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Born to Fly and Ride High

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1Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Born to Fly and Ride High on Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:33 pm

Bright red sparks flew into the air, glistening for one brief moment before fading into nothing as another shower of sparks burst into life immediately afterward. Sky was grinding the railing that lined the stair ramp in the dark alley. It was midnight. His AT moved flawlessly over the metal while his auburn colored eyes gazed up at the vast soon to be dawn sky above. He looked bored, but his posture said otherwise. It was relaxed yet completely aiming towards something, as if he were being chased by the SAF again.

Just as he reached the end of the rail, he bent his knees slightly and jumped off, gliding in mid air over the a large dumbpster. Though he was now skating backwards, he was still in complete control of himself, allowing his feet to guide him around obstacles and make the turns to the sidewalk without one single misstep.

"Those come they can fly and I can't"

The thought ran though his mind like a record, he knows the two riders he met flew fly high to escape and he was stuck on the ground but he really was thinking of that moment when he was racing along the empty street speeding away when for a split 2 minutes everything slowed down.It was weird it was like he could do anything even though he wasn't in the air or up high in the sky.

"Wait a minute...that building?!"

His eyes widened a bit then began to skate along the dark quiet city through the night all the way he needed and driving to get to. The tall building he wanted to see and glide off of. The Convention building that was it. Hitting the brakes he skid across the concrete leaving marks from his wheel.

"This is it...the convention building"

He stuffed his hands in his pockets leaning back slightly looking up all the way to the top.

"I need some airborne"

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2Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:54 pm

"Everyone can fly, you just need the right wings." Rohas said suddenly to the passing man. Rohas was walking to his main base, for Dai Mugen. He was holding old used up and messed up AT's in his right hand. They have met their final days, and it was time to bid them farewell. Rohas went through a couple of AT's reaching just about 167 of them. This would be 168 on his list, he refused to his actual regailia feeling as no one is ready to witness them.

But he did have regular sneakers on his feet, it was converse's his favorite pair of sneakers. Along with a white v neck shirt and some black jeans. His blonde hair, nicely kept and neat with some strands dangling over his shades. The was sun was bright today, so he wanted keep the light of his eyes. Rohas wasn't looking at sky though but he indeed answered his comment. But he kept walking by, as if he was passing stranger which he was to him. It was up to sky if he was going to stop him or not.

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3Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:18 am

He blinked then heard a distinct voice passing by him it was weird it was almost as if he was in his head, thinking what he was thinking it was almost he knows what going on and whats troubling him. Sky glanced at the man walking by he seemed like a big shot, was he a king or just another wannabe bigshot who talks wise but don't fully understands.

"Everyone can fly, you just need the right wings."

He blinked again for the second time then scoffed

"I know I have wings and I know how to fly....I seen it and felt it, but its not enough"

He looked at him with a slight grin then back up the building

"I need to get that feeling again, the wind beneath my feet and float high in the clouds...too bad I only got to see that strange light only for a moment"

He looked back at him "...though it helped me escape the SAF" he shrugged then looked at him, this guy seemed cool probably he had his wings but he felt something like a oppresed aura "Who are you anyway?"

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4Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:15 am

Grana stopped walking and turned to him, with a smile on his face. "So you want to make that one moment, last forever huh?" he asked looking the young man in the eye's although his shades covered his own.

"The SAF!? Woaaahhh scary dude aren't ya!?" Rohas teased him, but he didn't want the guy to feel bad. "Answer me this. Why escape them when you can fight back? Before you learn to take to the skies, you must learn to stand your ground. Something a close friend of mine has trouble truly understanding."

Rohas looked the building then back at him, he brought his wrecked up AT's to his face and thought about it. IT wasn't going to work, he needed to pick up new ones before killing himself trying to over use already over used AT's.

The young man looked promising enough, perhaps Rohas could teach him some things if he wanted. But for Rohas whatever, happens happens.

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5Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:34 am

"Do I? that goes without question..."

