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1 Maboi on Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:50 pm


Okay, so hop was the one that created the thread.

Hop went into an alley, then I went into the same alley to take a piss. So now I`m taking a piss, minding my own business. Then hop was all "bitch! warn me when ya do that", as he walked past me. Then I was all "bitch! if someone was gonna pee on me I move out the way". Then I asked him where I could get some snacky-snacks. Hop suggested a 7/11 and implying that he doesn`t know what snacky-snacks were before he left out of the other side of the alley. When I finished with bleeding the lizard I went out of the other side of the alley way. I went on full speed, the side-walk were crowded so I used my high dexterity to evade everyone.

I went right in front of hop and confronted him not knowing what snacky-snacks were. "black ppl speed", I said but then hop grabbed and put me against the wall. I was all "oh snap!". He was all talking like he was all that. Then I try to push him back dragging him into a gas station or something. But hop used his own treks to counter-act the force. So I went behind and try to push him against the wall instead. I had a hold on him, no homo, but he simply break free cuz of my damn strength stat being 0 and all.

I chased him to the wall but then he did like a flip off of it and right into me. But, being as swag as I am, I dodged it with a help with an evading trick. Then afterwards I just ran off, being all "I`ll get ya back maboi!". Hop then said some shit and then he left also.

Hop still doesn`t forgive me that I used him to gain a stat point :c

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