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Grim Stamp

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1 Grim Stamp on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:01 pm

Grim Stamp

The Basics

Name: Grim Stamp but goes by Grim only

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Straight

Personality: Grim personality for the most part is pretty mellow, cool, collected, and boring, and doesn’t really care about himself, always lazing around with no care in the world if he doesn’t have his AT’s on. If you would see him at a party he would be the one to be in the corner drinking by his little lonesome the butt of most of the jokes at the party in fact, but what most people don’t know is. That mellow, bored staring 19 years old that everyone sees has a whole other side to him. One side is Grim’s serious side, where someone took a joke or prank, or hurts his friends too far on someone that Grim calls his friend or loved one which is rare, or breaks one of his many rules that he set for himself. This Grim is cold hearted, smart, and ruthless to a point. He’ll do just about anything to make things right and get even. Even uses the information his gathered at all those parties his sit down in. This side of Grim can also be brought out during battles as well.

The other is one only a very few get to see, where Grim drops his all his guards, let’s everything go, and just opens up and smiles is when his riding. Grim feels completely free when his AT’s are on and his simply riding the rooftops going nowhere.

Reading manga
Hanging with friends
Watching retro movies

Reality TV that is just about drinking, partying, and sleeping around
People picking on his friends and loved ones
Most people
Looking for battles when his not in the mode (rare)


Appearance: Starting from top to bottom. Grim’s hair is that of very light silver close to white, which is styled spiky, and goes down and covers his neck just the way he likes it. Grim’s eyes change due to the situation they are usually dark metal silver that most people will call dull, but in the right light shimmer so brightly. When serious they are blazing pools of silver that will burn holes in enemies if Grim had laser beam eyes, and the last if Grim is simply riding a nice snowflake silver white calm, and collected.

His face and body type deceives people greatly, and gives him a teen look because of how young standing at 5’9 and frail his body looks, but strip him of his black and white coat, vest, and button up shirt, and dark pants. His body is everything but frail, he weighs about 180 mostly muscle.

Grim’s AT’s are black on top with a lining of checked silver lines racing all across and silver on the bottom with black line checked across. His wheels are regular white wheels. Other AT’s that he wears during battles or rides is a masquerade silver clown mask .

Grim’s hands and feet are covered in calluses, cuts, bruise, and missing toenails and nails from his training that he maintained from when he was younger. His left arm is covered in tattoos that only mean something to Grim, and the tattoo on his face. A phoenix Tattoo on his back with letters under neither saying, “ No matter what I will rise.”

Shadow: A Black Phoenix, most of Grim’s tricks are based off of what the enemy throws at him or what they put out, and no matter how much they throw in his way. He rises out of the ashes like a Phoenix, and conquer his enemies.

Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place:Miami, Florida

Current Place of Residence: Doesn’t have a home at the moment keeps moving in his RV.

The Finale


Grim was born to two regular parents, June 8, 1991, working regular jobs in Miami Florida, and loved there son Grim with all their hearts. Until Grim was seven and things got tough for both of Grim’s parents. Grim’s father worked later and later, Grim’s mother slipped into depression and then stumbled upon drugs, and Grim’s father did not see what was going on, until one of Grim’s Mother’s “Special Friend” came to visit one night when Grim’s mother though both Father and son was out, but Grim wasn’t. He watched as his mother doped up and overdosed on drugs while her “Special Friend” looted the entire house, everything that could be move and wasn’t nailed to the ground was taken without second thought about what this might cause on the family or the women that was laid out on the ground one foot in death’s door.

Once he was gone Grim called 9-11 and then his father to tell what had happened, and believed his Father would drop everything and rush right over but Grim’s Father didn’t arrive before the Cops did or arrived while they were striping her in for the ride to the hospital, and he wasn’t there at the hospital waiting either to check on his wife’s condition. Grim’s Father didn’t arrive until three days later when the hospital message him that Grim would be put into a shelter believing that Grim and his Mother was spotters if his Father did not arrive to pick him up.

To Grim’s surprise his Father did come pick him up, Grim was about to lose all hope and trust in his parents, after overhearing that his Mother may not every wake again from the doctors and nurses talking in hush tone around him, but everything wasn’t as it seemed. His father was quiet, his eyes not settling on anything especially his own son, but Grim marked this off on the stress of what was happening, and went with his father to the car where Grim found another surprise. In the front sit of the car was another woman and in the back was luggage, but not just any luggage his own or what was left of it. His Father did not say one word as they made it to the car and he opened the backseat door for Grim and he climbed in. Neither did the women, she just looked at Grim from time to time like he was a dirty puppy that she just picked up out of the kindness of her heart and take to a shelter. Grim could tell at a young age something was up, but kept quiet and knew his dad would explain why his luggage was in the car and why the strange women was in front in his own time.

