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The Flame Diviner

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1 The Flame Diviner on Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:01 am

Flame Diviner
Rohas Hanzo

"A true man never dies, even when he's killed.!!!"

Name: Rohas Hood Hanzo

Alias: The Flame Diviner, Honz, The Rising Flame King

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual


Leader: Rohas is a adaptable and well respected leader. Able to make firm and adequate decisions, in the most overwhelming of situations, because of his level head. He keeps a calm and cool headed demeanor when he has to, to make sure his allies are safe. He keeps a powerful presence around him, when not goofing around. Because of his quick to observe nature Rohas is very hard to surprise or catch off guard. He analyzes thing rather quickly, being able to setup a whole battle plan with just one look at the field. He is a natural leader when it comes to battle.

Determination: The Flame Diviner has this uncanny motivation to simply achieve. He is remarkably determined to just be the best that he can be no matter what. He doesn’t exactly know what his goal is in life, but to him that’s what makes it all the better. He’s just going to keep going. He rather be remembered for his determination and hard work then being a genius. He is a extremely hard worker, and quite competitive. Rohas has grown to be quite dependable when it comes to anything, have it be paperwork to the most violent of situations. He tries his best at every single task given to him.

Loyalty: Rohas is an extremely loyal fellow, to his comrades, allies and team. He is the type to put his life on the line to save another’s without even a second thought about it. He is a fair man, and expects nothing from his allies he wouldn’t give in return. He doesn’t like losing people in the midst of battle, and tries to focus on as less casualties as possible. But he knows the sacrifice everyone makes when in a fight.

Pride Of a God: Rohas is mostly recognized by how he carries himself around other people, his face is mostly serious and the atmosphere tends to really tense when he's around. And his confidence almost seems to explode, the man has no doubts when it comes to his abilities. His pride has grown to be one of his trademarks.He seems to told himself in high regard, as one of the best riders out right now other then his brother. His pride has grown to the point where he wont use "special made" A-T's and rather use over used A-T's to be-little his opponent even more.

Passionate: Regardless of his pride, Rohas is a immensely deep and passionate person. Just the right things need to be triggered in order for him to really show it. Mention Paradise you will see emotion on his face, of the good times. If Luna is hurt he will completely loose his cool, and calmness becoming overwhelmed with emotion. Rohas is a frequent poetry writer, always writing things but never showing anyone any of it. Unless he is in good spirits and writes something about his team, then he will show some of his stuff. Although he tries to hide it, it is easy to tell Rohas is a passionate person if one is around him enough. He will never show it, but he cares deeply for his team mates and his brother. But he himself is in denial of that, claiming he needs no cares for no one but the progression of his team. When deep down he needs just about everyone. It is his drive, passion and love for his mother that is his inner core of a person, the reason why he does the things he does. He is highly driven by his own emotion, and it causes him to do random things because something is affecting him.

Just Likes Fucking with'ya: Honz is known for his quite warped sense of humor, from jokes to sarcasm, to just plain laughing at the completely wrong times. Rohas will go to the extremes just to mess with someone, and in the end to just say “Just fucking with’ya.” He is a avid fan of practical jokes and is willing to pull a prank on anyone he can just for a good laugh. Rohas isn’t afraid of teasing the heart a little, which in some eyes makes him kind of cruel. He would make a girl fall in love with him, break her heart just to laugh at her shocked expression. But in reality he really just likes messing with people, which sometimes makes him a jerk. Although well respected , Rohas is quite the goof ball sometimes. He has a great sense of humor and is quite easy to make laugh, even in the midst of battle. He believes having a few laughs with his allies at battle is good, it relaxes you sometimes.

+ Smoking
+ Winning
+ Luna's Chest
+ He does love his brother Zeke a great deal
- Losing
- Zeke's eyes
- Annoying people


Rohas can in general be described as a pretty boy, he hates that generalization but he accepts it for what it is. Rohas has short blonde hair, that he actually takes care of frequently. His hair grows kind of fast and it does get spiky. Rohas has a slender body, and works out alot but he does cardio wanting to keep his slender frame. But his muscles tight and ripped.

Honz wears all types of clothing, from suits to tuxedos. But mostly casual comfortable wear, like cargo pants and shirts and sweaters. Whatever fits his mood, is what he says on his personal style.

Shadow: Amaterasu- Rohas's shadow is not shy of revealing itself. Also being one of the most prominent shadows known to man, Amaterasu represents the Goddess of the Sun and Sky.

Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place:New York

Current Place of Residence: San Fransisco, California

The Finale


Adelle Conlin, Rohas’s mothers name young, beautiful, intelligent, with the world at the palm of her hand. Adelle just graduated from Law school, when she met a peculiar man who seemed to have a interest in her. At first Adelle wasn’t easy to talk to for him, she was a very headstrong type of girl. But eventually with his constant and charming remarks she broke down, and gave him a chance. She sees this day as a mistake and also a gift for nine months later Rohas was born.

Adelle made sure to work extra hard in her law career, so she can give Rohas a good childhood. She knew his father wouldn’t be there a lot, but still gave Rohas his last name. Her reasons for this are unknown but she defends it to her very core. With Adelle being a lawyer, she had plans to sue Rohas’s father if he did not help financially which he did very well that along with the money Adelle was making Rohas kind of grew up a rich kid. But instead of growing to be a snobby spoiled rich brat, he grew up working hard like any other.

Adelle didn’t want Rohas to be spoiled, and she taught him every day that hard work is very important and one has to earn his place for respect rather than just getting it. Rohas took his mother’s lessons very well, and applied himself to them the best way he could. Someway weren’t the best, but that was experience of living life.
Growing up as a boy and in a large house Rohas had a butler, Edwards.

Edwards played a big part of his life and taught the young Flame Diviner many lessons about respect. Adelle would tell Rohas to have more pride than anyone else. And Rohas did, a bit too much. While he was at school, he would be getting into fights with other kids. Why? Because Rohas wasn’t the type to get picked on and take it sitting down. Some bullies would mock his appearance as being to blonde and putting stuff in his hair. Rohas retaliated by beating the crap out of them, till they learned their lesson. Rohas even found it to fall amongst himself to defend other people’s pride as well as his own. So at a young age Rohas was already being a leader by helping his fellow classmates with their bullies.

And leading them to defend themselves and their pride. But of course actions like this would cause Rohas to get into a lot of trouble, he school grades were amazing but he was known for bad behavior for breaking out fighting in class. Was it his fault? No, was it entirely the bullies fault? Not really, sometimes Rohas’s actions went to the extreme so both parts could take equal blame. When talking to his mother Rohas didn’t understand, according to him he was doing everything she told him to do. Defend his honor, defend his pride.

It wasn’t until Rohas talked with Edwards where he got a complete idea of what defending his pride actually meant. Edwards explained to him that defending ones pride doesn’t have to be violent at all. A true man and leader will let people know of his worth at first glance. Rohas felt that to be very informing, and listened well to it. Not only did he apply the next day but he applied it every day for the rest of his life. It was the lessons from his mother Adelle and butler Edwards why Rohas valued his pride more than anything else.

Over the next few course of the years Rohas grew up to a very bright young man, he was 13 and actually didn’t cause that much trouble for his mother. All because she was getting sick, very sick. Sometimes Rohas cried about it, he thought about his father and where he was and he just cried. This is a part in his life when Rohas’s emotions really starts to trigger. It would be sadness, anger, even border line depression. You see Rohas was smart, he already accepted the fact that he going to lose his mother but that doesn’t mean he can cope with it. To him his mother was everything, but he knew he would eventually have to just go on.

His friends noticed his change in character, his talk of pride and confidence gone. He no longer felt the urge to lead his school groups. His teachers and guidance counselors tried to get to him. But Rohas never gave a response more than “I’m fine.” With a fake smile. He started to show his lack of caring for others, and even his girlfriend broke up with him. But Rohas could care less, it wasn’t till one day when some of his natural character would return.

He was walking out of school one day, it was a little drizzle out but Rohas walked with no hood or umbrella. He trotted down the steps quickly just wanting to go home, see how his mother was doing. His short blonde hair was dripping wet, along with the rest of his clothes. As he was walking down the block, he spotted something to his right, just about the corner of his eye. It was a group of boys about his age maybe a little older, surrounding something. That something was wincing in pain, it sounded like a animal. Rohas had a soft heart for animals, and couldn’t bare to even imagine what was happening. He ran closer and saw it was a small white puppy with a broken front paw, it was bleeding and it had a terrified look on its face. His heart sank as he saw this, he ran screaming and yelling. The group of boys were swinging at this helpless pup kicking, laughing, it was almost cruel. He got the group to scatter away. But it was too late, by the time he gotten to the pup it was already gone. Rohas stopped his running and looked at the pup with a shocked expression, with tears rolling down his face. He dropped to his knees and cradled the pup in his arms, he sat under the tree and held him in his arms just crying. Rohas looked at the pups dog tag, it had a name and it read Mugen. Rohas grasped the tag in his fists and held it tight. Letting it all go, he cried for his mom, his dad, himself, the puppy. He was letting his emotions flow as the rain was falling.

