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Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors!

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"Shes defiantly up to something..."

Ezekiel thought to himself as his life rested firmly within the simple push of Ophelia. He couldn't help but feel this was no longer a simple game of cat and mouse, but he also still had a strong feeling he couldn't drop his guard around this girl. Her body said one thing, while her eyes said another. The tension between the two made Ezekiel's heart beat faster slightly - he honestly had no idea what to expect from this night anymore. Ophelia asked a question with soft seductive words that made him melt a little inside. A small smirk grew across his face as their eyes remained lock.

"Because, girly. You're the most exciting thing here in San Fransisco. And besides, I like to be around gorgeous women."

He responded as the heat coming from his body surrounded them both. The youth stood completely still as the back of his twin ATs hung off the iconic bridge. Even the smallest movement could cause his balance to be lost, and his body into the crushing waves underneath. This thought alone would cause even the bravest of men to quickly move away, but not Ezekiel. He had nothing to prove, nor did he like putting himself in this position. He just really, truly didn't care - plus he trusted this mysterious girl for some odd reason. As Ophelia looked away, a faint night breeze picked up, but it wouldn't faze Ezekiel's warm body. Her golden locks danced frantically within the open breeze, which in turn collided with his chest - causing her to look even more beautiful. Slowly her bloody gaze picked back up to his emerald ones - while words left her mouth. Words Ezekiel himself didn't expect to come for Ophelia.

"You know what you're talkin' bout'. And I think I know what your talkin' bout'. And if were on the same page, beautiful. I'd love to see your 'skills'."

He said - adding a extra dash of flirtatiousness to the sentences. As her hand drop, his rose towards her face. It seemed the last sudden gust of wind caused a few lone strands to be out of their rightful place. So with a soft hand movement, the green eyed youth slowly adjusted the golden locks.

"Not quite down lookin' at your face, girly."

He practically whispered - smiling.

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52 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:29 pm

His little remark about her being the most exciting thing in San Francisco made her smirk even more, feeling slightly accomplished by that saying since he seemed to be the type not to enjoy the city too much. Sure he knew the place well enough, but he did not seem to be at home in the land itself. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that his brother lurked around the city and acted as though he owned it, but that was none of her business and she personally did not care much to pry into that subject anyways. His brother was far too much of an asshole to even bother with and she found Ezekiel to be much more entertaining anyways, far more entertaining than any male she had come across in quite a long time. Either way she did not respond to his first comment, simply watching him and studying his every motion as he teetered over the edge of the bridge.

He seemed to be getting more and more comfortable in the position he was left in, his eyes twinkling with a hint of rebellion as he stared down at her while the wind blew her hair about. Normally she would have questioned his sanity at that moment or have at least expected him to push her away by now, but he seemed so perfectly calm where he was. She was beginning to like him even more since he could play her insane little games and if things continued on the path they were going, she would have no problem showing him her skills. After all, what was the point of flirting if you could not have a little fun with your prey? He seemed to be fun enough out on a ride so that probably meant he was just as fun when training; by the words that slipped his lips next it seemed as though he could not wait to see what she could do either which only set her blood on fire.

”Oh sweetheart, I would love to see your skills as well, but you see that’s a little hard up at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. If we had somewhere fun to go I’d love to do some training with you though. I just need you to explain what you are down for looking at.”

Now her words were practically dripping with flirtation, her body starting to mimic her words as she brushed her fingers across his warm cheek in a teasing manner. Ophelia was almost positive that her hands were as cold as ice due to the breeze that kept blowing up against her body, but at that point she was sure that he did not care. She silently gave him a little smirk and twirled on her heel so her hair would hit his chest and send her scent all around him, toying with his head now as she ran her fingers through her tousled locks. She did not bother to look back at him as she moved back to the middle of the railing, giving him a chance to move up farther in from the railing so he did not fall off and ruin all her fun.

”I would suggest you be careful if you are standing there simply because I would hate to see my new play thing get all bloody if I was not the one doing it.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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The effects of gravity quickly played a factor on Ezekiel's balance. About 75% of his total body weight rested on the part of his feet still in direct contact with the bridge - with the other 25% over the edge. The strain, at first wasn't anything he couldn't handle, but as the minutes went on. The sharp pain became apparent, while gravity practically pulled his body downward - making it even harder for Ezekiel to maintain his perfect balance. But it was odd, he felt the pain and dying was quickly starting to become possible, but still. The look within his eyes remained calm - with a faint glow of arrogance. Ophelia took his mind off his own life for a second. He didn't feel trapped, nor did he feel like putting up a fight. He simply wanted to keep this girl within his emerald sight.

"HAHA! First time for everything."

Ezekiel thought to himself as his eyes remained locked with Ophelia's. The stares they gave each other couldn't be explained - like two snakes engaged in some type of fluid graceful dance. Each trying to read one another - trying to find some type of weakness, but to no avail. Suddenly, soft words coming from Ophelia made Ezekiel's ears twitch, bringing the boy back to reality and out of his own little world. Her words were drenched in flirtation - which didn't surprise him at all. She quickly adapted to his playing style - just like a real predator would. This only made the green eyed youth to want to continue this playful back and forth banter even more. As she spoke her candy-coated words, her cold embrace wrapped around his cheek with soft finger motions. His warm body quickly made the icy embrace fade away into nothingness.

The boy continued looking down at the crimson eyed girl with his same charming smile. Slowly, a smile of her own overlapped her face. And with a spin of the heels, she rode back towards the center of the railing - giving Ezekiel the room he needed to gain a fully flat surface once again. Instantly, he rode forward - just enough to cause the pain and his need for surface to fade. But as the mysterious girl rode forward, her magnificent scent entered his nostrils with a sudden wave. The smell of this female was a powerful one, and it only caused Ezekiel to want her more. His heart beat quickly picked up, while the heat coming from his body did the same. It was pretty obvious at this point, he was losing his composer, Ezekiel wanted this girl - and in more ways than one. She spoke again - causing him to come back into reality yet again.

He softly shook his head. What he felt for this girl was honestly surprising - Ezekiel isn't the type to lust after a female like this. But everything about her remained different, and he enjoyed different things and people. Shifting his hands from his pockets to behind his head, the boy slowly fixed his emerald gaze up towards the white moon. He exhaled a relaxing sigh and began talking - breaking his long period of silence.

"Someplace fun, huh? I have a big ass hotel room, beautiful. And I've been told that place is pretty fun. But I'm sayin', going to my hotel room is a waste of time if you wanna train. Because training would be the last thing you'd wanna do once you're there. Trust me on that one, girly."

While he spoke, the sibling ATs placed upon his legs carried him forward away from the edge of the bridge. With his charming smile still on his face, the green eyed boy spoke yet again with his eyes still fixed on the massive moon overhead.

"Don't worry, babe. I'm having to much of a good time to kick the bucket. And besides, we still haven't seen each other naked yet. And I'll be damned if I die tonight without seeing some skin."

His words drenched with sarcasm and flirtatiousness, but still carried some honesty to it.

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54 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:02 pm

With her movements towards the center of the railing came the sound of the male’s Air Treks clicking across the metal, a noise that shocked her slightly simply because of the way he had been acting earlier. In reality she had expected him to simply stay where he was, almost teasing her by showing that he did not need to come back in, but when he did move she passed it all off to pure instinct. After all, she supposed that she too would move away from her death if she was given the chance to as well even if she knew that she was most likely going to be just fine.

Her thoughts would have continued in that moment, but the sound of his wheels halting brought her back from her momentary tangent and reintroduced her to the world in which they stood, reminding her that there was more than just the two of them because of what she was facing. Instead of looking him straight in the eyes she was looking at San Francisco, her hues taking in the images that she had been ignoring for some time now while she still had the chance. Below her the race was dead and gone and yet the city was still bustling with activity, activity that could end either of their lives if they road too far into the center of the bridge. It was almost as if they had no escape from the danger that wished to swallow them whole, purposely driving them together by offering them no other escape; the universe was at work and offering them no answers.

