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Rath Yūgure

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1 Rath Yūgure on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:40 pm

Rath Yūgure

The Basics

Name: Rath Yūgure

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: By his looks one would assume that Rath’s personality is that of a rouge. One that lives his life alone, doesn’t want to be bothered with anybody other than people he is forced to, and would rather kill you than even think about being your friend. That is all an incorrect way of thinking, you know that saying never judge a book by its cover. If you are not judging by appearances one could learn that Rath always keeps a calm head, up to this day he doesn’t really know a time when he was ever angry. Trying to get him angry will take a lot of effort so unless one is truly trying to piss him off it will never happen, especially by accident.

Seemingly he is a very casual and carefree person with a dash of roguish traits added to him. It was only by first look that he seems roguish but saying that he isn’t a little roguish would be wrong. Rath’s oldest trait would be that he is jovial. Because of his carefree attitude he is known to say whatever he wants no matter what. So yes this will probably lead to fights and other things but hey he doesn’t really care.

In battle things change drastically. He becomes all about fun and trying to find the perfect battlefield, which until this day he still has never found. He likes to fully figure out his opponent’s battle strength by the start of battle which will tell him if the rest of the battle is worth his time or not. This makes him cocky to those he deems unable to beat him and will actually refuse to battle them on those same terms. One could say that this means he will have low battle experience but like many other things with him this is also incorrect. He is very cunning and will usually use the opponents own power against them, that is his most notable and strongest way of fighting but he is willing to dabble in other sorts which are used just as well as his defensive nature.

Despite his jovial and carefree attitude, Rath is very loyal, to those he is willing to let in, genuinely kind, caring, calm, and composed in battle. If ever to be made angry anything and anybody within a 5 mile radius should be gone or risk death. He shows most of his kindness to females and is sometimes a flirt when he needs to be, but who cares its all of what makes Rath, Rath.

Appearance: The most noticeable thing about Rath would be his perfectly tanned skin. This makes it safe to assume that he is of Caucasian descent and simply tanned his skin to get it that dark. For Rath this is not the case, as his Father happens to be Japanese and his mother is African American. Outwardly he has gained more of his Japanese traits from his father than his African American traits from his mother. His tan skin does happen to be a testament to this, since it is a natural tan brought on from both of his parent’s races. Also from his father he obtained his pure blue eyes and flowing white hair, which only adds to the belief of him being of Caucasian descent. He doesn’t really keep his hair in any specific style so most of the time he merely lets it hang down, his hair reaches to his shoulders but it is off by about 3 inches, or he will tie it up in a ponytail nothing really special.

His style in clothing can basically be described as a soldier. It is not as direct as wearing a military outfit but the way he puts it together gives the appearance that he lived the life of a soldier, this is mainly because of his parent’s military background. Starting from the bottom and going up, Rath wears a pair of blue military boots with a gray outside. To further add to his military appeal he wears between green and brown mix cargo pants, with the color leaning towards more green than brown. Connected to his middle left pocket is a chain that further connects to third belt loop on the left. Around his waist he wears a brown belt that he only puts through the left belt loops once it reaches the right side he purposely doesn’t put them through the belt loops but still connects the belt. This allows the right side of the belt to just hang down on his right at a slant.

Moving higher he wears a dirty yellow button downed collared shirt. Only the top three buttons of his shirt are buttoned while the rest remain unbuttoned. He does place his entire shirt into his pants but the front left side of his shirt remains outside of his pants and just hangs down to his upper left pocket. Around his neck is a fully tied black tie that reaches a good distance almost to his pants. On the second button of his shirt he has a pin, which takes the place of the second button and is directly put into the tie keeping it in position.

Over his shirt he wears an all blue hoodie shirt, its length reaching down to the middle pockets of his pants, made of a thin clothe material. The sleeves do have buttons on them that Rath keeps unbuttoned and folds the sleeves upward. Along the inner left sides of the shirt is brown slots that are meant for buttons even though on the right sides there are no buttons, this is only because he pulled the buttons off the right side.

On his body he has three tattoos. On his left arm he has the Japanese kanji for Hollow King, 空洞国王, running vertically down his arm. On the right he has the tattoo of the head of a Taurus on the upper part of his arm. The horns of that Taurus reach to his shoulder and within the horns lies his last tattoo, which is a symbol for Ragnarok.

All in all he is a 5’8” male with more dominant Japanese features then African American features. Taking after his parent’s military background he wears militaristic clothing with hos own swing to them. Just because he gives off more of the Japanese traits his build, athletic ability, and lower regions are all African American.