By the time he got home, Rohas had a blank expression on his face, Edwards was waiting for him at the front door step. He had a meek and sad facial expression. Rohas started at him for a couple of seconds and already knew what it was. Rohas started to go in his house, with Edwards hand on his shoulder guiding him to his mother’s room. Rohas was ready, he already let it all out. He opened the door, and Adelle was on her bed laying down you can tell she was sick but when she saw her son, a smile appeared on her face. Rohas went over and bent down to put his wet hair in his mother’s hand. Edwards closed the door behind them, and it was them two in the room. Rohas’s fingers curled around his mother’s blankets and he was laying his head down. They started to have a conversation like they always didm when Rohas came home from school.

“How was school love.”

“It was good.”

“That’s good, did you get your math test back?”

“Yea I got a 105, it was easy so was the extra credit. You wanna see it.” Rohas pulled the test from his bag and showed her, then returned to his position. She held it weakly and smiled, then placed it on her lap.

“You always make me proud baby.” Adelle said with tears falling.

Rohas looked at her and nodded, he returned a small smile.
“thanks mom”

Adelle put her hand under his chin. “I want you promise me something.”

Rohas nodded.

“Promise me… “ she took a pause, as her tears were
starting to get the best of her.

“You will never forget who you are.”

Rohas nodded his finger still twirling the blankets. “Yes mom.” He answered quietly.

Adelle smiled. “I love you Rohas.”

Rohas smiled his head still on the covers. “I love you too mom.”

It was one year later, when Rohas moved from his home town New York. He was being moved to San Francisco California to live with his uncle, from his father’s side. It was weird to him, he also heard he was going to meet with his half-brother Ezekiel. Rohas pondered about this a lot, but outside he showed no interest. He was still copping with his the absence of his mom, but Rohas was starting to return to his old self. And with his mother’s last words to him, he would come back better than ever. He almost felt anew Rohas was ready to take charge again, no matter who he met at this new home. They would know of him, and how he was off the bat just like he was taught.

Apparently Rohas arrived first, he looked at his uncle and somewhat seemed unimpressed for some reason. Rohas had a cocky look on his face as he looked at Uncle Jin. And Jin laughed a little. “Fix that face boy, you have to earn your respect here. Don’t think cause you mom passed you’re going to get it easy here.”

Rohas stayed quiet for a second before responding, with a smirk across his face.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

His tone was kind of Sarcastic, but he was telling the truth. Soon Rohas got a tour of the mansion and went into his room, after a while another came at the door. Rohas was in his new room, laying down. When he first saw Zeke, Rohas saw his widened eyes with nothing more than a raised eyebrow and some small laughs with a wide smile after that. They shared a awkward silence until Unlce Jin explained things. From the looks and the acts, Ezekiel looked like one of the many bullies Rohas had to fight in his younger years. So off the back Rohas wouldn’t like Ezekiel at all, and avoided most contact or conversation with him.

It was to no surprise that the siblings developed a rivalry with each other. Grana always got good grades, but the fact that Zeke was getting them too pushed him to try harder. It was everything they did that turned into some kind of competition, it was weird but somewhat fun atleast for Rohas. He enjoyed it, pushing himself physically and mentally for challenge against his brother. They fought a lot, sports, cars, school, girls, always arguing about something that seemed so small. But to them it was big just because it was against each other. It got to the point where they would look for something to argue about, just to get under each other’s noses. They shared a big room, but If Zeke’s sneakers were on his side that would start bickering. But Rohas did admire one thing about Zeke and that was his art work, he would die before he would let him now that though.

After a couple of months the brothers met their grandfather. He was nicer then Uncle Jin, Rohas gave him that but he was quite weird. Mentioning A-T’s and riding with the wind, the kings and Queens and roads. Rohas thought the old man was crazy until he showed proof of what he was talking about. Rohas read the paper work and the history and saw all this stuff was true. After that Rohas was most definitely interested in this AT stuff.

After seeing it and experiencing it first hand, he knew what he wanted to do in life. Their grandfather stayed with them for about a month, teaching them all the needed to know about AT’s. When Rohas saw the utopia known as Paradise, he was most definitely revved up for this new world he was introduced to.

After a couple of years Rohas and Zeke grew a great deal.
Their skill with AT’s just about phenomenal, they showed intelligence beyond their years despite their personalities. Uncle Jin eventually decided to let them enter highschool. Rohas was pretty excited about this, he actually just wanted people to lead he saw himself as a leader that needed followers

In school Zeke and Rohas didn’t talk with each other at all, Rohas was more interested in running school teams like track, and even joined the football team.
Rohas was beginning to love Zeke as a brother though he never showed it, and thought of his talent with the arts as a great thing.When they entered school, Rohas spread word about his brother’s art and told people at school about it so his talent would be known. But Rohas made the people promise that if he they told Zeke it was him, he would beat the crap out of them.

