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Starting from scratch (open)

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1Starting from scratch (open) Empty Starting from scratch (open) on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:45 pm

[blockquote]The sun was beginning to make its descent down to its rest for the night, and the sun set bathe everything in a nice blazing color of burning orange. Just the way Grim like to start his warm before really training with his ATs. As Grim sat at the bottom step of his RV home, he had a different air about him this night, a more serious, and focus feel compare to the other nights when he was determined to learn a new trick, or hyping himself up for an upcoming battle.

After securing his AT’s to his feet and locking the door to his RV, Grim took off at a light speed moving in and out of car’s in the parking lot he was camping out in. His mind was focused on what he had to improve on tonight. For the past three years, Grim has been solely focused on creating his own tricks, and improving on them, or rising up his AT ranking and power to open the briefcase which was locked away in his RV. This would be nearly impossible if he hadn’t had his grandfather conditioning, and training him when he was younger. It was because of the hellish training, and the development of his two, unique tricks that gave him that edge to rise from F rank and through E rank so quickly. Grim’s no fool he knew this day would come where his tricks and training could only take him so far, and he would have to go back over what he skipped to learn or acknowledge in the beginning.

Which leaded Grim to a narrow ally way where he came to a full stop, he stretched his arm’s out and legs eyeing what debris, and litter was in the ally way. He thought this would be a good place as any to start his training on acceleration. It was a good 50 feet in length, and secluded. The secluded was key in Grim’s book. The AT band wasn’t as bad as it was before but it would still be an issue for AT Hunters to find him. ” Let’s get started aye?” [/blockquote]

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2Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:13 pm

After arriving to the apartment late, much later than she had anticipated, her adopted father hadn't even been home. There was a note saying he had left early that morning for some meeting and wouldn't be back for three days. It wasn't much of an issue; she should have seen it coming from a mile away. Oh well, at least the apartment was nice. There weren't any maids either. That meant Amelia wouldn't have to tip toe around with her ATs, and she wouldn't have to worry about anyone going through her stuff- that is, at least she'd only have to worry once a week when the cleaning lady came.

Sighing as she sat down in the living room Amelia stared up at the ceiling. She was the top floor of the tall building, the penthouse to be exactly. The view was amazing, and from up there she could even see the AT Riders gliding along the roof tops around her. Leaning against the window, she watched the teens and young adults dance around the shadowy roof tops, unaware of the storm that was about to befall them. By the time Amelia was done, this city would never give her such a view again. She turned and walked off to find her clothes for the night.

Amelia stepped out onto the porch, humming softly as she finished wrapping her scarf around her neck. It was white and had pressed flowers woven into it, giving out the scent of a garden. Under that she had a black trench coat that fluttered around below her knees. Then she had black jeans and her Ball Roller ATMs with the metal studs. Her hair was kept in place by a beanie with the UK flag used as a design. She leaned against the safety rails and looked down, taking notice of the shadow in the alley way below her apartment. It was several stories down, her building being the tallest in the area, but she could tell it was an AT user. It was instinct.

She grabbed the railing and jumped over it, falling several stories every second until, ten stories from the ground, she kicked her leg out, anchoring onto the brick building next to her own. Now that she was secured to the building, she dug her heels in and spun around the side of the building, a twister of black and white. By the time she reached the ground, her speed had slowed down and she landed amply. Her brown eyes scanned the alley way, looking for the one who had been riding below it earlier. "Hello," she called out to the alley. "I was wondering why you were out here."

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3Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:40 pm

Grim was panting with his hands resting on his knees, taking a break from the work out his done so far. It’s been several hours since Grim had started his wall, and dash training and Grim had made some improvements but not much. The sun has gone down a long time ago, and the night, moon, stars and the bitter cold nip of winter owned the streets now, but all that were millions of miles away to Grim. All he could see were the walls of the ally, the path of the ground. The well-worn in markings of his AT’s, his road scarred in the making of the alleyway.

Grim hand’s came to rest on his hips and Grim couldn’t help but notice the sweat that had collected and stained his white button down shirt. Grim had long ago abandoned his black jacket that he normally wore on top of one of the cleaner trash can. He noticed his black pants legs were ruined again they were torn apart from his training that his mind was mauling over. At this rate Grim wouldn’t be able to open his Grandfather’s briefcase; the last thing Grim’s grandfather gave him for another decade or so, which Grim wasn’t planning on having. Grim had to figure out a way to improve somehow. Maybe he could find a few riders to ride with and hopefully they could help with training, but Grim had the worse of luck with other riders since for Storm Riders there are a limited number of solo riders out there. At that time he noticed the sounds of another AT’s coming his way, at first he thought it was the Storm Rider hunters and they had found him, but noticed there were no cop car’s or sirens yet. Grim’s eyes glanced left then right, but noticed the sound wasn’t coming from that direction. One peek up he found the culprit coming straight his way doing an amazing trick to descend down the alleyway.

