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Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors!

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1 Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:26 am

12:00AM and the city still remained lively. Promotion of a special up coming race took to the streets of San Fransisco; new up and coming teams would show, same with local legend teams. Ezekiel had been in the city for only a few days; but yet the news still reached his ears and drove his interest. As he approached the meeting spot, his outfit remained fairly basic. A black hoodie, dark blue jeans, and matching black sneakers. While a black Do-Rag rested ontop of his head. On his back reside a black bookbag with the contents inside unknown. His sibling ATs hung around his neck by a thick black string. As he walked down the dark-alleyway he obtained crocked stares that quickly turned into stares of concern and awe. The green eyed youth made his way towards a big green dumpster, and with a quick leap sat upon it's clean black lid. He slightly chuckled as he soon realized this entire ominous alleyway was covered with his vibrant colorful art. No place in San Fransisco remained safe when it came to Ezekiel and graffiti.

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A pitch black night sky was painted over the golden city that night, not the moon or a star in sight as it all hid behind the clouds that offered them some cover. This was just the type of night Ophelia loved, the perfect setting for her to pain the city red in what was sure to be an absolute carnage. A small smirk of excitement painted her lips as she slowly rode across the buildings that would line her way to the upcoming race, making her prey that much easier since storm riders of all types would be roaming about that night. However that also meant that she would have to keep her guard up, the SAF most likely roaming about in preparation to take down a cluster of storm riders when they still had the chance. Still she did not let this damper her excitement though, only letting her smirk deepen as she pressed down on her back wheels and sped up.

Her pale golden lucks danced behind her as she road from roof top to roof top with the grace of a ballerina, her bright eyes exited as she slowly drew closer to the place that she knew the games would be taking place. Then again it was not hard to locate the area, the arena abuzz with an excited air of hundreds of storm riders. Before Ophelia got to the main event though she slowed down, her hair falling to frame her face as she moved to the side of a building. It would be too easy for her to just show up and she had always preferred blending into a crowd anyways so she decided to move down to the streets an d enter that way. With one graceful motion she leapt from the corner of a building and down into a dank alley way, her bright red eyes shining in the light of a street lamp as they danced about to locate any one who could have been around. Much to her surprise there was someone sitting in the alley way; it was a tall dark man perched upon a dumpster with an air of casualty swimming around him, something she had definitely not expected. Still it was too early to start the little rampage just yet so she decided to stay silent for a moment, her eyes curious as to whether or not he had even heard her drop from the roof and not even twenty feet away from him.

”I thought only creepers stalked about empty alley ways at night; guess I was wrong.”

After a few moments of silence those were the worlds the girl chose to echo to the man, a dangerous smirk dancing across her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest. She had thrown on her usual outfit for the night, a black pleated skirt accompanied with a form fitting deep crimson tank top and a black leather jacket. Even her air treks matched her outfit with their sleek black metal. There was only one thing that stood out to be different on this night, a silver heart necklace dangling from her neck and shining in the light as a symbol of love, compassion, and irony in Ophelia’s case.

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People talking, people laughing, cars honking, and the buzzing sound of motorized wheels overtook the surrounding area. The green eyed youth scanned the immediate with slow stares and crocked looks. The arriving Storm-Riders were "mediocre"; couldn't have been riding for longer than a few months. Ezekiel shook his head and thought about the simple times; the times he spent in the utopia known as Paradise, but those times were in the past. Shaking his head once again, a few Storm-Riders rode by with powerful stares, while the youth stared back. Ezekiel was pretty well known around these parts; he comes and covers the entire city in Graffiti and a couple of the local teams dislike this greatly, but sadly, he could care less. Ezekiel smirked and slowly bobbed his head at the passing riders; the anger was apparent on their face, but they wouldn't dare at the youth.

"Wannabe ass riders..."

He whispered turning his head towards the entrance to the alley-way as more and more riders arrived. These riders passing him seemed much more capable on their ATs; movements flawless, speed respectable, and skill apparent. The thought crossed his mind, what about the SAF? He soon realized, they wouldn't or at least shouldn't appear, but anything can happen in this city. A small chill overcame Ezekiel's body; as if a type a predator was watching him, waiting for a mistake so it could swoop in for the kill. He paid the feeling no mind, he just continued looking around the surrounding area watching more and more Storm-Riders appear to the racing spot. But as the chilling effect finally left his body, words blow in his ear; as if it was the very wind itself talking to him. A confused look overtook his face as he looked in the direction of the voice.

"Creepers? That must explain why your ass is here, right girly?"