He looked up wanting to fly high like he was born to do and be free but of course he can't do that unless he knows how to fly properly, if he can't then what good is he might as well never been born. Then his eyes narrowed a bit thinking about should he rather stay on the ground or should he go high as he possibly can to touch the stars. It was easy he was willing to try even though its not what he expected of himself but whateve's. That would explain everything in his life till now has fallen apart and maybe this will too.

"Why you ask?...cause for somehow something annoying was in my head telling me I stand no chance and I was out numbered...and plus I was a little tired of wall jumping and the high speed chase for miles" he said shrugging

"Besides fighting them will only make matters worse...AT's are already almost illegal so I rather not...."

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6Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:02 am

Rohas listened to the young man's words very carefully, making sure he didn't miss a word. Rohas loved these conversations, to him he was able to express what AT's really meant. And how the SAF was nothing more, then a mere obstacle Storm rider's had to overcome.

Rohas brushed his hand through his hair and a bright white smile came upon his face.

"The reason you felt you had to run, was because you already deemed it impossible! Kick logic out the door, and start believing in the impossible. You think people questioned the belief of AT's of course, people deemed it impossible already. People soaring about 50 feet in the air, ask people what they thought about that ten years ago. Impossible is what they would say. But look at us now."

Rohas said to him looking him straight in the face. "AT's are illegal already, for what reason, I don't even want to know. But why not give them a reason, to fear AT's" Rohas said showing a grin, holding up his AT's.

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7Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:18 am

He looked to the man holding up his AT's, he seemed like a weird person to say that from him almost as if this guy had a motive behind his words just the way he said it, so he decided to play his little game for now to see what he meant by that. It did seem right to Sky somewhat listening to everything he plans out instead of going out and doing the first thing that pops into his smart brain comes to mind, it does get tiring trying to multitask think, do and plan out things all at the same time. It could break ya and make you lose focus even with all that it was just something about that guy that was off. All Sky could do was reply with a scoff and a light chuckle.

"True only reason I thought it was impossible cause I didn't know what to do...but when I was being chase and riding down and through the streets feeling the wind...none of that matter at all, I was just having fun...sure I was in big trouble and what not but I had fun doing it that all that matters to me...but this right here is something I wanna do when I'm ready which I'm far from"

He looked up high in the dark sky looking up at the top of the large building, then he points at it as a small breeze comes through.

"Thats my goal"

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8Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:44 am

"You see when you ride, nothing else matters. Thats how you feel right." Rohas said agreeing with the young man. Rohas looked up at what Sky was pointing at, and he raised an eyebrow letting off a chuckle.

"Thats good, you aim high. Higher then most. Names Rohas by the way." he said still looking up. Rohas looked back down, and rubbed his chin. He was thinking about what to do now. He didn't know this guys level for himself, to see if he could reach there right now. But the guy said, it was to ahead of him right now. Rohas decided not to push it.

"Hey you mind coming with me really quick to get a new pair?" he said showing him his wrecked up AT's. Rohas would need a new pair for what he had planned with this guy. If someone was going to join Dai Mugen, the first lesson would be to never run away from your enemies.

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9Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:14 pm

He smiles hearing the guy said thats how you are suppose to feel with nothing that matters not even if it's a life or death situation, just go for it and give it your all with everything you got no holds barred. Luckliy for Sky he's one of those loner's thats does whatever he wants to do and when he wants to do it type of person. No orders, no law, no matter how many obstacles he'll tear anyone who get in his way or try to block his goals he set out from the very beginning.

"Got that right...I aim high in everything I do whether its tricks, battles or even flying"

"Go big...or go home"

He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jacket looking at the building top again then to the sky, feeling his hair bangs dance along his forehead. He arched a eyebrow seeing the clouds move he thinks of how cliche he sounds right now. His name is Sky and he wants to fly the Sky. With a sigh following with a scoff he turned to the man.

"I'm Sky...and sure lets get you a new pair..." he said looking at him then reversed in his AT's a bit before hitting the brakes. "So Rohas....are you one of these kings that I have been hearing about?" he asked bluntly he's been hearing others blabber so he decides to get to the point.

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10Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:19 pm

"Nope" Rohas answered his question, quickly and to himself he was not lying either. He was considered the "Flame King" by others and it seemed the title fell upon him. But he never once considered himself the Flame king at all. He was the rising one his mind, but not the official one. He started walking to a near by shop, one that did sell AT's but not out in the open.

