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Sunday Park -Open-

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1 Sunday Park -Open- on Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:03 am

Dominique sighed as he stepped outside his apartment door. He didn't want to be coup'd up in his room all day. He needed some fresh air. He walked down the hall towards the stairs like usual, except today it seems Mrs. MacDougal decided to walk her dog early today. "Hello Mrs. MacDougal & Skippy." he said in a polite tone, which the dog happily wagged it's tail at. Mrs. MacDougal can't (or won't) speak. She politely nods her head and makes her way up the stairs. She lives across the hall from Dominique with her husband and son.

Dominique didn't really get along with her son, and he rarely saw her husband (he works during the night, and he's rarely sober). But enough about these useless NPC's. Dominique made his way down the stairs and out the door and into a ray of sunlight. The breeze was cooling for this heat. Living here for 3 years and he still can't stand the weather. He misses the harsh winters of Montreal. The heat wasn't so bad, and he still hasn't adjusted to the Fahrenheit system. He still uses the Celsius system, and he still spells like a Canadian.

Dominique walked down the side walk towards the park that was nearby. He put his hands in his pocket and nonchalantly walked towards the lights. He'd have to cross the street and walk down a bit just to even get to the main gate. It was such a tease, and normally, he'd just climb the fence. But today there was a lot of police on the prowl. Something about a group of Storm Raiders who claimed this park as there own. Dominique still didn't really understand why groups fought for territory, he missed out on that lesson.

But anywho, Dominique made his way up the small path to a fence overlooking the area. He wanted to get a good picture of the area, it's also quite peaceful. He sat down on a bench and sighed. He was bored and had nobody to talk to, he could've gone to a store to pick something up for supper tonight, but he decided it was best to relax in the warm sun, and maybe he'd find somebody interesting to talk to.

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2 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 06, 2012 2:54 am

It was a beautiful, sunny day that winter morning in San Francisco, the sun already climbing up the light blue sky to illuminate the golden coast in its warmth. It had not been this warm in San Francisco all winter and that morning Ophelia decide to take advantage of the warm heat granted by the heavens. The first thing she thought of to occupy her time was going out for a stroll because that would pull her from depressing thoughts of starting work in a few hours, her dreading having to go in and serve rude customers. Sadly enough the warm weather only made the creeps come out from hibernation in the winter and and she did not feel like deal with them that moment. 

She easily made up her mind on her first destination to visit before work, a local park that everyone went to whether it was rain or shine. Children loved the area and dog lovers often allowed their companions to run free through the thicket of grass and that was just what she wanted to stare at for a few hours. Since she was already dressed in a black pleated skirt and crimson tank top all she bothered doing was tugging on her black flats and a pulling a light matching sweater on her arms; she than grabbed her bag off the counter that held her air treks and rushed out the door. Excitement was rushing through her veins at the idea of spending a few hours relaxing so she hurried to the park.

It took her maybe thirty minutes to reach her destination but the walk in the warm sun was well worth it. Children were running about the flowers and play area, dogs barking and wrestling happily as adults chit chatted casually. The sight of this perfection forced her to appreciate it if only for a moment before her face became emotionless once more. Silently she walked down the length of the park, her crimson orbs looking for a place to sit as her blonde hair shined in the sun to reflect an ironic halo about her head. There were plenty of people out today which made it hard to find a place to situate herself but eventually she saw half of an unoccupied bench and she wandered that way, sitting down casually and placing her bag on the ground next to her scarred legs. She paid no mind to the odd boy that sat next to her.

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3 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:34 pm

Dominique hadn't even noticed the person sitting next to him. What was on his mind to sit next to such a beautiful girl? He looked out of the corner of his eye, scanning over her figure. Lucky he has shaggy hair to block her noticing the eye. Her pale blond hair seemed to have a shine to it in the sunlight (to his eyes at least.) He fiddled with his thumbs as he ran situations in his head. "Hello, heaven must be lonely today, an angel just went missing." ... What the hell am I thinking? he thought to himself. Why was Dominique so socially awkward with girls? It didn't make sense, he had two sisters. Granted, both of them are missing, but still two sisters.

