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May Martin -- Tuner

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1 May Martin -- Tuner on Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:17 pm

      Name: May Martin

      Sex: Female

      Age: 17

      Sexual Orientation Bisexual

      Personality: The blonde is not really a pessimist or optimist in any way as it depends on her mood entirely. If she is scared she will become rather pessimistic as she turns anything good and creates an extremely negative argument against it, the problem being that she is not easily frightened. This is ofcourse provided you are not some kind of bug. She is an optimist in almost all other times, fights, general outings, conversations and all but this sometimes is taken too far. It is seen to be taken too far because it results in her acting or saying something definately innapropriate for the moment at hand.

      As mentioned before, May is one tough cookie and therefore is a lot harder to scare than your average woman. These very few fears are being rejected by a boy or girl she confesses to, bugs of all types, snakes and lastly she is afraid of small children as she hates any one under the age of ten. Not being afraid of death is one of her best qualities and this quality carries on to the fact she is not afraid to take another's life either as long it is for the good of people rather than just her own personal gain. She does however believe a slow or painful death is uneeded and that is why she uses her swords with precise and powerful strikes in order to end a fight quickly.

      This Tuner treats everyone with the amount of respect that they deserve, criminals deserve to die and the innocent deserve to be treated equally. Friends deserve to be treated as the best people in the world and boyfriends or girlfriends are treated as though they are the one and only people important in her life. Miss Martin has always been a sucker for the lovey dovey side of things and thus the most important person in her life is her romantic interest.

      Definately not a natural born leader May's outgoing personality is shattered into a much more shy version of herself. Large groups of people make her nervous in the way that she cannot form a sentence if she believes they are to judge her. This is provided it has nothing to do with her skills as a tuner as she is extremely proud of these skills, to insult them or to challenge them is warrant for your swift death or defeat rather. Ofcourse with being a master in the way of the sword it's one of her strongest hobbies.

      Swords, to the highest degree of importance in May's life they make up for a vast majority of different hobbies. Training is one of them, becoming stronger so that she may fight for the freedom of others and to maintain the peace of her village is important to her. The swords themselves are of particular interest to her and she with a reluctant attitude from her dad has had a number of occasions in which she has helped construct blades of a rather... Average quality to say the least. Then comes the love the for the arts and mastery of the style of the sword, everything about its' grace and power is what attracts her too it. The factor about defeating your oponent in combat is another perk for the art of the sword.

      May's hobbies lie in other things besides just training and fighting, however behind this tough, tomboyish exterior she has a much softer and more femenine side. She can find fun in just about anything so just about anything is her hobby except she won't do anything extremely "girly" or extremely "manly" unless forced or somehow convinced into doing so. People who expect her to do something that is out of character for her make her extremely irritated, this is just one of the many, many pet peeves she has. One of the more quirky peeves of her would be the fact that flashing lights of any type annoy her for a completely unknown reason.

      The tuner's greatest strength is her ability to never give up in any circumstance, she will stand up and against anything by any means as long as it fits what she believes to be the best. For example she would not hesitate defying her village if it meant saving just one innocent life. This could be considered a weakness by all means however her biggest weakness would definately be her arrogance and confidence in her abilities. This is a weakness because she is way too overconfident in her abilities and would take on anyone she thought she could beat (everyone).

      Her favourite colour is pink and her favourite food is ice cream and not just any type of ice cream it is strawberry ice cream because well, it is pink. Overall May Martin is definately an odd ball and a rather powerful swordswoman. She has some cute quirky things about her and some rather bad perks about her that make her seem not so cute just like the shinobi she is.

      Appearance: Miss Martin as she is called on occasion is quite the cute girl and given the right outfit or attitude in a situation most definately considered a beautiful woman. Her complexion is quite simple not really being tanned and not extremely pale it is a rather average colour. However this average coloured skin and the added fact that she has not got any scars, pimples or other blemishes that may ruin her appearance. Following onto the fact she has such nice skin she has rather beautiful eyes are white are of a sky blue colour and seemed to sparkle no matter what the situation.

      Her face is quite soft and somewhat round to a degree however it is by no means pudgey looking at all. May has a small nose that compliments the rest of her face with of course a mouth underneith with absolutely no problems with her teeth or gums. On the sides of her face like any human she has ears, ears that have been pierced a near ridiculous ammount of times in which each individual earring having a different word carved into the metal. The blonde's favourite is the earring with the kanji "Passion" on it.

      May's hair is a bright blonde colour and is somewhat long however it is quite an average length. This length goes just past her shoulder blades at the back and around just to the bottom of the chest at the front. The tuner's hair is rather messy in the way that May hardly ever bothers with it, the fringe swept to the side to keep it out of her eyes she usually has it up so that it doesn't move around when on the job however if she feels lazy she will just leave it down and do nothing with it, her attitude for some reason changing depending on her hair style.