The trip went on for quite some time and before Grim knew it he had nodded off, and when he woke he had no clue what area of Florida he was in or if he was in Florida at all. He was about to ask his father where they were but his Father spoke first, “Here we are.” He pulled into an old road that was off the main road and drove down the path for quite some time until they stopped at a black gate. His father rolled down his window and hit a black box that was near the gate and spoke into the black box and the gate opened.

Then the strangest thing happened instead of his Father continued to drive down the path. His father got out of the car and walked over to his side and opened Grim’s door and told him to get out, and Grim not knowing what was going on followed directions and Grim’s father grabbed Grim’s luggage. And placed it by his side, After shutting the door he knelt down in front of Grim and took a deep breath and explained that he loved him very much, and his Mother wasn’t going to get better anytime soon, and Him and Kim (the woman in the car) thought it was best for all of them to start anew and Grim to live with Grim’s mother’s parents.

Grim didn’t say a word, he couldn’t felt no air going in or out, he just stood there for the longest time just thinking it was a nightmare, and he would wake up and it would be just that a nightmare, but there was no waking up from this. But no matter how much he wished he woke up, or how much he wanted his Father to tell him this was a horrible joke, or to erase his mind of his father climbing back in the car and driving away with Kim in the front sit waving goodbye. It was all real.

After that day Grim slipped into a stump of depression for two years under his grandfather’s care, no matter what his Grandfather did to snap Grim out of his slump he won’t come out of it. Grim was like a robot at this point. He would get up eat something dress ,go to school, waited to get picked up after school go home and repeat without saying a single word. It wasn’t until one night when Grim’s Grandfather came in to read to him for bed time. It was something Grim’s Grandfather did to try to connect with his grandson and hoped that it might trigger something and bring him back.

It was a simple tale of a young phoenix that would find its place in the world. and no matter what challenges that the young phoenix faced or how many times the young phoenix was killed and reborn again it would continue its journey to find it’s family. After finishing the story, his grandfather was about to leave the room before saying,” Your mother’s life might have ended, and your Father might have ran off, but you my young phoenix are you just going to just lye here and let the world kill you over and over again, or will you rise and soar above the clouds, and find your own place.” With that on his mind and ringing so true; Grim decides to take his grandfather’s challenge and find his own place no matter how long it might take.

After that night Grim tried out for several parts in his school’s play at the time, several teams, both physical and academic. Just trying to find where he fit in but on his own standards. He didn’t let it show on the outside but on the inside was changing and he even started to talk, but when Summer came noting the end of the school year, Grim didn’t find his place in school, it wasn’t until his grandfather and him was getting ready for bed and his grandfather continued there ritual of bedtime stories, and his grandfather told him a tale of AT’s, and Kings and Queens, and battles of all kinds and something in Grim’s snapped and he knew from the very bottom of his soul that this was it. This was his place the world of AT’s. After his Grandfather’s tale he asked his Grandfather if he could try out these AT”s, but his grandfather had to tell him the bad news that AT’s was illegal and that time and world was long gone and dead. His Grandfather told him he wished he could have showed him some of his old tricks when he was in his prime as a King, and left Grim in his room with a Hunger to know more of the AT world and take part in it.

Even though knowing that the AT world was long gone and may never return. He still bugged his Grandfather to train him under the same conditions for AT’s, and even though his Grandfather denied him every time. He could see how much his grandson wanted to train, and thought if not he would slip back into the dark times when he arrived, but his Grandfather made him give his word that he would not stop the training once it started no matter what happen, or how much he quitted. Boy if Grim knew what would of pain and hard training he would be under he won’t have given his word so quickly.

Training was in fact very hard, and sometimes impossible when it came to some runs without the marvel of AT’s but Grim did not give up, because of his word h gave his father, and the shame he would feel after his grandfather would show him up by do the same tricks and task he asked his grandson to do at the age of 70 and barefoot and hands, and there training took placed every day after school on their private property in Brandon Florida, in the trees, on the water, Gym, roofs, but Grim’s Grandfather taught him no tricks but trained and conditioned him to take “flight” as he called it. When he asked his Grandfather why he simply explained that was there family style. He would take Grim as far as he could go in conditioning and training, and martial arts but to ride and learn his own tricks and road was his own path.

