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Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open]

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1 Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:15 pm

      Another blistering sunny day in Seattle, Washington. The sidewalks and streets buzzing with life as the people seemed happy and carefree - even the homeless people seemed to have a extra pip in their step. Ezekiel blended in with the flow of the traffic, and was dressed appropriately, black jeans with a white wife-beater.

      "Nothin' poppin' off today..."

      Ezekiel spoke sliding out of the massive group and, off to a lone alleyway. On his feet rested the trusty Air-Treks that carried him through many Storm-Rider battles - Ebony and Ivory. With both hands in his pocket, the boy simply continued to move forward - following the light that shined through the other side.

      "Somethin' gotta happen..."

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2 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:56 pm


"Friday friday gotta get up it`s friday..", he was singing aloud while down the busy side-walk. He was wearing his usual attire: blue pants, white shirt, thin black jacket, shoes that goes over each individual toe. The works. He doesn`t mind wearing his jacket at all. It blocked the sun from him and the nice breeze could reach inside his arms and back.

When he reached the point of an alley way, he turned and entered. He needa pee. Ahead of him he could see a fellow just walking through. Lue showed absolutely no concern of who might see him do a lil` tinky-tink. So he didn`t really gave a fuck if this bro saw him go. There was a couple of trashcans against the wall to his left. He stopped, un-zipped, and start to just relax and let go between the two objects.

He looked at the stream of wee-wee and it was of a medium-yellow color. The darkness of color shows dehydration, and he decided to go somewhere for a drinky-drink. If treks weren`t illegal he could simply pop out the wheels from the bottom of his shoes and ride. After a lil` shaky-shake he shoved it back in and zipped up again. "Yo", he calls out to the fellow walking through. "Ya know a place where I can get a drinky-drink", he asks.

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3 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:28 pm

      The Simi Dark Alleyway blocked the grunt of the blistering heat, so Ezekiel enjoyed the shade while he could. The motors within his Air-Treks speed slowly diminished to speed equal to a slow walk. Directly in font - maybe about seven meters or so stood a mysterious figure. But Ezekiel had the male no mind as the slow speed of the sibling motorized wheels carried him forward. It's not every day two people cross paths down a desolated alleyway, so Ezekiel kept one eye on this mysterious person - not like he wasn't itching for a little brawl anyways. But suddenly, out the corner of his emerald toned eyes, the male noticed this stranger relieving himself behind a few empty trashcans. Quickly, Ezekiel looked directly ahead and shook his head in shame. Why would another male do that in front of another male? And without warning?! That's seriously fucked up!

      "Yo, give a person a heads up next time you decided to piss all over the place, iight?"

      His words carried the small trait of anger, but it was hardly noticeable. The skates placed upon his feet cried their motorized cry as the exit of the shaded alleyway was now only a few meters away. But suddenly, the male shouted out a simple word "yo", which caused Ezekiel's ears to twitch and AT's come to a sudden halt. The green eyed boy didn't face the male - just encase he was still relieving himself. The unknown stranger asked his question as Ezekiel continued to face the light a few meters ahead.

      "A place to drink, huh? Try a '7-11' or somethin'. I'm pretty sure they have your 'drinky-drinks' - whatever the fuck those are."

      He continued skating forward - this person was obviously a tourist - or maybe a retarded? Either way, Ezekiel grew tired of standing within the same area as this individual, so he cleared the alleyway and found himself back within a wave of people.

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4 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:28 pm

The man walking by called out to him, saying that he didn`t want to see him peeing. "Hey, if someone was gonna pee on me", he starts to say, "I`d move out the way". After he finished with his piss relieving and asked where to get some refreshments. The fellow replied, suggesting to go to a 7/11 which is the name of a common gas station. Lue looked at the man, he wasn`t doing any bodily movement that he could see. Though he was still somehow moving. Lue took a step back to observe the fellow. He couldn`t see all too clearly due the blur caused by the sun but, it would seem the lad has some treks of his own.

Time to go fuck with him, no homo. He rotates to face the opposite end of where the stranger left through. He remembers that there were are a crap load of people walking on the side-walks. And also there are quite a few parked cars along side of the cemented side-walks. That should be plenty of cover for Lue. And besides, if no one noticed that guy to be on treks then no one would even give a second thought about Lue. He made wheels pop out of the bottom of his shoes giving him an inch or more in height. He then goes, making the mechanics inside his shoes to make the wheels spin.

