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1The Sora Lounge Air Gear RP Empty The Sora Lounge Air Gear RP on Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:04 pm

For reference, we've placed the ad to your site here in our RP Listing Center:


The Sora Lounge Air Gear RP 24guhqt

Air Treks. They are the new mode of transportation that allowed youths to soar into the sky, achieving their potential. They are the items that have allowed the strongest of its users to become royalty. But what would happen... once that power becomes less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle? Will you continue to use your power to protect yourself and your friends from those who desire your downfall? Or will you give it all away, for the chance of returning to a peaceful life?

Join us in a darker reinterpretation of the Air Gear universe, a world where aiming for the sky... might end with your wings shot back down to Earth.

The Sora Lounge Air Gear RP features:

- A deep storyline: Even the newest members have the power to make a difference in the course of the plot!
- Over 11 different Regalia! But be careful, for with power, there must be a price.
- Dozens of selectable roads, plus room to submit your own! Customize how your character rides your road and aim to be the best!
- Team systems, with over 5 different battle types! Want a simple and straightforward Dash? A labyrinth of Hurdle? An all-out Cube brawl? A quickwitted game of Air? A teamwork-oriented Disc battle? There's bound to be a battle style that fits you and your friends!
- Elaborate and Balanced Battle Systems: Worried that you can only be strong if you have a Regalia? Worry no more! With our easily customizable battle system, including hundreds of usable tricks and even accessories to modify your ATs, you can create your own battle strategies that can rival the kings!
- RPG-styled mechanics, including quests! When you're tired of socializing and want to do real jobs that require real riders and give real rewards, turn to the quests for everything you'll need!
- Monthly RP Character art contests! Aspiring artists of all skill levels are welcome to our art contests, where characters from the RP are drawn, at their very best! Who knows, maybe you'll get a bunch of fanart if you stick around long enough!
- Manga Viewer, an Arcade, and Scanlations! Perhaps you just want to take a break from the RP and check out the rest of the site! We also have a part of the site where you can read a variety of manga! Become the King of the Arcade in over 20 games! Finally, you may know that Sora Scans has worked on Air Gear for quite some time in the past, so feel free to return to the past and read our chapters of Air Gear, or look to the present and discover new series such as Blood Lad and Ever17!

Ready to ride? Join us at the Sora Lounge!

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