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Amelia Jones

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The Basics

Name: Amelia Jones

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

When in her private school uniform Amelia gives the look of a foreign beauty. Her appearance often misleads people, as she isn't a well behaved school girl, but rather a wild young lady. Her bright green eyes convey her odd personality rather well. Amelia is someone who would rather dive in the mud than walk on the side walk after the rain. Life is short, and she's going to do whatever she wants while she has it. Amelia could be described as an opportunist, never ceasing to take advantage of an offer. Most of the times however, her overzealous nature often leads to complications, and things rarely go as she planned.

Her rash and abrasive personality often leads to her charging in without thinking, however, her ability to think on the spot usually saves her. The main problem is that most of the time, her skating isn't as fast as her thinking. The majority of her combat tactics involve jumping rather than skating, finding her jumping to be faster than her skating. Because of this, Amelia is often likened to a tornado. Unlike storms or winds that can travel at a steady rate over dozens of miles, a tornado appears spontaneously and can disappear just as quickly.

Despite her rash personality, Amelia is a teenager. When confronted with handsome men, her judgment will vary and she may turn submissive if the guy is attractive enough. The same goes with parental figures. While Amelia couldn't care less for authority figures, the difference is when it comes to parental figures. An example would be while she wont listen to a cop, she may listen to a shop owner who's shown kindness to her on par of a grandfather. One example would be her adopted father, Charles. Despite how she often talks about how she dislikes listening to him, Amelia will always act respectful toward him, even to the point of being obedient and submissive.

Amelia is terrified of being alone with no where to go, which is one reason why she always latches onto boys. She feels safe around them, especially in such a foreign country. They remind her of the safety her cousins use to give her, and she would give anything to feel the same emotion she felt back then. The sensation of flying is something she's always reaching for in a vain attempt to leave behind the cage of thorns she's created for herself.

Her feelings toward Storm Riders is muddled in the deepest of ways. Sometimes, she feels as if it's the best thing in the world, but other times she remembers the faith of her cousins and her legs freeze up in terror. At times, she feels as if it's her duty to protect the public from the damage ATs have done to her life. It's a constant battle and Amelia isn't looking forward to ending it because she fears that maybe, just maybe, she'll realize she's terrified of ATs. Whenever others bring up things she dislikes, Amelia will often change the subject, using idiotic methods to change flow of the conversation abruptly.

Amelia has straight black hair that is cropped in a manner that leaves the edges extremely uneven. The left side of her hair is a couple of inches shorter than the right side. The back of her hair is shorter than both sides of her bangs. Both her eyes are a dull brown that seems unnatural and muddy. However, Amelia doesn't wear contacts. Her eyebrows a plucked thin and her lips are small and plump. Her skin is pale and her hair usually contrasts it greatly. Her limbs are thin and tiny, with only her legs possessing small lean muscles. Her posture usually ranges from formal to slacker casual.

Her usual outfit is usually made up of a black trench coat that reaches past her knees. Under it she wears a black t-shirt with a laughing skull icon. Wrapped around the skull, the words "Let the Fun Begin!" are displayed in full white caps. Her jeans are tattered around the ends, possibly from AT use, and they are held up by a black belt with various studs. Her hair is usually kept under a beanie with the flag of the United Kingdom as a pattern. At times she will wear various studs on it, but other times she wont. Her ATs are usually worn as her casual shoes. When in school, she obviously wears her school uniform, although she will often wear her trench coat and beanie over the uniform. One last piece of clothing is her white scarf that is three times longer than herself. She often weaves pressed flowers into it as well.

Amelia uses Ball-Roller ATs, an expensive model of ATs not often seen. If you take a look at her stats, you'll notice her speed is drastically low. That is because Ball-Rollers are noticeably slower than normal ATs. While the jumping strength of Ball-Rollers is also weaker than normal ATs, Amelia has worked toward training her jump, focusing on that instead of speed. Her defense is also high because of the flexibility of the Ball-Rollers allowing her to weave through attacks. Appearance wise, the shoes take the form of two inch knee-high platform boots. They are black in colour with neon orange soles and straps around the heels. The boots are folded over, tied down by a black string. Attached to the fold are various metal studs, pins, locks and keys. Amelia often uses these to shred her opponents skin with the metal.

