezekiel moved the cigarette from left to right with his tongue.

"So, babe. Who ya' think is gonna win this shit now, huh?"

He asked not smoking the white stick, but just letting the smoke and feel soak into his skin.

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The sight was amazing of San Francisco from the very top of the Golden Gate Bridge was absolutely breath taking and there was not a single person in the world that could deny that fact. In the dark abyss that was the endless city buildings of every size and shape formed the cage that held so many people captive. Only the colored lights that twinkled across the abyss offered any sort of light and this light was fantastical, painting an image that nobody could have imagined. Quietly Ophelia smiled at the sight since this was her favorite place in the city by far, drinking in the painting that she had often seen in every single light. She was content just to stand there and peer at the lights but she knew that the perfection would be interrupted by a voice eventually. Sure enough it was interupted only moments later by Ezekiel who had come to a stop next to the petite female on the bridge.

”I have yet to find a better view.”

She said this was a tone admiration, something that seemed quite off when matched with her demeanor. Still she did not try to hide it and simply let the wind throw her pale locks all around her face as she peered down at the Storm Riders that were either cheering on a team or racing along the designated path, her eyes stopping on those who were in the lead. She could tell that the Blazing Aces were in the lead even though the other team could not be counted out yet, but that did not seem to matter since it was quite obvious in her mind that the team they had both suspected to be victorious would be.

She swiveled her bright red hues to peer at her emerald eyed companion, her nose scrunching up the second the breeze blew the scent of the cigarette towards her. She hated cigarettes and it seemed as though every male she ran into smoked the wretched sticks. Most of the time she was able to keep her cool and simply ignore them, but this time she was not having it; she enjoyed being able to breathe without a cloud of grey choking her to death. A slight smirk came to her pale lips she casually reached over with her bony fingers and plucked the white cigarette from his lips, not caring whether or not he protested her in that moment of not. In one fluid motion Ophelia threw the still burning stick over the edge of the bridge where it would annoy another person or simply burn out in the water. She honestly did not care what he thought of her little action but still she was rather intrigued to see his reaction, waiting in amusement for the snide response that was bound to slip past his tongue as she spoke up about his question pertaining to the race below them.

”Blazing Aces appears to be in the lead still so I would assume they will win.”

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Ezekiel truly did enjoy his five year stay in San Fransisco. The atmosphere always remained so lively; even in the forbidden hours of the night. The green eyed youth took in the sight with a faint smirk growing slowly across his face. Good and bad times happened within these streets; times he rather never live again, but times that made him stronger as a Storm-Rider, a person, and a man. As the cigarette balanced perfectly on his lower lip, the boy continued moving the slow burning white stick from left to right with his tongue. Honestly, Ezekiel was never a big smoker. He'd buy a pack and let the stench and smoke surrounded after he lit one. With the cigarette in mouth and the magnificent sight of San Fransisco all around them. For a split second, Ezekiel toned out his crimson eyed companion. But suddenly, white fingers tightly gripped the waving stick within his mouth, and quickly found it's way over the ledge of the massive bridge. Ophelia spoke shortly afterwards.

"You think so, huh? Blazin' Aces always had the home field advantage. So those fags are kinda destined to win.

He spoke with a sarcastic tone of voice as his eyes followed the faint red glow of the cigarette as it slowly landed in the water which doused the flame. Ezekiel had no type of emotion to the girls action; she obviously didn't like the stench coming from them, so she took action. His eyes drifted over to the other Storm-Riders underneath them, the massive group seemed to finally put their attention back on the race; which was now at the ending phase. His gaze left the Storm-Riders and landed back on Ophelia, the look on her face gentle and submissive, but Ezekiel knew this mysterious girl was far from those two words. The boy threw his hands back behind his head once again and spoke a few more very sarcastic and very flirtatious words.

"You must really care about my health, or really hate the fuckin' smell of cigarettes? Either way, I apologize, gorgeous. It's a lame ass habit I picked up from my brother."

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The words that slipped his lips about Blazing Aces having the home field advantage and being destined to win made her smirk return to her lips, knowing well that his thoughts were most likely in the same place as her own. If they had lost then it would be a complete disgrace considering they knew the terrain better the other team and nearly every person there was cheering them on. She could only image the grief that they would be given if they lost and that thought made her amusement grow even more and she expressed this to him with the same tone as before.

”Can you image the crap they would get if they lost? The only thing funnier than the pathetic show they put on would be them losing to that wannabe team.”