He turned his head facing towards the girl, he had his mouth open a little like he was about to say something, but he just turned his head and sighed. He wasn't quite good at this conversation starting. But then he noticed the bag between her legs, she either must be a student or she doesn't have a purse. What girl doesn't have a purse? he thought to himself, and let out a small laugh. She must be poor or something. Dominique sighed and looked over the view. Dogs running around, children playing, people chatting and other social activities. Maybe he could try some sort of situation? Nah, that's no good.

Maybe he could find something they have in common. But what? That's harder to find out. He turned his head to look at her one more time. "Nice weather huh?" he said with a slight nervous smile. Nice weather huh? What the hell am I thinking?! That's bull crap. As he face palmed, a pair of officers walked passed them, glaring at the two sitting on the bench. It seems they missed their coffee break. "A lot of police out today." he said in a low voice, just loud enough that only those around the bench, which luckily was only himself and the girl sitting next to him.

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4 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:14 pm

With silent motions Ophelia reached down into the front pocket of her backpack, shuffling around the inside of it for her music player. She figured that she might as well enjoy a little music for the time being since there was nobody around that she knew, her fingers soon grazing the cool black metal that held her music. With a light smile on her face she pulled out the little black device before unwrapping her ear buds from tiny device and holding the power button. While she awaited the device to turn on she lazily placed one of the ear buds in her ear, her gaze wandering about the park to see if anything had changed.

From what she could see everything was the same as it always was in the park, kids running around and playing happily which pleased her. She always enjoyed watching children be free, experiencing the beauty of life that some of them sadly did not get to see. The longer she swelled on it though the worse the sore feeling of loneliness seemed to get in her chest, her eyes darting back down to her music player to see that it had loaded finally. Without even a single word she began flipping through the different artists that she had loaded onto the device, her eyes catching on the familiar name of Emilia Autumn. She then clicked the name and pressed shuffle, listening to the first song that turned on as she closed her eyes to relax.

After a few moments of sitting there she began to feel some eyes latched onto her body, this making her curious as she looked from the corner of her eyes at the boy who was sitting next to her. He seemed calm enough, perhaps only curious about her presence as he attempted to peer at her without her noticing. The thought of him being curious about her presence made her smirk internally since she knew her aura during the day was the total opposite of that of the one she wore at night. She too observed him, his shaggy black hair shading the eyes she could not see as she focused on trying to figure out what color his eyes were.

What she had not expected what the next thing he did, his voice echoing to her ears as she turned her head to face him completely. She could hear his words perfectly through her music, her head tilted to the side lightly with an innocent look of curiosity painted over the layers of sadism. It was entertaining to her that he would pick the weather to ask her about of all things, her eyes staying locked on him as she watched the his look suddenly flicker over to the police officers who were glaring at the teens lightly.

”It is nice weather today; it’s a rare sight in San Francisco.”

Her first statement was light and airy, echoing off her lips with a bell like voice that seemed cheerful until she let it drop back down to the tone of his own, making sure that only he could hear her now.

”The numbers of officers have increased lately. It’s rather odd if you ask me.”

In all honestly it was not odd to her since she knew very well that they were out patrolling for storm riders, but she wasn’t about to say that aloud to a man she did not even know.

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5 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Dominique looked at the girl, and was slightly shocked. Such a beautiful thing spoke to him. "Is it? I've only been here for three years, still not used to it." he said with a nervous smile. He was nervous, just because she's of the opposite sex. Oh woe is the day when he'll get over this nervousness he has. But then they went on about the officers. "Indeed, but I have a few ideas." he said nervously tapping his heel on the ground repeatedly. He moved forward, leaning. His bangs fell forward, he rested his elbows on his knees and folded his hands together, twirling his thumbs. He knew the reason, he suspected most Storm riders knew what was going on.

"But maybe, just maybe, things like this," he paused, nodding towards the group of cops interrogating a small group of teens. "will go away and paradise will come back." he continued, with a double meaning behind that. One, who wouldn't know what he truly meant, would think that by paradise he meant 'people living without cops always hanging over them.' but what he meant was, 'Storm Rider's being free to fly.'. He'll use cloak & dagger phrases from time to time. Something about them just made him laugh.

