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Through Tough Times and Changes

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1 Through Tough Times and Changes on Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:42 pm

Sky in his luxury apartment again as always alone at his little workbench in a chair he groans planting his head first on th ebench then scuffled his hair in tight grips with his fingers. He was working on something he was really not in the mood today he had pent up alot of stress lately and it's starting to get to him. "Tch....grrr" he growled lowly before in a blink he swiped the bench in a aggressive way letting someting's shatter and jingle on the floor with a metallic sound "FUCK!!" he shouted before getting up he wanted to chill for tonight. He looked at his hand seeing that red warm liquid on his hands, seems he cut himself in his right palm look like he just slit his hand.


Cursing then quickly getting up stormed off to the bathroom dripping blood on the smooth wooden floor. Opening the mirror cabinet he searches the First Aid Kit then sees he has no bandages growling like a wolf, he throws to the floor . His stress level was growing more and more getting angry by the moment.

Then he stormed off to the room sneering he went to his room opening up a dresser to find that bandanna he had back on his AT Gang days. It was a navy blue with a black stripe going down the middle. He wrapped the damn thing around his right hand tightly to stop the bleeding, putting pressure onto it. He walked back in the hallway seeing the blood on the floor he laughed a little with a bit of evil grin

"Thats gonna be me soon"

He muttered face palming his face. Heading back to the living room, he saw his AT's by the workbench, he grabbed the loose dark blue laces then headed out the door and into the night. He tossed them over his right shoulder holding them by the laces. He walked through the back alley seeing the garbage and the a few doors, a ramp, a rail, and garage door.

He sat on a rail looking up at the night sky, then he kicked his shoes off, then slipped his black AT's on tying them tight then hopped on the wet ground on his wheels then hid his behind the ramp, evn though he could always by new ones. With a final sigh he puts his hands in his pockets, using his muscles into his AT's to roll along the dark night alley. Surely this was gonna be a quiet night.

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2 Re: Through Tough Times and Changes on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:51 pm

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