" not consider myself the official flame king...yet." he said to Sky. "I may be the fastest one Cali, but my skills have not yet reached a King level. So no I am not a king. And neither are the rest of these people who consider themselves one. Just because you hold a regalia doesn't make you a king or queen. It just makes you stubborn."

Rohas walked into a regular clothing shop in fact, it might throw sky off a little. But all his question should answered in the next few moments. Rohas walked to the cashier, and looked at the girl close in her eyes. "Rosseta I need a new pair." he said smirking. The girl run crossed her arms, and let out a sigh. "Why don't you just wear them." she said referring to the Flame Regalia that Luna had been working on. Rohas made a annoyed face. "I tell you all the time. No one is ready for that. Not even me." he said smirking. Rosseta sighed and went into the back room. A few moments later she came out with a fresh new pair of custom AT's made just for Rohas.

Rohas had setup a system with the store, to carry a fresh new pair of AT's made just for him. They weren't special or anything, they just fit perfectly. Rohas took them and handed Rosseta the old messed up pair. She looked at them in shock. "They keep getting worse and worse Rohas. Your gonna end up dying one these pairs." she said taking them behind the counter.

Rohas was walking towards the entrance, and simply shrugged. "Meehh I can't die yet." He gestured for Sky to follow him out the store. "Sky would you like some payback on the SAF?" he asked bluntly putting on his AT's

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11Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:45 pm

"Not offical what the hell does this guy means, if your a king, your a king"

He shook his head confused of what this guy had to say one thing he says no he not a king but yet later in his words he says yes. but he doesn't consider himself king. Sheesh it's like this guy was on/off light switch. The whole statement he said sounded stupid except something he called regalia for a split second he wondered if he'll need one then he let the word regalia slip in one ear and out the other like it didn't matter. Which it didn't cause being a king, queen or joker or whatever must make their ego go through the roof which is possible for a individual to act all high and mighty thinking their better than anyone else that'll happen one day and that will piss him off so much.

Following this guy to a nearby clothing store which was kinda arkward at first but he understood completely but rolled on in there slowly with his AT's as he walked up to the counter and Sky followed. He was watching him talking to the girl at the cashier then back at him.

"Why don't you just wear them."

"Was she refering what he said earlier"

He eyed this dude Rohas discreetly worried of what this guy is, was he a king or just some dude who jacked someone for it, watching the girl go in the back and come back out with a new pair for Rohas. Hearing his words re-assured Sky so he wasn't some punk who stole whatever they were talking about, seeing he wasn't ready hearing the actual words well you can say he say that coming by the way when he first spoke of the regalia. Leaned back against the counter in a laidback manner seeing and watching him putting on the new pair of AT's all that ran through his mind was "Who is this guy? What does he do? A rider? A troublemaker? A undercover SAF agent?....or possibly a leader of a team?" All sorts of things ran through his head but he didn't care as long he didn't try anything which was too late when he asked him:

"Sky would you like some payback on the SAF?"

"Are you fucking kidding me, I nearly f'd up my knee messing with them?"

Seriously this guy wasn't kidding otherwise he wouldn't have ask what with that? "Think I'm just gonna team up with you and take those assholes on again?" he asked him then in his mind asked himself mentally in his own head. Does he really wanna do that shit again, he did had clothes but he's not made of money to buy new clothes just to blend in after escaping them. He turned his head looking at the girl cashier "That is your crazy friend" he said pointing at Rohas. Then he shook his head gently applying pressure in his black and gold AT's slowly rolling to the entrance passing him. "Come on lets go, they'll probably won't be many since it's at night...maybe we can send a message to them or something" he shrugged agreeing to it, he didn't wanna go through this again but he needed closure the type to flatten somebody's cap.

"Telling ya this right now...lets be discreet and try not to take on heli's and Hummers...or possibly cyborgs if they have them and...lastly we are doing this once"

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12Born to Fly and Ride High Empty Re: Born to Fly and Ride High on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:44 pm

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