      When it comes down to her figgure May is obviously a very athletic looking young woman and this is due to the intense training and vigorous physical activity she performs daily in her life as a ninja. May is a little below average height and this is both a disadvantage and advantage to her fighting skills. This girl doesn't really bother too much with her overall appearance as mentioned before however she does like to wear a variety of clothes that compliment her figgure and sometimes she just wears clothes for comfort or work.

      As a Tuner she wears completely different attire when she is on the job; chores or errands that need to be performed for her skater and such are all times in which the girl wears practical clothing. Usually wearing a pair of long black pants she has bandages wrapped around certain parts to make them tight, these areas include on the thighs and calves mainly. They can also be seen around the ankle area in which connects to standard issue sandals as the fashion follows in this world. This outfit is usually followed up by a sleaveless top or something tight fitting so it doesn't get in the way of her tuning.

      For casual clothing the woman wears just about anything she deems to be cute, usually of pink colour (her favourite colour) she has quite a rather relaxed style on fashion. Wearing anything from skirts to pants and shorts she will more than likely be seen while wearing a dress. Nothing too fancy and usually not something that would be considered sexy she tries to be the cutest she can possibly be as she believes the highest form of being attractive is being cute. Sometimes however she wears casual clothing to suit weather conditions, warm and bigger clothing for cold weather, loose and smaller clothing for hot weather of course and wears something such as a jacket and pants for travelling as it usually quite comfortable.

      On the rare occasion that May needs to do something formal she will dress appropriately for the occaision. Wearing the right dress for the situation is something she does fuss a little bit over, such as the right colour scheme for the situation, although it contradicts entirely to her usualy mindset she believes if you're going to dress up you do it right. Almost always she will wear some form of pink unless it's really not appropriate for the occasion such as a funeral for instance. She also does her hair and make up accordingly to the dress and therefore she ends up looking rather pretty by the end of it however hates when people point that out.

      Shadow: Unknown, May has never skated and plans on never skating.

      Class: D

      Birth Place: Houstin, Texas

      Current Place of Residence: San Francisco

      History: Born and raised in the great state of Texas, May Martin was born. She was nearly 9 pounds and 18 inches long. Her parents both extremely poor were both also mechanics. This is probably where she got the majority of her tuning skills from, but she always aspired to become a tuner ever after seeing One of her First Air-trekking races ever. But after a few more races, Air-trekks were banned.

      After the devastating loss of the air-trekking races, racers, and tuners, there was only one thing to do. Become a mechanic for her parents shop. May absolutely did not want to work for her parents at the age of 15, but she was skilled with everything electronic, mechanic, and just plain made. However her dull and boring life, didn't get anymore exciting.

      After a few years of working the long hours and the brutal shifts in the hot weather otherwise known as "Texas- in the summer." A few different looking Tourists showed up in the small town just outside of Houstin, or basically, where May lived. The were all wearing something familiar, and something they shouldn't have been. Air Treks. A few of them had even asked her to "tune" theirs for them. And hse gladly accepted.

      May had figured out how to fix the skates pretty dang easily. She even upgraded two of the lower models, or by what she figured were lower models. The skates were elegant and unique, bringing her both joy and a lot of money. Tuners were valuable, and she was rewarded nearly $1,000 per pair of skates. The group had told her they had lost their tuner, when they were headed to San Francisco from New Orleans, and almost begged May to come along.

      With the tip off that San francisco was the place to go, May split the money she had gotten, and hauled herself down to well, San Francisco. She was glad to see so many people skating both by day, and by night, however she noticed the SAF were very persistent, and when they strolled by, you couldn't see a skater for miles. Almost like they could sense the SAF where-ever they happened to be.

      Roleplay Sample: (Suno Uchiha)

      Jumping 0/10
      Strength 8/10
      Speed 0/10
      Stamina 0/10
      Dexterity 2/10
      Acceleration 0/10
      Tricks 0/10

      Name: Sabotage
      Rank: D
      Description: Grants May a bonus of 5 points to her dexterity for a maximum of three posts, this allows her to be able to basically, utterly sabotage a set of skates, tools, or anything really. The extra dexterity makes it easier for her to sneak past people, and for May to make alot less noise. Her Sabotage techniques will also be hidden alot better if she is using this technique.
      Would you like to allow anyone to use it? -- No

      Name: Refresh
      Rank: D
      Description: Allows May to make Tunes on Skates To literally make them come back to their most original and glorious state. This allows her to fix a skate that may- say suddenly give way- back to what it was a while before it fel apart or whatever happened to it.basically a refresh of the skate.
      Would you like to allow anyone to use it? -- No.

      ex. Full Metal Alchemist - Winry as Martin, May

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