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Ken Amudo

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1 Ken Amudo on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:03 pm


The Basics

Name: Ken Amudo

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality:Ken is your average lazy teenager, personality wise. Well actually, maybe not so. Unlike most of the other teenagers who enjoy playing tricks on others and try to disrupt required learning, he is the one who sits back quietly and does what needs and should be done. He hardly speaks a word to anyone unless they sail their words to him first. It is not because he is shy or hates people, it's just because he doesn't care enough to bother. He tends to look at other people from his own perspective, and tries to predict their actions for the future. It's a small hobby for him, human observation.

This young teenager, unlike others, is the one who fights with the mind more than his actual body. Even while he's in the eighth grade, he has the honor of having a knowledge level of a senior high school student. It's not that he studies a lot, or takes extra classes. It is for the simple reason that Ken is a natural genius. When interacting with others, he is always polite and opens doors for women when they come in right after him, for adults, and talks in such kind words that he can get out of any trouble with higher older figures. Although this politeness is part of his kindness, the other part of it is set up as a fake facade, a mask that he can use to get out of any trouble that he may run into.


  • naps
  • anime
  • manga
  • birds
  • oranges
  • tropical drinks


  • work
  • rushing
  • extremely loud areas
  • snobs


  • napping
  • anime
  • manga
  • chess
  • GO
  • shogi
  • human observation
  • surfing the web
  • hacking

Appearance: Ken is a thin boy with blonde hair. His hair is usually brushed into a straight position, sometimes it would cover his eyes. He has piercings on his ears which are partially hidden with his slightly long thin hair. The teenager's eye are a mix of dark tree bark brown and light mud brown. Ken's skin color is just a bit darker than a pale color, suiting his eyes perfectly.

The boy tends to wear hoodies which are usually black, white, gray, and brown. His AT's are pure black, have white linings over the shoe, and the wheels have electrical lightning strikes across the wheels. He stands at a height of 5'6 and weights 130 lb. He tends to get bruises on his knees and other parts of his legs, but these tend to come out of no where even when he is not in a single fight for weeks. He has a few callas on his fingers due to the large amount of writing he was done at school.

Shadow: Ken's shadow is a giant crow. The crow stands for how Ken stands behind the scenes and observes things. It also shows how smart Ken is street wise. An example being what to do to survive on the streets.


Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: West Virginia

Current Place of Residence: California

The Finale


Ken was born from an okay family in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. He had a mom and a father, along with a younger sister who was born when he was seven years old, making her seven during this time. His mother had been an addict on weed, which his father had to pay for constantly causing them to be a lot less rich than your average folk. Although, they still had enough money to spoil themselves from time to time. He got excellent grades in school, and began to excel to the top of his class. His parents adored him with love, and then his mother had cheated in the near future...his parents had fought which ended in them splitting up, and Ken's mother taking his sister somewhere in Maine or Florida. The boy didn't know much since they never cared to divulge details about the matter.

Ken, now twelve, started getting lazier and his grades began to drop just a little. Although, the kid had still remained in the top ten at his school. He got more bored and bored as time passed. He started hanging around the streets late at night since being at home was like being in the soundless space. He met some illegal vendors who tried to tempt him with these new devices known as "Air Treks" or AT's for short. Even those these things were cool and all, Ken knew damn well enough that he wasn't even close to having enough money to buy these.

He began to hear that these guys had been stealing the AT's from other riders, and sold them to make a hard profit. This is what took guilt from Ken's mind for what he did a few nights later. While the goons were out stealing AT's around three in the morning, the teenager had sneaked out of his house and transported all the air treks to different houses in the neighborhood. Although this wasn't enough, so he decided that it would be a good idea to light the van on fire, which he had done. He put on his own AT and was very surprised on how difficult it was to use these things.

It was just an accident, but he had accelerated the air treks to their highest speed and had been dashing down the road, with the explosion of the van waking up everyone around him. Luckily, he crashed into a tree and made his way home, never caught for this crime. He secretly trained late at night at the nearby skate park and grocery stores. It took him a good while to actually figure out the controls on these things, after all he had no manual for these. He almost broke his bones a few times, but he began to have the ability to control his speed and control.

Ken had spent the next two years training with them, but he had been slowed down a little when he became thirteen. He made sure that he didn't slack off however. Along with his training had came horrible news about his father when he became fourteen in a litte amount of two weeks. It turned out that his pa had been ill with cancer, and had been going to the doctors quite a bit. Ken felt sorry for the old man, but decided he wanted to spread his life to other places. It was then that he left a note on the table about his adventures with AT's and that he would call him every now and then when he got the chance. The boy now spends most of his time in California, in his own house which he had gotten from passed on elderly couple that had enjoyed him helping them while their children did nothing. What will happen from this is unknown...

Roleplay Sample:

Leo was chasing Izaya around the field, a normal activity that had seemed to be taken place every moment since Leo threw down his faith and joined the group. Asho only had a look of discouragement as this activity dragged on. This went on for quite a while until Aizen had revealed that more hot zones had been activated....and more surprisingly, one of them was the one they were currently on.