Ophelia’s bright red hues slipped over to Ezekiel now, watching his eyes follow the faint glow of the cigarette as if tumbled from the bridge and to its death. She was glad it was gone; the air around her finally cleared up as she the breeze blew the smoke away and allowed her to take a clear deep breath of the crisp air before she tucked her hands into her jacket pockets. The cold breeze was nipping at her skin, biting the pale flesh as she stood next to the male and making her a little uncomfortable but she had gotten use to it by now. All she did was watch the riders run around now, her aura calming down slightly even though her smirk remained painted on her lips as she listened to the words that he spoke to her.

”I could care less about your health, but the smell makes me sick. Your brother was practically draped in the smell when I met him so I at least know who to blame for your disgusting habit now. I knew I should have shoved his ass off the top of that building when I had the chance.”

Now her smirk had depend at the memory of the rather annoying male named Rhoas as she allowed her thoughts to drift back to him. It was true that she had wanted to shove him off a building or at least slap him because of his arrogance, but she had resisted the urge simply because of the softer side he had showed her when they stood atop the building and spoke kindly to one another; that was a side to him that she could at least stand for five minutes. Now thinking about it there was a stark contrast between the two brothers not only in appearance but in behavior as well. They both held an air of cockiness but at least Ezekiel was able to be playful with his personality; Rhoas only seemed to hold the capability of being a complete asshole or a victim.

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"That'll be some shit!"

Ezekiel spoke while laughing; the thought almost instantly brought tears of joy to the youths eyes. Normally, when losing a battle to this caliber almost most likely went in disbandment of the current team; but this would be the best thing for either teams at this point. They'd need to know the feeling of losing, they'd need to live the humiliation and anguish; this is the true prize; the prize of becoming a real Storm-Rider, at least in Ezekiel's eyes. Green eyes gazed over the riding teams; each pushing their bodies past the limit; each not wanting to give up a lose. He had no reason not to respect this display of tenaciousness. Maybe there was hope for these riders yet? They just needed to lose their grip on reality and see the real picture. But that's the part that troubles Ezekiel...

"Can it be done...?"

He muttered to himself deep in thought over the two teams racing. But as Ophelia's soft words reached his ears, the youth almost instantly broke the train of thought and put his attention back on her. The girls next words shocked Ezekiel a little. She spoke about his brother and their meeting. He smiled and shook his head slightly. He truly didn't know why this came to a sudden shock; Rohas was the type to keep tabs on all good riders within the area, and this girl proved herself plenty of times of having skill within the last few hours; more than most do in their entire life. But still, how could she know Rohas was his brother? They look nothing alike. Unless Rohas himself told her? But why would he do such a thing? The questions became endless, so Ezekiel dismissed the thought and eyed the girl standing beside him.

"You shoulda done it, gorgeous. I wouldn't have blamed you one fuckin' bit. But I'm sure you can make me forget about smokin', girly."

The flirtatiousness literally poured out of his mouth as he smiled looking the girl up and down. Laughing a little more at his own charm, he gazed up at the moon for the twentieth time and spoke again; this times his words almost serious, but still had a strong sense of sarcasm in them.

"When did you meet Rohas, Girly?"

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Ophelia could not help but to smile at his reaction to what she had said about them losing, enjoying the fact that he too found amusement in what she said simply because it was true. She could only image the trouble that it would stir for the teams but none of that was as important as growing as a Storm Rider. Even though she had little to no patients for riders with no talent she knew that in the end that was what the Air-Trek World needed; new riders who were willing to work their way to the top no matter what kind of problems they faced were going to be the future no matter how much she hated weaklings. With a soft sigh she shook her head side to side lightly, her hair dancing around her face as she let his soft and almost unheard words come to hear ears, words that were too unclear to decipher.

With silent motions she pulled her hand from her pocket and pushed her now messy locks from her face, her bright hues peering at the man who stood next to her from the side. She was wondering just what Ezekiel was thinking at that moment. From her meeting with Rhoas it was clear that he was not the fondest of his brother despite the soft actions that he had done when he found one of his graffiti works on a wall. Now it was all a matter of finding out how Ezekiel felt about his brother; perhaps that would allow the pieces to fall right into their place. She turned her head to look at the male completely now, her eyes more curious than anything as she took all of his words in. From what he said it sounded as though he was not very fond of his brother either though he was able to keep the flirtatious edge to his words.