After she had taken in all of that information in she moved back to him, her bright red eyes locking with his emerald ones that were so entrancing to her. It was clear by his movements that he was a feeling a slight amount of relief by being away from the edge and for a moment she was tempted to tease him for being scared, but the words that began to slip his lips in combination with her lingering thoughts made her want to keep quiet and stick their flirtatious game. The idea of a hotel room simply waiting for her made her want to laugh aloud and that mixed in with not wanting to train because she would have other things on her mind pushed the bell like noise from her lips. Her fingers moved to cover her mouth as the noise sounded, her eyes getting dangerous as it faded away and words began to form.

”Well that’s good darling because I would hate to have to travel all the way across town to my apartment just to have a good time with you. And as for the training, I’m sure you can find something fun to train me in even if it’s not necessarily Air Treks.”

She smirked at him that statement, adjusting her movements so she had placed all her weight on her right foot. Standing for so long had begun to put a strain on her muscles and now her legs were putting up a protest, but she would dare not say it aloud. She hated showing weakness to others, especially someone like Ezekiel who had not treated her like some porcelain doll based off of her marred legs. In fact, she noticed that he had not mentioned the marks once even though they stood out completely against her unclad skin, ugly marks that looked like she had been tortured. His next remark even seemed to flow with the thoughts on her skin, him remarking about not seeing enough and bringing her smirk right back to her pale lips.

”I thought I was showing enough to satisfy you, but I suppose that having something on is always too much. After all, I think we need to show the rest of your body off before I could even dream of being pleased."

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      The moon - so vast, so beautiful, so free. The dream of a Storm-Rider - the dream to fly high and never come crashing down traveled through Ezekiel's head every time his emerald eyes caught sight of the moons gentle glow. He lived for this dream - he lived to make sure others have the opportunity to be free like him. He lived for "paradise" - but no matter what, no matter how perfect something is, Paradise never lasts forever. His efforts came short, and his heart crushed. But hope was far from lost - Ophelia made Ezekiel see that. She opened his eyes to the big picture - the old ways still applied to a select few, and these select few had the power to make a massive impact on the current state of Air-Treks. But only if they desired to do so. Ezekiel closed his eyes for a few seconds - letting his thoughts fade into nothing but lingering ones.

      "Maybe shit can change? Maybe I wont have to get involved...?"

      His gaze broke away from the moon as the boy released a faint laugh - a laugh of relief and acceptance. The youth slowly fixed his optics back towards the mysterious girl. She was slowing making her way towards him - her every movement blood thirsty and unpredictable - this only made Ezekiel want her even more. Their eyes locked in a furious battle yet again - like two predators wanting the corpse of a dead animal. But oddly, it was a little more then that. The stares had more meaning - more lusting then anything, but who would react first? While the lust spun around them, Ophelia responded to his first comment. Her words causing his blood to boil hot with passion. Ezekiel busted out into a mad laugh - he couldn't predict anything coming for this girl, it's not like he tired in the first place though. But it only added on to his reasons - the reasons in why he wanted this girl.

      At the end of her words, the boy noticed her quick position changes. His eyes shifted downwards told her ATs - he paid no attention to the motorized skates, but more on her odd behavior. She balanced herself on one leg, what did this mean? Ezekiel realized he found himself dreading on a question that meant nothing. But just as he was about to laugh it off and continue the conversation with Ophelia. His eyes caught sight of the horrific scars overlapping her legs. This would be the second time he paid the marks attention. But still, he gave no indication of disgust or sorrow - he simply smiled and turned his glowing eyes back on Ophelia. Her next wave of words were just like the last - unpredictable, and very flirtatious. She played the game perfectly - almost better then Ezekiel, but he still had some control over himself, and that's all he really needed.

      "I can most defiantly train you, girly. It's Jus' my training method normally leaves the trainee exhausted and beggin' for more."

      He muttered, winking his left eye as his drenched words came to a small stop. His eyes dropped back down towards her horrific legs, and then quickly back up to her eyes.

      "Nah, I like to see skin in larger portions, beautiful. What can I say? I'm a greedy ass dude. But if you wanted to see more of my skin. All you had to do was ask, girly. But now the real question is, what do you wanna see, huh?"

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Ezekiel seemed to grow deathly silent in the moments that followed a few simple words slipping her lips, his eyes lost in the gaze of the moon as his thoughts wandered. To Ophelia it seemed as though he was hurting slightly on the inside, unknown emotions buried beneath the surface that he did not want to show anyone. In that moment she realized that he was just like her, hiding something more beneath his gaze and burying it down. Sure she would not admit it if anyone asked, but it would always be there, nipping at her heels and clawing at her resolve to escape. Because she understood the feelings so well she decided not to pry on his issues, only waiting for him to make a noise to signify that he had come back out of the clouds and rejoined her thoughts here on that earth in that instant; soon enough he did with a simple laugh passing his lips, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

She waited for his eyes to flicker back to her own, studying the emotions that were reflected in the emerald orbs that were a deep contrast to her bright red ones. Behind them were so much feeling, so much hope that she could not understand simply because there was far too much there. He was indeed hiding something, that much was true from her earlier observations, but she also began to recognize that he was someone who was always looking for a good time and wanted to help others, all of which pleased her on some deep down level. A smidgen of a smile was painted on her face, just a small amount that reflected that she was happy. Such a strange word to think of in her instance – happy – but there it was.

Sadly her happy little parade was rained on slightly when he became curious and eyed her legs, her mouth drawing back down into a hard line as she flexed her fingers at her side. She wanted to transition back to the other emotions that were far more appealing to her, the lust that just moments ago had been a fun game. There were speckles of it in his gaze and body language and she knew that she had to entice him back into that mood and away from her massacred flesh, using his little moment of speaking to do this when playful banter filled the air once more.

”Who said that I would be upset with being exhausted and begging for more from you? It might be fun if you ask me, though I am sure that I won’t be the only person begging by the end of the night.”

Ophelia could not help but to let a small smirk flutter across her pale lips as he winked at her, her body slowly inching closer to him as she ignored his gaze that seemed to be wandering. She was starting to get bold and playful once more, raising her fingers up to run them down his cheek to the center of his chest in a manner that clearly showed that she was trying to entice a reaction from him. Her gaze never left his, taking in every detail of what he had to offer to her in that instant.

”Seeing just a little is always entertaining, but I think that I’d prefer to see all of it. There’s no better way to get to know a person after all.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      Ophelia had such a beautiful smile. The type of smile that made Ezekiel want to smile just because she was smiling - something that normally never happens. So that's exactly what the youth did, he smiled as he continued to admire her never ending beauty. To a normal person this looked like love, but it was really more then that. She brought a small glimpse of hope into the boy. Ezekiel would have never guessed such a mysterious person who said nothing of great importance to him would have such a massive impact on his entire outlook. This was what he personally needed. Instead of feeling responsible for the sudden outbreak of Air-Treks, he needed to look forward and hope that people like Ophelia would someday see the errors of their ways. Yeah, this wasn't love, it's nothing But respect!

      Ezekiel released a loud seductive whistle as Ophelia's next words tickled his ears upon their entries. This game was continuing to go strong. Both were saying the same thing, but ever so differently. Ezekiel - being the straight forward character he is. Comes out with words the leaves very little for the imagination. But Ophelia on the other hand. She remained cunning with her words - just saying enough to keep Ezekiel wanting more, but also leaving the boy in the dark. They both were clear masters of the game and he noticed this for the tenth time tonight. But he would remain silent after the cat-whistle - for he noticed the girl with her piercing red eyes creeping ever so closely to his position.

