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Dog Eat Dog World

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1 Dog Eat Dog World on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:12 pm

      Thread Name* Dog Eat Dog World*
      Players* Grim|Ezekiel*
      Location* San Francisco, California (Sewers)*
      Thread Description* It all started with a mysterious letter in Ezekiel's hotel room. Who was the letter from? What was the writers purpose? And why him? But the questions didn't matter to the arrogant youth, not even in the slightest. The letter spoke of a underground fighting arena for Storm-Riders who wanted to earn a little extra cash and a whole lot of respect. What kind of area could hold such events, you ask? No other than the Sewers AKA "THE CLUB". Ezekiel was a little curious of the mysterious letter. Why would anyone send him such a thing? So he decided to go check it out and see what was up. But to his surprise he met a stranger - a stranger that gave him hope...

      Grim - a traveling youth for Las Vegas happened to here about "THE CLUB" and decided to test his skill, so the white-haired youth made his way down the sewers. Upon his arrival, he found himself in a fight with a few Storm-Riders, but the fight was short lived, and victory was quickly his. The crowed went banana's as Grim displayed skills in their eyes, but Ezekiel, standing in the front saw nothing more but a common Storm-Rider. The look of disappointment in Ezekiel's eyes quickly got Grim's attention, plus, from the roar of screaming spectators. It was obvious they wanted to see more action, so Grim called out Ezekiel causing complete silence within the underground stadium. The two shared words, Grim tried his hardest to convenience Ezekiel to fight with him, but the cocky and arrogant boy didn't move a inch. He simply replied with insults and laughter before making his departure. Ezekiel's main reason was to see if any hidden talent would be within "THE CLUB" tonight, but he only saw common Storm-Riders doing common Storm-Rider things. But Grim saw something he liked in Ezekiel. Behind all the harsh words he saw a real Storm-Rider, so decided to follow. Leaving behind a crowed of angry booing spectators.

      After a few minutes of riding through the maze of tunnels. Grim finally caught up with Ezekiel, but Ezekiel only greeted the white-haired male with more harsh words an cocky talk. The two trekked through the sewers and came out behind a massive park, where they decided to ride a little together. Normally, Ezekiel didn't ride with strangers, but he was bored and had nothing better to do, so the two rode through the park as they continued to talk. Both Grim and Ezekiel shared a similar back-story, but that meant nothing to Ezekiel - not at first at least. Whenever Ezekiel would do something he thought basic himself, amazed Grim with wide gawking eyes. Soon, the White-haired boy asked for quick lessons. Ezekiel simply responded with more arrogant words, but in the end shared a piece of wisdom which really helped the white-haired youth. As the night came to a close, and Ezekiel made his leave, he thought to himself. He saw true potential in this Grim character - he saw the makings of a true Storm-Riders. But becoming a real Storm-Rider isn't something that could be teached. It's something one picks up over many years of practice. But Grim seemed to be on the right track, at least in Ezekiel's eyes...

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