”Well I’ll be sure to throw your pack over the edge if it helps you forget it. Hell I’ll throw you over the edge of this bridge darling.”

She smirked up at the much taller male, letting her arms cross over her chest as his second sentence hit her full force. It appeared that her little mention of his brother had perked questions and now she was obligated to answer them, though she did not mind as long as he did not throw her over the edge of the bridge and into the freezing waters below like she had threatened to do to him. Her eyes flickered up to the bright moon above them as she bit her lip lightly, thinking about what to say exactly.

”I met your brother a few nights ago on my way home from work. He cornered me and offered me information that I apparently needed, but I wasn’t up to a conversation with some guy who had an over inflated ego so I made him work for it. By the time I was starting to waver though he had already given up on convincing me and told me that I should join his brother’s team. Zeke was the name I was given and when I met you the pieces just fell together.”

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"There you go with that 'darlin' shit again, gorgeous. But throwin' the pack won't do a god damn thing, girly. I was thinkin' of a different 'approach'.

Ezekiel spoke with his flirtatious edge and glowing emerald eyes that pierced the mighty moon overhead. A faint rush off wind overtook the surrounding area; causing the boy to shiver slightly even with his thick layer of clothing. If he was feeling this chill, then Ophelia must be getting the full effect right about now, but the girl said nothing of it. Ezekiel quickly dismissed the lone thought as his vision shifted back towards the quickly ending race. Blazin' Aces continued to keep the lead with their mediocre skill and speed, but the opposing team was directly behind them quickly closing the gap. The boy wanted to continue watching just for the outcome but it didn't interest him even the slightest bit. The screaming cheering groupies, Gregg, and the cold, just didn't add up to a spectacular race. The only thing keeping Ezekiel from heading back to his hotel room would have to be his mysterious companion, Ophelia.

He listened carefully to the girls next words; for she explained how and where she meet his brother, Rohas. As her story began, Ezekiel almost instantly started chuckling; this sounded like Rohas 100%. Corning people, and offering information or resources they need; or so Rohas thinks. After two years, he still hasn't changed a single bit; this thought made Ezekiel worried and caused his blood to boil with a little anger, but he kept his emotions under control and simply'd laughed off the discomfort. But, the crimson eyed girls next words caused his face to grow a look of confusion. Why would Rohas say such a thing? Why would he help the enemy? Does he have a alternative goal? As the thoughts circled around his head in a endless loop, the boy busted out into a jolly laugh yet again; causing the discomfort to quickly fade away. He looked at Ophelia with a charming smile and started spitting out words.

"Yup, that's my stupid ass brother. Sounds like he still doesn't know how to talk to the ladies!"

The boy took a pause and broke his glowing gaze away from the girl and back at the action below them.

"Lemme guess. He wanted you to join his 'team', right? But without being normal bout' it, the idiot came out all direct n' shit, right? Knowing him, he probably tried to tell you shit you already knew right, gorgeous?"

The green eyed youth said while laughing joyfully at the thought of his brother attempting to recruit this obviously different female; normal methods would never work. Ezekiel continued to shake his head at the thought of Rohas acting all high and mighty; he just didn't get it. The boy fixed his gaze on the girl yet again, her beauty keeping the charming smile upon his face and the flirtatiousness pouring.

"I don't get why he would send you in my direction, girly? That dude is a fuckin' trip, I swear..."

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”I could always throw you off the edge.”

Ophelia let a devious glint enter her eyes, a sweet yet sarcastic smile painting her lips as she peered at him with her glowing eyes. She enjoyed toying with him, that was for sure, and every word that slipped his lips and added to their teasing made her want to mess with him that much more. She knew that once the race was over she would probably try to push him to the edge, see just how much of his little game he would take before pushing her away, but until then she allowed his attention to remain on the race in front of them that was quickly coming to a screeching halt. The Blazin’ Aces were growing every so close to winning, but if their opponent had anything to say about it their chances of winning would come to an end. Still she could not help but to admire their attempts to win, a flame flickering within them that she did acknowledge silently but in reality could have cared less about; all flames that stood in her path have to be douse eventually.

With the knowledge of his brother out in the open Ophelia began to measure Ezekiel’s reactions that much closer, his body giving nothing away but his eyes saying so much more. It was clear by the emerald hues that he had some very uncomfortable emotions connected with his brother but she did not want to toy with that issue just yet, simply listening to the man as he burst into laughter to dissipate the awkward air that had begun to blossom all around them. She too could not help but let out a little, bell like laugh when he did, her hand covering her lips as she listened to his words about Rhoas. If anything could be said it would be that Ezekiel had his brother pegged; he had no idea how to keep from pissing a woman off.