He rushes towards the people walking pass the alley way. He then starts to move his legs, manually moving along with his auto-rotation wheels to help with the speed. Leaning his body forward to almost where he would fall on his face. Bending his ankles as far as he could and putting his weight on the balls of his feet. Pressing down toward the ground with the ball area of his foot as hard as he can. He does all of this without even thinking about it. It`s the same way how he walks everyday, called the Forgotten Freak.

With the speed he is going, it would be insane to just rush into a bunch ass of people. However, Lue is boss when it comes to using his treks. At the moment he was going out the end of the alley way, there was a nice space between the people walking. It was big enough where he can just go in. Entering the space, he took such a sharp turn that can easily be made by Lue due to his high dexterity. But, at the direction where he turned to, there was another person right in his way. So he quickly rotated his body to move and to avoid bumping into the person. Though he did not stop or slowed down, he kept on going as fast as he could.

He had to rotate every now and again in case his brute dexterity wasn`t enough to get out of the way. The quick evasion maneuver was called the Spinning Bullet. There were a bunch of people so he had to do it quite a few times more. As he comes to the end of the block he takes a turn. He keeps doing this until he reaches the block where he first came into that alley now filled with pee-pee. He goes on straight until he reaches that strange person with his own treks. After making 1 last spin to avoid hitting someone, he finds the stranger in front of him.

At the instant he faced him he yelled out, "BLACK PEOPLE SPEED!". The wheels goes back into the bottom of his shoes again. He made it to the man so fast and in no time, even with all these things that would make it difficult for someone to go even at their own walking pace. Hopefully what Lue yelled out got the attention of the stranger and immediately continues to speak. "Maboi, did I hear you cor-rect-ly", he said while saying the word 'correctly' slow per syllable. "Don`t know what are drinky-drinks", he rhetorically asks. "Naw son, that`s bullshit maboi don`t be all trying to fool meh and act like yer too swagged up to even know what drinky-drinks are".

"Ain`t nnnoogghhh..", he says 'no' as if he couldn`t finish and was about to bust out some rage, " that`s too swag to not know what drinky-drinks are".

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5 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:31 pm

      Ezekiel had little to no patience for the stranger in the alleyway, so he left before doing anything he'd regret later. But right before the green eyed boy was even able to blend in with the massive sea of Seattle citizens, the stranger quickly cut him off with wild movements - while yelling so stupid phrase. Ezekiel isn't one for surprises, nor is he one to be taken by surprise like this. So before the stranger was even able to finish the second word in the little idiotic and racial discriminating phrase. The motors within the sibling Air-Trek on his feet quickly released him forward with a burst of unpredictable and sudden speed. As the youth shot forward, he grabbed the stranger by the collar of his jacket and spun his body in a half circle, now holding him firmly against a brick wall. All this took no longer than a second. The look in Ezekiel eyes serious, cold, and angry.

      "Da fuck is your problem! You must not be from around here, huh, bitch?! Doin' shit like that is bound to get yo ass fucked up, especially if it's done to me!"

      His words came out strong and serious - he could no longer be the nice and chill individual he is known to be. This stranger needed to know his place, and it seemed like this could only be accomplished with aggression.

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6 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:02 pm

"Black peop-", he was cut off when he was suddenly grabbed by his jacket by the stranger that he was facing. Immediatly after, he was being spun, "Oh shit", he exclaimed as the spin led him to be pinned against a wall. The wheels from the bottom of his shoes popped out again while he let out the yelp. The stranger started to give a piece of his mind to Lue. Right when he started speaking Lue made the mechanics in his treks to spin the wheels. "Man look at dis foo`", he was thinking in his head, "pinning meh `n now yellin` `n shit". Lue was almost on his tippy-toes and his ankles were leaning on the wall right behind him. This allowed his wheels to spin and accumulate power with the space between the ground and the wall.

