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1--I Put On For My City* [Open] Empty --I Put On For My City* [Open] on Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:43 pm

--I Put On For My City* [Open] 6thati

      "Damn! I could never get tired of this view..."

      Ezekiel whispered to himself standing ontop of a massively tall building within the heart of his city. The youths eyes shifted from side to side as he watched the restless citizens go about their business. Some leaving the work place, while others were making their way home from night classes, and some people just enjoying the cool spring night with a carefree walk. Ezekiel watched over all these people from his high perch - fully dressed in black: black hoodie sweatshirt for the cool night, baggy black jeans, with a black baseball cap, and a matching black do-rag underneath.

      "Time for a night ride."

      He spoke looking over the ledge of the building he was standing upon. The drop would instantly break all bones and cause death upon impact - no pain, no suffer, just quick death. But this didn't faze the boy at all. His eyes remained nice and clam, while his mind knocked away all thought of death. The sibling Air-Treks placed upon his feet cried a fearsome cry as the motorized skates awoke from their slumber. As the Air-Treks screeched a high pitch sound, Ezekiel took to the sky - his body hanging high over the city of Seattle. Time almost seemed to stop for the boy as he looked over the unaware citizens. This feeling of flight and freedom made his blood boil hot and heart beat faster, but it never lasted long - and this time was no exception.

      "Never gets old."

      He laughed as he spoke - he felt like a child at a candy store whenever his vibrant colorful wings were released. Ezekiel landed firmly on a building directly across from his high preach, but this one was much lower towards the city. The Youth rode forward with blazing speeds, the sibling Air-Treks placed upon his feet producing mechanical sounds at the end of every leg stride. A few meters in front of the boy resided a thick power-line going downward in a type of diagonal shape. With a smirk on his face, the boy jumped and landed on this power-line - mini sparks of electricity wrapped around his Air-Treks as he made his way towards the city streets.

      "Gotta love Seattle."

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