”I’m actually shocked that the female population has yet to start sending flyers around warning the rest of us to avoid him. He’s a nuisance to say the least. As for the part about joining a team, he never said that in so many words, but the rest is completely accurate. He offered me information I already had and personally I wasn’t interested. I think the rejection made him give up; I must have deflated his precious little ego.”

The ending to her statement came out in a sneer, her hands moving with her words as she stood with her weight on one foot. She had no idea what she had done exactly to piss Rhoas off and make him push her away, but when she did it became extremely easy to screw with his head and he acted as though the world was a completely different place. Sadly he confused her, something that did not happen often, but she tried to push that away since it would be odd for her to ever have a real conversation with him again considering how their last one ended.

With a small sigh she ran her hands through her now wind tussled locks, straightening them out as they fall around her pale, heart shaped face before her words slipped past her lips once more. They were as sweet as sugar but she knew well that her companion would pick up on the flirtatious edge underneath.

”Maybe he simply sent me in the direction of a real man who could handle me since he obviously could not.”

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"Yup, that'll cure this lil habit won't it, girly? Shit! It'll fix all the problems in my life, huh?"

The male said in response to the girl standing beside him. Her words still had a strong flirtatious edge, but Ezekiel had a strong feeling. If he gave Ophelia the right away to do such a thing, she'll probably do it without a moments hesitation; this made the boy to grin his charming smile once again. Ezekiel's attention was no longer on the race at hand, but more on the conversation about his brother Rohas. How much did this girl know about their background? Rohas isn't the type to spill important information to a complete stranger, was he? It's been about two years since the two has had any type of communication with one and another, so it's pretty possible he has changed. But still, Rohas would never do that, would he? This made Ezekiel a little worried; just how much did this girl know about their past...? Slowly, his right Air-Trek began tapping the ground; creating a small amount of vibrations which traveled throughout the bridges metal frame. As he did this, more words came from the girls mouth; words that caused the youth to bust into yet another round of joyful laughter.

"That's funny! It really is, girly! A man with a deflated ego is a fucked up sight, yo. But I have a feelin' the stupid fuck deserved it. But, that's my brother. What can I say?"

He was honestly surprised Rohas didn't ask this girl to join his 'team'; if it can even be called that. Dai Mugen's has always been Rohas first concern, and this girl had more than enough skill to bring the 'team' back up on it's feet, so why didn't he try to recruit her? The thought made the youth shake his head a little; the answer was pretty obvious. The way the girl spoke, the air around her, and her savage nature. She would've turned him down whole hardly without a second thought; which Ezekiel understood. Or maybe, Rohas has a different goal; a goal much more sneaky and cunning? But this thought didn't last long at all, whatever it is he was planing. If it threatened the Air-Trek world, Ezekiel would stop him. Single handed if he needed too.

The green eyed youth fixed his gaze upon the girl once again. He noticed the beauty standing beside him fixing her tussled hair. They very sight made the boy smile again. As he continued to watch Ophelia fix her hair, words so sweet that it tickled Ezekiel's soul were being spoke. But it wouldn't faze the youth one bit; he knew what game was being played and he wouldn't fall for her traps anytime soon. Clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, the green eyed youth took his eyes off Ophelia and looked upon the two racing teams; even though he had no interest in it at all.

"Yeah, that's probably it, beautiful. I've handled plenty of females in my days. And besides, it's pretty fuckin' tough to find a real man these days."

He said chuckling, smiling, and watching over the race which was as disappointing as predicted it would be.

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”I have found it works quite well. Throw a few people off a bridge, rip a couple people to shreds, they all get their act together either way.”

The petite female could tell that he knew that even though he was playing back with her words she was more than willing to push him off the edge despite her small stature; she was stronger than her dainty appearance gave away which gave her an advantage. Still the air had shifted from their little games back to the mysterious brother that Ophelia thought was unimportant up until a few moments ago, a small smirk painting her lips as she kept her gaze locked on the race in front of them. The burning emerald eyes were locked on her and she felt them analyze every part of her stance but still she did not move from her current position. Only when he spoke did she let her small smirk grow into a coy Cheshire Cat like grin, letting the crimson hues flicker over to the man from the corner of her eyes.

