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Masters, Sky

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1 Masters, Sky on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:55 pm

Sky Masters

The Basics

Name: Sky Masters

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: He's a cool, smooth person to everyone he knows although, he is very seriously ruthless when fighting is involved and he dosent bother anything that dont interest him. He tends to not get along well with others but isolate himself prefering to work alone, but when it come to a way to get to the top he the first to arrive and the last guy to leave. He's a pretty hard guy to contact with really just a regular teenager with a very rebellious attitude, but around cute hot girls he is not so easily tempted if they come on to him he tends to ignore them unless he knows them or if they shout for his attention.

Although he has a mostly have a sadistic smile on his face and tends to wander alone by himself he really doesn't need anyone but himself since his parents died, the only thing that would be able to show his feelings and emotions is for someone he can actually hang with, that isn't too talkative, and not too friendly. If he's ever in trouble he rarely shows any seriousness, still maintaining his laid-back manner

[ LIKES: ]

  • Girls
  • Potato Chips
  • Music
  • Rooftops
  • Video Games
  • Meeting New People and Learning new things
  • Going Fast


  • Inconsiderate, Manipulative Others
  • Major Decisions
  • Smoking
  • Being Crowded
  • Romantic Stuff
  • Being Someone he's not


  • Look at the Clouds
  • Relaxing
  • Take a nice walk
  • Kicking Back
  • Wander around

Appearance: He stands at 6'2 kinda tall, and weighs about 188lbs, he's fairly skinny but muscular due to his athletic status. His skin tone is lightly tanned but not pale, his hair is pale white with a cyan blue tint. His eyes are colored pale yellow along with a red streak along his right eye.

His clothing is very stylish to him and maybe to others, he wears a opened thin black jacket with navy blue designs with short sleeves while wearing a red or black shirt under it sometimes even wears a hood with it. With tinted blue jeans and black sneakers. As aceessories he has a silver gold cross necklace around his, and a black watch on his left wrist.

As for his Air Trecks he wears a size 10 pair of AT's Mainly Black with a gold colored middle and lining. He had the name "Sky" right at the top of each sole in the shoes all complete with pure white, gold trim laces. On the outer heels of the shoes there are 3 gems, on the left the colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, and on the right its: Green, Blue, Purple. The Wheels are pure white with a gold colored outline with a sky blue spikes design.


Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: Nov 14 1991

Current Place of Residence: California

The Finale


Sky is a coolheaded kid who is a great athletic and good student beside that he was just your average high school student, then his family he had lost in over a year ago he acted out becoming a cocky delinquent high school student.....who was pretty smart for his age, he wasn't angry much but he was a well meaning person more interested in enjoying life than partaking in responsibilities. He was the wisest in the family due to his high sprited attitude and determination, then things started to change as his life continued on. In the new year he had heard of weird thing called Air Trecks that been going around in the major cities, it was the thing now in this year if ya didn't have em. He wasn't sure of what was the big deal with them they seemed like regular skates to him although after a few weeks when he seen them he saw a pack of riders soaring above the city he followed them seeing they were racing to a certain place in a the city even with his athletic abilities he couldn't catch up which left feeling behind the other riders since then he had been interested.

He arrived at a special location of where they made AT's for specific riders he couldn't buy them completely he had to make them as soon he buys the part. After a few weeks he gather enough money by working at two jobs, as soon he had enough money he brought the parts and ran home. With his high intellect he quickly assembled the AT's completely although it cost him some scratches and cuts on his hands but it was all worth it. When he was done it was a good loking pair of AT's Black/white with black wheels with a silver lining, wasn't much back then but it got him through. He wore them for a little bit to see if they fit then read the manual as he rolled outside, the difference was that its all in the lower body strength good thing he was an athlete he would've been humiliated by this by falling. As he slowly rode them around the city still being a novice, after a few weeks he started being better and better quickly learning.

When he started getting used to it he started to realized and began to feel like a storm rider, soaring through the sky like a bird being carefree and released like he was in another world. He never realized that it will be like this it felt like pure heaven, even racing with others felt good even though he was competeting. He then started to realized that he was gradually getting faster and it was his doing, he sooned developed 2 tricks of his own benefit of his quick adept riding.. Even though others compete to win, to this day Sky only used his AT's for pure fun and excitement, but little does he know that something is coming something big this year.

