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"I aim at the moon! And get my howl on!"

--Personal Information*

  • Name*Ezekiel Maximillion Hood*
  • Alias*Zeke|GK|Spray*
  • Gender*Male*
  • Nationality*Black|Japanese*
  • Age*19*
  • Height*6'4*
  • Weight*187Ibs*
  • Sexuality*Heterosexual*


Being of African-American heritage, Ezekiel carriers almost all of his races physical characteristics. Big hands, with even bigger feet, smooth chocolate colored skin, short black hair, and extremely tall. It's funny, at first glance a person can instantly tell he was black; or of some type of African descent. But what really shocks others is when he comes out and tells them his actually also half Japanese; even though he doesn't look it one bit. It's pretty obvious which genes in his body are dominant. But surprisingly, Ezekiel embraces both parts, and to the fullest.

A mass amount of tattoos lace his entire torso and back. Each has different meaning, and some type of sentimental value to him. But the tattoos are only visible when his not wearing any type of shirt; which is rare. Ezekiel may have a well toned and strong body, but he hates showing it off; it shows bad character in his eyes. But his outfits usually remain the same for he is a creature of old habit's. Some type of hat; may it be a Do-rag or baseball-cap, baggy or loose fitting shirts, and baggy jeans or long basketball shorts. If his trusted AT's aren't on his feet, then a nice pair of sneakers are. They range from color to color; manly depending on the outfit he choose to wear that day. If it's fancy, Ezekiel wont put it on, he rather stay comfortable and casual.


  • //Ambitious*Ezekiel's ambition burns hot; hotter than the very sun placed above the earth. This burning ambition turns into a blistering passion. Passion for himself, passion for the people close to him, and passion for the world of Air-Treks. He wants nothing more but to push his body to reach it's peak performance; without looking like he wants to be the very best at everything. His skill is nearly unmatched at it's current level, but he feels like he can do 300% times better if the right conditions are meant. His ambition to surpass himself has to be the biggest thing keeping Ezekiel going.

  • //Kind*Kindness should be Ezekiel's middle name. Well, not really, but he is and will forever remain extremely kind and friendly to just about anyone on even terms with him. It's not out of his character to help a passing old lady with her bags, nor is it to help a group of small children retrieve a missing ball. He praises on this important personality trait; and for good reason. People enjoy being around others that show great kindness and consideration. But this doesn't mean Ezekiel is just a nice person 24/7 and can never become angry. It's just rare and almost unheard of.

  • //Hostile*Being the nice charismatic man he is, Ezekiel becomes extremely hostile and battle-ready when his territory is on the line. When faced with a opponent; or just another person that means to cause him or the people he cares for harm, Ezekiel turns into a savaged beast and extremely impulsive. He's also very competitive, and can't stand not being able to push his body and mind past it's natural limits.

  • //Sarcastic*Every word this man speaks, may it be sold truth, or a small little white lie contains a obvious dose of sarcasm. Being serious and taking something serious are two things Ezekiel cannot do. Only when times of extreme and utter importance happens is when his serious side appears. This sarcasm normally makes him look like a jerk in the eyes of many. Even the people who know and trust this man still think that from time to time, even though they know that's far from the truth. It's just Ezekiel's sarcasm is that thick and bothersome.

  • //Blunt*He'll never beat around the bush. When delivering bad news, or even having to tell another person something that'll upset them, Ezekiel well always get straight to the point. This is a trait he himself personally hates, and no matter how hard he tries to avoid being so blunt, he ends up being just that anyways. Put this on top of the never ending Sarcasm, and you got yourself a person people love to hate.

  • //Flirtatious*Women! He can't get enough. Words can't describe how much this man enjoys female company. No matter the day, time, or situation. Ezekiel can make time for females; or at least try. A typical man with typical man thoughts about creatures of the opposite sex.

--Special Information *

  • Birth Place*Seattle, Washington*
  • Current Place Of Residence*Seattle,WA*
  • Current Team*Eternal Canvas*
  • Class*C*
  • Shadow*Rainbow Dragon*

The Shadow of a mythological creature. A vibrant rainbow of colors overlap the outline of this massive shadow. When one witnesses such beauty and color they gawk in awe or shrike in fear. Ezekiel's shadow is the perfect sign of his ambition and passion.


