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Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken]

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1 Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:44 pm

Ken was riding up on top of the city buildings with his personal pair of AT's. He jumped over the gaps as if he was a rabbit, and landed on the other side so softly as if his AT's were made out of cotton. It was this time in at night, about eleven o' clock at night, that he loved to ride around in front of the city lights. Cars were buzzing all around, and SAF was no where in site. Riding was what let one just let go of everything and go into another world. This had been the first time in a while that the young teen was able to let loose.

He then used his Blade Windmill trick, which caused the blonde hair boy the spin backwards at an incredible speed. As soon as he was at the end of the building, he jumped off and continued his spinning until he got close to the ramp that lead to the ground. It was then that he stopped and bent his stomach in, which allowed him to ride the rail backwards.

"Not that bad for being a little rusty I guess...." said Ken as he scratched his head and released a sigh. He could see people looking out of their car windows as if the kid was crazy. He cracked his neck before he tried his next trick, Wind and Release. He had a few minutes until the end of this ramp, so he would gain the extra speed right before the end. It certainly felt weird using this trick. It was as if he was wearing weights which would increase his speed dramatically after the trick was over.

The few minutes seemed to pass by so slowly, but then it was finally time when Ken could let go of the weight and feel totally loose! He released the wind weight as if it was a bird in a cage, and dashed off the railing, doing a quick flip before landing on the ground. The boy got a little tired so he went and stopped at a convince store to get a energy drink. He waited outside and stood outside and enjoyed his beverage before he would go out riding again.

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2 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:55 am


"We have you surrounded! I repeat! We have you surrounded!"

"Surrounded these nuts!!!"

Ezekiel shouted skated swiftly down the street with a couple of Special Air-Trek Forces units behind him with megaphones. As the youth rode through the busy street; cars honking, people moving out of the way, and children screaming, he didn't look back once. Bright spotlights from high helicopters overhead kept a close eye on the boys location; he had no where to run or hide. As the green eyed youth rode in a straight line, from a intersection, a black Special Air-Trek Forces SUV attempted to block his path, but Ezekiel wasn't going to let this happen. The youth continued his path forward; the mini motors within the sibling ATs hummed a vicious roar. And as they did this, Ezekiel slightly bent his knees and pushed upward with powerful leg muscles; leaping over the hood of the SUV with a skillful 360 spin while doing so.

"How ya' like me now?!"

He shouted giving the officers within the vehicle two middle fingers while swiftly skating away. But the boy was far from safe yet; SAF surrounded the area, waiting for a simple mistake to go in for the capture, but Ezekiel wasn't stupid. With powerful leg strides, the green eyed youth rode into a massive crowd of citizens. The shocked expressions and frantic screaming almost instantly gave off his location, but he wasn't attempting to hide so early; he just wanted to make the search a little more difficult for the SAF. His body swayed from left to right; dodging the scared people with flawless skill and weight control. He scanned the surrounding area; looking for a place to lay low for a bit, but nothing appeared. As the screams picked up, and people began leaving the Crowd, the ground underneath the youth began scarring and ripping. Where ever he rode, a powerful slash appeared in his wake... Things were starting to look grim, but Ezekiel wouldn't get captured. No matter what!


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3 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:00 pm

It seems that there was trouble watering it's way into Ken's path. While riding a little in front of the store for a little warm up, he saw a huge commotion in the distance. Oh no....there was no mistaking it. It was definitely the SAF who were....chasing a single man riding AT's? Usually they only made such a chase for groups. Perhaps he had been on their wanted list for a good time? No matter, it was still apparent that trouble was going to be sent to him no even if he didn't want to do anything. Ken was a person on their wanted list as well...for the fact that he ran to the other side of the country and the fact that they want to send him home without those damned AT's. As they got closer, the officer of the group has his eyes pop out of his head.

"So so what do we have here...? The runaway kid I presume." said the officer as he chased the black male.

"Long time no see officer....still crying over how I'm still able to get away?"

"Yeah you little fucker....COME THE FUCK HERE!" yelled the officer as they continued the chase on the black man, and now on Ken. The teenager grinned as he voluntarily rode near SAF with his energy drink in hand.