Shadow: A tornado created from vines that sprouts up from the Earth.

Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Current Place of Residence: San Francisco

The Finale

The girl known as Amelia Jones was born Isabella Vazquez. Her mother was a teenage girl who fell in love with the wrong boy and was left as a single mother at the age of fifteen. Her family was supportive, and they loved little Isabella when she was born. Isabella was often spoiled by her parents. They loved her long black hair and her bright green eyes. As a child she would often run around the house, appearing in one area and then in another almost as if she had clones.

At the age of five her older cousins began to show her their tricks with their air treks in the forest behind their home. Isabella loved watching the tricks, they were amazing and it was as if they were flying. By the time she was six, she had convinced her cousins to get her a pair of small ATs and take her to the "Paradise" they constantly spoke of. They were modified for children, so they were basically normal skates with small speed boosts. Isabella loved them more than anything else she owned. Her older cousins would usually take her to Paradise and play with her three or four times a week, however, as they got older, they didn't play with her as often. Isabella soon found herself showing her skates off to the other local kids in their lower class neighborhood who knew of Paradise, but they were always older and usually paid by her cousins to watch her.

When she turned eight, her cousins took her to her first match. It was a friendly match between two groups in paradise, and it was between her cousin's group and another local one. Since there were no formal rules, they made their own; it was "Hot Potato." Basically, the teams had to toss around a small beanbag. They couldn't keep hold of it for longer than a few seconds, so the beanie would constantly be in motion. The trick to this was to constantly throw it between teammates and to try and keep the other team from grabbing the beanbag. Her cousin's won the match, and they took their group out to eat afterwards to celebrate. Isabella came along and this was the start of her long record as the "Laughing's Skull" little mascot.

For her tenth birthday, Isabella was given real ATs. At first, she was afraid to try them, but, after a day or two, she was soon zipping around the section of Paradise that laid under her neighborhood. By this time, her elder cousin's team had become well known and they were becoming part of the group that began to ride above ground. However, they were part of the group that was reintroducing the Parts War and the violence of ATs. Not a week passed without a battle occurring. Isabella constantly went to their matches and cheered them on, however, she soon took notice of how worn out her two elder cousins were becoming. They were the leaders of the Laughing Skull team, and their bodies were constantly getting beaten and battered.

After witnessing her cousin get beaten to the point where he had to be taken to the hospital, Isabella found herself helping her other cousin take him there, forced to lie to the staff that he was attacked by storm riders, but wasn't one himself. The entire family gathered at the hospital and and argument among the adults started. They weren't stupid. They had figured out their children were now involved with AT. Isabella's mother was screaming at her cousin's parents over the fact that Isabella was being allowed to watch the matches and had even been given ATs. Eventually, the parents left and Isabella and her cousin were left silently in the hospital rooms, both wanting to stay with their injured cousin. As they sat, Isabella and her uninjured cousin stared at each other. It was then that Isabella whispered that she wanted to join their team.

At first her cousin just stared. Eventually he just told her she was stupid. This argument continued every day for a month, until her cousin finally got out of the hospital and was taken home. It was than that Isabella asked again, only to get rejected by both cousins. She responded to this by running from the house. Isabella was brought back, but she began to skip school and stay out late. It was after another month that her cousins finally had enough and followed her at the whim of their aunt. They found her at a wall in Paradise, trying to ride up it. The wall was scarred up to the top and over onto the ceiling, and there was blood all over it. Isabella had been practicing nothing but wall riding. Both her cousins were amazed when they saw her ride to the very top of the side of the two story wall, however, when she reached the top, she just kept going. Isabella rode into the ceiling, the momentum from her ride being too much to stop. For a brief moment, she flew. After that moment of weightlessness, she began to fall on a frightening speed. It was then both her cousins jumped up, each grabbing her arm and smirking as they welcomed Laughing Skull's newest member as they flew through the air of Paradise.

