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1Rarilue Empty Rarilue on Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:29 am

Rarilue Kuridoshi

The Basics

Name: Rarilue Kuridoshi

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

“...the body is the character, the mind is the system and data, and the conscience is player with the controller in their hand willing to play”, a saying he came up with when comparing a person to video games. He believes it`s just a matter of preference at the conscience level when it comes to personality. It`s all about desire and experiencing, also choice. At the conscience level, it is just that and he goes by it. Putting a CD in a video-game console, grabbing a controller, he is playing it... Life.

Emotionally, he prefer to only experience good or positive emotions. He dosen`t try to feel towards anything except with positive emotion. He follows his feelings, when he feels about something he does it despite what it is. Even if it will make him feel bad, if he feels good going with it then he does it. Though, he knows emotion within itself is just a tool that works for his conscience.

The mind is also just a tool that works for his conscience though he does have a mind set. He thinks positively despite of anything and doesn`t matter what the matter is. He is not a thinker as in he doesn`t think when there isn`t a reason to. He doesn`t use his mind to decide because there is no need to, it`s a knowing. He does use his mind however, it`s a tool and he uses it.

He likes getting what he wants and doing whatever he wants. Through some period of time he managed to rid any negative habits, example: uncontrollably letting out a negative emotion when something bad happened. He is also knowledgeable the basis and basics of life. From the saying of the shaolin temple in china, "I am not afraid of the 10 thousand strikes you know that you practiced only once, I am deathly afraid of the single strike you practiced 10 thousand times". To clarify, the most important thing about something is the basics. If a foundation is not strong then it would break easily making the whole structure crumble.

What he doesn`t like are requirements. For example, do you think ridding habits that are so ingrained into you is easy? No, he worked his ass off. This is about one of the very few things he doesn`t like. Some other things he doesn`t like are obvious ones like experiencing something he doesn`t want to experience. Or getting what he doesn`t want to get. This is more specific under dislike requirements however.

He has an oval face with a slight tone coloring and a very young smooth soft complexion. He has eyes of a brown color with a plain expression and big. Has full lips and a small mouth. He has very dark brownish hair and not too short. Hair style that of being labeled as “messy” he just lets his hair do it`s thang. Has side burns though they may go unnoticeable due to the nature of him not combing.

His face is shaved, when facial hair grows he have mustache and beard on his chin. Also has a soul patch or mouche and has a line of hair going up in diagonally on both his cheeks. Also has hair under the jaw. He has shoes that goes over the toes individually like a glove. Shoes are black and gray with lace system with no need to tie.

He has blue pants which appear to be made cotton. Also appears that the pants are to long thus the roll up at the ankles. Has a white baggy shirt that seems to be made completely out of cotton. Has a black cotton jacket with tan color fur on the inside and hoodie. Sleeves of jacket goes just over the hands.
Shadow: Credit in production of this goes to a pal of mine name Jason aka Tie the guy who`ll ask for ya penis picture >_>
Rarilue 24g24xt

Special Info

Class: D-rank

Birth Place: Nampa, Idaho

Current Place of Residence: Seattle, Washinton

The Finale

Usually kept inside the house as a child, it lead to him using his mind and thoughts to entertain himself. Years passed and his skill with his mind were such finely crafted, a thinker, to such an extent beyond believe. When we stayed up late at morning watching the television, an infomercial was on the air. It was about a book about health and corporation secrets, so he went and got the book. He read the book for just about half way through, it didn`t give him information but confirmation about his own thoughts. Such is being it fairly strange how a doctor my give you medication so easily without really going into what is wrong with the patient.

Years later, again watching television late at morning, an infomercial came on about another product that contain information on how to make all your dreams come true and it was from the same person that wrote the health book. So he got the product and went through the whole thing, it tells about a secret function of the mind and about emotion. It changed his attitude and thought patterns completely from that day forth. That is when he decided to feel positive as well. He then went through the product again and again and again and again, he has all the information ingrained in his head and even got to the point where he was thinking and feeling positive automatically.

There is a state where someone may be able to perform certain actions without even thinking it, probably even in their sleep. The reason for this is that there are things called dendrites the builds a connection to the brain and creates energy pathways. These pathways can grow bigger in size and more powerful. This helps the physical body in performing the action that the pathways were created for. There are two ways into building dendrites, either perform the action over and over again or observe someone else performing the action over and over again.