Grim’s training went on until his 17 birthday, when arriving home on his last day of high school and was ready for his training with his grandfather but arrived to find his grandfather with a briefcase in his hand and the T.V. turned on yelling about the skies being thrown into a police Van with……ATS! On his feet, Grim’s eyes was wide, his never seen it on TV before just in pictures of his Grandfather’s AT’s and on his own feet. Grim was excited all over he couldn’t stop himself from shaking, The AT world was back. After shouting and jumping up and down and running around the house Grim finally stopped to ask his grandfather why he wasn’t so excited, and noted the sad look on his grandfather’s face, but before they could get started on his grandfather’s sadness sirens, and the sound of cars was making their way closer and closer to the house. Grim’s grandfather quickly wrote down on a piece of paper an address and told Grim to go here, and opened the brief case just enough to grab his AT’s out of the briefcase. The stuff of legend Grim gasped as he watched his Grandfather put them on, but noticed his Grandfather’s Regalia were gone. Grim’s grandfather handed him the briefcase and told him to run out the backdoor. Knowing his Grandfather would not take any answer but yes. Grim ran with all his might out of the house and into the forest and not to look back to the battle that took place and his grandfather’s final moments.

Grim arrived at the address his Grandfather gave him the following night, to find himself introduced to Tonka, his Grandfather’s Tuner. A woman of legend herself, and he only heard of through stories of his grandfather. The women rushed him into her shop and handed him a set of keys another brief case, and explained everything to him what has happened. Grim’s Grandfather had knew that this would have come where the AT world would rise from its own ashes. Grim’s grandfather was to be taken in alive to prison if this day arrived to stop him from causing trouble or for him to take any disciples underhim. Because they feared the War King Ares Road from every rising again and causing so much trouble.

Tonkia also explained that Grim’s grandfather had left him his fortune along with his Father’s fortune as well. It seemed Grim’s Father’s “new” life went array and he killed himself, and since he was still legally married to Grim’s Mother and not Kim. The money went to Kim and since she was in a drug induced coma to Grim. Also that in the briefcase his grandfather gave him was his Grandfather’s regalia and the briefcase will not open unless his AT level is at a high enough level, and the other briefcase was his own AT’s that Tonkia created under his Grandfather’s request. Along with bank information on how to gain Grim’s fortune and other safe places, she guided him to the garage where an RV was waiting. Her final words of advice was for Grim was to not settle in one place and to behave like he was being watch at all times, because most likely he was, and the forces that took down his grandfather was after him as well. He wasn’t just the Grandson of War King Ares Road but its successor as well. Grim thanked Tonkia for what she has done, and climbed into the RV and took off traveling and living in the RV and never to looked back.

Now it’s three years later, and Grim has been keeping a low profile while still trying to master his own AT’s. He never stays in one place more than one month or so. Just to find other riders to battle or to talk to find new tricks, and rise his level to one dya open his grandfather’s briefcase to gain his grandfather’s regalia.

Roleplay Sample: It was another night out for Grim, his AT”s on his feet, his mask on and hood up, just gliding down an empty sewage line minding his own business. His mind drifting away to what might do tonight since it was still so young. He could go out for once and be a normal, 20 year old and go watch a movie, or go grab something to eat and drink at a local café shop and listen to a few upcoming poets or songwriters, or the most appealing idea was to go up to the top levels and ride on some rooftops and feel the night air running over his own body as he hit his top speed. Just before someone calls it in and report him for it, and that would cause a load of trouble of Itself. “That would be trouble.” Grim mutters to himself scratching his head as he gliding along at a low speed, but his thoughts were cut short as the familiar sound of other AT’s soon filled the tunnel fork section he came to pass.

It didn’t take long for Grim to notice that his stumbled upon some team’s turf and it didn’t take long for that team’s scouts to notice him either. As the Team’s member’s circled Grim, Grim muttered with a smile, “ I found out what I’m doing tonight.”


Jumping 1/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 3/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 2/10
Total 12/58


Name: Returning Orbit
Rank: F-A
Description: the User lowers himself down low while in the Slipstring of the person in front, and increase the user speed by (1+). Once up close to the Enemy the Users sways left and right and rotates in front of the enemy by exiting the slip string at higher new found speed. This speed can only last a few moments before the strain becomes to high for the user.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? if taught by Grim

Name: Down Shift
Rank: F-A
Description: While fighting hand to hand Grim at any point if he can grab a hold of the enemy can do a roll across the enemy and speed forward 1+, and for 7 seconds.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? if taught by Grim

Face Claim

D.Gray man- Allen Walker

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