      Her icy embrace wrapped around his cheek once again, while slowly moving down his chest. He stood perfectly still allowing the girl to continue her movements. Was she trying to get a reaction out of him? Or was this truly a sign of yearning for his body? Either way, his green eyes remained calm, while the smug charming smile on his face continued strong. The heat radiating from his body continued to pour in waves as the beat of his heart continue to climb. All this was caused by a sudden rush of excitement. Not sexually, but more for the outcome of this little back and forth conversation the two held.

      "Hm, so you have a sister, huh? I mean she can join in this special training if she wants. The more people beggin' for more, the better. It only means I'm doin' my job good, beautiful."

      He said chuckling softly while staring the girl deep within her endless crimson colored pupils - indicting there was no way he'd be the other person begging for more by the end of the night. His own eyes filled with flirtatiousness and arrogance. Slowly, he applied a small amount of pressure on the back of his twin Air-Treks placed on his feet. The motors within the skates carried the boy forward with a very slow pace, closing any small space between himself and Ophelia. Jerking his head to his left, the boy started talking yet again - with the same flirtatious tone and confident filled voice.

      "Yeah, you're right about that, girly. No better way to read a person, then by reading their naked bodies. And besides, I would love to get to know you much better - it feels like I barely know ya'."

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The heat that radiated off his body literally warmed her freezing hands, even slithering its way up her icy arms to her frostbitten chest where her heart lay. It was so entertaining to her, the idea that his simple warmth could warm her core, but she knew that it could not happen. His warmth was comforting on another level though for there were only two kinds of people with warm skin in Ophelia’s eyes: there were those who were vibrant people and those who disguised themselves behind a veil of security. In her mind Ezekiel was the former, his eyes reading that instead of deceit which she appreciated. In fact his whole body radiated the warm feelings that his body projected, a feeling that obviously moved with everything he did in life and his passions. She had seen in it in the way he rode his Air-Treks and the way he spoke of people, a vibrant personality hiding behind the wall of distaste. The best people were those who were able to both calculate and excerpt their best traits onto those around them.

Her upturned lips never fell for even a second, taking in the characteristics that painted his dark skin. A calm emerald stare and a smugly charming smile, both of which she fully expected of him. He was obviously getting a read on her by the way his gaze drank in her image, the way his eyes seemed to light up with mischief before his lips began to form words once more.

They were entertaining words to say the least, words that blatantly stated his feeling of dominance. Inside Ophelia was ecstatic that he did not fall so easily or hint within his statement that he would lie down and let her dance all over him; a true man never let the female take control unless he knew that he could regain that dominance when necessary. She had never actually found one that did not let her do just that, rip them to shreds and dance away and thought that maybe, just maybe it was her chance to do so.

”The only problem with that sweetheart is that I don’t like to share my toys. Besides, I think you would prefer this type of begging over the other option that I could offer you.”

Now she was playing with his head again, trying to see if he could remember the last sickly sweet words she had uttered to him about begging in a different sense. If Ezekiel knew better than he could find it clear that she was hinting to her more dangerous side. It was the fact that she could easily enjoy ripping him to shreds and listening to him beg for mercy, though she preferred not that but something else.

Suddenly his body moved closer to her own though, his warmth over taking the icy coldness of her own skin. Under normal conditions she would have shoved him off the bridge right there to get his body away from her own, but instead she simply let him do what he wished. He was a lucky man indeed, someone who got to stand so close to a demon and live. His teasing words probably added to her good mood, giving her the strength not to murder him right there as she gently pulled her fingers back up to his cheek in a little pattern of swirls.

”The taste of your skin on my will surely let us become more acquainted, but you must always remember that it is impossible to truly know everything about a person, even those you trust most.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      Ezekiel busted out into a jolly laugh as more of Ophelia's unpredictable words reached his ears. It's funny, the girls words have been pretty unpredictable this entire conversation, and yet. Ezekiel's cries out in laughter like a big baby, why was that? Maybe it's because if he said those words to a normal female, the only thing he'd be getting is a swollen cheek? It didn't matter anymore - for that was only a small fraction of the cause of his hardly laughter. He laughed more from the actual meaning of the sayings then the words. First, she called Ezekiel her plaything - a "Toy". Was this some kind of possessive pet-name? Or was it a term of lusting? Possibly, she was just messing with him yet again? The questions were almost endless, but his attention span wasn't. The lingering thought quickly turned into nothing as his emerald gaze glow brighter as he continued to take in her figure.

      Within the candy-coated words laid the words of a blood hungry monster. The boy gave no indication that he actually heard the second part, and understood what she really meant. If she was really as crazy as she portrays, the boy would see tonight - though it probably wouldn't change the way he feels and thinks about the girl.

      His movement forward wasn't rejected - but embraced. Embraced with Ophelia's icy touch against his warm flesh yet again. This too surprised Ezekiel a little. He was almost certain she would react with a push or a slow moving motion backward, but nothing of the sort happened. As her fingers danced upon his face, more words escaped her soft lips. Words that caused a sudden uproar deep within the emerald eyed boy - like a sudden switch was flipped. Her words remained flirtatious in nature, but he didn't catch that part - he only caught truth, sorrow, and anger.

      She was right, no matter how much you knew someone, you can't fully trust them. The people you love are the first ones to stab you in the back - Ezekiel knew the feeling all to well. The sorrow within his heart grew with each passing day, but the burning rage within his soul kept the emotion at bay. His response to her words remained simple - a smirk while he shook his head. His exterior remained calm and cool - like the midnight breeze blowing over the duo. But his interior was a twister of emotion. He would never show this weakness though - he has way to much pride within himself to let such tragic events in his life interfere with his one true goal in life.

      "Acquainted is all good, babe. But it would do much more then that. My Skin 'causes the ladies to go wild, if you know what I mean?"

      His words covered with his usually charm. He chuckled slightly before releasing another wave of words.

      "Wassup with this toy business, girly? I mean, I have no problem being your toy."

      He paused - looking Ophelia deep in her eyes with a brilliant smirk.

      "As long as you don't mind being my teddy-bear. Seems only fair, right, sexy?"

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His laughter, it was so full of hope and jubilance, something so opposite of Ophelia. It almost warmed her soul to hear something so warm and inviting, but the key word in that statement was almost. She tried not to linger on the thought of actually feeling something that was worth her time, her eyes watching him carefully as she listened to the beautiful words that seemed to never stop flowing from his lips.

Again their game seemed to flutter back to fun little topics of teasing tones and playful words, but it was starting to drag out and she wanted to alert him to the fact that eventually words would grow far too boring for her tastes. After all, she was a girl who easily grew bored of her toys if they only game the same reaction ever time. She needed to mix things up anyways and this offered her the perfect opportunity to do so without completely throwing Ezekiel off with her every changing train of thought.

With her fingers slightly warming over his skin she began the little dance she knew would get his attention and drag him back from the world he had seemed to wander into with her words about trust. Silently she ghosted her fingers over his skin in a teasing fashion, her eyes dancing laced with malicious intent as she cooed him. Slowly they made their way from his cheek and over his lips, a sadistic smirk coming to her own pale mouth as she started to trace them down his neck. She was trying to elicit a reaction from him, trying to get him to show even the slightest bit of emotion that would suggest that his mind was running on the same tract as her own. She was never one for speaking things directly and her motions mimicked her trick laced words.

”Well you are hot, so I don’t see a reason to refute your statement. However, I don’t think I’m going to get to see this intoxicating skin I’m dying to see any time soon if the sun continues to dance up the night sky and threaten to paint it with bright colors.”

She smirked lightly as he continued to speak, slightly leaning closer to him as she placed her weight on the balls of her feet to get a better vantage point. Her lips moved closer to his ear, the hot breathes dancing across the soft flesh as she uttered words to him that she knew would force a laugh from his chest. After all, it only took her a small time to get a decent read on people, and if she was correct that would be his exact reaction.