He looked over at the girl and smiled, this time, without being nervous. But a hint of bloodlust in his eyes, most wouldn't see it. Unless of course, they've seen the Fang road. Dominique just wanted to get his AT's and ride, right now. But of course, he didn't bring them with him. Where would he keep them on his person? That's right, he didn't have a place to, except his feet. Dominique shook his head a little. Something like that isn't quite... appropriate in a time like this. Maybe later, he can go about his business with his AT's. But right now, he couldn't. God damn government. he thought as he took out his cell phone from his pocket to check the time. Due to these laws about AT's, he would've stayed in Canada that wasn't as strict as the US. But alas, he didn't have enough money to go home.

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6 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:17 pm

”It’s usually extremely cold this time of year so consider yourself lucky for now.”

Those were the words that left Ophelia’s lips as she smiled at him, noticing well the nervous aura that was practically screaming at her from his body. She found it so curious that he was not concrete with himself while he was next to her and yet there he was, speaking to her with a stead voice as though he did this every day. It made her wonder whether or not he was putting on some façade, trying to throw her off but in the end she just passed it off as his a personality quirk.

His next statement about having a few ideas as to why the police were about in such large numbers made her raise her eyebrow in curiosity, her innocent eyes still gazing over him as she waited for him to finish his statement. She wanted to hear those key words that all storm riders knew, the words that would unite them and allow them to recognize that the other’s intentions were pure. It did not take him long to say it, the word paradise slipping his lips and bringing all the pieces into play.

”Paradise is lost. The mind is its own place, and in it self can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

The mention of paradise being lost should have clued him in that she knew of the world he spoke, the world where all storm riders could fly free without having to worry about the government clipping their wings and sending them crashing to the ground. The only thing she was sure of was that he probably did not understand the significance of her quote from the novel Paradise Lost, but that irony could always be saved for a later day when it was more so true to their situation then that instant.

Slowly Ophelia allowed her bright red gaze to take in the image of the boy who was sitting before her, her gaze focusing mainly on the hint of bloodlust that entered his eyes. It was the glint that she had been searching for, the glint that told her she had found her other match in the deadly game she often played; he was a rider of the Bloody Road and if that was true then he most likely held the Fang Regalia in his possession. Her own eyes filled with a sadistic and blood thirsty glint, one that was even more deadly than anything he could have possibly mustered at that moment in time. The words that now slipped her lips were no longer cheerful and light but instead more teasing with a vicious bite at the end; she only spoke loud enough for him to hear with the hopes that her suspicions were true.

”Have you ever seen the sky painted red with the fangs of a predator?”

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7 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:04 pm

At her statement of it being cold this time of year, Dominique let out a laugh. He couldn't help it, somebody saying that anything south of the border of Canada was cold, that was a laugh riot. She obviously never spent time in Canada, especially Quebec. That frozen landmass would've frozen anyone not prepared for it. "This is warmer then it is back at home." he said with a slight grin. Unless it got to minus 13, it wouldn't feel like home. Something about the vibrant city and lack of snow made him feel a little home sick right now, and it showed on his face.

He looked at her during her statement about paradise being lost. If she was quoting something, he wouldn't know. He hasn't read books for awhile. But he found another meaning in it, the meaning that he was hoping would be found. "Ahh, but paradise can always be rebuilt. And you only make it into what you want it to be." he said, like a wise old man. All this cloak & dagger phrases started to make this twenty-one year old feel like he was seventy-one. He peered over at her and smiled a bit. He was starting to feel a bit more comfortable around her. But still, he was nervous and on guard.

She asked him if he'd ever seen the sky painted with bloody red. A small smirk was on his face. "Of course, I've seen it, and made it quite often." he said as leaned back. "Though, it's hard to get into the sky without a ramp or ledge of sorts. The predator has a hard time getting himself off the ground." he continued, hinting about the regalia's limitation of jumping. He didn't really mind it of course, it was annoying from time to time, but he found ways around it with tricks. He could hop off of rails and ledges, and use ramps to go up above. "But have you seen it? Or felt it?" he asked, rubbing his left shoulder. He was curious if she has or hasn't, she certainly seemed like she knew the bloody road well.

