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Davian Smith [Thunder King/Gravity Child] WIP

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1Davian Smith [Thunder King/Gravity Child] WIP Empty Davian Smith [Thunder King/Gravity Child] WIP on Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:46 pm

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Davian Smith

Personal Information

Name: Davian Smith
Alias:Gravity Children
Nationality:Unknown, but looks European
Age:Unknown, but assumes around late teens due to his physical development and matured mindset
Weight:130 lbs (210lbs with Thunder Regalia)

Thick, messy blond hair, with thick brown eyebrows. Deep green eyes with golden flecks around pupil, and a medium length nose. He has thin lips that are never dry, and an almond shaped face. Davian is tall and thin around the waist, but has quite wide shoulders. He has long thin arms and his hands are relatively large, with long and slender fingers, but they are hidden most of the time underneath the metal gauntlets that are part of the Thunder Regalia.
He is always dressed well, with a black woolen, double breasted military jacket over generally a white shirt, black slim fitting cotton trousers. Occasionally he might wear a grey cotton scarf, or a slim black tie. He isn't muscular, but just toned. He wears the Thunder Regalia underneath his clothes, resulting in weird bumps all over his body caused by the coils of wires. When he activates his suit , however, all his clothes are ripped apart by the wires to reveal the Regalia.

Reserved and polite, Davian speaks with a polite British accent, and pronounces all of the hard consonants. He can be seen as quite standoffish or detached in some people's eyes, because of his curt manner. He does in fact avoid all attachment as a self-defense mechanism due to previous events. He tries to remain passive in disputes (often requiring a lot of self-control), as he knows his power has very destructive tendencies, but if someone insults his honour, then he takes it as a personal insult.
Although everyday he can be reserved, around his Gravity Children brethren (or at least, the ones he likes) he can be quite playful, although he seems to be able to keep a poker face while doing so. When in battle, his demeanor can also change, becoming more feral. He's quite bookish, and enjoys a wide variety of music, such as English Punk (Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash)/Grunge (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Silverchair)/Big Band (Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra)/Classical (Bach, Handel, Debussy, Satie)/Noise Rock (Flipper, Public Image Ltd.). He enjoys both tea and coffee, but often prefers coffee to tea, especially when aggravated. He smokes, but very rarely. Usually once a week, and only when he is having a rough day. He has a special ability to distinguish individual flavours in a dish, and can also distinguish different tobaccos and wines.

Special Information

Birth Place: Trophaeum Tower
Current Place of Residence:A two bedroom apartment in San Francisco
Current Team:N/A
Shadow:[Only admins are allowed to see this link]]Ibong Adarna[/url]


Davian doesn't remember much about his early childhood, except occasional memory flashes of floating, of children slightly older than he, and of flying, with wheels on his feet. From later childhood, however, memories are quite vivid. Learning to ride A-Ts with his other 'siblings', and being mercilessly tested upon by scientists, so much so that his back is still dotted with the scars from various syringes and tubes. Davian doesn't remember much about the escape. He remembers a group of his older siblings taking a scientist down, then he remembers the theft of the regalia, and then the merciless climb out of the tower. Eventually, Davian escaped with his siblings and the Thunder Regalia from the Trophaum, but Davian couldn't run very far with the heavy Thunder Regalia, as he was one of the youngest Gravity Children, so he was eventually left behind and abandoned by his so called 'siblings'. However, because he was still quite small, he found an alleyway to hide in, between two high end restaurants.
A day later, the sous-chef of one of the highest rated French Cuisine restaurants in San Francisco, started his morning. His name was James Smith, and he was cleaning up a plate that someone had dropped in the restaurant the night before. As he was taking the shards of porcelain to the dumpster in the alley outside the restaurant, he saw two bare feet poking out from behind the dumpster. he crouched down, and found a small blonde boy starving and shivering, still clutching tightly the heavy steel Thunder Regalia. He wearing an odd black jumpsuit, and was wear what appeared to be two wheeled roller blades on his feet. James Smith, in that instant, recognised something in the boy, and considered his options. James Smith had lost his own son and wife a long time ago, his son was stillborn and the mother died in childbirth. James reached out and touched the small boy
Davian grew up, took James' name, and learnt a lot from his 'father' (he taught Davian how to cook, he taught him about food, and about music). Davian grew to love this man as if he was his own father. However, Davian couldn't remain off the grid forever, so eventually an A-T team heard about this young kid with the Thunder Regalia, and while Davian was on an errand for his adoptive father the team attacked his house and stole the Thunder Regalia. When Davian returned to the house, it was covered in scratches, that could have only have been caused by A-Ts. Upon opening the door, Davian found his adoptive father lying prone on the floor in a pool of his own blood. His body was already cold. Davian searched the rest of the house and found that the Thunder Regalia had been stolen, and all around his room, were stickers. The same sticker, over and over again.
Davian crushed the A-T team. No one knows how, all they know is that he did it on a pair of cheap A-Ts bought in a sport shop near where he lived. After he defeated the A-T team that killed his father, Davian took the Thunder Regalia and went into hiding.
Now, Davian is back on the scene, looking for a tuner for his Regalia so he is able to rejoin his siblings in the sky.



Air-Trek Information

Description:A plated suit, with the boots ending in wheels. There are small coils of wire located around the suit.

F Class

Name: Trick.
Rank: Class.
Description: One Paragraph Minimum.
Limit: Learn From.

Name: Trick.
Rank: Class.
Description: One Paragraph Minimum.
Limit: Learn From.

E Class

D Class

C Class

B Class

A Class[center]

[Remove If Not Applicable.]



Disclosed Information

Role-Play Sample:

Role-Play Sample Here. Not Required for F Rank.

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