Short time after that, he heard of the author recommending someone else`s products, so he got two books of theirs and read them. It gave information about the conscience, this is what really changed him. He had to give up something to be better and that something was his mind. He didn`t went insane nor did he just not use his mind at all he just had to stop relying on it in such a way because the mind itself was only just a tool. Emotion is just a tool the mind is just a tool and the conscience is the self, “...the body is the character, the mind is the system and data, and the conscience is player with the controller in their hand willing to play”.

You can`t have a computer to give orders to an all know and powerful entity. You can`t have a scientist to give orders to a general on how to run his army. You can`t have a mentally retarded person giving orders to a scientist. That`s just fucking retarded. You get it now?

When he became the age of 20 he left home and into Seattle, Washington. At his first night there he obtained these shoes with wheels named air-treks. It turned out that he found a secret hiding spot where people would hid their skates. It was to avoid any government finding them while they do random searches at houses. How the keep it secret is that the choose these so-called high-ranks to hid everything for them so to avoid anyone else giving the information be it due from double-crossing or torture. They seem to be trusted and skilled enough for the responsibility.

However, he did not obtain anything from the pile but rather trade them in to someone that he met which he first mistook as a drug-dealer. They had a conversation where he introduce him to these forbidden skates (air-tecks). Of corse to him they were simply skates that he himself only used a pair as a kid with not much interest. The man, as what Lue has named Daffy, is a tuner which are people that modifies air-tecks to give them outstanding abilities which appearently went to far in japanese land which caused some destruction. The reason why he gave him all of these teckies he found was because Daffy said he would modify the strange shoes he was wearing to have a special mode where wheels will pop out from the bottom.

Normally having wheels wouldn`t interest him, but with what Daffy said about the capabilites and potental, he had a strong feeling that he should at least give it a try. So along with the rest of the tecks he gave his own shoes to Daffy to be tuned. Of corse he could`ve just accepted an already made air-teck however he prefers to keep his special shoes that he was wearing. These shoes wrapped around every individual toe, just like a glove over a hand. There was no lift at the heels and it feels like you`re not wearing shoes at all going around bare-footed. He never really liked shoes, and the only reason he has these strange shoes was because he didn`t want to step on any crap.

Hours have passed, at this ally, Daffy finally returned from the same door that he entered carrying the air-tecks he had obtained. He presented the tuned out pair of now air-tecks to Lue. They looked exactly the same more or less, Daffy said that he used somewhat the same technology as how shadows appear. The mechanics put into these seem to be more technologicly advanced then the average little motors, but it was infact just a different approuch and should run pretty much the same as other air-tecks. Putting on the shoes, the two guys went into another conversation about shadows. Apperently, shadows are the manifestation of ones inner-side. An example is a shark nawing away other creatures, which represents voilence. Daffy was amazed of how easy it is to talk to Lue expectally about things about air-tecks and shadows which he discovered for the very first time.

The truth is Lue knows the foundation of things, the fundamental of existence, so he did not argue any facts that Daffy was speaking, it made sense to him. They continue to talk, Lue emphasized to talk about the most important part the basics the fundamentals. After their talk Lue went on ahead on his way and both said they buh-byes with also Daffy saying if Lue ever needs a tune he can always comeback to him.

Roleplay Sample: This is from a previous site I was on. It was a mission thread which where jobs that characters could take in order to make some money. The top part that is in quotes is the mission sheet, a D-rank is the lowest rank which could be anything from walking the dog or finding a mission child, with no dangers to the mercenary in anycase. It`s short, pretty simple, and also the writting is pretty simple too because then I only wanted to do the task just for the money with not much input on my part in all honesty.
Name: Herd the Cattle
Rank: D
IIC Length: 4 Days
Difficulty: Easy
Herd some cattle into a nearby farm.
Description: A young man is moving farms and needs some help making his routes. He needs all of his cattle to be moved from one farm over a distance of about two miles to his new larger farm. He has about 40 cows and needs everyone moved and not one lost.
Reward: 1100 Ryo


Coming in into a house on a wide space in the town of flower`s village. Cows were all cramped in a pen. Though it was surprising that the grass looked so clean and the place didn`t stank. "Daddeh, someone is here for ya", a lil` girl said after she let Lue in and then she waltz into the kitchen. "[color=brown]Can we get on with moving the grass eaters[color=brown]", he quarried as he was helding the mission sheet in his hand to show the man sitting on the table eating to what it seemed to be cereal in raw milk. The man simple mumbled as he got up from the table and walked passed him, "lets get this over with", he said.

The both walked outside and to the gate of the cow pen where all of cows were in. "Get meh shit in the other house already lets just take these to there and it`ll be a done day", the man said. The man lifted this huge metal pin from a two intersecting holes where was keeping the gate closed and locked. He put it in his pocket and moves the gate out. He went in into the pen and started to pull a cow out of the gate from the pen. "Don`t ya have a dog or sumthing", Lue asked the man pulling the cow from the head.