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8 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:34 pm

Her eyes traced over him slowly as she listened to the sound that was blasting away in her ear drum come to an end, his words reverberating in her mind much longer than that of the song’s lyrics. Before a new one could begin she quickly turned the device off and rolled it up, momentarily looking away from him as she parted her lips to speak once more.

”Paradise shall forever be lost unless those with wings can link together.”

Again she began testing him as she leaned over to put her music player back into her backpack, wondering if he would understand what she meant by the key word “link”. She had no idea if he had ever heard of the Link-Roads or Link-Regalia but it was always worth a shot to question it. If he did and he was who she hoped he was his knowledge would make her life that much easier, but if he did not it would only meant that she would have to explain the minor details to him. It was not that much of an issue to teach him what she knew about the devices that were still unknown to most of the Air-Trek world because he would have to quickly learn if he wanted to let his wings continue to grow.

As Ophelia sat back up she let her bloody eyes sparkle with mischief, taking in each and every word that he uttered about the crimson sky. If he had painted one then that meant that he was the holder of the Fang Regalia, her other half that she had been searching for; his words about not being able to jump very far only solidified her thoughts. Now she held nothing back from him, casually crossing her legs as she smoothed her skirt against her thighs and spoke with a sickly sweet tone that was coated with a hint of malice. She was sure that her aura was probably choking him now, making him feel like a small animal backed into a corner, but that could never be helped when she let her blood thirsty side lose and in this case it was pertinent that she did to hint to him just what she was capable of.

”Of course. After all the Queen of such a color cannot exist without feeling the touch of a predator and its fang, but this is not the place to discuss such a matter. ”

Silently she slipped from her seat, picking her bag up in the process and slinging it over her shoulder before turning to him. The sun was shining high in the sky now and casting its warm touch across her skin and golden hair as she gave him a small smirk and motioned with her hand for him to stand and lead. If they were going to discuss such a matter it would be dangerous to stand around in SAF territory; that was like asking to get arrested.

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9 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:52 am

"Paradise shall forever be lost unless those with wings can link them together." Those words rang in Dominique's ears. He was curious on the meaning behind them. His friend didn't tell him anything that involved links, except for tuners. Dominique pondered on the thought, pushing his bangs back so they didn't cover his eyes. He rushed his hand through his hair and sighed. "I'm not quite sure what you mean by that." he said in an apologetic tone. He was indeed sad that he didn't know what she meant by that statement. But after all, he's not all knowing in this world of AT's. He's only at the tip of the iceberg for his own road.

She replied to his question, and what shocked him the most was that she said 'Queen'. He wanted to pry more information from her. He wanted every single bit of info she had in her brain, he wanted to learn more about this girl. If what she says is true, does that make her, his queen? But as she said, this isn't the place to discuss this. She motioned for him to get up. He sighed and stood up, knowing exactly what she meant. The police already cover this area, who knows if anyone is listening. He stood up and walked in front of her.

He walked down the path at a slow pace, not wanting to seem suspicious at moving quite fast. Quite frankly, the 21 year old was already suspicious with his neck tattoo. Stitches going all around, like it's keeping his head attached. Wearing a green scarf, black long sweater that covers his hands up to the thumbs. Dark blue jeans with dirty white sneakers. Looks slightly like a hoodlum from a rich family. Alas, he isn't rich. He walked down the path, looking over his shoulder once or twice to check if the girl was following him. (Okay, he was really just checking her out, but also to make sure she was indeed following).

But Dominique had to think of a safe place to go, where they wouldn't be caught by police or anything. He could take her to his apartment, but that might send off the wrong signals. And he couldn't bring her to his workplace, because that'd be embarrassing. But then it hit him, a perfect place to go. The games workshop. A place filled with nerds, who play with little figurines and talk about whatever the hell they talk about. Dominique knows the owner, who happens to be a storm rider as well. It was just a few blocks away, roughly 15 minutes of walking from the entrance of the park.