Everything went well for the first couple of months. Her cousin's continued partaking in the battles, their bodies wearing down more and more, terrifying the citizens of Los Angeles. Isabella did her best to help the team, being relatively weaker than the other members, she did odd jobs to make the team's life easier. However, around her eleventh birthday, her mother discovered that Isabella was a member of the Laughing Skulls. Needless to say, she was not pleased that her daughter was doing such illegal activity. The resulting argument between Isabella, her mother, her cousins and her aunt and uncle led to the three cousins all running away from their homes, moving to the small corner of Paradise that acted as the Laughing Skull's base.

Their life soon took on a dream like quality. They only rode their ATs and they were always together. Even during the difficult matches against other teams, they felt more rejuvenated. It was as if they were truly free for the first time. Isabella began being trained by the other members of the Laughing Skulls in their free time. It was like they were living a dream. Too bad they didn't know all nightmares start off as dreams.

Isabella had gone out on her usual errands, mostly consisting of grocery shopping. It was on her walk to the hidden entrance of Paradise that four men surrounded her and abducted her from the street. They were a team that had lost to the Laughing Skulls earlier in the year. Before her cousins could realize she was kidnapped, they challenged the Laughing Skulls to a rematch. In the middle of the match however, one of the opposing team's members appeared with Isabella being held at gun point. She became the bargaining chip that led to the Laughing's Skull destruction and revealed the brutality that had been reinstalled to Storm Riding.

When the smoke cleared and Isabella was left standing alone over the tattered bodies of her cousins, she found herself crying. When the police arrived they arrested the members of the Laughing Skull that didn't need hospital treatment and took Isabella and her cousin's to the hospital. There her cousins were rushed to the emergency room and Isabella was asked for information on their family. After a few hours the police officers returned and informed Isabella that the house she use to live in was completely empty and up for sale. Her mother had left the city it seemed, and so had her aunt and uncle. Her cousins were going to be arrested for their AT usage and child endangerment as soon as they recovered. Isabella had no where to go.

Despite her cries and pleas, Isabella was taken to a community orphanage. She stayed there for only two weeks. A wealthy man, Charles Jones, adopted her after taking notice of her good looks and the fact that she was apparently athletic. He wanted someone that could uphold the name of his family and stand out in their classes. He wanted Isabella to become that child, a child worthy of his time. He changed her name from Isabella Vazquez to Amelia Jones, after his mother. This was mostly to hide her relation to the criminal activities of her cousins.

Her new home was in the high class part of Los Angeles and it quickly became a strict life. Isabella, now Amelia, was only allowed to attend school, go to club meetings and come home where she now had a tutor waiting. ATs were banned, and even if they weren't, her new father always had her studying. In an attempt to "fly" once more, Amelia joined the track team of her middle school. She quickly became involved in the long jump, as it was the only time she got to feel as if she was still riding ATs. When the wind hit her back and she felt herself soar for a second or two, it was as if she was back in the sky of Paradise with her cousins.

She adjusted as well as a child could to her new life style, and she rarely spoke to her adopted father. It seemed he would only speak to her when she did something wrong, so Amelia took the fact that he never spoke to her as a good thing. At the private school she was enrolled in, her sports prowess seemed to be second to none and she was quickly the star of the track team and was known as one of the popular jocks. However, in the hidden corners of the school she would often find herself stopping in the halls to stare. There were "roads" on the walls of her school. There was an AT team within the school.

It was the first time in the year since she was adopted that she felt the wind stir inside her once more. When she got home, Amelia opened the small box that held the last remaining thing from her previous life- her laughing skull shirt. Tucking it into her school bag she left the house for the day. It was a weekend so she used the time to go to the school. It was of course locked up, but Amelia just climbed the fence, at the point where she didn't care if the cameras caught her in the act. The thirteen year old walked through the empty court yard and took a seat inside some bushes, waiting for night to come. Eventually, the whoops and cries of storm riders could be heard coming closer to the school. Amelia watched as they rode around, marking the school with their roads as they rode to the entrance of Paradise that the school hid. Amelia could even recognize a few of their voices as students of the school. She couldn't exactly place them, but she knew they were students.