"Don`t want no damn dog", the man`s rebuttal. "Well alrighty so lets get these cows out of this pen thing", Lue said as he walks in the pen. He looked for the closest cow where he can get to it`s head immediately. He found one and approached it and got a good hold of it`s head and he started to pull enough to the cow to start walking out of the pen. He past the man going into the pen again to get the next cow out by the head. Lue lead the cow out of the pen and walked it right next the the first cow that got pulled out of the pen.

He went back to the pen to get another cow. He looked around and it was going to take a while getting a cow out one by one. But meh, it was good exercise for him and it wasn`t really that difficult to get cows out this way even with this number of cows on the premises. The girl was there outside the pen to keep an eye on the cows that were outside and to alert if anyone would get to far from Lue and her father. The cattle were such a calm and peaceful bunch, and it seemed that all are grass fed as well which is a great sign for the quality of it`s meat and even milk.

After taking all the cows out of the pen one by one, keeping count of cows being taking out which is forty. "Help me get the cows to face that direction", he man said while pointing into the direction where he wants the cows to face. He both went to every cow that needed to be rotated toward the desired location and about less than half of the cattle needed that. And the both decided to also put them in rows which didn`t took long at all. Now the cows are in a rectangular form in aerial view. "You done yet pumpkin cuz we need ya here now", the man said yelling at the house though talking to his daughter that is inside. "Cummin daddeh" the lil`girl yelled out as she ran out of the house.

The lil` girl approached the two and she was wearing this bull outfit. The outfit had big worns sticking out of the head and a humongous penis with is apparently in a shape of an actual bull`s while erected. Though Lue couldn`t be completely sure since he never really observed a bull`s penis. Lue could sense something though, "What`s that strong strange smell", he asked. "Dis is filled up with horny-mones", the lil`girl said innocently as she is having a hold onto it do to it`s long size so it won`t get all dirty on the ground. The former when inside the house and came back out with a bi-cycle. "Carry my daughter and fellow me to the other place a couple miles frum`ear", the man said. "Let`er rip!", he then yelled out as he begins to peddle onwards.

The lil`girl starts to swing the long penis shape thing of her attire up in the air above her in a circler counter-clockwise motion. Thus making the cattle very energized and the front row started to move and the cows behind them as they make room for them to move to the girl. "We should go now", he said as he list up the girl and grip her to against his chest and almost over his shoulder. He then ran to the man peddling away and the cattle started to stampede. The gang went through all sorts of directions and around buildings as the cattle behind were following in exert speeds. They made it to their location as the man on the bike got there first he quickly got off and went to pull open the gate of the pen and waited for Lue and his daughter to come shortly after.

Lue went toward and into the pen with have the stampede right behind him on the lil`girl he was carrying still. He kept on running on and as he reached to the edge of the pen he quickly jumped over it. As it seems the all the cattle were in the pen the man pushed the gate shut and locked it with the pin in his pocket. The cows were now calm, maybe cuz do to the mentality of them with pens. The man and his daughter said their good-bye and thanks with gratitude to Lue as he walks off.



Jumping 0/10
Strength 0/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 0/10
Dexterity 9/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 0/10


Name: Forgotten Freak
Rank: D-A
Description: Everywhere you look, all the places you see, all the things you hear: You always see shoes with large cushioning under the heel. Why is this? Not gonna go into that. The fact of the matter is, the human body is meant to go bare-foot. Centuries of foot-wear have nearly disabled the basic movements of mankind. So this is how a person should walk. First, they most lean their body forward to the point of instability, where someone is about to fall on their face.

Then, they must let their ankles bend. Yes, let it bend as much as they possibly can while still leaning the body forward. Thirdly, concentrate your weight onto the ball part of your feet. Fourth, push down the ground with your foot with the ball part of it. Should move forward with your feet by now. Then, finally, you must land the foot right on the ball area first. With all the mechanics that goes into this movement, a human would go far more faster and have far more stamina when walking compared to one that wears conventional shoes. And why is that? Try using this movement while wearing shoes. `Nuff said.

With that all said, this movement can be applied to skating. Yes skating, ya`know, those old days where people would have to move manually while on skates? While it may be difficult to even come close to manually go as fast as the micro-technology in skates now-a-days. Using this movement will sure give you a bit of a boost.