Dominique stopped outside of a run-down two story building and turned to look at the girl. "What's your name?" he asked the girl before they continued inside. He wanted to know more about her before he showed her a safe house for AT users to hang out and talk. Something about her seemed like she can be a useful ally, but, he didn't know a thing about her except she sure knows quite a bit of cloak & dagger references.

Sorry for the late post x.x

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10 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:35 pm

Ophelia was pleased when very much when the boy stood up and slowly began walking in front of her, her own bright red orbs tracing over his figure as she let a light smirk come back to her pale lips. Obviously he wanted some more information out of her by the confused and curious look in his eyes and she was more than willing to give him all the information he wanted as long as it would benefit her in the end. The only thing that would piss her off and paint a bloody picture for him was if he made her go through all of the motions and then rejected her; that thought make her blood boil lightly but she did not speak that aloud.

With silent footsteps she began following after him, her eyes dancing about the park as she took in the police that were wandering around. She knew that it was dangerous for her to be about since she probably looked suspicious, but none of the police bothered her despite what she had with her. Most often than not the police would stop anyone who looked like her because a teen with a black backpack and legs covered in ribbon like scars looked suspicious, but the lack of response to her very presence relieved her. Still she paced herself behind the man who she still did know the name of, her gaze occasionally connecting with his own when he peered back.

It was obvious to Ophelia that he was not only making sure that she was keeping up with him but also that he was taking in her image, something that she copied as well. She noted that his appearance was an attractive one, pale skin that was offset with coal black hair in a way that only made his skin appear even lighter. What she found to stand out most though was his scar that wrapped around his neck, a curious one that made it appear as though he had been decapitated; Ophelia liked that sense of humor. However she was sure that he had caught her peering at him through her pale locks of hair at least once and that made the situation all the more amusing as she let her smirk deepen, silently continuing to follow him to wherever they were headed. Personally she did not care where they went as long as it would be safe from eavesdroppers who would threaten their freedom.

For fifteen long and silent minutes she walked quietly behind him, not a single sound slipping her lips or coming from her footsteps as she kept up with him. Her mind was more focused on finding out just where he was leading her since she greatly disliked not knowing her location and soon enough she began to recognize the little area of town where gamers usually hung out; the store gave that away as well. However she was so lost in taking in the image of the store that she barely caught his request, only hearing the word name in an inquisitive voice which led her to believe that he had questioned what her own was. There was no problem with her giving her name to him and because of this she let her name slip past her lips in her soft voice while she slipped inside the store, her overbearing aura choking his body as she slipped right past him. Now she was purposely letting it overwhelm the coal haired male to let him know that she was not one to play about; she was a predator and she was going to let him know that despite her sweet appearance and lovely voice.

”My name is Ophelia. What is your name?”

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11 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:51 am

The silent walk and quiet gazes made the walk seem nerve wrecking. The people on the side walk didn't seem to notice it apparently. And that made Dominique a little happy. He caught her gazes when he looked back, and as he turned his gaze away he smirked. She wouldn't notice his smirk because, well, she was behind him. But back to the matter of the run down building. It had a broken window right next to the door that had a "We're Open" sign on it. On the second floor, the windows where boarded up. On the roof, singles where falling off.

But enough about the god forsaken building that could very well be condemned. Dominique turned his head and looked at the girl, she said her name is Ophelia. Ophelia huh? Kinda of a strange name... He thought to himself as he put his four fingers into his pockets. "The names Dominique." he said, saying his name with a French accent. It's the only way he knows how to say it. Maybe one day he'll figure out how to say it without the accent, but that could wait for later.

He took his right hand out of his pocket and opened the door, leading to the condemmed building. The first area of the building, filled with tables and selves filled with nerds stuff. The tables had stuff for D&D and card games and even Warhammer. Somehow they had time to play while not worrying about condition of the building. Some of the people nodded towards Dominique, including the guy standing behind the cash register, who pointed towards the back room that was only blocked with a curtain. "When did the door fall off?" he said to himself in a low voice, enough for Ophelia to hear. He shrugged it off and walked on through.