Tattoos on his Right Arm:


Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana

Current Place of Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Finale

Being born to a military family Rath’s life would go just as one would expect. Full of rules, not much freedom, and his parents want him to be the best he can be, yes that last one was a shot at the military. Rath was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on one of their military bases within one of their fabulous medical facilities, basically a hospital. Who were the parents of this child?, an African American woman also born in New Orleans and a Japanese male who was born in New York but moved to New Orleans sometime earlier in his life. This was the only child they ever had because of their jobs in the militaries science department constantly kept them busy, even up until Rath’s older days does his parents remain busy with their work.

His early years, from about pre-school to middle school, he was forced to go into military schools on the same base that he was born on. In kindergarten is where he first learned about the machines called Air Treks. Just like his teacher was telling him, the teacher was also told the stories of the legendary storm rider world. For a teacher yes it wasn’t the best thing in the world to do but he everyday he told the kids about the wonderful world of AT that once existed when they were able to run wild on the world without hiding. As the years went by Rath and his class was also told about Paradise, some secret place where AT still exists. Of course hearing something like this brought upon its doubt but the kids never asked their parents, sworn to secrecy from their teacher.

Around the age of 13 is when Rath came across the mysterious world of Paradise for the first time. It happened while he was with some of his friends. One of them has visited Paradise once before, brought to that wonderful world by the kindergarten teacher that started it all. When he arrived only amazement covered his face, all the stories he heard were true and the world that he wanted to see for his own eyes was right before him something greater than anything he ever imagined. Unfortunately thanks to the ban he couldn’t just join this world right away, he needed the automated skates known as AT’s, just one pair that was all. It was a good thing that he had a friend already in this world. The same friend that brought Rath to Paradise was the same one that gave him his first pair of ATs. Now his journey into this marvelous underground world could begin even though it only lasted a year.

In his fourteenth year apparently Paradise was closed. The world he sought out for almost 10 years of his life was cut off from him and the rest of the world. And the pain of that loss only became worse with the creation of the Storm Rider Hunters, a new section of the military that was created to handle the domestic threat from the storm riders. This is when Rath got the idea to not let this stand, being a military child he was directly influenced by this new military, and use his military connections to spy upon the Storm Rider Hunters. He created his team Ragnarök, an open team of storm riders who directly spy on the Storm Rider Hunters from within the military itself. This would allow them to keep tabs on them and tell people where they are free to skate without having to fear the threat of the Storm Rider Hunters.

For 4 years this team has hidden themselves in secrecy within the very military that trained people to capture them, it was perfect. To get the word out about this hidden AT counter offensive to the Storm Rider Hunters, every person who has access to the central internet for Storm Riders that connected was always alerted to the locations of the Storm Rider Hunters through Ragnarök. Now how open was Ragnarök to other storm riders, only those who can find a member of Ragnarök can join them. Because of this members of Ragnarök are never allowed to say they are from Ragnarök as well are allowed to join other teams because Ragnarök’s true purpose is to spy on the Storm Rider Hunters not partake in storm rider activities.

This year Rath has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with his parents to another military base. This did not affect his work with Ragnarök, but the information he was directly told by his parents made his job as Ragnarök leader a lot harder. Both of his parents were put in a division where they must create devices that lock onto the AT’s electromagnetic signature. Basically it was now Rath vs. his parents and he was not about to let them take away something that meant so much too so many people around the world. His Ragnarök needed to be expanded to fight this new force. In a new state and new city Rath hid himself and the fact that he was the creator of Ragnarök but goes around seeking new members for his cause, hopefully this will lead to the betterment of the world and just like the good old days storm riders can run wild under the true sky.

Roleplay Sample:
(Not required if you are F rank)


Jumping 1/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 4/10
Stamina 3/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 2/10


Name: Slipstream
Rank: D-A
Description: Being used in two ways, while riding directly behind his opponent he will gain the basic increase in speed using the slipstream effect, this will increase his speed by that of his opponents speed, thanks to the slipstream causing the object behind to increase its speed. This trick may seem more advanced then it is but that is because of the strain brought onto Rath by using this trick. At D-rank he can only use it once per battle or per day, as he goes up the ranks the limit goes up by one. Toppling on another limit Rath can only stay within a person’s slipstream for 2 posts, any longer and he will lose control over his own speed and wipeout. Of course this isn’t permanent so Rath can only maintain this speed for 3 posts but this speed can only be granted after he is directly within the slipstream for his 2 post limit.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Only if taught by Rath directly.

Name: Bypass
Rank: D-A
Description: Using Slipstream does not guarantee that Rath will gain direct acceleration, so he found ways to amend that. While within a rider’s slipstream Rath will lower his body down, to about 5 or 10 inches off the ground. This will allow the wind to freely pass over his body eliminating resistance increasing his acceleration up, +1 up each rank starting at +1 to his acceleration at D-rank. Because this trick is directly linked to Slipstream it can only be used when Slipstream is being used. Similar to Slipstream this trick isn’t permanent and can only be maintained for 3 posts.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Only if taught by Rath directly.

Face Claim

God Eater – Schicksal, Soma

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