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The Midnight Chronicles

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1 The Midnight Chronicles on Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:46 pm

Trick One//

Title | A Midnight Ride

Players | Bunshichi Takayanagi & Ophelia Hawthorne

Setting | San Francisco, California

Plot | After midnight Ophelia Hawthorne left her job at a local café in San Francisco, California on her air treks with the expectation that she would simply be riding home and doing her usual practice session. However, along her silent ride a man by the name of Bunshichi Takayanagi spotted her soared through the sky and took a single, beautiful image of the mysterious Storm-Rider that flew through the sky with grace and the photographer within him quickly pushed him to pursuit the model in the hope of seeing just what else she had to offer. As they rode along in a silent game of cat and mouse Ophelia soon heard the sounds of pursuing Air Treks and quickly lost him, thinking that he could possibly be the SAF, in the odd layout of the poorer part of the city.

After having lost Bunshichi, Ophelia continued along her path home and soon enough arrived on her freezing front porch, eager to hurry into the warmth. Just before she opened the door though she noticed someone freezing on a bench not that far from her apartment, the softer side to her coming out as she asked him if he was lost. The half frozen man was quickly awoken from his frozen state and even though he was dazed with exhaustion he recognized the girl who had been flying through the air and dazzling him with her abilities; he wasted no time in making this fact known. Silently Ophelia was shocked by the fact that he had followed her all the way home and that he had taken images of her because of how dangerous that fact could be, but her legs were beginning to bother her so she did not want to stay outside long and inquire about why he had down what he did. Bunshichi quickly recognized her discomfort and the fact that she was probably weary of him taking images of her so he explain that he was willing to show her the images that he had taken of her, though he was weary of coming inside her apartment in the middle of the night because of how bad that would look. She spoke to him in a teasing tone after that, offering him entrance into her warm home and making an offhand comment that it did not matter since she no longer had parents.

Graciously Bunshichi accepted her offer to be warm inside an apartment and he quickly entered before respectfully taking off his shoes and waiting for her as she put her stuff away. When she came back out from her bedroom he introduced himself formally and handed her the camera so she could see the perfect images that he had taken, her in return introducing herself and taking in the image of the breath taking pictures he had taken. They were perfect in every way and Ophelia made this known to him with admiration in her voice; being as modest as he was Bunshichi simply told her that it was the model that made images perfect. Now, knowing well that she thought the images that he had taken were perfect, he told her about a friend of his who was setting up an underground Air Trek magazine and asked her to be the model for the next cover which she accepted, completely honored that he would even offer her such a chance.

With the offer accepted the two Storm-Riders set up an appointment to take some more images in three days time at midnight, the location being the front of her apartment before taking one more shaded image of her face to add to the lineup of what he had, the image once again lovely due to his incredible talent for photography. In return for his offer Ophelia gave him a chance to spend the night and avoid the biting cold weather; Bunshichi accepted and there he stayed for the night before taking off in the morning back to his hotel so he could attend to whatever he had come to San Francisco for.

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2 Re: The Midnight Chronicles on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:20 pm

Trick Two//

Title | The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime

Players | Bunshichi Takayanagi & Ophelia Hawthorne

Setting | San Francisco, California

Plot | It was midnight once again when Ophelia Hawthorne leapt into the dark sky, her heart pounding in her chest as she attempted to get home on time. It had been three days exactly since she had met Bunshichi Takayanagi and now she was to have a photo shoot with him at midnight. She was thrilled to have been given such an opportunity by someone who was going to be so important in the growing Air Trek World, but her most prominent demon seemed to pay her a visit when most inconvenient; she was extremely late. She was so late in fact she probably did not come to a screeching halt on the dark pavement almost thirty minutes after midnight, but he did not seem to mind her tardiness at all as he politely skate up to her and offer her a magazine. The item that he had given to her was the second addition to Wings of Glory, two beautiful images of herself painting the cover and enticing any Storm-Rider to pause for a moment and look at it. Ophelia would have never thought that anything so lovely would have a picture of her on it, but there it was staring right back at her. In addition the inside of the magazine held a lovely sum of money to compensate for her work, though she thought it was unnecessary since she had merely done what she loved; she chose not to say anything to him though because she knew that he would insist she took it. Then the instruction began of what he wanted her to do.

The two sped off into the dark night, the female bounding into the air and atop the buildings as she began to dance across the velvet night sky. Bunshichi followed her in pursuit with his camera always locked on her petite frame, though he stayed on the ground the entire time. Their riding styles were opposites in every way, but they both had the same adrenaline rushing through their veins as they skated across the streets of San Francisco and neither one fell behind as they mimicked the game of cat and mouse they had played just a few nights before. They were enjoying themselves to the fullest before the pale haired beauty finally came back down to the earth, her eyes drinking in his image as he simply complimented her on the wonderful work she had done for him.

The entire time she had ridding though Ophelia had wondered why the male had never leapt up into the sky and her curiosity was evident to him to the point that he offered her an explanation. His words were simple and almost uncaring, though she could sense the pain behind them as he told her that he had simply lost his wings a long time ago. Despite her demoness aura she could not help but to feel horrible for the man who would never know the joys of flying high in the sky and she offered him a view into these thoughts for a moment. Her thoughts were so focused on him though that she did not recognize what would have been most important in that moment, a flash of silver bringing them both back to the real world.

An unknown assailant appeared behind Ophelia, threatening to rip her vocal cords out in one motion but Bunshichi caught his arm and forced him to drop the item before he could hurt her. She silently cursed herself for not catching that single motion behind her, but her savior did not seem to mind playing the part of a saint as he watched out for her saftey. Her eyes flashed dangerously at that thought for it he had to play the saint then she had to play the devil of course. A smirk grew across her pale lips as she suddenly acted out against the man, sending her Air Trek slashing across his chest. Blood began to drip out of his how shredded flesh, him stumbling back as he cussed her for her actions. The games had just begun in her mind though as the men stared at her in shock, none having expected the innocent little girl that once stood before them to turn into a demon as she offered her companion the chance to either join or watch. Either way did not matter to her though for blood would paint the pavement that night; crimson was always her favorite color after all.

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