"Thirsty?" said Ken as he threw it at the officers face, turned around, and sped away. This got the SAF mad as hell, so they increased their speed. Ken decided it would be a good time to activate his "Wind and Release" trick. Slowly, the weight on his body increased by the wind. He was now by the gangster as they rode down the streets and jumped over a variety of obstacles.

"So how's it going?" he said with a yawn.

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4 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:35 pm

Special Air-Trek Forces had a majority of the crowed evacuated. The green eyed youth could see the bright spotlight beaming down upon his body. The scars he left in the ground became deeper and bigger, this was the wrong time to get intercepted by the SAF. As he continued to ride forward; his leg movements becoming quicker and more powerful with each passing second. Ezekiel jumped on the hood of nearby car, and quickly leaped from that into a magnificent wall-ride. The SAF beneath the boy could do nothing but watch in awe; for this was a feat they'll most likely never see again. The green eyed youth rode about sixty meters on the brick wall before hitting the ground with a soft landing. The sibling ATs placed upon his feet continued to hum and roar, as the scars continued ripping the earth deeper and deeper...

"Gotta love San Fransisco...!"

He muttered smirking slightly as the SAF followed behind Ezekiel. All that needed to be done was hide within a large enough crowd, but that was easier said then done at this time of night. His appearance was perfect for hiding; a dark-blue hoodie, with black baggy jeans. On his head resided a black baseball cap with a logo upon it. While on his back rested his trusty book-bag, where he keeps a variety of items. Ezekiel swiftly hit a street corner and was now eyeing down a wall of traffic; this made the boy smile even more. As he was planing a escape route within his head, a voice beside him spoke. Green eyes gazed in the direction. A look of confusion overcame Ezekiel's face; while was a child out so late, and on ATs at that? But the sound of stomping feet and screaming citizens broke his train of thought.

"Yo, Kid. Are you fuckin' stupid...? Fuck it. No time to talk bout' this shit."

Ezekiel said, riding forward with blazing speeds, scarring the very earth beneath him. Suddenly, he leaped upward and landed on a one of the many cars stuck in the traffic. But the jumping motion wouldn't end there. He continued this as he quickly moved forward; jumping from one car to the next, while leaving the SAF to maneuver through this traffic jam on foot.

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5 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:05 pm

"Yo, Kid. Are you fuckin' stupid...? Fuck it. No time to talk bout' this shit." said the black male as he continued riding away from SAF. The man didn't seem to be so happy about Ken's reaction to the whole situation....

"No need to get pissed, these guys haven't been able to catch me in a year or so. I'm sure you'll be fine." said Ken with another yawn. The male had sped up a bit, leaving Ken behind with some of the other forces. "Well time to show them was speed is..." thought the boy as he looked and saw a small ramp somewhere on the sidewalk, probably from some skater boys. Suddenly, the boy's speed dramatically increased and he went towards the ramp and launched high into the air.

The teen then flipped his body forward, proceeding to using the trick by bending his stomach which gave him further distance. He saw that the stranger that he had met not to long ago was just up ahead. He decided to go up and see how the man was. With swiftness, Ken passed by this guy as if he was a bullet and started riding a little bit ahead of him.

"So how is it going?" he said in a joking matter.

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6 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:38 pm

The SAF quickly swarmed behind Ezekiel and the mysterious kid following him. The green eyed boy looked behind him quickly and saw the mass amount of white suites running forward with savage looks within they're eyes. The boy standing beside Ezekiel spoke yet again; but his words carried much cockiness and disregard for the current situation at hand. But before he was even able to dismiss the child, the boy almost instantaneously appeared by Ezekiel's side yet again. This feat was pretty impressive; considering the mysterious boys small body build, but it was nothing special within the eyes of Ezekiel. The green eyed youth faced the cocky child with a faint smirk upon his face. He had no time to speak, but it wouldn't matter, this should be the last he sees of the mysterious boy riding beside him.

"You have issues, homie."

