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One Piece Revival [LB]

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OPR Admn

.:: One Piece Revival ::.

One Piece Revival [LB] 5bb4d2a9

.: Preview :.
Have you ever wondered what happened before Luffy, Zoro and so many others set out for their Dreams? Have you wondered what the world of One Piece was like before before even Whitebeard walked its surface, before Gol D. Roger was ever the Pirate King or even Born? Now is your chance, Join the Revival of this world ... and Make your Own Story, and change the future forever.

.: Plot :.
The world is young and yet old, It is a hundred years before even Whitebeard of the future is born, the current Pirate King is undetermined however there are many powerful Pirates now heading tword the New World that are soon to be the newest of the Pirate Lords. Currently there is Dediko The Lion, Sazi the Diamond, Dark Lord Mozark, and Dragons Bane Sozen. Each are incredibly powerful and heading to be the newest Pirate King or Queen. As far as the Marines currently they are led by the Head Fleet Admiral Joku of the Light, with some of the most powerful Fleet Admirals Under his command to date. Bounty hunters are as they always have been, random and of all powers level however as scattered as they are there are a few big names, Gunslinger Habi, Hawkeye Hojin, and Soraku Jishio to name just a few of such. As far as the general powers, sadly the Celestial Dragons are still in power as are the world Nobles, slavery continues to go on and everything for now is fairly uneventful as the world begins to gather. However a Man has begun to gather people to him while hidden in the shadows of these great figures that are rising to the top. A dark force that intends to Consume everything, Good and Evil Alike, Pirate, Marine, Bounty Hunter, or Commoner ... this force is coming and no one as of yet is even aware, but oh ... it is coming.

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