"Damn it!" said Leo with a face of rage. Izaya only gave a soft chuckle to the group as he began to speak to them once more.

"Well it doesn't look like hot zones automatically kill you, so let's get our asses out of here fast!" said Izaya with a smile. Quickly, everyone in the group had clanged to Leo as he transported them to a fresher area, although it was still a hot zone.

"It looks like we have a little bit more time to get out of here, let's not waste our valuable time, MOVE!!!" yelled the guardian angel. Following his orders, everyone in the group, including Izaya had raised their pace to dramatic speeds in an attempt to get the fuck out of here. This had continued on for a little bit. The two could hear some puffs some Asho, his young boy body probably wasn't used to running this fast for dear life. They had finally entered next area. The temperature was raising even further. If this kept up, they would all be fried into fish sticks!

"Come on guys, we shouldn't slow down!" Orihara said with a chuckle. Only a person like himself could chuckle in a life or death situation.

"This is no time to play around!" yelled Asho as his legs seemed to be slowing down. They only had a few minutes before they would fry. They all raced further and further, hoping that the lord would have dear mercy on their souls, even if that god was Aizen himself. Finally, Izaya and Leo had made it over and it seemed that they were going to be safe for now.

Oh god how these events were turning out. It seemed that the group's tail swinging friend had you would say, kicked the bucket. While Leo and Izaya were running to get to the finish line, Asho's pace was slowing down drastically. He was only a few feet until he would have been with the group's side but sadly, the hot zone had him and he was destroyed by the heat.

"ASHO!!!" yelled the guardian angel as a tear came down his eye. "Oh why did he have to die now?" Izaya had thought to himself. Although Orihara had no real care for the boy as a person, he would have certainly made this event easier to cross. Now, it seemed he would just have to make do with this Leo guy. The two had rested on a nearby tree as the situation cooled down. The two contestants had let their bodies rest while their thoughts had raced in their craniums.

"To make sure that this doesn't happen again...I say we should try to work together a bit more, you agree?" said Izaya with a little laugh.

"Yeah..." mumbled Leo, as if he was in another world. After a little resting, the two had continued their travels.

"It seems that we will be at the school soon Izaya. There might be something there." When the two were about a minute or two away from the location, Izaya had stopped in his place.

"Hmm what is's as if I can sense some people or something near the school....strange. I never had this power before...maybe it was a gift from Aizen?"

"Really?" said Leo with a face that showed disbelief.

"Yeah...let's go south east for the time being. We want to avoid as much conflict until we get to Aizen is that correct?" said Izaya. The two gave a nod to each other as Izaya lifted his finger with the ring on it. The little red stone on it had glowed as Izaya Orihara had felt power rushing through his veins. His speed, strength, and even intelligence was growing because of this thing. He gave a laugh as he turned to Leo.

"Let's go!" said Izaya as the two ran as fast as the wind could carry them. Well, Leo for that matter was. Izaya could go a lot faster, but he was hanging just a bit farther than Leo was to make sure that nothing would happen to the guy. After all, he was the only guy he had left if any fighting would be brought to them.


Jumping 2/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 3/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 3/10
Tricks 1/10


Name: Blade Windmill
Rank: F-A
Description: The user of this technique rides at their top speed and then changes their movements into a flipping position. The user flips at incredible speeds, the speed depending on how fast they were previously going on their AT's. If the user flips forward then they will go forward, while if they flip backwards they will go in reverse. With high enough speed, one will seem to be a windmill themselves. If one combines this trick with a weapon such as a knife, it could easily kill or at least harm a person. The downfall of this trick is that one goes too fast that they will be unable to see their opponent; best used in straight courses.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? no unless taught by Ken

Name: Wind and Release
Rank: F-A
Description: This trick involves the user forcing the wind the weight them down, or at least cast the illusion that the wind is weighing them down. This illusion of weight causes to user's speed to be decreased by 1 for two posts. However, after the two posts, the user's speed is increased by 2 for two posts. This is non permanent stat boost. (must not use this trick for 1 turn to be able to use it again.)
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?no unless taught by Ken

Name: Thorn Kick
Rank: E
Description: The user of this trick, a signature one of the thorn queen, swings their leg in a straight solid motion at their opponent for this attack. Upon landing the kick, a bloody mark of a thorn rose appears on their body. This trick could also be used in a little less of a straight solid motion, but the imprint of the rose will be more sloppy and harder to decipher.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?: Only useable by the Thorn Queen/Risen King.

Name: Paralysis
Rank: F-A
Description: As a rider of the Morganian Road, a rider has the ability to release pheromones from their AT's that paralyze their opponents. Bubbles are released from the AT's which if they collide into the opponent, the target shall become immobilized. Once a bubble collides onto a body part, the target has two posts until they start to suffer the effects from the pheromones. On the second post,the pheromone's effects on the body begin to spread. And on the third post, the target becomes completely immobilized with pain.