He spoke eyeing the mysterious female under a lightpost. His eyes scanning her body up in down. The first thing he noticed was her petite figure; but he liked his women small, so it would all work out in the end. Second would be the dark platted ATs upon her feet; which indicted she was deferentially a Storm-Rider. His eyes left the girl as loud gawks and whispers began feeling the entire alleyway. The green eyed youth looked in the main direction of all the commotion and soon realized one of the racing teams have arrived.

"Blazin' Aces, huh? I heard this team was good, but I fuckin' doubt that shit. Probably nothin' but a bunch of wannabes like the rest of em'."

The boy said not necessarily talking to anyone, but just talking out loud.

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The smirk that had painted Ophelia’s lips seemed to darken as the man in front of her made an offhand comment about the fact that if she was there she had to be some sort of creeper too, having clearly not expected that comment from him. It was so entertaining to her that this person had enough guts to turn around and make a comment like that without pausing even once simply because most men did not say something so blunt to a woman. Still this only made her eyes sparkle with mischief as she pressed lightly on her back wheels to propel herself forward in the alley way, the bright red eyes dancing up and down his body to take in his appearance as she paused just next to him to watch all of the idiots that were running up and down the street with excitement.

All of the storm riders that had appeared that night seemed to be so weak to her, something that she did not necessarily like since she always enjoyed a challenge. These riders were all new to this though, not one showing the grace of a trained rider, not even the racing team. A light scoff slipped her lips as she rolled her eyes at the prospect of having come all the way out here for a joke like this but she figured that she would have to make do since it would have been a waste of a night otherwise. While standing there though she listened to the man’s words as they slipped his lips, completely ignoring the feeling of his eyes on her body as she retorted to his comment to nobody in particular.

”You can tell not one of them has been doing this for longer than a few months. They all think they’re hot shit but I’d prefer to just knock them down.”

Now that idea was one she enjoyed, the idea of knocking each of the Blazin’ Aces members flat on their backs and ripping them to shreds for amusement. Sadly that was not an option at that point though and that brought a small sigh to her pale lips as she started to skate to the mouth of the alley way once more, storm riders flying past the small opening with excited whispers and not even paying mind to her. Her eyes scanned over the crowds of people once, taking in the large crowd that was surrounding two teams at this point with a sadistic glint. She could not wait for this game to start, her eyes turning to dance over the mysterious person in the alley once more with a bright red hue that was illuminated by the street lamp before skating towards the arena to catch just what had gotten all of these children so excited and to see if this pathetic game was about to start.

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"That's the fuckin' outcome of a bunch of wannabes racin' against one another; the better wannabe is gonna win."

He spoke with a great sign of passion, but with even greater sarcasm. Ezekiel's eyes remained on the team known as Blazin' Aces. Male Storm-Riders gawked with snickers and fingers, while the female Storm-Riders rode up and gawked like typical loyal groupies. This sight caused the green eyed youth to chuckle softly; this was obviously just a game to them. But to Ezekiel, and real Storm-Riders alike this was no game, this was the meaning of life. After the faint laugh, the youth released a sigh of disappointment; he's only seen a few Storm-Riders worthy of the title known as "Storm-Riders". But suddenly, his mind drifted towards the mysterious female, was she real or just another wannabe? He turned his head towards the girl who stood directly by him. Her bright blonde hair reminded Ezekiel of his brother... But the thought didn't remain long. She was extremely tiny; she obviously lacked the power but could easily make up for it with speed, dexterity, or even jumping.

"Yo, what brings you out to a half-assed race like this, girly? You don't even seen like that type to like this kinda shit."

He asked as the whispers and gawking pretty much turned into shouting within the blink of an eye. In the opposite direction appeared five dark figures, riding slowly down the alley-way. Ezekiel busted out into a mad laugh, his hands holding his stomach, while his legs slamming into the dumpster. The five figures appearing was the team defending their turf. The name? The Dark-Wings. Suddenly, half the crowed went towards the opposing team; swiftly changing sides like the bunch of loyal groupies they really are. Once the green eyed boy was able to re-gain his person, he started talking again while rubbing the tears of joy away.

"Dark-Wings. I knew this team was 'different', but damn! They look like a bunch of fags lookin' for some fuckin' attention! But if I had to pick a team to win this shit. I'd have ta' go with Blazin' Ace's just because they don't look like a bunch of homos."

His vision directed at the mysterious woman in the middle of the dark ominous alleyway.

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The female let her eyes fill with a gleam of amusement at the man's words, her body turning to look at him as she pushed her hands into her jacket pockets. He seemed different and her curiosity peaked as to why he was here at this pathetic excuse for a race as well. She figured that she would get her answer in return though for her own, a light smile twitching to her lips as she slowly skated back over to him. In the light the marred skin of her legs shown brightly, almost like a sign that forced her to stand out in a crowd of seemingly innocent people. From her ankles to her knees were deep scars in a ribbon like pattern, twisting and turning up her flesh in a delicate fashion that was completely sickening; it looked like she had been in a major accident or been tortured.