As the year progressed he started to get pretty good of what he was doing good he won some races by himself stating all he needed was his tricks, confidence and indomitable will. Days flew by like it was nothing thats when he heard of different classes of Storm Riders from F class all the way up to the unknown thing called the kings and queens, he made a pit stop to a local status spot seeing he was only a D class rider which pissed him off after the much ass kicking he been doing to the stuck up punks and gangs he encounter he had been going through, he figured he be a king or something but he was taught that it doesn't work that way. A few days pasted he joined a terrible gang in the mix of all this AT's hoo haa, he could still remember them due to their terrible taste in equipment and clothing...they were tacky but those were his friends though he could trust. Wearing the symbol on his right eye was the symbol of their ties together look out for each other no matter what the situation is, with his best friend as the leader Nytro his dream was to take the team to the top and be the best, therefore Sky was with the team thick and thin. Though it wasn't long till the gang got caught and the leader was killed by a speeding accident by the SAF, being caught and brung in for questioning. The SAF was somewhat corrupted seeing they were just out and about with no sign of AT that day. Keeping himself quiet told them nothing but lies with lucky made them release with a few days parole a slap on the wrist, but he was too hurt to not care his friend got killed by the so called worldwide saviors. After that the safehouse was burned down the riders quit and left due to the tragedy is happening.

With the crushed dreams and severely squashed EGO's he couldn't fix it himself, the trauma and sorrow mixed emotions he started to develop different abilities in practicing pushing him through his very limits and beyond, learning new things each day that all began to change after he noticed something different when he did a certain trick which launched him forward along the ground he noticed he saw everything slow down feeling wind pushing him forward in a flash and then when he came to a stop he noticed he traveled so far he couldn't tell where he took off it weirded him out big time.

He began to question himself of what was happening, maybe it was one those moments where one rider have developed a so called road or maybe just paranoia. Either way he had to found that out for himself after training so much ever since he never seen that strange path again, his reactions were off the charts which shot off into a High Class rider but it wasn't enough he wanted to go even higher, higher than before only thing that stood in his way was making a team or joining one but he knows something like that doesn't come to him. As of today he wanders the city, to find a another way to prove himself to be the best to do it for him and his friends in the past, to prove dreams do come true and it's would've want his best friend would want not to give up.

Roleplay Sample:

It was one beautiful morning on the far side of the city, then sun was radiating on the suface of the earth and it was mildly windy which was a beautifull to go skate outside just to get some fresh air. Still at a seemingly novice level Sky rolled to the old but yet well lit construction Yard it was empty enough for him to practice by himself in here, he even visualize himself doing some crazy stuff for him to get better "Heh this is gonna be sweet only me....just perfect" he thought as he kneeled down tightening the black laces on his AT's. When he stood up he stretched and yawned to get that tired feeling out the way then studied the whole area from top to bottom behind his sunglasses, as the wind started to blow his blone hair bangs a bit into his face a smile grew on his face "haha yeah this is perfect" he said then he began to take off his black jean jacket revealing a short sleeve T-shirt, then tied the jacket sleeve's around his waist tying tight so it won't fall when he's riding.

He then strapped his black and white leather fingerless gloves on tight then straightened his sunglasses, then leaned forward going at a fast speed normally to the right side heading for the metal stair rail that leads to the hollow path below. He jumped then puts his AT's together turning his footing slantly grinding on the railing heading down the stairs letting the sparks fly, as he landed on the flat pathway he had his fast speed rate the way its supposed to be feeling the wind in front and back of him. He knows there are many edges to grind on which gives him the greatest thing he could do, he hopped on the far right stack then grinded on it the edge near him then after a little bit he sped up a litt faster then hovered down then flipped forward in mid-air to the other side to the left, then did the same thing returning to the right doing spins, and regular tricks. He began to shot off to left and right in top speed without even touching the middle pathway like a bullet till he reached the end to the smooth loop. He began to the see the big crane on the high left from where he was he skated along the loop ramp over and over gradually gettting higher, he was aiming to trick on that huge crane as he came down from theright side he leaned forward using his fastest trick Skystar, he went off in high speed up the left high into the sky higher he have ever been "WHOA!!!" that shout could be heard anywhere in the brooklyn area by how it echo from the height he was, he was so high he was a little bit over the crane but it seemed like everything slowed down from his perspective.