”My toys are the little things I play with, and you just happen to be one of my favorite. Trust me though for I think it is more than fair that I be your teddy bear if you let me play with you.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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61 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:41 pm

      Things have been going accordingly - more or less at least. The back and forth conversation could continue for a lifetime if the two choice it. If Ezekiel took a step forward, Ophelia would take two. She knew what she was doing, her cunning words, beautiful smile, and very seductive gestures kept the boy craving more. Ezekiel just needed a sign, a small one of any kind. A sign showing that she wanted him as bad as he wanted her, and he wanted her bad - he wanted to see what kind of person this very mysterious girl really was. Yet again, he found himself sinning for her gentle touch. Was it right? Was it wrong? He didn't care, nor did he think about. He just acted and played the part, he'd get his answers before this very cold night ends.

      Slowly, she began the the dance with her fingers yet again. But this time, the long slender fingers moved down his neck. Her icy touch sending chills throughout his entire body, with a very devilish look with her crimson eyes also. The boy simply smiled as the feeling of helplessness overcame his being again. The feeling was somewhat refreshing - it was the little shook he needed to end his little hypnotic-state. As her fingers continued to dance and weave, words flew from her lips - the words he needed - the sign he wanted. She found him "hot". Which meant she found him attractive enough to flirt with, maybe even more. No, scratch the maybe. She did want to go further - it was obvious the more she spoke and Ezekiel saw that now. He chuckled as she leaned in forward, now whispering in his ear.

      His emerald eyes locked perfectly upon her smooth exposed neck. No heat came from her body - the only heat he felt was from her breath. Her scent was intoxicating, and caused his heart to beat faster and faster with each passing second. This feeling coursing through his body cloudy what little common sense he had remaining. His mind became foggy as her words ceased. He laughed a little while his right arm rose to her small hip. He griped it softly and lowered his head towards her neck. His lips pressing up against her cold skin with gentle motions. That's it! He made the first move. First time for everything, right? But as the boy messaged her neck with soft kisses, and his hand squeezed her hips. He didn't care at all. It all felt natural. Weird...

      "Not gonna lie, girly..."

      He whispered at the end of a long string of soft kisses.

      "You're sexy as fuck."

      Pulling his head away from her neck, Ezekiel looked Ophelia in her crimson orbs and spoke another wave of drenched words.

      "You wanna play? We can play. I know the perfect game. How 'bout some doctor?"

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Every motion that her hands made across his pale flesh made a new reaction erupt from beneath his once solid shield, a small shiver of pleasure making her smirk in triumph and keep up her game. She loved playing with him, loved getting these subtle motions from his body as she placed him under her hypnotic spell, and she did not plan on stopping this any time soon. . However, before she could keep start the next phase to her fun he had already acted by moving his lips down to her ear, blowing his own hot breath against the shell. Her whole body seemed to react to it very subtly, stiffening slightly before relaxing back down into his grasp. Now it was his turn to intoxicate her with his scent, letting the warm blanket of his body wrap all around her as he confirmed any thought she had of him wanting her as much as she wanted to toy with him. She decided to let him have his fun though instead of turning on him right away, moving her hand down to rest on his shoulder for a few moments. He was indeed lucky to get to see this side of the Blood Queen, the side she often kept buried away beneath her hard shell and only allowed to come out when her prey offered her a little fun

Her body gave no initial reaction to his hand gripping her petite hip, though the touch of his lips on her icy skin made her eyes droop shut in a way that would have easily signaled to him that she was enjoying the little motions he made. She had to admit somewhere in the back of her mind that she was surprised by the fact that he made the first move, something that most would have never thought the dominant male capable of. It meant that she had some sort of hold over his mind, but he definitely was starting to create one over her as well. The long string of kisses elicited a small breathe of satisfaction from her pale lips, her eyes remaining shut as he gave her the comment of being attractive.

The second she felt his breath move away from her neck she opened her crimson orbs, staring back into his emerald ones with an unseen fire burning deep within her irises. She was attracted to him to say the least, the fire moving to settle in her chest and burn in her veins as she listened to him continue with the playful words. His remark of playing a game of doctor made her chuckle lightly, placing the hand that hung lose at her side against the skin of his neck as she moved up to keep her lips at his own. Her heated breath easily dusted his mouth as she spoke more words that belonged to their delicious game.

”Doctor sounds like fun sweetheart, but I’ll only play if you’re the cute little patient. In fact I’ll play any game with you as long as you remember that I’m in charge. The predator never lets even her most interesting of prey get the better of her”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      Similar to a few moments ago, he's movements weren't rejected. It was as clear as day now - Ophelia did want him as bad as he wanted her. The feelings between the duo were 100% mutual in every way. As his lips picked away at her smooth winter like skin, Ezekiel could almost feel the pleasure radiating from Ophelia's pours. Ezekiel was almost certain the girl would react hostilely to one of the sudden movements - may it have been the hip grab or the seductive kisses. She did react, but not the way he foresaw. The breathing coming from her person was filled with pleasure, and Ezekiel was happy to notice this - it meant he was doing something right.

      She chuckled softly to his last remark, which in turn caused the youth to laugh also. Their bodies were now wrapped against each other, sharing body heat and passionate stares. Ophelia slowly grabbed Ezekiel's neck with her winter embrace, and delivered a kiss of her own. Her lips were soft like her neck. Their breath collide, and it felt nice - everything about this night felt nice. As she pulled away, Ezekiel busted out into another jolly laugh. His booming voice giving life to the silent night. You would think he'd would have been use to her sudden actions, but still, they remained to catch him by surprise each time. As the booming of his voice settled, the green eyed boy slowly rose his free hand and gentle stroked her icy cheek. His eyes remained calm and collected, while his body said otherwise.

      Her response to his little suggestion for doctor was a already predicted one, but it still amused Ezekiel greatly. His eyes shifted upward towards the cloudy moon for a second while his hand still continued to stroke the cheek of Ophelia. She wanted to take charge, huh? That is something Ezekiel can't have. Sure, he'll let her have her way, but take charge? That's asking for a lot. But maybe, just maybe, something could be arranged. His emerald gaze knocked back down towards Ophelia. His lips connected with her neck yet again - moving in small circular motions while his grip on her waist tightened as the string continued. As the moment of weakness passed, the boy pulled away and laughed yet again.

      "Come on, babe! You know I can't let you be in charge, right? I'll let you have your way with me, but being in charge is my thing."

      He paused for a second, taking in her beauty before beginning to speak again.

      "I'll let you pick the game and set the rules, though. That good enough for ya'?"

      His words filled with a even amount of lust and flirtatiousness.

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It was so odd to her to see someone who had such conflict written over every portion of their being, his eyes reading so calm and collected while his body raged on under her own icy touch. She could feel the heat wrapping all around her senses, trying to warm her up from the inside out and as much as she hated to admit it, it was working in the slightest. She even began to act out of character, simply watching him as he gently seared her cheek with the fiery touch of his fingers. Under normal circumstances she would have ripped her face away from the burning touch and lashed out at him, possibly even hurting him to the point that he would have went tumbling to his death. However all she could do was allow her cheek to gently press into his soft flesh, revealing to him that she was enjoying the little show of affection.

Silently she watched as his gaze flickered up to the moon, drinking in the large glow that was painting their skin in a pale light. She did not take the time to figure out what he had found so intriguing about the moon, only allowing her own senses to relish in the soft motions that he displayed for a moment longer before she snapped back into the wicked personality that she was comfortable living in. Her eyes flashed all around her for a single moment as she started to wonder just how long she would let him take control of their little game. Sure she had found it rather easy to let her body give in for a few moments, but she was not known for being the submissive one. In fact she hated playing the role of the innocent one, preferred running the show even and he would learn that tonight whether he wanted to or not; she was sure that he would find some enjoyment out of it eventually though.