On the first part of being forzen, they will not be able to move. On the second phase of being immobilized, they will be able to skate around a bit. And on the third post of being immobilized, they will be free of it's effects and be able to continue riding. [There is a 2 post cool down until it can be used on the same person]

Name: Bubbles
Rank: F-A
Description: This is a special trick that solely riders of the Morganian Road are able to use. By having grasp of the opponent, the user of this road can create or destroy bubbles within the person's body. If a massive amount of bubbles are being created into the opponent's body, it will hurt like hell. The user creates bubbles in their own joints to have a bit more dexterity but not as much as a rider of the Sonia Road. While using bubbles in your joints while riding, if your on the Rising Road, you have a +2 Dexterity gain for as long as you use it. Every second post you use this, you'll suffer from a small jolt of pain that could harm you if you used this method for a whole parts war.

Name: 360 Degree Spin
(without the flames)
Rank: D-A
Description: The Storm Rider using this technique continues to ride forward while throwing their body forward in a circular pattern. As the user throws their body forward with a good bit of strength, they gain +2 Speed. The rider stays at that speed until they stop and/or until they are interrupted by something. This buff comes also comes with the amount of speed that a rider would get in that post without this trick. (Can be used in succession). This trick remains the same for D and C-Rank riders. When the rider is at B-Rank, this trick now gives a boost of +2 Speed and +1 Acceleration. At A-Rank, this trick gives a boost of +2 Speed and +2 Acceleration.

Face Claim

ex. Durarara!!- Masaomi Kida , Amudo, Ken

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2 Re: Ken Amudo on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:49 am

Ken Amudo's Information


Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lb
Hair Color: blonde
Eyes Color: brown
Blood Type: AB

Professional Status

Regalia: N/A
Road: Morganian Road
Team: Solo Rider

Personal Status

Status: Alive
Relatives: Father, Mother, Sister

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3 Re: Ken Amudo on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:25 pm

Title: Risen King
King: Ken Amudo
Road: Morganian Road
Description: "The Morganian Road is the link-road to the Sonia Road and works to enhance the abilities of the rider to the Sonia Road by reversal of the negative effects of the road. While the Sonia Road can only build up high density bubbles between the user’s joints in order to create greater flexibility, the user of the Morganian Road can chose to create or destroy them in not only their own body but that of other riders.

In order to create these bubbles within the user’s joints nitrogen is saturated into the blood through hyperventilation, a basic principle of the Sonia Road. However this move is nowhere near as affective of that of the Sonia Road because this technique is often used on a male who has less flexibility.

The user is also able to pull the nitrogen from another’s blood stream simply by placing their skin against that of a rider; this is most often done to the Sonia Road rider. When this contact is established active transport in the cells takes place and nitrogen travels from within the first person’s blood to the Risen King’s, thus getting rid of most of the pain that their counterpart would normally have to experience. The drawback to this though is that the person who receives all the nitrogen has to experience high amounts of pain from the sudden saturation of nitrogen, essentially taking all of the other person’s pain away and inflicting it upon their own body. The more skin that touches a rider the faster this process is.

Creating these types of bubbles in another person is extremely difficult and can only be done by a practiced user of the Morganian Road. From within the user’s body hormones are created due to high pressure and stimulus of their air treks, this hormones essentially being redirected into the air treks and released into the air to attack an opponent. This must be done at close range for it to have its maximum effect, but when done right the opponent can become immobilized with extreme pain."

Ken utilizes the full power of his road, taking in account that the most efficient way to attack with this road is to be fast and evasive. [+4 Dexterity, +2 Acceleration] The reason for this style of attack is that the Risen King needs to win the match fast before suffering the horrible effects of having too much nitrogen in their body. The full effects of this road is used only in emergency due to the amount of pain one would have after using this power. (This 'power up' can be up to three times in a thread. The user can use a power up consecutively or use them in different posts as long as they abide by the three times use rule. A rider can use this power up once more in a thread if they have three rounds of uninterrupted rest or four rounds of very slow, smooth, and non combative riding. An influence lasts for one post.)

Regalia Description: "The Risen Regalia look like normal wheels when they are activated with several holes cut through them; however this is not the case. Inside the regalia lie chambers for the hormones that the user creates and here they are compressed to be utilized. These pheromones can be released in a much more efficient manner through these chambers, the user simply pressing down on the wheel in a certain pattern to unlock the chambers and release the hormones. Different riders have different codes though and the more advanced once often create more than one code to open different amounts of chambers.

In order to hold such a great amount of power the Risen King must sacrifice speed because, when moving too fast, the chemicals released are too diluted to properly affect an opponent. Also, if the user inhales too many of the pheromones they will suffer the same affects that their opponent does of immobility.

The biggest drawback of the Risen Regalia though is the amount of pain that the user must endure on a daily basis when they pull so much nitrogen into their blood stream and the fact that this can occur in so many ways. Pain can be caused by creating bubbles in their own joints, removing bubbles from another’s, or by inhaling too much of the pheromones that their air treks release."

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