"I'm not here for this pathetic excuse for a race. I'm here for the slaughter. You?"

Her words had many meanings to them: the slaughter in the race, the slaughter of a team, the slaughter she was going to rain. It was all going to happen at one point tonight but she knew that this male did not have to know one bit of it. Slowly the sound of an approaching team broke her attention though, her eyes darting over to where a bunch of shadowed figures were riding as the man literally busted up into laughter. She understood why, they looked like a joke and if they didn't lose she debated on ripping them up herself simply because of how ridiculous they were; it was a pathetic sight in her opinion. 

"I swear, If they don't lose I'll rip them to shreds myself."

Those words were mainly to herself but she didn't doubt that the person next to her had heard them slip her lips with a bit of disgust. With a small eye roll Ophelia watched the group head up to the main area, trying to look tough. With silent movements she followed, her hair shining in the light of the lamp and illuminating her head with a light halo as she eyed all that was happening with the hopes of finding a far more interesting target as her prey. She wanted a challenge for once, not one of the little wannabes that strutted around like they had suddenly owned the world all because they rode around on illegal air treks.

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"Slaughter, huh? Not gonna lie. That sounds pretty fuckin' crazy, girly. Boredom is the only thing that brought me to this shit, but now I remember why I left this lame ass city!"

Ezekiel jumped from the black dumpster lid, his feet landing directly in a small puddle of water. This blonde female was most certainly "different". When she looked in your direction, your thoughts would become choppy and unclear, but why was this? This only made the green eyed youth smile his usually charming smile; this feeling was unknown and he embraced each second of it. Lazily the boy started walking in the direction of the mysterious female; they both seemed to be the only two people with common sense. The girl would speak with a soft unclear voice, but Ezekiel couldn't make out the faint words; he simply looked in her direction with a titled head. The girl then started moving forward; getting closer to the gawking and shouting group and Ezekiel followed with his eyes.

"See somethin' that caught your eye, girly?"

He asked chuckling a little scanning the girls body once again with his emerald colored eyes. Her ankles quickly caught her attention; the ripped spiraling flesh made his heart tighten up; it looked extremely painful at one point in time. The profile of this mysterious woman was a unique one, but Ezekiel liked unique. Reaching into his right pocket, the green eyed boy pulled out a small bottle of multi-colored spray-paint. The metal ball within dancing frantically as he continuous shook for a few seconds. He already knew this entire alleyway has already been marked from head to toe with his art, but still, Ezekiel knew he missed a spot somewhere along the way. He eyed the dumpster and measured the surface area in his head. After a few moments, Ezekiel sighed and lazily moved over in it's direction.

"This is the highlight of my fuckin' night!"

He said as the spray-paint sprayed quickly and silently from the nozzle of the bottle. His hands overlapping perfectly as if this was some type of dance. In a matter of seconds, the youth was finished with a quick piece of random art; but it still held meaning to the current situation.

"Random piece, for a fuckin' random night."

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She almost laughed aloud at the idea of him simply finding the word slaughter amusing and the idea of him turning up here just out of boredom. Everyone came here for a real reason, even those who claimed it was boredom because they were either there to secretly cheet someone on, gawk at a rider, or simply try to find a new move that they could use to improve their game. She decided not to press her skepticism onto him though, her eyes dancing over the crowd of pathetic storm riders who clearly had no experience in what they were doing. The two teams were trying to intimidate each other, their little groupies dancing around them and aging the already “tense” situation on in a feeble attempt to make the situation more entertaining. It wasn’t that interesting.

With her boredom setting in a small sigh of annoyance slipped her lips, her eyes turning to dart at the man who was now spray painting a wall. Now this, the sight of him painting the already graphitized wall with something completely new, caught her eye. In fact this even put the sight of the storm riders’ little game to shame. Her eyes danced to follow his hand as it decorated the wall with an image that was odd to say the least yet the perfect picture of some sort of image that had just come from his mind. She had to admit it, she was impressed and the work that he did and it was vaguely familiar, but she wouldn’t say either aloud.

Her wheels spun silently as she moved closer to him, a small smirk painting her lips as she tilted her head to get a better view of both the art work and the man who had done it. Her attention wasn’t on the painting as much as him though, her smirk deepening as she realized just how interesting he was. He was one of those people with an aura of power and sarcasm yet a playful edge wrapped all around him and made it that much easier to be around him. His eyes, especially his eyes were what stood out to her. They were a bright green color, something that reflected light and showed his how playful he probably was. Eyes always interested her for some reason, each one unique and this man’s were no exception.