Directly ahead, the traffic cleared up with a nothing but straight road. Jumping from the hood Ezekiel road upon, the motors within the black and white ATs pushed they're capabilities to the near limit; releasing a mighty screeching sound mixed with smoke. The very moment Ezekiel touched the ground, he shoot forward with mind-shattering speeds; becoming nothing but a blur while leaving behind a blazing trail of scarred flaming concrete. The wind pushing away from his body as Ezekiel's leg strides became faster and faster. The SAF watched in awe yet again; they soon realized they weren't chasing a normal Storm-Rider. The unit on foot almost instantly ran in fear upon seeing this; leaving the mysterious child the perfect means to escape in all the feared commotion.


He grunted as he hit a corner to a alley-way with a perfect turn. His back leaning up against a brick wall as his breathing quickly turned into gasps for air. His legs shaking from the one true drawback from this amazing display off power. The faint sound of the helicopters over head quickly caught his attention with a quick ear twitch. But he was in a dark alley-way; perfectly hidden within two buildings. He slowly slide his back down the wall until he was seating with his head held in between his legs. He needed to catch his breath and wait for this great pain to subside, and doing this in a dark alley-way with dark clothing gave the perfect cover.


Title* Dougie King*
King|Queen* Ezekiel Maxims Hood*
Road* Scaring Road*
Description* The Scaring road; a road taking principles from the eight other original roads. This doesn't mean the King or Queen has the ultimate advantage and can call themselves "The God Of Air-Treks!" This road is extremely deadly, and the King or Queen in question can only use it some many times before their body becomes useless altogether. This road obtained it's name from the scaring effect it places among the very earth and open skies. The scars carry great significance in themselves; each one carrying a story and a piece of the King or Queen.

The most noticeable effect of the Scaring road would have to be it's strong riding style and it's ability to turn pure momentum and speed into physical touchable energy. This principle is taken from the deadly and savage Fang Road. The grand drawback to this isn't the typical "creature of the land" phrase. It's the fact when the energy is released; when the build up energy comes to be. The King or Queen will more or less lose the leg or even leg(s); the muscles within them basically ripping apart like lean meat. But, this only happens with normal ATs. To avoid this the King or Queen would need the Regalia which goes along with this deadly unmatched road.

The next noticeable effect; and probably the most recognizable one would have to be it's swift untraceable movements. This principle is taking from the Flame-Road and Wing-Road. The King Or Queen has the ability to move at mind-shattering speeds; (+4 to speed stat| +2 to acceleration stat) almost disappearing entirely from view; while leaving deep scorching marks on whatever surface the King or Queen is standing on. This feat is obtained by pushing the motors within any AT to it's absolute limit. Normally, doing this would cause the motorized Skates to simply stop working on the spot. But the King or Queen doesn't allow their ATs to feel the strain alone; more than half of the friction and power is transferred through their legs, giving them the ability of this high-speed movement. But this causes small burns throughout the Kings or Queens leg area; which can quickly turn untreatable and deadly. But with the Roads Regalia's, this is no longer a concern, for they are built to handle the speed and power of this road.

The two principles are only the main effects within The Scaring-Road. The true power and ability lies within it's Regalia and it's core. But achieving such levels cannot and will not be easy; the cost is to great and the drawbacks to drastic. But when a human being has their back pushed up against the walls, they are truly capable of amazing things...

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7 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:46 pm

"You have issues, homie." said the strange man as he looked up ahead and noticed that it was all a straight road from here. The man then went at an impressive speed, just a bit faster than Ken was with the full effect of Wind and Release activated and while he was going at full speed. This looked pretty impressive to Ken, almost inhuman...wait, this wasn't some normal rider he had thought to himself. Even a high classing rider of a road would not be able to pull off a trick like that...

"A king...?" the boy said to himself, sounding pretty bored. This power was nothing like he ever saw before. He has seen speed, but this was more than that. It seemed that some unknown force was what caused this.