Immediately while the dude was almost done speaking Lue began to let out a very casual yet cheerful laugh, "ehehehe". "You a trip", he said casually while also casually pointing with his finger. "Ehehehe-", he laughed a bit again but then cut himself off. He rotated his body with his arms completely relaxed. The stranger was holding Lue by his jacket, so by rotating his body it would allow his arms to slide out of the sleeves of his jacket. Lue knew he would have to do it real quick so he used the ol` Spinning Bullet trick.

Once he made one full 360 degree turn he put one foot flat on the ground and another flat against the wall behind him. Immediately the foot on the ground would make him go due to the wheels spinning. On the same time Lue would press with the foot, that`s on the wall, with the ball area as hard as he can, before the treks could even make the foot roll off the wall. Which is him now effectively starting the Forgotten Freak trick. While all that was happening Lue lowered his upper body. As Lue starts to move, the speed would help him tackle the stranger`s gut with his shoulder and wrapped his arms around beneath the stranger`s ass. No homo.

Lue then uses the artificial power in his treks and the manual power in his legs using the Forgotten Freak trick to drag the stranger along with him. The total power generated would help Lue hold the stranger so that he won`t counter act the force using his own treks. The plan was to slam the stranger onto a wall. But straight ahead was a 7/11, a gas station, and the two would crash into the tall windows that reached up from the ground. If so then the impact would deal enough damage to the stranger. Not just from the big windows in the front of the station but also all of the stands and snacks they have that`s set up behind the window they would crash into. And even behind the snacks there is the glassed bottle refreshments inside a row of refrigerators with glass doors.

If Lue could make those glass-doors contact the stranger, then Lue would let go and back off a bit away from him.

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7 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:59 pm

      "Yo, What the fuck is wrong with---...!"

      Instantly his words were cut short as the sound of roaring Air-Trek motors made his ears twitch with confusion. He thought about where the sound could have been coming from. The twin Air-Treks placed upon his feet were stationary and still, so the roaring couldn't have been coming from his person. Suddenly, his eyelids opened extremely wide as he soon realized where the roaring was coming from the stranger he had pinned up against the brick wall, but how could this be? He wore no Air-Treks, or did he...? But the thought was extremely short lived as his body began zooming in the opposite direction with impressive speeds, but this unknown male would need try harder to get the slip on Ezekiel.

      "Fuckin' idiot!"

      Ezekiel shouted as his body came to a complete stop - the Air-Treks of his own pushing forward with pretty equal force and speed. The two were now engaged in a type of tug-o-war battle for control - like two young crazed bulls with locked horns. But Ezekiel wouldn't end there, the strangers back was full exposed do to his football like grip. With quick punches, the green eyed boy began annihilating the mans exposed backside. His punches quick with much power behind them. But these punches only had one main purpose, and that was to get this stranger to lose all his speed and be forced back up against the brick wall. If this was successful, Ezekiel would maintain the firm grip of the mans collar as he remained helpless on the wall.

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8 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:09 pm

Things didn`t go as planned as Lue had hoped. Despite him holding the stranger by the thighs it didn`t help in accomplishing what Lue intended. The stranger uses his own treks to counter-act the force of Lue`s. Sure he heard the stranger yell out something but it was of no concern to him because easy words won`t help in this brawl for one or the other. His next plan of action he didn`t even need to think of it, he just knew it like it was instinct. He turned his ankles to the side which caused his lower body to travel in that direction due to the automated treks power. Lue was still holding his grip he had on the stranger. Before having his body stretched, Lue maneuvers his treks so that they went in a half-circle. At the same time he loosen his grip just a bit so his arms along with the rest of his body can slide over.

Doing this had led Lue to go around the stranger, while still holding on somewhat, and is now right behind him. Since the stranger was giving about equal force to counter Lue`s force. The stranger would travel forward due to there being no counter-force to keep him stationary with moving wheels, at least for a moment until he decides to stop. But even so, Lue was now right behind him with his wheels still moving and now begins to do the Forgotten Freak which combines his own power with his treks for double the speed. At this point the stranger would be facing the wall that he pinned Lue against.

And how about that, Lue`s plan to slam the stranger into the wall was coming into fruition. Right when Lue went behind the stranger he firmed his grip again. "I`mma fuck you.. ALL THE HOMO", he yelled out as he continues to do the Forgotten Freak along with the power of his treks to try to slam him with maximum force.