One day, a wealthy man from Japan happened to be within the city of Seattle for some type of important business deal. The wealthy man happened to stumble into one of the finest hotel the city can offer. There he bumped into a woman. The two talked for what felt like a eternity and about subjects that meant very little to both individuals until the wealthy man asked the mysterious woman out for a night of fine dinning and dance. Almost instantly she accepted the sudden offer. The duo met up later that night in the exact same place, and continued from there. The meal was wonderful and the dancing was sensational. Later that night, back in the mans hotel room, they engaged in sexual relations with a passion for one another's body. The next morning, the hasty adults parted ways, but exchanged numbers. All seemed perfect and good, until the woman realized she was pregnant. And to make matters worse, the Japanese man couldn't be reached. Nine months later, little Ezekiel entered the world with small green eyes; a trait he must have obtained from his father. Within this time, the Japanese man realized he had a baby son, but wanted nothing to do with him as of now. The mother feel into a bitter rage, she wanted Ezekiel to have a father in his life. Over time, the baby grew of course, but his growing was different from most...

Moving from place to place, the child was subjected to a lot of different people. Some nice and others not so nice, but overall, the experience remained good for the child. He witnessed his mother struggle to keep food on the table while trying to support the house hold bills. From time to time she would mention his father with faint watery tears in her eyes, but the child had no idea why she was crying. She called his father a intelligent and prideful man, but said no more than that. Throughout his entire childhood she mentioned the father; just enough for Ezekiel to know the man as "dad" and nothing else. But not having a father in his life didn't take away from Ezekiel's upbringing. Sure, times were hard, but overall, his mother taught him everything he needed to know as a person and as a man. But still one point remained. The child thought about this man known as "father" a lot. Why didn't he want to see his son? Only one person knew the real answer to that question, but said person resided on the opposite side of the earth.

Early teen years and Ezekiel continued moving around from place to place with his mother. But as they did this, the child began started getting into serious trouble. Not just at school, or even the mother, but with the law. The child was caught numerous time stealing candy, clothing items, and entertainment goods from local stores. Why did he do this? Pressure from his so called friends. "You down, Zeke? You wanna be one of us? Steal this shit!" Those words were spoken every time a item ended up missing and within the boys possession. This didn't only happen out in the real world, but also within the compounds of the school district. Ezekiel didn't just steal, he also bullied and taunted. All because he wanted to be "down" with the other kids; the cool kids. His mother had enough of his actions though. The police couldn't do anything, nor could she. The woman only had one other option; contact the man who wanted nothing to do with his son. After countless attempts and pleas, one of her calls finally got through. She spoke with much concern over their son, and he did nothing but listen. He came to a solution; send the boy to his uncle in California. He paid for the ticket, Ezekiel packed his bags, and was off a few days later.

San Fransisco, California; a place of wonderful weather, and "sexy" people, at least from what Ezekiel heard and read from TV and magazines. Leaving Seattle was a downer for the boy. He was just starting to gain respect from his peers, but he didn't care to much. He'd just take it back again when he returned, or if he returned. After days and hours of driving, the youth came to a Mansion. Upon entering, he was greeted by one man. "Pull up your pants! Stand straight! Are you really my brothers son?!" Those words rang through the entire mansion with a mighty roar. After about a hour of rules, the man; also known as Uncle Jin lead the youth to his room. Once he entered, Ezekiel's eyes opened wide. He was to be sharing the room with someone else? Before the awkward silence could drag out any longer, Uncle Jin explained how the two boys shared the same father, which made them brothers. The two looked 100% different, that much was clear at first glance. But to make things worse, Ezekiel could tell his "brother" was stuck up and probably had a rich upbringing. Before this was over, things wouldn't end nicely...

Time in the strict mansion seemed to almost literally stop. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Ezekiel continuously bumped heads with his half-brother, Rohas. The boys fought over stupid things like space and personal items. Ezekiel didn't want to give Rohas a chance, they looked nothing a like, and shared different tastes in just about everything. It was a pretty typical rivalry between Ezekiel and Rohas. But when they weren't fighting, they were studying. Math, Physics, History, ect, ect. Each day dragged out longer and longer. But when the day came to a close, and the lights were off. Ezekiel had one passion he could use to take his mind away from his hell; his panting canvas. But instead of paint, he used spray-paint. This style of paint was commonly known as "tagging", but it was much more then that to Ezekiel; it was a second way of life.

Months would pass, and the boys would more or less grow "closer". They talked, but rarely. Until one day, out the blue a old man appeared on the mansions doorstep. He claimed to be the youths grandfather. Without wasting a single second, the old man took the boys away to a back room with a briefcase tightly in hand. He talked about Kings and Queens, Roads and Wings; stuff that went over the two brothers heads. But eventually it all made sense once he opened the briefcase. Documentaries about items known as "ATs"; or "Air-Treks". This quickly caught the attention of the brothers. For a entire month, their grandfather stayed and taught them everything that needed to be known about these forbidden items. And reviled the location of a secret utopia for all future riders. The place? Paradise.