This area had less stuff then the other, and less people, but somehow, it felt more safe. A man with oval glasses had a cigarette in his mouth as he was talking to two other people. When the man peered over his glasses, he saw Dominique and Ophelia standing right in front of the curtain. "Mon bon ami Dominique!" he exclaimed in a thick french ancent. "Bonjour Pierre. Comment êtes-vous?" Dominique replied. It'd appear to most people around them that they were speaking jibberish. But alas, they were just speaking their native tongue.

"Ça se passe bien, sauf ces maudits policiers continuer à essayer de casser ici." "God damn, nous devrons trouver une façon de garder les treks d'air en toute sécurité." "C'est vrai, mais, qui est cette belle jeune fille à côté de vous, mon bon ami?" "C'est Ophélie. Nous avons besoin du sous-sol pour discuter de certaines choses." "... Bien entendu, nous allons garder en lieu sûr," he paused and turned his head towards the girl. "My name is Pierre. Pleasure to meet you." he said in a thick french accent. "Come, follow me." he continued and walked over to a old fashioned door. "This will be very safe I assure you." he said, talking mostly towards the girl now. "And if you need anything, please, don't hesitate to ask." he said with a smile, still had his cigarette in his mouth.

"Merci Pierre. Il suffit de garder les choses calme pour le moment." Dominique said, opening the door and walking down a few steps. "Mais bien sûr, mon ami." Stephen exclaimed back, walking back to his customers, who were looking at some AT's. As Dominique and Ophelia walked down the stairs, they entered a room that had even more AT's, and a couch. They were the only two there. The whole place was sound proofed. "Alright, now we can talk." he said as he sat down in a chair.

I used French in this post, if you don't quite understand, please let me know and I'll add in the dialogue.

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12 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:13 pm

His name was one that rolled off the tongue rather nicely and his French accent only enhanced the eloquence that came with his name. Ophelia thought the name was suiting for him based off what she had seen so far, a name that showed an element of higher thinking though it held something behind it. She thought about all of this with a small smirk painted on her lips as she followed him into the terribly run down building simply because she had always believed names were important in learning more about the person they labeled.

She remained completely silent as they slowly drew farther into the building, her bright red hues dancing around the room to take everything in. Personally she thought it was disgusting that anyone could even sit in such a rundown area without worrying that chunks of the plaster were going to fall on their heads, but she chose to remain silent and appear indifferent while she walked behind her male companion. None of the other people in the room seemed to notice her even though her appearance was one that stood out quite profoundly in that stark room and that was just how she liked it. Her attention had been diverted the whole time though to the others in the room that she had not even noticed that they had gotten to a curtain before Dominique spoke, her head swiveling to notice that there was indeed no door. This made her raise an eyebrow in curiosity now, wondering why he would even bother with this condemned building.

Once through the curtain and in the new area Ophelia focused on Dominique and the things he found intriguing, her gaze following his to a man with glasses that was standing in front of the curtain. He seemed cheerful enough despite his strong, overbearing personality but what stood out most was his thick French accent that she picked up on immediately. Now she was thanking her mother for her occasional incoherent mumblings in French that Ophelia was forced to pick up on because it allowed her to understand the basic subject even if she was unable to retort. Silently she listened to the words that the two exchanged about the police and how the man Pierre thought she was attractive, a small smirk ghosting across her lips as she peered at the man. She could not help but let a small portion of her emotions slip through her emotionless shell that she had put on, a feeling of complete amusement surrounding her.

Finally the man led them to a door and she followed behind them, anxious to keep this little adventure of hers moving. She always hated when things were dragged out and this was reflected in her lack of response to Pierre introducing himself. She only responded to him when the door was open and he offered her assistance with anything she needed, a sickly sweet smile painting her lips as she let words roll off her tongue with a venomous touch that only she had mastered. The cigarette in his mouth was only ticking her off and adding to the fact that she was growing anxious so edge to her words seemed that much more potent as she spoke to him sarcastically.

”Oh of course. If I need anything you will be the first person I tell.”

She did not even bother to wait for his reaction as she simply followed Dominique down the stairs, pushing her pale locks from her eyes as they scanned over the Air-Trek parts with curiosity. It was odd to find a store that sold the parts but she chose not to question that just yet, only taking note of it in the back of mind as she kept following the obsidian haired man to a small room with a couch. Her eyes were trained on him, the red color boring into his darker colored eyes as she perched herself on the couch and thought about what to say; nothing was better than getting information from him though about what he already knew.