Suddenly she was moved from her devious little thoughts by the kisses that he placed on her snowy white neck, a small yet familiar smirk coming to dust her lips as she kept her gaze on him through the corner of her eyes. It seemed as though he was getting slightly impatient, kissing her more often and gripping her waist with the strength she knew far surpassed her own. Ophelia was letting Ezekiel take charge for the moment though, letting him shower her in the delicate marks that made her heart flutter slightly faster. She was formulating a plan of her own while he did it, watching him carefully as he moved away to speak. While he spoke to her though she started moving her fingers up his cheek, pressing her body that much closer to his so he could feel every contour of her petite frame as she took her own turn in speaking.

”I’ll both have my way with you and be in charge though dear for simply picking the games and setting the rules does not satisfy me. There’s no fun in letting you lead me the whole time. Besides…”

Ophelia let her words dangle in the air for a moment, waiting for him to drink them in as she reached up to dust her lips across his jaw. Slowly she placed one more, than another against the skin until her lips were at his ear and blowing a warm breeze across the shell.

”You might learn a new trick or two.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      The girl moved closer - her tiny body almost being fully protected by Ezekiel's much larger frame. Her winter touch coursing through his entire body as time seemed to come to a halt as the duo spoke their lustful words to one another. His green eyes now locked on Ophelia, attempting to read the unreadable. He simply smiled as he continued to pick up nothing. All he saw was a predator - a blood thirsty monster that wanted what she wanted when she wanted it. But still, he enjoyed being around this "monster". Slowly, the youths are wrapped around her waist fully - he didn't want her away from him, not even for a second. The words that poured from his mouth a few seconds ago would surly bring a reaction out of Ophelia - something he continuously wanted throughout the entire breezy night.


      Is all the boy could say with a wide grin as Ophelia came closer and closer to his face area. Slowly, her tiny lips picked at his jaw, leading all the way up to his ears where a relaxing wave of warm air brushed against his ear lobe. The youth's eyes almost instantly closed upon feeling the wave of lust and sin. Suddenly more words came from her mouth. Words that made him bust out into a laughing frenzy. Did she seriously think she'll be able to teach Ezekiel something new? If she did, he gladly welcomed the offer - but it wouldn't be easy, not even the slightest. His grip around her waist remained strong but loosened up greatly. His emerald gaze pulling away from her face as he shook his head a few times from the sudden burst of laughter. After a few moments of catching his breath. The green eyed youth slowly leaned in towards Ophelia's forehead and gently planted a sensational kiss.

      "You're adorable, girly. You really are."

      The boy spoke before completely dropping the grip he held around her waist. He pulled his head away from the crimson eyed girl as he stretched out his long arms outward - his joints popping, and a mighty yawn of exhaustion exhaling from his mouth.

      "I'm always down to learn some new tricks, beautiful. But just remember. I'm a hands on type of student."

      His words coated with flirtatiousness and arrogance.

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The blonde haired youth raised her eyebrows lightly when the much larger man wrapped his arms around her tiny body and caged her in with his warmth, not making a single notion to show that she was protesting his little action that caged her in. It was extremely odd for her to have no problem standing in a confined area such as this, even odder to allow someone to hold her without a single snarl erupting from her small lips. Under normal circumstances she would have probably thrown him off the bridge right there, but this situation was one that was much more fun and she was too caught up in their devious little game to dwell on the thoughts. In fact, she was enjoying the little nips that she was placing upon his heated skin, a concoction of lust and heat radiating off of him in waves that threatened to swallow her whole. She was indeed getting the reactions out of him that she wanted and slowly it was pulling at her already thin patience, making her that much more impatient and ready to pull him along the streets to somewhere much more fun. However, she had to finish this game first before they got that far so she allowed herself to swim in the bliss that was currently surrounding her.

It was only when he pulled his arms away from her petite waist and released her from the cage that he had created that she let an almost invisible smirk come back to her lips, her crimson hues dancing with mischief once more as she allowed him to finish his little laugh. He obviously had an ego to match his flirtatious tone and to her it seemed as though he felt he was invincible when it came to the art of seducing woman; being in control was his thing and things never changed from that monotonous pattern. Ophelia planned on breaking that streak though and wanted to play around with him ever more, this being reflected in her behavior as she gently raised her hands to rest on his upper chest. Though it was a gentle action that was some form of possession written beneath everything she did and she could have cared less if he realized that.

There was only one thing that threw her off for a single moment and that was when he placed a sensual kiss against her forehead. His skin burned her snowy flesh, threatening to leave a little seared mark there as her eyes dropped in the slightest. While most of his actions had been rough this one seemed almost sweet, but she quickly dismissed it as a joke by his words and went back to how she had been acting earlier.

Though he had dropped his hands from her petite waist, she did not move her own, keeping them locked around his chest. All she was doing was listening to his teasing little words, giving him a chance to continue their flirtatious game while she thought of ways to get what she wanted out of him. One way was to continue to flirt with him and so she continued to do that as a response to him.

”Adorable is not a word that most would use to describe me, but I appreciate the little words. However, you can be hands on all you want darling; I enjoy an eager student. After all it would not be any fun if you just laid there.”

She smirked at him once more, staring her strike even though she hated to make the first move. Her ice cold fingers brushed against his bare skin as she moved her hands up to wrap around his neck for a few moments, her body raising up on the tips of her Air Treks so she could whisper in his ear once more with heated breath. She did not speak right away though, simply letting her scent wrap around him and her teeth nip at the sensitive flesh of his ear lobe to elicit a new reaction out of him before continuing.

”Now we know that you can talk about things, but can you actually perform?”

Her words were both teasing and trying, attempting to get him to insinuate that he was more than ready to follow her anywhere. However she did not give him that much of a chance to respond, only letting her smirk settle in further before she dragged her fingers down his collar once more before tangling in the material of his shirt. It war from there that she gave him one good tug and started to press enough weight on her Air Treks to move backward in the slightest, her eyes spelling out that she wanted him to play her little game and take this to a new location.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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67 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:50 pm

      "'laid there', huh? I see what kinda game this is now beautiful."

      Ezkiel spoke with a cheesy grin as his chest protruded inward and outward as the gusts of laughter left his body. This entire conversation had been at sex - it's pretty much been that way since the moment they meant, but neither of them came out and just said it. Ophelia could have been talking about another activate which required laying, but her words and action pointed more towards sex than anything else. His Emerald gaze looked at the petite girl as the jolly laughter ceased. Her hands were wrapped around his entire being in a very passionate embrace, but was this a trick? Ophelia has remained so mysterious though out the entire night that Ezekiel is having trouble determining whats real and fake - but he didn't question it though. He simply embraced the rash movements.

      Her icy embraced creeped through his entire body in one giant wave. Her long slender fingers wrapping around his neck felt ominous - as if the predator was attempting to suck the life out of the victim. But the feeling was short lived. What came off as creepy and chilling, almost instantly turned into pleasure and acceptance. Ezekiel looked at Ophelia with hazy glowing eyes as he noticed the short girl stand on the tip of her toes - her beautiful face within kissing distance. The icy wrap she put around the boy faded as the pleasure took effect. She nipped at his ear, sending a warm wave of breath down his being which melted a little of his soul. Ezekiel couldn't help but close his eyes as he felt victim to her clever movements. He knew what she was doing but couldn't counter - secretly, he didn't want too. But slowly, the trance was broken as she spoke more enticing words.

      "Of course I can preform, babe. Just tell me what you want done and you'll see."

      Ezekiel said in response with his typical egotistical male tone. But as he spoke, he could tell the winter like touch of the girl racing down his chest - even though he wore a fairly thick hoodie. Her hands entangled in the drawstrings, what was she doing...? His face remained still like the very night, but a eyebrow rose as the sound of Air-Trek motor came from her person. Slowly, Ophelia began moving backwards, pulling him along for the ride. He looked in her eyes as his own Air-Treks carried him forward. He recognized this look - the look of all humans. She was ready to take this elsewhere, that much was for sure. The boy slowly placed his warm hands on top of hers as she pulled forward. A low pitch chuckle exited his mouth as he began spitting out coated words.