"I'm a little interested in him now..." Ken had said to himself, continuing his ride, drastically slower than how that one man was currently. It seemed that the previous SAF members whom been chasing the duo had been scared to death by this man's trick and ran away. Only one man stayed within them, the man who has been chasing Ken for a good while. A long stare was exchanged between the two, with a single breath being heard from both of them, they raced in the same direction as the black guy had wondered off to. The officer was just behind Ken, and this meant that he wasn't a push over to say the least. A good bit of time had passed since the man ran off, maybe ten minutes or so. After that amount of time had passed, he had made it near the location where unknowingly, the other rider was resting.

"A D-Class storm rider from West Virginia....hell it's pretty impressive that you managed to get here from almost the end of the east cost...considering your age.'s time for you to go home now, after all it's been three or four months right? And I'm sure your father wouldn't like the fact that you're a storm rider...." said the officer with a sadistic tone. He too had his own AT's, and he wasn't afraid to use them.

"Man why are you guys such a pain in the ass...?" said Ken with a yawn.

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8 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:10 pm

      "That fuckin' kid, man..."

      The emerald eyed youth whispered to himself as the pain within his legs slowly died down. The power Ezekiel had... Most would kill for even a small amount of it, and he didn't understand why. Why would another person want to put themselves through so much pain for a short lived burst of perfection? He just didn't get it, nor did he really care. This was his burden and he would live with it for the rest of his life. Ezekiel slowly looked up at the cloudy moon overhead. His emerald eyes glowing in the cold busy night. He moved his hands to the ground underneath himself, and pulled upward - coming to a shaky standing position. The sharp intense pain passing through his leg muscles suddenly surged - almost causing the youth to collapse under his own weight, but he held on with a calm-mind and strong determination.

      "This ain't shit..."

      Ezekiel muttered, slowly moving his sore legs, while the sibling AT's on his feet carried him forward. His eyes suddenly caught sight of the mysterious child a few meters ahead. And closely behind him followed a flustered Special Air-Trek Officer - luck for Ezekiel it was only the one. The boy released a yawn of anguish and anger. How the fuck did this kid manage to follow him? Was it pure coincidence, or was this planed from the very start? And why, oh why did he have to bring a SAF? Ezekiel was in no condition to ride, or fight. The boy simply shook his head and quickly dismissed the questions rushing through his head - there was no time to think just act. Ezekiel turned his boy in the opposite direction and began skating off with long leg strides. It was odd, the more he skated, the more the pain subsided.

      "Fuck this shit."

      He spoke, skating further and further away as the motorized skates placed upon his feet carried him onward. If the officer tired to confront Ezekiel, he would have no other option but to resort to violence - but that in its self seemed pretty impossible, for he seemed more interested in the kid then anything else. Looks like a clean getaway was within reach.

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9 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:36 pm

The man who had been chasing Ken for all these years had only released a sigh to what Ken had said. His hair had been waved a little bit from the cool night wind, with the man also returning his hands into his pockets.

"Listen kid..." he said before taking a breath. "We do what we do just so you kids and other adults don't get hurt from these things. I know that a lot of you actually know what you're doing, and I'd be okay with letting those part of the faction continue to be storm riders....HOWEVER, there are some amateur storm riders who could get seriously hurt from all this AT business."

The blonde haired teenager was only twirling around on his own pair of AT's, seeming uninterested in this business.

"You don't think that I'm that much of an imbecile to not know that right?" said Ken, bringing a shock to the SAF Officer's face. "Just because I know it doesn't mean I'll follow it mind you." and with that, Ken sped off into the distance. Luckily, the SAF officer wasn't that much faster than Ken, being more of a trapper than an actual AT rider. Off the mysterious boy went into the dark, may Ezekiel and Ken meet in the future?

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10 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:13 pm

      "I'll never understand this shit.."

      The boy said to himself with a raspy exhausted tone of voice. The Special Air-Trek Officer seemed to know the boy, but it didn't matter to him. He continued moving forward - descending into darkness. Slowly, silently, and with the piercing stare of a legendary titan. Maybe one day Ezekiel would meet this child again? Maybe they'd meet in a less hostile situation?

      "Pfft, I fuckin' doubt it!"

      He was gone...


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11 Re: Screw SAF [Private; Ezekiel, Ken] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:38 pm

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"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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