”It really is an entertaining sight and the stronger the man the funnier it is when his ego falls. I doubt you know that pain though.”

She let her gaze fall back to the ride before her, knowing well that he probably was a strong man who did not let much get to him. She would have been surprised it he said he knew how it felt simply because he seemed the type to never fall; looks could be deceiving through. The appearance of the race was far from deceiving though, the only true and predictable thing around them. Cheers got louder as the screams of success echoed up to them, the Blazin’ Aces apparently winning as their fans crowded around them. She almost wished that the race was not so predictable but that was life she supposed. Besides, she knew that she and the male standing together held enough air of unpredictability to last them quite a while.

With the race over she looked back at the taller man, a devious look painted in her eyes as she slipped one of her hands in her pocket and perched herself with all her weight on one foot. She was feeling playful again and that slipped into her already overbearing aura. His words only added to that air as he continued their game.

”You’re telling me. I’ve yet to find a real man who can actually handle my unique personality. Who knows if your brother was right about you though; you might find me to be a little too demented for your tastes.”

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47 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:03 pm

Ophelia's words caused Ezekiel to break out into yet another joyful laugh. The green eyed youth enjoyed the time being spent with this mysterious female; even though everything about her seemed 'different'. The boy knocked away a few lone tears of joy slowly creeping down his face with a single finger. It's almost been to long since he's laughed so much. With everything going on within the world; the issues with Rohas, and the sudden spike in Storm-Riders, laughing almost seemed impossible for Ezekiel at this point. In the near future something would need to happen; may it be for better or worse. Ezekiel slowly exhaled a breath of concern and simply let the thought fade away...

As she spoke of egos, Ezekiel shook his head with a half smile. He knew the feeling of a crushed ego; he knew the feeling like he knew his own body. The fall of Paradise was a might blow to not just his ego, but to his entire life as a whole; a crush he as a man is still slowly recovering from. He simply smiled as he looked down at the sibling ATs placed firmly upon his feet. Placing a small amount of pressure on the sole, the green eyed youth slowly moved forward with a faint whistling sound overtaking the entire area. Ezekiel came to a sudden stop; merely half a foot away from the ledge of the glowing bridge. He may have been strong, but his strength and power came with much sadness and grief. Suddenly, the race ended with Blazin' Aces as the victors.

"Look at that! The faggots won, huh?"

The green eyed youth spoke with a disappointed look painted across his face. Spinning on one foot, the boy faced Ophelia; her eyes bringing more curiosity into his head. As she spoke, Ezekiel smiled his usual charming grin. Rohas obviously sent this girl into his direction for a reason, but the reason no longer remained important. She had skill, that much was for sure. The air surrounding her body could make even the strongest of riders shirk in fear, and her eyes continued to draw Ezekiel in closer with each passing second. But getting the girl to join Eternal Canvas never crossed his mind, not even a little. Placing more weight on the sole's of the twin skates on his feet, the boy began moving forward yet again, getting closer and closer to the mysterious girl with each passing word he spoke.

"Demented, huh? Like I said before, gorgeous. In this world, Crazy people have the most fun, and I'm all about the fun. And besides, if I found you so 'demented', I wouldn't even be standin' here, talkin' to your ass right now."

Turning his head behind him slowly, the youth looked over the ledge of the golden bridge; the drop down would kill anyone on impact.

"And I sure as fuck wouldn't be so damn high with you neither. But I trust ya', girly."

He said looking back over at Ophelia with a charming smile and his usual flirtatious tone.

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A hint of amusement filled her glowing red eyes as he began casting off a disappointed remark about the Blazin’ Aces winning the battle, her own demeanor reflecting that of amusement that even reflected down to the smirk that was painted her lips. However it was not the outcome of the fight that amused her but instead with how much his voice reflected disappointment since she had half expected him to be pleased at the outcome. With a small roll of her eyes and a shake of her head she waited for him to continue about what he planned on saying, not cutting him off since she was more interested in hearing the fun little things he wanted to say to her.

His eyes danced across his body as she took in each of his movements, his body swaying back and forth as he always seemed to contemplate something about her. She could not quite figure out what it was but his movements brought her great entertainment. His words though were what drew a small laugh from her pale lips, her seeming to giggle an unnatural bell like noise that should have never passed her lips. Still she could not help it since she found it to be so entertaining that he was willing to challenge the idea of her being demented and by the time she was ready to reply to him a wicked smile had come across her face.