The next day at school, she waiting around the lunch room, listening for voices. Finally, she found the voices that she had heard the night before. They were the weird kids who often sat together in the corner, being ignored by the rest of the school. If Amelia even tried to approach them, she would instantly become the subject of gossip, but still, she walked up to them and sat down. At first they just all looked at her, but when she said she wanted to ride with them, they just nodded and continued eating. When the bell rang, no one had said anything to her. However, a note was left in the seat next to her. It said to meet them that weekend at the school.

When Amelia got home, she nearly jumped up and down with joy, however, she hadn't noticed her adopted father was in the house when she entered. He took notice of her happy attitude and asked why she was clutching the note so excitedly. Before she could react, he took the note from her hands and read it. He looked at her, asking why she was getting notes saying to meet people at the school on weekends to ride ATs. Amelia tried her best to stammer a reply, however, he wouldn't have any of it. He left the house, saying he would deal with her that weekend. She went to her room and sunk to the floor. For the first time all year, the fact that this wasn't her house weighed heavily on her shoulders, but she didn't run away. It was then that she realized the reason she had ran away from her mother was because she had her cousins and aunts to go to, and even her mother to return to. Now she didn't have anyone to turn to. She was stuck.

The weekend came and her adopted father showed up at her door early on Saturday. In his hands he had a box that held ATs. He gave the box to Amelia, saying he would allow her to ride ATs as long as she promised to stay away from Storm Riders. He would sponsor her AT riding as long as she didn't get caught. The moment she was arrested or caught he would burn her adoption papers. She would be abandoned. The ATs he gave to her were ball roller ATs, some of the most expensive out there. In his mind, the more expensive the part, the better it was. Amelia wasn't sure about it, however, she didn't want to question the rare show of kindness, even with the threat of abandonment. She took the ATs and began to try and train.

Obviously, she mostly fell on her behind on the first week or two, and when she went to school, the group of storm riders she had been given the note by cornered her in the hall demanding to know why she skipped out. Was she just a rat trying to report them to the police? She insisted no, and that she would ride with them this weekend for sure. When the weekend came, she showed up in her ball rollers and the group went to Paradise, but Amelia only succeeded in falling on her ass in front of everyone. They laughed her out of the school and she spent the weekend moping in her room.

It took her a month to get back up and put the ATs back on, and this time she kept to training on her adopted father's private estate. During her training, she fell down a pit in the far corners of his estate, finding an entrance to Paradise right under her nose. For the next year she trained the basics again, talking to more experienced riders and such to understand the ball rollers more and more. Sadly, after a year she was still around the beginner level. One day, she decided to try wall riding in the school. It was risky, and if she got caught, then well, she'd probably be sent to juvie. At first, there was no sign of the storm riders that claimed the school. Amelia was relieved as she stood at the foot of the school and stared up, memories of her wall riding three years ago filling her mind. The clean white wall looked so different from the brick wall that had been filled with scratches and blood with no sky behind it. Her road was else where, but maybe she would be able to carve a new on in the school? Before she could even try, she heard shouts from the roof. It was the storm riders, demanding to know why she was on their territory. It looked as if a confrontation was going to being. Luckily, as they began to skate down, a miracle happened. The storm that had been brewing in the sky all week began to sink down into the earth in the shape of a Tornado. It didn't touch down in the school, but rather down the street. It was enough to scare off the other riders, but Amelia felt herself freeze as she saw the tall thin funnel. Hugging onto a tree, she stared, her eyes absorbing every detail as it moved past the school. Suddenly, a memory she hadn't thought about in years resurfaced. The road she had carved into her old school's wall had always started in the same place and slowly spread out to different parts of the wall. It was if she had carved a tornado of thorns into the wall. This was when her dream of riding a tornado began to bubble up softly inside of her.

