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Air-Gear: Chained Wings Plot

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1 Air-Gear: Chained Wings Plot on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:08 am


//Trick One

The Wing Road, The Flame Road, The Bloody "Fang" Road, The Sonia Road, The Rising Road, The Over Road, The Gaia Road, and The Ring Road. These are the eight Legendary Roads of all Storm -Riders at a certain point in time. Only the best, the savage, the cunning, and bloodthirsty required such power and skill. But as time went on, these mighty techniques became nothing but a legend; a simple myth parents passed down to their children. The events in Japan shook the globe, all Storm riders across the world caught on to the Chaos devouring Japan over these simple machines, that children wore to have fun. But others didn't take these events lightly, especially the US. Something needed to be done, and fast. The longer the crisis in Japan continued, the more all other Storm-Riders began becoming even more reckless and dangerous across the globe. So a fast hasty decision was made; to ban all AT's from everyone, no matter who they were, or what was being done with them. The ban took place immediately. Throughout the entire US and other States, enforcers of the law cracked down on Storm-Riders. Raiding homes and destroying all AT's on the spot. This event took a total of three years to fully complete and whip out all remaining AT's on the street and factories. This is also known as "The Calming Of The Storm", because the spirit of a Storm-Rider can't be silenced; they will forever fly high above the clouds.

Forty-Five Years of silence covered the streets everywhere, the ban was still in effect, and most likely forever will be. The events in Japan, and the eight legendary roads were slowly forgotten throughout this great silence. But, Brave Souls throughout the years attempted to fly high above the law, and bring back the passion and rush of being a Storm-Rider but were quickly shot down with special AT stopping bullets. Afterwards, the brave souls were never heard from again. Half of all Storm-Riders accepted the ban; not wanting to cause trouble with the law. But the other half fought for the skies and the beloved AT's. Thus, "Paradise" was created. "If we can't reach the sky, we'll create our own!" Could be see everywhere. On buildings, cars, clothing items, virtually anything. But people had not even the slightest clue what was even going on. But if one listened closely... The soft sound of turning wheels, and cheers could be heard deep underground. The Enforcers Of The Law caught on to such odd sounds and quickly searched all sewers, but saw, or heard nothing. But throughout the days, the sounds continued. Children began returning home much later in the day, they began sleeping in class, and some even began obtain bruises. Was this all a coincidence? Or did all the children in middle school and high school just decide to pick up different hobbies? The Enforcers Of The Law didn't think so... The sound of turning wheels and soft cheering continued to erupt from the ground. But what was causing this odd chain of events?

Paradise: A system of tunnels far underneath the ground, which contact with all other States somehow or another. This utopia was created five years before the events in Japan have taken place. A wealthy man, in the US paid a great deal of money to build the perfect underground city for all Storm-Riders to enjoy. But once the ban came into play, Paradise remind hidden until the exact right time; when The Enforcers Of The Law finally dropped their guard on the threat of AT's. The creator of Paradise; also known as "The Creator" revealed the location to a pair of distant nephews who knew the legend of the eight roads better than most original Storm-Riders. Upon reaching Paradise, the brothers opened the thousands of gates welcoming all up and coming Storm-Riders. The Brothers themselves were also new to being on a pair of AT's, being at such a young age, the two had to learn everything from the beginning. The Creator only had one wish; they had to keep it a secret that they were the ones who opened the gates to Paradise, and the brothers did just that. Every single second, of every single day, more and more Storm-Riders started revealing themselves within Paradise from all around the globe. The old ways of the Storm-Rider quickly came back. People began making teams, creating emblems, and stickers. While others choice the part as Tuner; specialties in AT's that can tune a pair of AT's to make them preform even better. Everything was returning back to the way it was. The calm was finally over... Or was it?

Five Years would pass since the gates opened, and the way of the Storm-Rider would become huge. But it remained in Paradise; it never rose to the surface. The two Brothers continued to ride and attempted to develop their own roads. The eight legendary roads, were out of their reach at the level they rode at, and all the other Storm-Riders had no idea they even existed. The brothers remained close throughout the whole ordeal. They trained together and taught each other new tricks. But the one thing they both couldn't do was form a team together, for they both had different goals and ways of riding for the sky.

But above the surface, the enforcers of the law knew something was up; massive amount of teenagers just don't end up missing every other day. It was almost instantly linked to the return of Air-Treks. All the signs and all the T-shirts with the famous phrase placed upon them; the evidence was right in their faces. A special team of Storm-Rider hunters surfaced. The team had no name, no face, and no identity. Even to the wide open public they didn't exist; they simply hunted the unhuntable. Day after day, the group came closer to finding out the truth, it was only a matter of time before they took action into their own hands... How long could a group that doesn't even exist stay hidden? The questions were endless; same with the possibilities.

Suddenly, on a normal day. The news everyone all over the globe feared to hear "Air-Treks; the same items that caused so much devastation over the still recovring Japan are apparently back?! A small group of Storm-Riders were caught racing high above the buildings and were quickly caught by state officials. The state in question would like to keep it's identity withheld. Officials questioned the children, but none spoke of where the obtain the Air-Treks. They simply said: 'The Calming Of The Strom is over! It's our time to fly again and you can't stop us all!' 'All?' What did he mean by 'All?' We'll keep all you folks updated when the story develops!" The globe broadcast ended there... This wouldn't end nicly, Paradise was now in dire danger.

Soon, more children were caught riding within the cities, but were never heard from again. Air-Treks were being sold on the streets by the individuals known as "Tuners"; which brought a sudden spike in crimes all around the globe. The fears the general public had for Air-Treks seemed to be true and completely justifiable. The Storm-Rider hunters numbers grew, the more Air-Treks became popular above ground. Soon, a full unit was created; one that spanned across the globe with one objective in mind: to utterly obliterate Air-Treks and the people that use them once and for all...

With the sudden surge of riders above ground, the remaining loyal Storm-Riders in Paradise slowly, but surly left the compound; one by one. The reasons remained the same: "Why ride in a fake sky when we have a real one right above us?! They can't stop us all!" One of the brothers stayed against this impulsive action, but couldn't do nothing to stop it. In a matter of weeks, the tunnels of Paradise feel empty; nothing more but a massive system of tunnels with washed memories and passion. So the siblings locked all the entrances; making it almost impossible to enter from the outside world. Upon doing this, the key to Paradise remained in two pieces; which each had one in their possession. The two drifted apart, one remained unknown but the other basked in the glory of the real sky, both of theirs skill unmatched. They remained the true masters of Paradise, but not even a single soul knew... Expect one.

With Paradise tightly locked, and the Storm-Riders taking to the skies yet again. What would happen to the fate of Air-Treks? Would it merely be a another Japan crises, or would the Riders know their limitations? What of the legendary Roads? Would they make a comeback, or would new and better ones be created? The possibilities are endless, and is now within the hands of the Storm-Riders and the ones who despise them.

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