”Well I do not want to bore you with information you may already know so let’s start with a few questions about what you may already know. It is obvious that you know about Air-Treks and their basic functions since you are a Storm Rider, but just how much do you know about the Fang Regalia and the secrets they hold?”

Her thoughts continued to swirl around in her mind as she continued her train of thought, crossing her legs absentmindedly and allowing the ribbon like scars that made her look like she had been tortured rub against one another from her knees to her ankles.

”Have you ever heard of Link-Regalia and their role in the Air-Trek World? I doubt you have but anything that you know may make this a little easier on me."

OOC: I understood the basics of it though it probably was not perfect. :] You don't have to bother with the translation.

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13 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:24 am

Before Pierre could get a word in on her sarcastic behaviour, they had went to the basement. A small chuckle escaped Dominique's lips as they walked the stairs. Ophielia would probably be curious about the shop. Not many shops are around that sell AT's. You'd need connections to find the shop. Most folks who buy from this place have known about it since the old Fang king. But that's a story for another time. Right now, questions must be answered.

She started off the questioning. She asked him if he knew about the secrets of the Fang Regalia. He silently chuckled to himself as he listened to her. "I know enough about it, and the dangers as well, plus the advantages and disadvantages." he said, some words thick with accent. He had a rough time speaking some words in English, but he'd get a hang of it sooner or later. As she continued with her line of questioning, a curious expression crawled onto his face. He was curious about this Link-Regalia.

"I'm sorry? Link-Regalia? I apologize, but I do not know anything about that." he said with a slight shrug. She seems to know more about this subject, and quite frankly, he's curious about her overall. "So you said, in the park, that you were a," he stopped to think a bit before continueing, "Queen." he said the last word hesitantly. He wasn't quite sure what she meant, and it piqued his interest. "What exactly did you mean? What regalia do you have, if you don't mind me asking?" he asked, in an even tone. He wanted to know more before pursuing such things. Pursuing what? He hasn't quite made it that far to know what he's after.

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14 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:08 pm

Quietly she listened to what few words he had to say about the Fang Regalia, a small smirk dancing across her pale lips as she took in the information he had given her. He was rather vague about it, not giving her enough to know exactly how advanced he was but enough to know that he had probably either had his hands on it a few months or had been taught the information that was needed. Personally she did not care if he had yet to achieve an extensive knowledge of his own work for as long as he knew the basics her explanation would come easy enough.

She had no response to his first sentence, only adjusting her positioning on the couch slightly as she folded her hands on her lap. Ophelia was both absorbing what he had to say as well as the motions he made, a look of mischief filling her eyes at the thought of him not knowing a single bit of information on what would have been most important to him. It was obvious that he was willing to take in anything she offered to him though, his eyes sparkling with a curiosity that she found rather entertaining. Once more she adjusted her positioning as she let a breath pass her pale lips, perching comfortably as she readied for the long explanation that she would need to give. Her body was positioned with her legs still crossed but she was now leaning fully back in her seat, her eyes beginning to dance as she let her bony fingers move with the words that she spoke to him in an almost carefree way, though the subject was all serious.

”Well let me begin with the basics about myself before I move onto such details that may confuse you. I am a queen, yes, and a powerful one at that for more than one reason. Not only am I a practiced Storm-Rider, but I also hold the power of an unknown technology. I own the Blood Regalia and ride the Carving Road, neither of which most people would recognize.”

Her words paused for a moment as she studied his face, watching as he took in everything she had to say. She did not want to get too far ahead of herself, but if she did she may have confused him. It was simply a matter of giving him time in her opinion and after about thirty seconds she began to speak in her quaint little voice once more.

”The Blood Regalia are the link-regalia to the Fang Regalia and what that means is something quite dangerous. Each regalia has a special bond with another, their links created especially to strengthen them in some way. You could say that without me you could be a king, but when working with me you could be a God.”

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15 Re: Sunday Park -Open- on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:50 pm

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