Sky looked back and forth it seemed like he was in another world like he wasn't in a awesome world then he was before the wind was different he could still manuever whiched amaze so much. He then spuned to the side right over the lift then grinded all the way down to the roof then somersaulted off it landing on the ground kinda sloppy almost falling then coming to a soon stop, then looked up high in the sky panting of how fast he was going "My god that was freakin sick, the air up their is different....weird" he said he was sweating so much "I hate to say this though but I can't use almost ruined my wheels...thank god" he said checking his wheels it seemed a little worn but it was safe to say he was A-okay. He started to slowly skate away untying the sleeves of his black jacket from his waist putting it on, as he rolled the sleeves up to his elbows he notices his sunglasses of fogged up he took them off revealing his bright auburn eyes then wipes the lens with his shirt before putting them back on with smile seeing this was the best morning he ever had riding off to another section he can ride to.

"" was all Sky had to say to himself adding a shake with his head and a laughing smile on his face. He watched the busiest highway known to him, he was in a industrial parking lot near the river looking through a barbed fence near the yard he came from. He had his AT's on after he was riding all day. It was almost midnight almost few minutes away from it, he looked at the cars speeding and rolling along the highway he pushed his sunglasses up his nose a little bit then he touched his right hand with his left rubbing his palm "What I wouldn't do for a smoke right now...Im just so bored tonight" he sliently muttered then shivered a little seeing it was a little chilly but it didn't bother him much he fluffed his black jean jacket then rolled up the sleeves up to his elbows. He had a watch on seeing it was midnight now and a grin was plastered on his face, he reached back in his back pocket pulling out a pair of black leather fingerless gloves with a white inside slipping them on, as he heard a tire screehing up the high way.
"Well I guess that's my que" he scoffed then clutched his hands making the leather stretch on his gloves, he straped them then appiled his lower body to make his AT's work, he circles around in the parking lot a few times he still had a lot to learn even though he was riding for a good month or so riding on rooftops, streets and parks. He thought of a way to get to rootops easily there was a lot of trucks parked around a nearby bulding just behind the gate, just the little things he could see he just picked them out so quickly.

He smirked a little as his sunglasses hid his glowing eyes well in the dark, he stops in the middle of the pathway in the lot then got into a crouched position a highly advanced stance for expert riders. Even though his progress was still in a Novice level but his 2 custom tricks probably didn't seem like it, he looks up at the rooftop then truck parked right in front of it he could use that as leverage. He pressed his wheels on the lot pavement then the wheels spunned along the ground, with a grin he though of his fastest trick he made Skystar as he took off with a blink of an eye he shot off almost in supersonic speed feeling the wind blow along his face he dashes across the lot and through the gate. At his rate of speed he launched upward with his right leg onto the top of the 18 wheeler truck, just by skimming his wheels across it he somersaults sideways upwards to along the rooftop then rides along it following along the highway. By standing up straight he skates along the rooftops jumping over the narrow spaces between them like he usually do "...I need new tricks" as that thought ran through his mind he realized with just 2 tricks their aren't gonna cut it in the world of AT's, but he just started riding about a month and still practicing always seeing nothing interesting.

As he jumps into the air again looking at the light glowing in the city behind his sunglasses he was amazed even though this was the favorite part of the city. He lands on top of a roff edge then sits on top of it with his legs hanging over it, ruffling his gray tinted hair "Heh thats weird I always figured some riders would be here racing along the buildings at this time of night" he said ploping his hands in his lap then he looked down seeing not many people roaming the area, everybody else is asleep at this point but not for long besides this was the city that never sleeps, although he's glad he's the only storm rider in the area.


Jumping 1/10
Strength 2/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 1/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 1/10


(Note: You may only have two starting)

Name: Skystar
Rank: D-A Class (Depending on what class I'm in)
Description: A rider starts accelerating in top speed then crouches down adding more friction to the back wheels, then with a focus point on where to be the rider shoots off, burning out in that direction in a blink as far as he could go (Since I don't know what class I'm going to get but for Ex: 1 point in jumping, so it will be 10 feet)
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Face Claim

ex. Yu gi oh 5D's, Kyosuke, Kiryu

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You Read what Luna said in the C-box, right? You'll must likely start at D class level so you might wanna change your last trick up a little.

For whomever the last grader is, give Sora some time to do this before giving the final 2|2 and locking the thread.

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3 Re: Masters, Sky on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:09 pm

Okay a few minor things for you to look at before I will put the offical approved stamp on it. :] I'll aprove you once you fix what HopsinRaw said and the following items:

Please remove the additional writing after D-Class, as HopsinRAW said.

You cannot have a C-Class trick if you are only D-Class.

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Approved <3
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