Years would pass, and the two brothers grew bigger, stronger, and wiser. Their Uncle came to the decision to enroll the young men into highschool. School life remained somewhat easy for Ezekiel; until females made a sudden entrance into his life. Both brothers remained smarter then most of their graduating class; do to the intense homeschooling they obtained for years. Ezekiel had no commutation with Rohas within the school; the two did their own thing. Ezekiel quickly gained the reputation of the schools best tagger while some even said artist. Social fame didn't do anything for him anymore, he could honestly really care less about what people think about him. But this all changed when he met a girl by the name of, Luna. She brought the art out of him more than his own head. The two became good friends; a friendship that would last forever. Sadly, Rohas shared a close relationship with the exact same girl. But this secretly brought the two even closer together; even if it wasn't apparent at first glance.

The gates to Paradise would have been opened for awhile. A lot longer before Ezekiel and Rohas started highschool. Their skills with ATs developed quickly. They remained anonymous about being the ones who opened the Utopia for the world. But they did do one thing, they came together and formed a powerful team of riders known as Dai Mugen. Himself, Rohas,and Luna came together to form this team. Defeating every other group of riders that came in their direction. But just as the good times finally started rolling in, the bad times were close to follow. News-reports about Storm-Riders above ground began sweeping across the nation. While this happened, Ezekiel and Rohas saw the events differently. One saw the opportunity to expand ATs to the real world again, while the other saw the destruction it could and would most likely cause. So Dai Mugen quickly broke apart, with the gates of Paradise being closed right behind it. Luna shared similar goals with Rohas, so the two remained together, while Ezekiel left California and went back to Seattle for the first time in over five years.

In only a matter of Weeks, Seattle became Ezekiel's canvas. His tags could be seen on the highest buildings. Covering the rainy city in art he noticed a fair amount of team stickers and knew what needed to be done. He created a small team of the cities best riders and artists. They called themselves Eternal Canvas. And they went around one by one destroying any team within the area of Seattle; leaving a rush of vibrant art in his wake. In only four months, Ezekiel and his crew took over the city once and for all. Seattle became a place of expression and art, a place of endless possibilities, and the Graffiti's King eternal canvas. But Paradise still remained his number one priority. He would protect that place with his life, and if Rohas did anything to jeopardize the Utopia, Ezekiel would have no choice but to stop his only brother. But the real question is, will it really come down to that?


Stamina *4*
Dexterity *2*
Acceleration *2*
Tricks *1*

--AT Information*

Name*Ebony and Ivory*
Description*A special pair of ATs that don't add any type of performance enhancement at all. What makes these normal pair of ATs so special would be the distinct color pattern on both skates. One remains black and gray while the other is white and gray. The design going down the side resembles a seductive woman in a type of wine glass. The ATs have the function to shift from two wheel control and four wheel control with a simple leg movement.

--F Class

--E Class

--D Class

--C Class

Name* Deja Vu*
Rank* C*
Description* A Trick|Attack Ezekiel has developed over the years. It's pretty straight forward, but with a massive payback. First, he starts by riding in a straight line at maximum speed. When his ATs begin to give off a very soft humming sound that's when the technique can be used. But the speed has to be perfect. To slow and there's a chance he'll crash, and to fast there's the chance he'll break his legs. With a flash, Ezekiel will quickly jump into the air and begin spinning with his body close together in a type of ball formation. If the momentum and speed is correct, he'll spin three times a second causing the very wind around his body to ripple. Upon hitting the ground, Ezekiel dashes forward leaving scars upon the very surface he stands on. Ultimately, this Trick adds to his speed (16Mph which translate over to a +2 in speed), but can only maintain this for a few seconds before the muscles in his legs begin to strain. He calls it Deja Vu for the chilling after effect it holds against the opponent.
Limit* Must learn from Ezekiel*

Name* Stanky Spin*
Rank* C*
Description* A straight forward trick used to climb extremely high walls and towers. When contact with the wall is made, Ezekiel starts the trick off with a simple wall-ride. His legs start to criss-cross to gain the right amount of speed before he suddenly jerks his body to the left and starts a crazy spin. The spin has more than enough power to literally catapult him off the tower or wall in question. The secret to this trick would be dexterity. The more a person has of it, the better control they have to ensure they stay connected to the surface and ride it safely.
Limit* Must learn from Ezekiel*

Name*Unorthodox Movement*
Rank* C*
Description* No origin, no meaning, no real purpose. This trick is one of a kind, but it varies from user to user.The trick allows the user to trick his opponent(s) into seeing the after-image of a attack or movement which really wasn't there, leaving them open for a counter attack if the opponent(s) takes the bait. The concept behind this trick is a fairly simple one, yet it takes much practice and skill in the arts of control to maintain the after-image(s). Starting off: The user sways their body from left to right while they ride on their Air-Treks. This swaying movement quickly becomes a pattern of movements that become unpredictable and sudden, thus leaving the enemy in a state of confusion and caution if done correctly.