Using this continuously in succession you`ll gain a boost in speed up to 16mph. The foundation of this trick could be grasped by those that are at least D-class. When the user is skilled enough to be considered C-class, using some of the steps in this movement such as bending ankles and concentrating weight on the ball area of the foot, the user will be able to jump far much higher gaining a boost up to 2ft.

When the user is skilled enough to be considered as B-class, the boost cap in speed is increased by 8mph. Finally, a skilled A-class user, the boost cap for both speed and jumping is increased: by 8mph and 2ft. The cap increases stack.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Learn from Lue

Name: Spinning Bullet
Rank: D-B
Description: With this trick, all the user has to do is to rotate their whole being. That`s it for the spinning part. This trick was created by Lue when he was just a young`n. There my be more efficient ways to spin your body more than others but, it doesn`t matter how you spin just as long as your good at doing it. The point of this trick is to travel from one point to another by rotation.

This can be used to avoid obstacles coming your way, such as a punch or other objects. This trick can be utilized rather very quickly. However, the rotation can`t be held in continuation. So you won`t be able to get out of the way of very huge obstacles. The spin can be held out to only a certain extent to maybe avoid a side of a car or front of a train.

The foundation of this trick can be grasped by those skilled enough to be considered D-class. When the user is skilled enough to be considered C-class, they can keep spinning as long as they logically can. Also the power is increased greatly. It may be unnecessary to travel that fast to avoid kicks and punches. However, this is so that the user can avoid very huge objects adequately with that extra power they can release.

When the user is skilled enough to be considered B-class, the user can rotate the opposite direction and have the same power as the previous rotation. Think of it as a double-jump kind of thing. The user changes rotation so skillfully that they could well be just like a speeding bullet that can keep going on and on as long as they keep doing the trick. While watching from a 3rd person view, someone doing this trick at the highest level looks like they are defying gravity.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Learn from Lue

Face Claim

Grappler Baki (and all series related) - Hanma, Baki

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2Rarilue Empty Re: Rarilue on Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:35 pm

So far your application is great! I only have a few things that need to be adjusted. Remember you can always contact me if you have any questions about what I have pointed out. Be aware that other moderators may find issues that I did not point out.

The following needs to be adjusted to get an approval from me:

Personality | Develop your character’s personality a little more. He seems really one sided and could have more characteristics that define him. Also, add some likes and dislikes so we can learn a little more about him.
History | The younger years of the history are very vague and could be added onto with a short paragraph. You may need some touching up elsewhere, but there was nothing major.
Tricks | For Forgotten Freak there is no information on D-Class users. Please add the details for this and some more detail would be appreciated as well. The usage of it is slightly vague in my opinion.
You need to be specific on how long the Spinning Bullet lasts and how it will affect the user’s body. The usage of it is slightly vague in my opinion as well.

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3Rarilue Empty Re: Rarilue on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:30 pm

ah, yes yes the reason why it`s really vague like that is when I write this bio originally I could`ve typed out so much that it`ll make the readers eyes roll to the back of their heads. And if I added just a bit to them it would be just blah.

Though, I found out when redoing the bio that I was able to make it so much better when I explained it in a different way. However, there was an incident where I accidentally deleted the shit I was working on, and it was such a muse killer. In fact, it actually prevented me from submitting the bio a lot earlier and having him try for C-rank. Finding out I missed the C-ranks deadline and he`ll be at the most D-rank was a relief because I wouldn`t have had to make it better which it was so much better when I was redoing it before it got deleted.

Sorry to say that I won`t make the whole app as good as it was when I was redoing it. The deletion was that big a kick to the nuts. I`m not even sure what it says exactly in those sections cuz it`s been half a year when I made this originally, but I know exactly how he is anyways. I`ll just add a paragraph are two in the personality and history.

Also, just to say, for the tricks I thought I would have an opportunity to really explain them to whomever wanted me to teach them too. But I`ll redo them both, at least I can rework those. I`ll say when I`m done with the fixes.

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4Rarilue Empty Re: Rarilue on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:00 pm

Okay, fixed everything. I added shit and also redone the tricks. For the forgotten freak one, I was thinking of shrinking it down, but found out there is no "training system". So I decided to leave it like that. For the spinning bullet I wasn`t as specific like in the other trick. That`s because the 1st it had to be done specifically. I didn`t want to be specific for the 2nd one, just have to spin `n shit.

Also the length of how spinning bullet lasts, i`ll leave that up to rping. at D-rank it`s just a single action. C-class is continuous if it`s possible.

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Rarilue Mentos_moment,_I_approve

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6Rarilue Empty Re: Rarilue on Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:14 pm

Approved! <3
Locked & Moved

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Archived | Dead

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