      "Just gonna go off a hunch, girly. But seeing how this 'game' you wanna play is gonna involve 'laying'. I suggest we go to my hotel-room. Ya' know, just because the bed is comfortable n' stuff. It's not like I'm tryin' get in your pants, right?"

      He continued to chuckle as the words came to a stop - it was obviously he was lying through his teeth...

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68 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:42 pm

”Well sweetheart, I will let you know if I find you up to my expectations. Try not to disappoint me.”

Ophelia could not help but to let slightly lustful look swirl deep within her bright red hues at the possible reaction that Ezekiel would have to her words simply because of what she had observed from him earlier. He seemed to be a man who fully enjoyed his ego and any woman that insinuated that he was not perfect in his most favorite of activities would probably drive him to prove them wrong. That was something that she definitely wanted to see out of him and she could only imagine what it would lead to on that dark night, especially since they did not seem to have any expectations of hurrying themselves home. However, that was not the best statement that slipped from the man’s lips, the one about her simply needing to ask him to do something to get him to perform it making her burst into a small giggle like laugh. The sound seemed so uncharacteristic of her since it was soft and bell like, but beneath it there was a husky tone that only meant danger to those who heard it. It was only lucky for this tall gentleman that she enjoyed his company and that it was not a laugh that would lead to him to a bloody demise.

Her fingers continued to dance through the little strings that hung down from his hoodie, slowly tightening them around her bony hands and drawing the air that was once beneath them to a close. She did not even stop her ministrations when his large hands wrapped around her slender wrists to alert her that he knew what she was doing, her mind focused on one thing as a dangerous smirk dusted her lips and a powerful aura danced all around them. Her aura was filled with not just power though, but an overwhelming sense of lust due to his own hot breath which held the same feelings. Her main reason for drawing him in closer to her petite body though was because she found the warmth of his body to be oddly addicting and she only wanted to keep it closer to her; she would never admit it aloud though. After all, the predator never made it known that she enjoyed the presence of her prey for that would only make life a little more complex than it needed to.

”You thought I was talking about you getting in my pants? Oh darling, you were way off. Though I am sure I would love to test how comfortable this bed of yours is.”

Her words were practically dripping with a tone of sarcasm since she knew well what they were talking about; she just could not resist playing along with him. With one firm yank to the strings that were tangled around her fingers she smirked up at the boy, her whole being showing that she was well ready to get moving and even carrying a slightly teasing edge behind all of it. Now she just needed him to make the first move and lead them to their new home for the rest of the night, her claws releasing his strings before she turned to peer at the bright city from the corner of her shifting eyes.

”Lead the way and try to keep your hands to yourself along the way if you do not mind.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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69 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:24 am

    "If you find me disappointin', we're just gonna havta' keep tryin' until I get it right."

    His eyebrows rose one after another as the words pouring from his mouth came to a end. This was a rather a cheesy gesture, but Ezekiel couldn't resist himself. And besides, he was more than confident when it came to his "skills" - he was Ezekiel Maximus Hood after all! It was actually a little weird, She giggled - something completely out of her character. This entire night has been one back and forth game, and now she giggles? Was this really happen?Ezekiel himself shook his head one good time before dismissing the pointless suspicion - this was about to go down, and it was going down tonight. The green eyed youth continued to let the girl drag him forward - his extremely warm body giving warmth and shelter to her icy cold shell.

    "Her beauty, yo.... Fuck! Snap out of it!"

    It didn't matter how many how many times, or how many looks he took at Ophelia pale white face, her beauty always captured him - like a black widows deadly web. But the slow tightening of the drawstrings swiftly snapped him back into reality. He know what she was doing - trying to add her little twist to this helpless situation, but Ezekiel caught on fairly quickly. And besides, if she really wanted to cause him harm, she would've already had done it - unless she was the type to draw her victims in a false sense before delivering the final blow. But arrogance was this boys greatest weakness, he thought nothing of her movements - he simply saw them as "playful". Her next of words caused Ezekiel to chuckle lightly. Not because of her comment, but because of the way she put - she took a piece of his own sarcasm and humor, and turned it back on him.

    "What kind of guy do you take me for, babe?! Aye! I would never try to get into your pants - I respect the ladies! And this hotel bed is the shit, I'm tellin' you. It's big enough to fit four people, but you'll test it yourself, like you said."

    Before he was even able to top the comment with his signature arrogance and flirtatious edge, Ophelia quickly pulled on the strings, cutting all this actions short - it seemed like she wanted to go now! But before they could departure from the iconic bridge, Ezekiel had one small matter of business to attended to. Maybe the girl before him would appreciating it, or maybe not. He really didn't care at this point - for this needed to be taken care off. The smile on her face spoke clearly than any amount of words, while the burning lust in Ezekiel's eyes spoke right back. He wanted nothing more but to continue this at a more suitable location, but that would have to wait.

    "Yup I'll lead the way, but first..."

    He applied little pressure on the sibling Air-Treks placed upon his feet, which in turn made them carry him backwards until he was in the middle of the platform.

    "I'm my biggest inspiration when it comes to my art, girly."

    The Green eyed male spoke before tossing the black backpack placed upon his back on the cold metal in front of him. He unzipped the book-bag and quickly pulled out a tin of multi-colored spray paint.

    "Until tonight..."

    His voice sincere, kind, gentle... While his arm movements were wild, crazy, and powerful. The sound of spray paint covered the night air while Ezekiel's genius slowly reviled itself.

    "See, I know you can bust from your cage and spread the beautiful wings I know you possess. Shit! If you can't do it, I'll do it for you. Because I'm great like that."

    His body jumping from angle to angle as he made sure this piece in particular war perfect. No, more than perfect. He had a message, and he wanted the whole word to hear, see, and feel - especially Ophelia.

    "Amazing! Look at what you make me do?!"

    The boy laughed knocking a way the small bends of sweat forming on his forehead. Applying a little pressure forward, Ezekiel moved directly next to Ophelia and admired his artwork.

    "Pretty much. I'mma get you to spread dem wings n' fly, babe. Or I'mma die tryin', get it?"

    With a flick of the arm, the empty bottle found it's way towards the crushing waves underneath them as it flew off the edge. If one looked closely, underneath the powerful image. One could see a sentence which read: "Memento To Ophelia" His belief in this girl was strong. If she gave up on herself, he would swoop down in give her a reason to continue. Was this the feeling of love? Pfft, fuck no! This was the feeling of respect and acceptance - this was the way of the Storm-Rider.

    "Iight! With that outta the way, shall we continue, girly?!"

    The pressure applied to the motorized skates was great now - their roar broke the silence barrier, and traveled a great distance wit ha mighty echo. Ezekiel quickly rode forward, as his wheels hummed the song of passion. With a perfect leap, the emerald eyed youth landed on one of the thick metal railings and began descending down it with high-speed. Ophelia would most likely be keeping up with him the entire time so there was no point in holding back no. There location? Ezekiel's hotel-room. He didn't want to keep the girl waiting any longer - it seemed she really wanted to see his bed. Who would've guessed...

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70 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:09 am

”I don’t give do-overs sweetheart, so you will have to get it right the first time.”

Her smirk never seemed to lift from her lips as she waited to see what his next reaction would be, her being able to tell very easily that he had a slightly bruised ego from the poison laced words that continued to flow from her silver tongue. It was written all over his body, though she was positive that he would never admit it aloud. He was Ezekiel after all, a powerful man whose structure matched his every motion. He was probably even stronger than most men in the world. Most would have given in to her after just a few pushes to the right area, but this man, he would not have given her an inch even if she gave him a mile. It was a beautiful change of pace for her, one that she enjoyed every single moment of. He was her ultimate challenge - something that was so hard to find in this day an time especially with her demonic aura - and she respected that. Respect was hard to gain from the female.