The next few days she found herself bubbling with excitement and joy. Her love of AT was renewed and she spent every day after school in Paradise. Her adopted father didn't care what she did as long as her grades stayed above average and she brought in the trophies for the track team. Eventually, she had claimed her own little corner of paradise. Amelia practically lived under ground, constantly skating, perfecting her skills. However, one day, the gates to Paradise were locked. The one that had been on her estate was sealed, it was like, well, it was like it had never existed. She quickly ran to her school, looking for the one hidden in the basement, only to find that one locked up as well. In a desperate attempt, she skipped school and took the bus to her old neighborhood.

When she arrived, her old neighbors found themselves staring at her. When they called the name Isabella, Amelia's legs froze and she took off running, with her old childhood friends chasing after her. They followed her down the alley where the entrance to Paradise, where before she could even reach it, they screamed that it was closed. Amelia kept running until she came to the sealed entrance. Her childhood friends caught up with her, asking if she was going to quit ATs like some others were, or if she was going to take to the real sky like they were. She didn't reply, she only ran off.

That night her adopted father was furious. How dare the child he took in from the kindness of his heart skip school? He raised his hand and brought it down, stopping two inches before hitting Amelia's face. With that, he stormed from the house, remarking that if she skipped again she'd be back in the community home. Amelia spent the night in her room, curled up under the blankets with her ATs being clung to tightly. Her sky was gone.

She went to school the next day and found all the students whispering about the rise in storm riders. After school, Amelia hung out in the basement, staring at the old entrance that had been hidden behind the furnace. She had never thought about it, but she guessed the school was fairly old. It probably use to be the home to Storm Riders before the ban. Maybe that was why it had an entrance to Paradise under it? Her bag felt heavy as she gripped the straps. Her ATs had never weighed so much. As she left the school, she looked back to see the shadows of her classmates on the roof. They were waving, inviting her to skate. Amelia stared at them for a moment, however, just then it was as if she was being held back by vines from the Earth. Paradise had been her false sky.

There was an old story about birds who ran to an underground cave when a volcano destroyed their island home. After years of evolution, they became blind. The birds could no longer see anything but the black false sky they flew in, and when they were discovered, the birds could no longer fly. Amelia felt exactly like those birds. She didn't belong in the real sky. She turned her back and walked home, the ATs feeling like they weight 100lbs in her backpack.

When she got home, the TV in her room turned onto the news channel. She must have been watching the weather report the night before or something. As the TV played, news of storm riders causing trouble and arrests blasted out across her room. Amelia watched the footage of arrests with rubber bullets spraying about the scenes. Then, the footage showed an interview with two riders who had been arrested years ago. They were her cousins. Something clicked in Amelia right then and there. The sky was dangerous. Her cousins had tried to fly in the sky, and now they were locked away in iron cages. She could prevent it, and she would. That night, she dawned her ATs with the metallic studs in their fabric, and she set out into the city.

Her first victims were the students of her school. She found them on the roof, showing off wall riding. When they first saw her, they greeted her, sneering as they invited her to ride with them. In their minds, she was just some kid going along with the fad. However, before the night would end, her schoolmates would be beaten to a pulp. Their skin would be shredded and bruises, but so would Amelia's. The metal studs in her ATs shredded not only her opponents skin, but her's as well. For the next few months she continued attacking Storm Riders. Older residents of Los Angeles, who remembered the AT craze of long ago, remarked it was as if the Thorn Queen had been reborn. Soon enough the nick name stuck and the new Thorn Queen was the terror of Los Angeles. Soon after, the rate of AT crime in Los Angeles dropped dramatically, there was even a news report about it.

The weekend after the news report, one of the rare ones where her adopted father came home, he announced he was opening a branch of his business in San Francisco and he was moving there, Amelia of course, would be coming with him. The news shocked her, but she didn't scream or argue, only shrugged. She didn't know if she wanted to be excited or angry. All that hard work to keep the people of Los Angeles from ending up like her cousin... All the thorn vines she had laid out across the city, but, there was a bright side. She could now spread her thorn net across a new city.