Rohas eventually met Luna and thought she was to die for, because of her looks. But they eventually ended up being best friends, as she was with Zeke which actually bought them closer. Soon they showed her Paradise, and all it has to offer and she became tuners for both of them. Although Rohas never used the AT’s she made him, saying there is no need to scratch good AT’s his opponents weren’t worth it.
He always was wearing over used ones.

Over the years in Highschool the three formed a team named Dai Mugen, Rohas named it after that puppy he failed to save that one day. Dai Mugen was known and even feared sometimes, they demolished everyone that stood against them. Rohas would only break out his real AT’s when really need be.

After AT’s went and expanded worldwide, Rohas was ecstatic about this. He did searches on the legendary Wing Road which he sought after so much. His plan was to expand AT’s worldwide with the birth of a the new and revived Wing road under his grasp. But Zeke wanted no part of this and broke off from Dai Mugen.

Rohas criticized him for this, and wanted his brother to be part of it. But Zeke would hear none of it, and he left. Rohas thinks of him as a fool to this very day.

Roleplay Sample:

The earthbender ran outside avoiding Rika to go finish beating the pulp out of Rozu. He was grinning kind of wide, then he whistled over to some others that were standing outside by another building. They looked up, one had a hat over his head with a mouth pick in his mouth. Two others, stepped down from a porch also smiling. One had jug of water next to him, there were other benders here then earthbenders that was shocking. Rozu was starting to get up from the ground slowly, with a smirk. He was in deep trouble and he knew it going up agaisnt four other benders with no fire for him. His smirk turned into a smile, as he was standing up. It was a dangerous situation which was exactly what he needed, he needed to get his drive back to where it used to be. His chest was hurting and his back wound was starting to pulse, from to much activity. Rika sure was hard on him, but it was for his own good he wouldnt want it any other way.

Rozu was standing up fully now, his arms swaying to his side. He looked at the earthbender that got him out here and smirked. The earthbender was taken off gaurd then went back to his smile. "The guy is crazy your gonna take us all on, with no fire...thats a death calling my boy." He cracked his knuckles and stomped his feet on the ground a few times. Rozu thought in his head, it always was a earthbender to press his buttons like this. "Haha bring it."

Rozu ducked low dodging a rock shot from the earthbender. The guy that came from the porch along with the water bender was runnning at him holding a spear. "Atleast your not a bender." Rozu spun around with the perfect timing letting the spear get past him. He grabbed it and used another spin to smack in the face with the end of the spear. Then used it to trip him, Rozu standing over him smashed the spear on his head. The water bender came rushing in, with a twirl of water by his side he sent a jet of it towards Rozu.

It was now or never, Rozu went on instinct and used his left hand to swing a sideways blazing blade that would slice the attack in half and go through to hit the bende. Rozu grinned, his fire was back and now he was really feeling it. The blazing blade went right through the water attack, and hit the bender in the chest. He was going to be to hurt to continue. Rozu was smiling he looked at handfull of fire in his hand. The earthbender was left along with the guy with the hat who hasnt moved yet and the first earthbender. Who wasnt smiling anymore. He slammed his foot on the ground, and created a small fissure to knock Rozu off balance it was semi-successfull. The one with the hat came in now and tossed his at to the side while jumping shooting two red colored fireballs in Rozu's direction.

Rozu dogdged both by ducking low, but that was part of the plan. The earthbender used his hand and left up a rock to launch it at Rozu. Rozu intervined by using his hands on the ground to lift up his body, he used his jet proplusion technique destroying the rock and it launched him back towards the firebender. He stopped his accelaration, and his hand was on the ground using his right leg to shoot a blazing arc towards the firebender. He smirked and used both hands to diffure the fire splitting it apart. Rozu raised an eye brow, "That was a nice move."


Jumping 1/10
Strength 2/10
Speed 6/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 0/10


Name: Flame Road: After Burner
Rank: C-A
Description: Using the same principle behind a jet engine's afterburners, Rohas accelerates to supersonic speeds, creating a sonic boom and leaving tongues of flame where he made footfall. Because right now Honz is only a C rank, he can’t keep this up for long and it’s not that powerful at full capacity. Giving him only short bursts of speed and fire. This is the basic form of the Flame road. After burner only lasts about 2 posts with a cool down of two posts.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes, since it is cannon.

Honz using Flame Road:After Burner while sixteen.

Name: Wall Ride
Rank: D
Description: By spinning counterclockwise with a rhythm, the rider is able to use their weight and momentum to help ascend up and side of walls.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes, since it is cannon.

Face Claim

Durarara!!/ Shizuo Heiwajima

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