Still, the fair hared female had a little theory to the dark skinned man’s every action. Her theory was simple enough but also brought devious thoughts to the surface, thoughts that could get them in trouble one day. What was this perplexing theory of hers? Well it was that they were perfect for each other one some level. She was an icy woman with a gaze that could kill a man in an instant, her words just as dangerous. He was a jubilant mischief maker who enjoyed the company of woman, and that love was only challenged by his love of Air Treks. It may not have seemed like it but they brought out the best in each other and numbed the less desirable qualities. The more rational part of her despised this to say the least, but the more emotional side was enjoying every second and kept her from spinning a web to capture him like some pathetic little fly.  She wanted to keep him around to sooth the raging beast and it was only lucky for them that their relationship was all respect, though one could never count out lust.

This was what drove her to balance on her toes, her lips only inches from his own succulent warm ones. In this game of tug of war she was in charge and she made it known. A smirk of mischief coated her slightly parted lips as she dusted his mouth with her icy breath, whispering words of sarcasm that only built onto their ridiculous game of subtle denial. The icing on the cake was her drawing her fingers across his jaw though, letting him feel her soft skin and delve in her aroma for one more instant.

”I take you for a gentleman, Ezekiel. After all, only the most amazing of men would lead me to the iconic bridge and show me a night like this. Respect is written all over your irises and sharing your bed with me would only prove your compassion.”

Now the game was on again, her smirk matching the fire in her molten hues as she let him go run off and do whatever it was he insisted on doing. She was growing impatient with waiting, yes, but she was more curious than anything. The night had been leading up to the moment they would fumble their way into his hotel room and anything that would hold him back even five minutes more made her want to silently stick around. All she did was stand back and watch his perfect movements with a look of contemplation, her arms crossed over her crimson clad chest as she awaited the next move while taking the opportunity to observe his signature and how he lived in the moment. 

He had uttered words that insinuated that he had a new inspiration that night, a much more grand one that drove him to amaze the world with his art. The only question was what was he making, but that answer she knew would come in time. All that mattered right then was that can of paint in his hands and she could see that simply by his gentle motions in an attempt to make the perfect piece of art work. It was a task that he easily accomplished in her eyes once he revealed the spectacle that marred the iron of the bridge.

"I must admit, you know how to capture a powerful message in a single image. How on earth you see me of all people as some sort of angel is still a mystery though, but the emotions it elicits are beautiful once displayed here in your most delectable and favored of forms."

She may not have said it straight out, but Ophelia was truly amazed by the beautiful picture he had painted with a simple can of spray paint. It said so much to her without even muttering a single syllable, but she was far too stubborn to say that aloud. Instead she settle with smirking lightly and drinking in its glory with her luminous eyes, words of retort bubbling up as she kept her crimson hues locked in place.

"My cage has a complex lock, but one day I shall rip the hinges from the door and fly away from this pathetic world without a single item holding me back. I have confidence in my own abilities, but I would thoroughly enjoy watching you tag along for the ride even though your assistance will never be required."

What she spoke to him was half truth and half shaking lies, for she truly did not know if she would ever be able to fly without anything holding her back. She had hopes of a bright future, one where she could dance on the sun and bask in the glory of the world, but life never tended to favor her personally. On some level it was comforting to have that luscious security blanket around to save her from the dark night and today she would settle for that.

Finally though, finally Ezekiel gave her the cue she was waiting for as he sped off on his sibling Air Treks without a single word to her ears or a hint of patience in his step. He was not about to baby her and slow down; that was just the way she liked it. With a devious aura over taking her whole being she threw pressure down onto the matching contraptions that clad her feet, the engine roaring to life as she sped down the wires of the iconic bridge and into the night. Only her hair could be seen dancing in the wind as she matched its motions and soared through the sky, sparks following in her wake as she twirled from the bridge to the roof tops and back down to the ground. Where she was headed in specific was the last remaining mystery of the night, so she could not lead, but she certainly did not let him over power her and fly away. She kept hot on his trail the entire time, even throwing him a few flirty glances from the side as they closed in on the beautiful hotel she would stay in for the night; rest in was just not the right word choice.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      "Welcome to the suite, babe."

      Ezekiel spoke as he pushed opened the giant oak wood door leading to the room. It seemed the ceiling lights were kept on since his last night, do to the fact the room lit up like a Christmas-tree. The boy walked through the hallway and over to the cream colored recliner-chair. Without a moment of hesitation, he dropped the backpack right in the middle of it's cream colored cushion. The balcony shades also seemed to be be left fully open, but it was ok. From this height and viewpoint one can get a beautiful view of the city, and the ocean that surrounds it. Ezekiel would glance at the view and smile - he always loved beautiful breath taking sights. But the eye-gazing didn't last long, for he quickly faced Ophelia and spoke a few words while walking to the bathroom around the next corner.

      "Help yourself to anything, babe. ain't my shit. And throw your Air-Treks anywhere you please, ain't my place."

      The Air-Treks placed upon Ezekiel's feet still haven't been taken off yet, butstill, he moved around the suite as if it was nothing. As The boy made his way to the bathroom, he admired himself in the magnificent crystal boarder'd mirror. The suite was warm enough as is, so there was almost no need for the thick black hoodie anymore. So Ezekiel's arms quickly slipped through the arm holes and the thick sweater landed directly beside him. His chest was now exposed to the radiating warmth. His muscular ebony body remained covered with different type of tattoos. From random graffiti letters, shooting dice, bullets, cartoon characters, and even a few names. His body was a true Canvas. With a smirk, Ezekiel flicked the light switch off and made his way back to the main area of the suite.

      "Told you the bed was big, girly."

      The emerald eyed youth spoke with a laughing tone as he made his way to the mini refrigerator beside the gigantic pure white bed. Ezekiel dug around in the little cooler for a second before finally pulling out a ice cold bottle of water. The youth kicked the door shut - causing it to rock from side to side, and made his way to the cream colored recliner. As he took a long refreshing drink from the bottle, he finally took off the sibling Air-Treks right beside the recliner. The one drink completely demolished the bottle of water, so he tossed the empty piece of plastic on the black backpack within the chair. Ezekiel looked at Ophelia out of the corner of his eye and smiled his typical arrogant smile before speaking.

      "How you like the suite? Fuckin' expensive I'll tell you that!"

      He shouted walking over to the snow white bed and jumping into it - messing up the crispy clean sheets in the process. His eyes locked directly on the ceiling ahead of him. The bed felt so good, he could practically fall asleep, but he couldn't - not yet at least - he still needed to be a good host to his female companion.

      "You try the bed yet, gorgeous? It feels like sex."

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72 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:07 pm

Ophelia was as silent as a shadow as followed Ezekiel through whatever posh hotel he was staying at, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head at how ridiculous and expensive the place was in comparison to other areas in the city. By bringing her to this one area she was able to learn so much more about his personal life, one thing being that he was either wall off in money or simply enjoyed living it up. Her logical half screamed that he was just some rich fool, but the more submissive side of her insisted on the former of the two options given. The devious woman always had some snide comment when it came to talking about arrogant people who had a lot of money and simply did not want to have to waste them on someone she enjoyed the comfort of, so passing him off as someone who was here because they were visiting and this was a privilege was much more appealing.

Her suspicions that had formed upon her initial arrival about this hotel being expensive was just as true as she thought thanks to the perfect little view she saw when he swung his door open. His room was a beautiful sight to behold, a blush bed with pure white sheets coming into view as the first thing and quickly followed by sleek and expensive furniture that would probably make anyone feel like royalty for a day. Silently she crept into this room, watching him as tossed his bag aside and told her to get comfortable like it was her own home. Now that thought made her want to laugh; being at home in a place like this was surely never going to happen.

Still, she decided to take him up on his offer, moving to perch herself on the side of the chair that he had recently deposited his bag on. It was here that she removed her Air Treks while he was off doing something else, untying the laces of the contraptions to free her feet that were already sore from a mixture of riding around and her tore up ligaments. Once she got them free though she gently placed them together next to the chair, being sure to keep them nice despite the fact that he could have cared less if she trashed the place. It was one of her little pet peeves, making a mess for no reason what so ever, so she was sure to keep them organized.