Roleplay Sample:

Amelia stared up at the sky, craning her head up as the sun was blocked up by a passing plane. Her hand was high in the air, holding up her cell phone as she took a picture of the plane blocked sun. It was her first view of the sky in San Francisco. She gripped the bag around her shoulders as she thought about the sky line she had seen flying into the city. It was huge! There were so many more buildings than Los Angeles, at least, so many more buildings that were being packed together so tightly! It was a storm rider's dream city. The buildings were so tightly packed together and it really was a completely different world than the united states. Even though it had one fourth the population of Los Angeles, there were so many tall buildings all squeezed into land half the size! It was amazing.

She looked around, staring at the road in front of her. Amelia was outside of the air port, looking for the driver her adopted father had sent for her. He had come to San Francisco a month earlier and said he would send a driver for her. However, she couldn't see him and... well, a plan started to form inside her head. She had her ATs in her bag, and she had the address to their apartment. It wasn't rocket science right? Besides, she could find her way around Los Angeles without getting lost and this city was half the size!

Grinning, Amelia slipped into a restroom and quickly changed her shoes out for her ATs. She stepped out in the stylish ATs and smirked as she brushed her hair behind her ear. The good thing about ball roller ATs was that when they weren't in use, they looked like normal shoes. At the moment all she was wearing was a black sweater and just above her knee length skirt with her white scarf, comfortable clothing to travel in. Humming, Amelia began to slowly walk through the crowd, ignoring the elderly man with the sign reading "Amelia Jones" in front of the town car she passed. How hard could it be to find her apartment? Besides, it would be a good thing to find her way around the city! It wasn't as if San Francisco was some confusing place?


Wrong. Half an hour later, Amelia found herself standing in the middle of a park, staring up at the surrounding buildings. Where the hell was she? She could read maps and stuff, but some of the signs were just weird to her. It was like she was on an alien planet. That's when it hit her. San Francisco was Mars and the locals were all aliens! That made perfect sense. They had to be aliens, it was the only thing that made sense.

Amelia growled as she crossed her arms and skated through the park in silence. What kind of messed up city was San Francisco? It was like it was just one big puzzle! Los Angeles made more sense than this stupid place. She hadn't even seen a single storm rider since she got there, and the sun was setting. She shivered as she looked up. All her luggage had been sent ahead to the apartment from the air line, but Amelia was suppose to ride in a town car away from her stuff apparently. Amelia looked over her shoulder as she took notice of a few guys walking through the park. They defiantly looked like people she shouldn't get mixed up with. She didn't even notice the ATs they were wearing. Amelia hugged herself, rubbing her shoulders as she skated along the park, stopping in front of a tall wall that held a mural of a dragon. It was breathtaking, and Amelia reached out, touching the peeling paint with the tips of her finger. She didn't know what the building was for, but she didn't really care. The girl just stood there, staring at the wall as the sun set.


Jumping 5/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 0/10
Stamina 0/10
Dexterity 4/10
Acceleration 0/10
Tricks 0/10


Name: Twister Kicks
Rank: D
Description: Not a move per se, but rather a style of attack and jump. It uses her pelvis as a center of gravity instead of her knees. She uses this as the focal points of her kicks and jumps, leading to stronger jumps and kicks that lash like whips. The twister part of the style comes from her Ball Rollers which add a spin to her jumps and kicks, giving it the trajectory of a bullet. To add further injury, she wears metal studs to shred her opponents skin, however, the studs often imprint onto her as well, causing various bruises and cuts.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Must be taught by Amelia Jones

Name: Vine Whip Twister
Rank: D
Description: A quick kick that whips out like a thorn whip. This is her main form of attack and a classic of the Sonia Road, allowing for quick and defensive kicks that can double as offensive. Once again her Ball Rollers add a spin to the kicks, spinning everything they kick out of her way in a tornado like fashion.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Must be taught by Amelia Jones

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