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Triple A (A.A.A.)

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1 Triple A (A.A.A.) on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:09 am

Name: Aron Alexander Anderson

Sex: Mail

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Aron is a man of several faces. He sometimes appears as someone carefree and happy with their life and the people in it. Almost always seen in a good mood with a smile. Then there are times where he can become enraged and hostile. Forcing himself to focus on his goal and needs. This brakes him of his normally goofy outlook on life like seeing the cup neither half empty or full but overflowing with both the liquid and the gas around it.

As for likes he takes his running and sketching seriously. Always looking out for speed then anything else, whether its the rush of the wind against his face or the watching of his pencil glide swiftly across his paper as he lets his imagination flow. There is not much that Aron does not like, well it is more of a disdain than anything else for track coaches.

Appearance: Standing at an average height for an American his build could be considered slim yet his muscles are compact causing him to weigh more then he looks. His green eyes would be hidden behind purple tinted shades. His blond hair swept back is held there without the use of any product.

As for scars he has only on his knees where he would skin them constantly in practices and as he learned to skate. However his knees are fine. His clothing usually consists of pants, an under shirt, and an opened button up over it.

Shadow: A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with a roaring 426 cubic Hemi producing 425 HP.

Class: F

Birth Place: Lake Havasue, Arizona

Current Place of Residence: California

History: Aron was born in the United States, more specifically Lake Havasue, Arizona. Growing up he was always the fastest kid on the playground and even the teachers had a hard time to get him to slow down in the halls. With tests he would excel in school however homework would continue to get lost or simply not done leaving him with a C average grade through out his schooling. However there would be some classes that Triple A excelled at. Art would be one of them and in his spare times he would sketch out designs for foot wear and other items. Physical education would be the second as Aron was allowed to show just how fast he was.

By middle school his grades would seem the same but as sports came Aron Alexander Anderson would be forced with an ultimatum from his mother and join the track team where his natural ability to run both fast over short and long distances was exploited and pushed by his coaches. He hated it but it would push him to hone his speed and break multiple school and state records on multiple track events. By this time Aron would also have finally gotten into Air Treks mostly as a hobby but he would find that his focus would develop into an obsession to design his own to make something better.

Getting into College on a track scholarship he would take classes in design and mechanics finally finding a focus that was fun for him as he designed normal skates and shoes. His most prominent design would be focused on a concept that would get him recognized by an un-named group. The design itself was simple just taking the air cushion system and making it into a securing system instead of standard straps or laces. This would make the all footware a more secure fit as the air system expanded to fit the foot that was in it.

The group was interested and because of this took Aron on as a temporary designer for a trial basis. Aron's Ideas would be fresh and young and with the final word from the head office they would pay for his fair to move to California. His access to watch and view each of the stages a single pair of Air Treks go through giving him incite and things to focus on as he created his designs. Having only ridden Skate's as a hobby he would be new to the world around them but he would be thankful for the pair of A-T's that was given to him.

Roleplay Sample: Not required, F rank

Jumping 0/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 0/10
Dexterity 0/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 1/10

Name:Flat Tire
Description:By stepping on the back portion of the targets A-T's as they lift their foot up causes the target's foot to loose momentum and thus stumble, those with higher strength, at least 5/10 can actually knock the Air trek off. Causing the Target to veer off course, stumble, or even crash if successful.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Sure

Name:Runners Stance
Description:More of a starting off position then an actual trick however due to the positioning of the body at the beginning of a race it causes both the front wheels of the A-T to start spinning before the race starts and thus increases acceleration off the line. +1 Acceleration per class, Aka, +1 for F class, +2 for E, +3 for D...
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Sure

Name: Sound Pickup
Rank: F
Description: Listening to the world around them Tuners can pick up beats and rhythms that normally go unheard, allowing them to pick out deficiencies within a A-T as it is moving around them, know the exact time without looking at a watch, so on and so forth. A tuner can also pick up Biorythms to determine moods or sudden changes in ones thought pattern. Unfortunately those that pick up this ability cant shut it off so to deal with the constant noise they either tune it out with loud music or take medication for the migraines that ensue.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes, Tuners

Name: Hidden Tool Kit
Rank: F
Description: With a shake of the arm the user can produce tools for a quick repair or to quickly guard themselves. This allows them to carry their tools no mater what it might be, to a realistic point, on them with both quick and easy access when needed.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes, Tuners

Air Gear - Yoshitsune, Anderson, Aron

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2 Re: Triple A (A.A.A.) on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:20 pm

      Everything seems to be legit to me, bro. The only problem I see are within the tricks. They're way to good for a F-rank rider, and give way to many buffs. Personally, I don't think F-rank tricks have the required movements and needed difficulty level in order to improve ones performance, but I'm willing to give you a shot.

      //One Wheel Rocket* It's simple enough to work, an a damn good trick. But the thing is, we don't use agility on this site, we go by dexterity, so you're going to have to change that, bro. Secondly, you're giving your character way to many boosts for a F-rank. +3 for acceleration and +3 for agility aka dexterity. That's a insane performance boost, even C-rank riders can't obtain boosts to this caliber. So I'm going to have to ask you to pick either dexterity or acceleration to start with, and take the boost number down to +1. This because it's a F-rank trick, and your character isn't experienced enough yet. Thirdly, you put "F-A" when people put that, it's to indicate that trick gets better as the user goes through the ranks (the ranks being D , C , B , A , ect , ect). But with this trick, I don't see that. I only see a move that gives a boost of performance and it stays that way no matter the rank. So please removed the "F-A" and just have it at "F".

      //Runners Stance*Perfect! You took what I said before and applied it to this trick flawlessly. Now if you can apply it to the first trick that'll be cool too. Or you can just have it as a F-rank, it's up to you. One thing though! It says "Flame Road Exclusive" Does this mean you want to obtain the Flame Road? If so you'll have to become a higher rank. If not, remove that from the trick.

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3 Re: Triple A (A.A.A.) on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:27 pm



Jumping: 0
Strength: 1
Speed: 3
Stamina: 0
Dexterity: 0
Acceleration: 1
Tricks: 1
Total: 6
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4 Re: Triple A (A.A.A.) on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:09 pm


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5 Re: Triple A (A.A.A.) on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:00 pm


2/2 Approved! <3 Glad you joined AAA. ^^ I'm sure you'll have more fun being approved here than you would on the other site.

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6 Re: Triple A (A.A.A.) on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:11 pm

Archived | Dead

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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