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9 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:40 am


      This strangers fighting-style... So Strange, so wild, and so unpredictable. But it did give him the slightest of advantages, and that was mainly for the simple fact Ezekiel couldn't predict nor guess what would be coming next, but he would always counter accordingly... If he could.

      It seemed the male was much more resourceful than Ezekiel originally thought. The very moment the stranger used his hidden Air-Treks spinning wheels as momentum to basically pivot a perfect 180 degrees around Ezekiel, he knew what time it was. As the stranger did this, Ezekiel's emerald glowing eyes looked directly ahead for a split second and eyed the same brick wall he was attempting to use for his own advantage, but that idea quickly went out the window. As the mysterious mans movements completed, Ezekiel found himself heading directly for the wall, but his eyes remained calm, and his nerves still - he had an idea. As he shot at the red wall with swift speed, he could feel the faint grip still around his waist. So with his massive hands, Ezekiel almost instantly broke the males grip with little to no effort at all. As Ezekiel broke through the faint grip, the youth held his left leg up... but why?!

      The very instant his Air-Trek wheels hit the wall, using his other leg, Ezekiel would leap - gaining about five feet of air. But this wasn't a normal leap, this was more of a backflip if anything. As his body flip, his left leg was pointed directly outward, so when said flip was finished, a mighty dropkick should land directly on the fast approaching male - leaving little to no time to react do to the fast movement and minimal moving space. If everything went according to calculations, the kick should land either on the top of the head, or right shoulder. Either way, this awkwardly acting stranger would be eating concert with a sore shoulder or head. Hell, maybe even both...

      "Did I get him...?!"

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10 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:47 pm

"Fuck", he whispered to himself. "I should`ve really laid off the snacky-snacks", he then thought. He hardly didn`t put in any strength into that grip at all. He just needed to exercise to get back being all physical and the like. The stranger was still going forward however. Lue thought that the man would turn around or something to continue this brawl they had going on. He was probably was going to turn right before he reached the wall. Or something else that may get Lue pinned against the wall again. Lue decides to chase the stranger down. Then he saw that the stranger lifted his leg straight out.

The stranger probably wanted to stop onto the wall so that Lue would ran into him while the stranger adds on damage from a backside head-butt. Or maybe something else. Lue didn`t want to be so concrete on a theory so he just made himself prepared. Right when they gotten to the wall, Lue saw the stranger us his other leg to jump onto the wall. Then the stranger suddenly did a flip off the wall and toward the ground, where Lue would be at at the pace that he was going. Right before the strangers left leg would land upon Lue, Lue rotated himself out of the way to his left using the Spinning Bullet trick.

There was no way his was fast enough to avoid an incoming obstacle like that. It`s a good thing he has a good evasion maneuver. After his little spin, his treks were facing down the side-walk. With the wheels still spinning he, just decide to end the game here, just went forward down the side-walk. "I`ll catch ya next time maboi", he yelled out looking back at the stranger. "Why do the snacky-snacks gotta be so damn good", he thought to himself as he rode away from the stranger.


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11 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:08 pm

      OOC* I've never been so used before in my life, Lue... :(

      Also, ain't making a newsletter. This entire thread was nothing but bullshit.

      - - -

      "Fuck, I missed..."

      Ezekiel quickly thought to himself as his powerful leg made contact with nothing but air - creating a mighty high pitch whistle while doing so. But seeing how the attack came up short, the youth now needed to go on the defensive seeing how he was exposed to all sorts of sneaky counter attacks. But as the thought of defensive measures riddled his mind, he saw the stranger spinning with wild quick movements. Was that how he dodged the sure attack? It would certainly explain a lot. Seeing how the stranger was out of reach, Ezekiel extended both his hands forward to catch his rapidly following body. With a mighty push off the hard rocky ground, the youth found himself flipping into a stationary position. His green eyes watched as the mysterious male rode off. The stranger spoke, but he didn't catch it - it's not like it really mattered in the first place.

      "Fuckin' Pussy!!!"

      The emerald eyed boy yelled - only hoping the awkward stranger would hear. With that being done, Ezekiel cleared his throat, spun on his wheels and slowly rode out of the alleyway with hands in pockets.

      "Well, that was fun while it lasted..."


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12 Re: Home Is Where The Graffiti Is [Open] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:30 pm

Archived | Completed

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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