The female did not have much time to do anything else besides that for the dark mail was already bounding back into the room, moving like a man on a mission as he went to the fridge. The poor little contraption was shaken all about, rattling like crazy as he fetched a battle of water and slammed it shut. In Ophelia’s opinion the actions were a little unnecessary, but she decided to say nothing and simply get comfortable in her little spot on that arm of the chair while she watched him in all of his shirtless glory.

To say that he was attractive was an understatement in the least - Hell, he probably had girls trailing him like lost puppies! - but Ophelia would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that she was too eyeing him from the corner of her hues. To keep herself looking busy she pulled her legs up to her stomach and crossed them, not caring in the least that she was wearing a skirt.

”Well sweetheart, I must admit your suite is nice, probably nicer and bigger than my whole apartment. I suppose I will get to live like a queen for a few hours, but then again I will not be admiring much of the décor. ”

It was physically impossible for the female to give a compliment without a smart remark tossed into the mix, so she was sure that he was not surprised by anything that slipped her lips. She chose not to dwell on her fiery words in those moments though, pulling herself up from the chair and shedding her leather jacket from her skinny arms to reveal a tight crimson tank top that hugged her curves. The material was quickly lost to the comfort of the cream colored chair, her eyes sparkling with mischief as a coy smirk came to cross her lips.

The female slunked onto the comfortable bed, plopping herself down next to the male and letting her body become enveloped in two different feelings that created a sensational feeling. One was the pure comfort of the bed with its crisp and silken sheets, a feeling that was so foreign to her and yet so amazing. The second though was the fough heat of Ezekiel's skin, something that was suprisingly addicting against her icy flesh.

”I must admit though, comparing the comfort of your bed to sex is a rather accurate descriptor.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      "I already know, babe. The decor is the last thing on your mind, huh?"

      Ezekiel said in response with the normal flirtatious edge he is so very proud of. The green eyed boy released a relaxing sigh as he slowly fixed his arms behind his head. The silky white bed felt amazing on his exhausted body - it almost felt like he was laying on a fluffy white cloud. With his eyes still fixed on the ceiling lights, Ophelia made her way over to the giant white bed, and laid directly beside Ezekiel. Her little body sinking into the mattress was a pretty amusing sight to the green eyed male, so he exhaled a light chuckle. But no wasn't the time to be relaxing, he had a beautiful mysterious female beside him, so he needed to take control over the situation. Ezekiel contemplated his next string of moves as Ophelia got herself comfortable and body relaxing. As she spoke, he was already moving in for the "kill" - like the "predator" that he was...

      "Yup, pretty accurate, right?"

      But before she even had the opportunity to answer the simple yes or no question. Ezekiel picked up his body, and threw himself over the blonde directly beside him. His massive hands resting on the pillow she choice to lay on, his muscular body hanging mere inches above her own, and his smirking charming face within lip distance of Ophelia's. He let the lust seeping for his pours intoxicate the crimson eyed girl before leaning in for a passionate kiss. He slowly picked his head up and began delivering little pecks starting form her face, and ending at her neck. Her smell, her aura, everything about this women drove this man insane. May it be her witty clever comments, or her ominous look of mischief. It didn't matter to Ezekiel - he simply knew he must have her! Right here, and right now!

      "Tonight, you'll be my queen, babe..."

      He whispered with a deep passionate voice as he continued to peck at the flesh of her soft neck.

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74 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:44 pm

The female could not help but to roll her eyes at his words once she was lying comfortably on the plush mattress, a small smirk tugging at the corners of her pale lips at the same time. He was cocky to say the least and that was most likely attributed to the fact that he was very sure of himself when it came to these sorts of games. She could not come up with any sort of reasons why he should think otherwise though since he probably had woman trailing him like lost puppies all the time. However, she was not going to be that easy to tame and if he had not figured that out already, the male would surely know by the time the sun came up over the horizon.

”There is no reason for me to be concerned about the décor darling. I am sure you are not concerned about it in the least either. Other things must be running about your mind faster than you can even comprehend them.”

Ophelia knew well what Ezekiel was doing when his body slid across the soft fabric of the comforter slightly, though she did nothing to stop him; she had no reason to. The man always needed to have a moment where they felt like they were in charge of the situation and she wanted to see what he had up his sleeves as well. The blonde even enjoyed the feeling of his warm body over her own, these feelings being reflected in her own actions as her smirk deepened and mischief began to ring out through her ruby tinted eyes. Lust was overwhelming her senses by this point and this only added to the emotions that were swirling through her body.

Before she could even calculate her next move in their game his warm lips were pressed against her soft icy ones in a passionate kiss that made her heart flutter in the slightest way. She returned the motion just as vigorously as he did, her finger tips ghosting over his chest as they wound their way up to his shoulders and rested there momentarily. She was comfortable in this position for now as she let him take control of her body, the flesh even relaxing in the slightest as she allowed him to do what he wanted once he had pulled away from her lips and began to trace his way down her neck. After all, the darker male had no idea what would elicit a reaction out of her just yet so there was no point in trying to maintain her control over him just yet. She let him play his little game with his words and motions. The only noise she made the entire time was a small chuckle at his comment about her being his queen, the feelings of lust nearly overwhelming the pair. A small purr rumbled in her chest at one point due to how comfortable she was growing from his minstrations.

”Well every queen needs their king sweetheart. I guess you will just have to fill in tonight.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      Ophelia's words spoke nothing but cold hard truth. Ezekiel couldn't grasp a single thought racing through his brain, so he just acted on impulse and impulse alone - thus who he ended up on top of the gorgeous female before him...

      "Damn,yo. I got it bad..."

      The emerald eyed youth thought to himself with a cloudy mind. It was weird, Ophelia returned the kiss placed upon her. Maybe that part wasn't all to strange, but the fact that she did it with equal or maybe even more passion is what really seemed odd. This of course simply showed the boy everything he has done tonight wasn't for lose. He could feel Ophelia's icy finger tips tracing his exposed warm chest. This girls ominous cold was something he'd quickly grown accustom to, but still. The longer her slender fingers traced the outline of his chest, the more it felt like his soul was slowly being sucked away. This feeling haunted Ezekiel ever since Ophelia first laid a finger on his exposed skin, but, like all things that didn't interest, he simply dismissed it and carried forward - and this time would be no different.

      "Yeah... I lost it! I couldn't stop even if I wanted too. So fuck it!"

      He realized it was almost pointless to continue fighting the lust which was slowly taking control of his body - it's not like he was putting up a valiant fight in the first place. The very moment he stopped caring, Ezekiel's left hand slowly started moving on it's own. The emerald eyed male balanced his body on his right hand as his left hand moved down Ophelia's body like a weaving snake through the brush. First, his massive ebony toned hand ever so softly stroked the cold to the touch face of Ophelia. From her face, the massive hand ran down her neck, shoulder, arm, and all the way down to her petite waist. Secretly, Ezekiel wanted to know his limits. Could he transverses across her body, or would the predator in her stop him dead in his tracks? Eh, it really didn't matter to him at this point - he stopped fighting the lust and gave in to his true nature.

      "I'mma regret this shit later..."

      Ezekiel thought as his gentle touch kept travailing across the girls frame. But at the waist, he slid his hand inward towards her inner thigh and continued moving upwards - his hand slowly disappearing up her short skirt. This touching, mixed in with the long string of flesh kisses would cause any girl to feel ultimate pleasure, and with a normal girl Ezekiel wouldn't be worrying about his actions, but Ophelia isn't normal - shes very far from the word.

      "'Fill In'...? You make it sound like I'm not a suitable king, beautiful..."

      He whispered, bringing his head directly beside her ear. As the calm words came to a cease, the boy began his kisses again. This time, the hidden area behind the ear was his target. All while his hand continued to travel towards the forbidden zone...

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