”Oh really now? The only reason you are standing here with me at this moment is because you have yet to see the demon when it is awake for if you saw just what I could do I am sure you’d think twice about standing up here, talking to my ass right now at this height.”

Ophelia slowly moved closer to him, placing just enough pressure on her wheels to stand before him with only a small space between them. Now she was playing coy, placing her hand to his chest as she placed a slight pressure behind her flesh to make him feel as though he were being pushed back and towards the edge; of course she would not push him off just yet though, he had done nothing to piss her off to the point that she wanted to. After all, she knew that without the tall man by her side she would be extremely bored.

"After all, you could just be an idiot."

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Ezekiel eyed Ophelia as she moved closer and closer. His eyes remained calm, as the charming grin across his face remained powerful and apparent. His ears twitched as the crimson eyed girl spoke of more demons and death. Was this just a trick? Nothing more but a simple mind tactic to get Ezekiel to drop his guard? Or was this female really demented? The thought didn't last long, the emerald-eyed both slowly shook his head as he noticed the girl move closer - with slow movements like a wild hungry beast stalking it's wounded prey. This entire time, nothing but questions riddled within the mind of Ezekiel. This girl was different - and not in a bad way. Even if she was crazy, there was a great deal of respect coming from Ezekiel - it was just hidden under all the sarcasm.

"Nah, babe. I'm pretty sure I'm standin' up here because of one reason, n' one reason only, but that's kinda besides the point right now."

He spoke with a low pitched voice as the girls hands landed upon his warm chest. He could feel the force coming from the girl - she was trying to push him over to the ledge. It wouldn't take much to hold his ground, but the boy was feeling this little game being played at the moment, so he'd go along. Removing the back of his feet from the base of the sibling ATs placed upon his feet, Ezekiel began moving backwards as the girl pushed softly. While this was going on, the youth simply stared Ophelia in her blood stained eyes. He wasn't afraid, he truly trusted this girl - but was his trust misguided? His emerald colored eyes remained calmed and still. Suddenly, the back wheels of his ATs went over the ledge, causing the boy to come to a quick stop.

"HAHA! I'm not the smartest tool in the shed, beautiful. But I know a good time when I see one."

He spoke placing both of his massive hands behind his head, chuckling a faint laugh. His eyes still remained locked with the girls, he spoke again.

"But, real talk, girly. I would love to see what you could do. I have a feeling it's somethin' a person would see once a lifetime."

With a simple push, Ophelia could easily send Ezekiel falling to his death, but would she do such a thing?

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Ophelia could not help but smirk out of amusement from his words, his eye brows rising slightly as she feigned confusion for a single moment. She could tell that the flirtatious air between them was about to become very potent simply because of the glint behind his emerald hues and the low pitched voice he used, one that lit a fire within herself and made her want to play. The emerald eyes man may have said that it was not the point in that moment, but that did not stop her from pressing the issue a little more to get her desired reaction.

”Now tell me Zeke, what is the little reason why you are standing here at the moment?”

With that little question thrown into the air Ophelia let her skates carry her body closer to the edge, his warm chest a sharp contrast to her ice cold skin as she pushed him along. She had indeed expected him to lock his wheels in place, to hold her back and keep himself from dwindling closer to death, but he did not. Why he did not fight her was a good question but one that she did not care to ask in that second as she kept her bloodied gaze locked on his soothing emerald one. She did not stop the movements of her body until felt him move slightly, his back wheels going over the edge and signaling that any further and he would be going for a swim. He was in such a compromising position, his life literally held in the palm of her hand in that second and she half expected him to look fearful; his eyes held an air of determination though and his air was rather playful, even his voice holding a teasing tone much to her surprise. She liked that about him though, the fact that he did not seem to be frightened by her one bit.

His remark about knowing a good time when he saw one made her let out a small bell like laugh, her eyes flickering away from his face momentarily as the wind began to pick up behind her. A few of her golden strands blew around her body, some hitting his body as she let her fingers drop from his body and back down to her side. Now she could not help but to let the fun begin, a playful smirk coming to her pale lips even though her eyes held nothing but mischief.

”Oh I could definitely show you something that people only see once in a life time, and I’m not just talking about Air Treks darling.”

Though her remark was playful and her hand dropped from his body she still kept close to him, not moving back a single inch as she stayed close to his warm body.

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