Once this is accomplished, the user then pushes the motorized skates to the breaking point. But by doing this, the user obtains the right condition for creating the after-image(s). As the motors within the skates cry their motorized cry. The user begins a swift zig-zagging motion forward. This motion is said to be the only thing recognizable when it comes to this Unorthodox movement, but only if the opponent is quick enough to catch on. Whenever the user Zigs, a perfect after-image is created. Whenever the user Zags, the same effects apply. The After-Images themselves make no sound whatsoever as they skate around the opponent. So once again if the opponent is fully aware when it comes to the surroundings they can find away around this.

The After-Image(s) are as quick as the user in terms of speed and acceleration, so this further adds to the realness of the trick. The After-Image(s) quickly rush the opponent once they are created. They tackle, punch, kick, and even jump. But damage is never done, this is merely done to try and bring out a false reaction from the opponent, thus leaving them open for a quick counter attack, or even a drop in speed. But this technique isn't without it's limitations. It's strong and realistic when the user has a great amount of dexterity and control. The images last for one second and +1 more second for as many points in dexterity the user has. (EX: +2 points in dexterity = the images will last for 2 seconds) The amount of after-image(s) that can be created also depends on the users control and dexterity. (EX: +2 points in dexterity = two after-image(s))

If the user is a master of dexterity and control (+10 in the dexterity stat) They can preform this technique without the use of Air-Treks, thus becoming a master of the unpredictable arts.
Limit* Must Learn From Ezekiel*

Name* ✗✗-Calibur
Rank* C*
Description* A very offensive trick taken from the Fang-Road, but with a added twist which varies from rider to rider. First: The user takes the "stop and go" tactic, building up a great amount of energy within the Air-Treks. This energy produces a faint light which twists around the Air-Treks in question. Once enough energy has been stored within the Air-Treks, the user swiftly kicks their leg forward with a fluid arching motion. As this happens, the stored energy travels through the hips and leg muscles adding extra momentum and power. A vibrant golden colored "✗" type shape travels forward (with speed directly linked to the users speed stat and acceleration), and chases the opponent down. The "✗" type energy beam has a width of about three meters, while has a height of about five. It's a fairly easy attack to dodge if the opponent remains aware enough. If collision is made, the golden energy causes many two inch gashes all over the opponents body, or contact area. But with this power comes a great drawback. The user is only able to preform this trick once with each leg (so twice a thread|battle). This is because, the user puts there will-being on the line for such a dangerous and powerful trick.
Limit*Any road with similar concepts as the Fang-Road|Must learn from Ezekiel*

--B Class

--A Class


Title* Eternal King*
King|Queen* Ezekiel Maxims Hood*
Road* Scaring Road*
Description* The Scaring road; a road taking principles from the eight other original roads. This doesn't mean the King or Queen has the ultimate advantage and can call themselves "The God Of Air-Treks!" This road is extremely deadly, and the King or Queen in question can only use it some many times before their body becomes useless altogether. This road obtained it's name from the scaring effect it places among the very earth and open skies. The scars carry great significance in themselves; each one carrying a story and a piece of the King or Queen.

The most noticeable effect of the Scaring road would have to be it's strong riding style and it's ability to turn pure momentum and speed into physical touchable energy. This principle is taken from the deadly and savage Fang Road. The grand drawback to this isn't the typical "creature of the land" phrase. It's the fact when the energy is released; when the build up energy comes to be. The King or Queen will more or less lose the leg or even leg(s); the muscles within them basically ripping apart like lean meat. But, this only happens with normal ATs. To avoid this the King or Queen would need the Regalia which goes along with this deadly unmatched road.

The next noticeable effect; and probably the most recognizable one would have to be it's swift untraceable movements. This principle is taking from the Flame-Road and Wing-Road. The King Or Queen has the ability to move at mind-shattering speeds; (+4 to speed stat| +2 to acceleration stat) almost disappearing entirely from view; while leaving deep scorching marks on whatever surface the King or Queen is standing on. This feat is obtained by pushing the motors within any AT to it's absolute limit. Normally, doing this would cause the motorized Skates to simply stop working on the spot. But the King or Queen doesn't allow their ATs to feel the strain alone; more than half of the friction and power is transferred through their legs, giving them the ability of this high-speed movement. But this causes small burns throughout the Kings or Queens leg area; which can quickly turn untreatable and deadly. But with the Roads Regalia's, this is no longer a concern, for they are built to handle the speed and power of this road.

The two principles are only the main effects within The Scaring-Road. The true power and ability lies within it's Regalia and it's core. But achieving such levels cannot and will not be easy; the cost is to great and the drawbacks to drastic. But when a human being has their back pushed up against the walls, they are truly capable of amazing things...

Regalia* ---*
Description* ---*

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