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Rules and Regulations

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1Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:44 pm


Basic Regulations

We on Air-Gear: Chained Wings have a strict set of regulations that we ask all of our members to abide by.

Respect: It is expected that members show respect towards others and their opinions. Derogatory remarks based upon another person's race, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    Note* Trolling will not be tolerated!

Patience: Please be patient and do not bug our administrators or moderators. They may not always be able to assist you right away, but be assured that they will get to you in a timely manner.

Spam: Spam will not be tolerated on any level. Some forms of spam include, but are not limited to: advertising in inappropriate areas, double posting, and trolling.

Content: In accordance to the Forumotion Terms of Usage no excessive swearing or pornographic material will be allowed on this website. We are rated PG-13 unless otherwise stated in the title of a thread.

    Note* If you wish to participate in a Mature thread label it so in the title. Any thread that is not labelled properly will be deleted.

Usage: Each person is allowed to maintain three accounts as long as they have permission to do so from an administrator. Accounts that have been inactive for ninety days will be deleted and cannot be recreated.

Approval: You may not role-play until your character has been moved into the "Approved Characters" area and customs may not be used in battle until an administrator has deemed them applicable.

Fighting: Fighting of any form between members is prohibited. Do not "bash" or "flame" another person simply because you do not like their attitude or the way that they role-play. If you have a problem with another person please sort it out among yourselves; if an agreement cannot be met though an administrator will step in.

Posting: The posting requirement for this website is one hundred and fifty [150] words per post.

Power-Playing: You may not create an character that has no weaknesses or is unbeatable. Every person must have a flaw and if your character does not show any in battle you will receive warning of excessive "Power-Playing". You may also not decide whether your opponent gets hit by your attacks. Your opponent should know their limitations and therefore what would ultimately affect them on the battle field.

    Note* You may not battle someone if they have not agreed to do so.

Killing: Characters are allowed to die, but only if they are killed in a battle topic and both parties have agreed to the death.

Property Rights: Everything on Air-Gear: Chained Wings is property of the administrators unless otherwise stated. Theft will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from the website.

Administration Staff: As you may have come to notice, "Luna" is listed as the main administrator. However Luna is no longer able to participate on the website and has left it in the charge of Ophelia and Hopsin. If you have any questions that would require an administrator please contact one of them.

Chat-Box Regulations

Respect: Treat all members and staff with respect while using the chat-box.

Spam: Spam of any type is not allowed in the chat-box.

Content: Pornographic material or excessive nudity is prohibited in the chat-box. All members found breaking this rule will lose their chat-box privilege.

Staff Regulations

Respect: All members of the staff are required to give their members the same respect they give them.

Abuse: Any abuse of moderator powers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately by administrators. This will usually result in a revocation of powers.

Responsibility: Please take all of your jobs seriously as a member of our staff. Anyone who is found to be severely slacking will be removed from the staff simply because they are not meeting the requirements of their job.

Updated on September 07, 2012. Ophelia Hawthorne.

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