When she landed on ground level Grim couldn’t help but smirk as she said hello and asked why he was out here. ”Well hello to you as well, and to answer your question. Grim wiped his brow with his forearm and rested his hands on his hips. Grim nodded over to the wall where most of the scarring of ATs were marked along the way.”I’m training. Sorry if I disturbed you. Do you level near here or do you call this your territory?

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4Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:16 pm

Amelia crossed her arms and stared at him, taking in his features as her brown eyes looked him over. He wasn't hard on the eyes at all. In fact, Amelia could even say he was hot. His hair was white- yeah white! It didn't look like some cheesy dye job either. His white button down shirt was wet with sweat, and yes, that was kind of hot too. His black pants fit his body well, and they were torn in a rebellious fashion that probably was a result of his training in the alley. If only he would turn around so she could check out his as- Wait a minute! Amelia shook her head, frowning. She wasn't suppose to be checking him out, not now at least.

She took notice of his jacket on the nearby trash can, smirking softly. Maybe if she stuck around he'd take off more? Hm, tempting. Grinning, Amelia straightened her head and twirled a strand of her hair around her pinky, shifting her weight one foot. She slipped her hands into the pockets of her black trench coat and smiled softly, her grin subsiding as he replied to her. He was looking up to the road that he had carved into the wall. Her shoulders tensed as she look at the carving. It reminded her of her own road back home in Los Angeles.

Looking back toward him from the wall, her amused smile had dissipated into a tight frown. Her ringed brown eyes look at him, nodding softly. "I see," she muttered. Taking a few steps to the wall, Amelia leaned against it, running her hands silently down the scarring. "I live up there," she shrugged, pointing up to the apartment windows high above. "I saw some shadows and decided to come check it out." Her voice was trembling softly, as if she was trying to suppress a giggle or cry. It was hard to tell with her voice, almost as if it was shifting between both of them.

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5Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:51 pm

Grim couldn’t help but take in Macaw as she made her way over to the wall his been hard at work on a few moments ago, and when she spoke Grim almost missed it since she muttered. He had to strain hard to hear. He didn’t want to ride up close behind her; just in case she freaked and thought he was a pedo or something, but when Macaw pointed he piece together what Macaw was trying to say earlier. Next few words Macaw said was more audible then before, but Grim had to replay what she said in his head a bit because the strain of her voice. Not knowing if it was because of something Grim had done or not. Grim couldn’t help but feel like he should apologize to the young lady.

“Um…. I don… I’m sorry. I must have woken you or something. If you want I can just go. Grim pointed with his thumb behind him toward the exit of the Alleyway. “I was just training.” Grim moved over with zero effort thanks to his AT’s to where his jacket rest and gather it up into his arm. Draping it over and letting it hang from his pronated positioned arm.

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6Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:13 pm

Leaning her head against the wall, she slid off her beanie, fiddling with it between her hands. Amelia looked at him, slipping her beanie into her jacket. Some times, she loved that beanie, other times she just wanted to take it off. It was mostly a random thing, and she just kept on doing it. You know what they say, takes three days to make a habit and thirteen to break it. She had been messing with the beanie ever since her adoption, and for some reason, it was probably a safety blanket of sorts.

Amelia smirked as he replied to her. He was so apologetic! It was adorable, really. It made her think of the storm riders who thought everything was all fun and games as they rode around Los Angeles causing chaos and trouble for everyone else. Shaking her head, Amelia's smirk softened for a brief moment, "I was awake anyway," she explained. "I just moved to San Fran and I was checking out the view from my apartment, plenty of riders to watch from the roofs, but you were the only one down here in the alley."

"So, why are you training in the dirt instead of the sky?" she asked, a soft smile filling her face.

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7Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:42 am

As Amelia explained why she was so interested in him; Amelia was just curious about the lone rider on the ground while everyone else were taking to the air trying there hardest to soar higher and higher into the sky all Storm riders love. Grim made his way over to the wall near Amelia and leaned against the wall, fell the rough surface of the wall dig into him through his sweat stained shirt, as he took in the night sky for the first time tonight. It was quite remarkable, the moon rising higher into its place in the sky, the brightest of bright stars shining dimly, and the unmistakable sound of Storm Riders taking back the sky. It would be breathtaking if not for so many lights on at this moment blocking out the full extent of the stars, but it was still one of the better nights Grim has seen since coming to California.

Grim’s head dropped to study his AT’s with a soft smile on his lips before looking directly to Amelia. “I left the nest a little too early and soared with the ones up there.”
” Not noticing my wings growing tired of dragging me through the sky, so I decided to give them a break, and make my own way up there for there to be no drag but flying instead. Grim knew he was being very vague, but he knew Amelia knew what he was taking about. What Grim was taking about was Grim being too eager taking to the sky before he was ready, and his AT’s being his wings doing most of the work to bridge that gap of experience Grim was missing, but was determined to take his time and do it right to get to the next level, because that was the only way he could get better, to soar in that infinite sky without effort like so many other high class riders. ”the name’s Grim by the way, what’s your name?”

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8Starting from scratch (open) Empty Re: Starting from scratch (open) on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:47 pm

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