”It may be random but at least it adds an edge to this damned dank alley way. I was going to paint it later but at least yours is a little more clean.”

A sadistic edge to her voice dripped out like venom, teasing almost as she wondered just he would think of her own words.

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"I'd love to see you 'paint', girly. Even though I have a strong fuckin' feelin' we're talkin' bout' to different things entirely."

Ezekiel spoke with a wide grin, bending back to a full standing position. As he did so, the boy fully faced the blonde girl; he towered over the female. His emerald colored eyes made contact with her crimson red ones. The faint glow coming from her beautiful; vet slightly creepy eyes seemed to hypnotized the youth slightly. It's rare that another being with such exotic eyes make themselves known. After a few moments he took a small step backwards and started a small chuckle. He touched the top of his black do-rag and looked in the direction of the two racing teams; they seemed to be trying to stare each other down from a distance while their groupies did the talking for them. The sight made the boy shake his head, but his attention landed on the female yet again.

"You have some sexy ass eyes, girly. You must knock all the dudes dead, huh?"

He said throwing the empty spray-pain bottle over his shoulder into the dark and ominous alleyway. Suddenly, in the frantic commotion, a mysterious black Jeep type vehicle approached from the main alleyway entrance. The entire area feel silent; not even the dripping water from the old pipes protruding from the alleyway buildings could be heard. The green eyed youth walked forward a little; just to get a better look as other Storm-Riders cleared the way. Soon, the bright head lights landed directly on Ezekiel, and the vehicle came to a sudden slow stop. All four doors opened widely; three huge men in black suites came out standing directly in front of the car, while a smaller male with bright silver hair appeared walking in Ezekiel's direction. The green eyed youth rub the top of his head softly and took a step forward to meet the stranger.

"Nice to see you again, Zeke. Seattle's not cutting it for you I see?"

"Seattle's the shit, homie. I just thought I'd come n' give this pathetic fuckin' city a makeover."

"I see. Well, I'd love to chat, but I have a race to host. Please, excuse me."

"Can't really call this wannabe fest a race, but do what cha' do, man."

The two men parted ways; Ezekiel went back towards the girl as the mysterious stranger with silver hair walked towards the two racing teams; with four massive bodyguards closely behind. The sibling ATs around his neck waved as he lazily made his way back towards the female. As he approached he smiled and threw both hands behind his head.

"Didn't know Gregg was hostin' this event? Still doesn't fuckin' matter, dude can go choke on a dick."

He spoke aloud fixing his vision up towards the magnificent white moon overhead. Things suddenly started getting interesting.

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”Glad to see you’re not as dumb as you look.”

Ophelia could not help but let out a small bell like laugh at his comment about how her paint was not the same as his simply because it was so true. Her form of painting was one that nobody wanted to be a part of but when those people were involved they did not have much of a choice. Silently she smirked up at the much taller man, letting him take in her appearance as she stared at him with the bright red eyes. Now with his face in full view she took in every single aspect of it, tracing over his facial features for memory as she listened to his words about her eyes. That made her laugh once again only this time with more sarcasm laced into her lips.

”You could say I knock them all dead.”

It is just not in the way you think. Those were the unfinished words of her sentence; the ones she did not utter to him as she listened to the sound of a Jeep pull up behind them. Her eyes started to sparkle with curiosity as she swiveled her body around to watched the vehicle roll into view, a Jeep that immediately hit her with its bright head lights as she backed up into the shadows of the alley way. She wasn’t one to enjoy standing out in a crowd, especially when she was so easily remembered and then men all worse very intimidating outfits. Silently she listened to the male speak to stranger, only picking up from their conversation that this man was the host and Zeke was the green eyed man’s voice.

Zeke. It was such an odd name but something clicked inside her head at it. She suddenly remembered that another man had mentioned him to her once, mentioned that he was his brother and that she should join his team. Her curiosity had been immense before but now it was overwhelming as she smirked triumphantly. Silently she rolled back up to Zeke as the others walked towards the group of storm riders to host their little race, but that was no longer interesting to her all because of the man who stood before her. Her eyes traced over him now to try and notice any similarities between the two boys she had met firefly, but neither had much of a similarity strangely enough. She did not let her curiosity show through her stance though as she crossed her arms over her chest once more, listening to his words as they echoed to her ears.

”I see that someone isn’t too fond of his friend. Might as well just throw him over a cliff now and get it over with, huh?”

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11 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:17 pm

"Funny, I might just take you up on that lil' suggestion, girly."

He spoke with a wide charming smile. This girl standing before him, her words matched her aura. But was the feeling a facade; was she hiding her true nature, or was this it? Or maybe he was just looking deep into something that wasn't even there? Ezekiel was never the best when it came to reading emotion and personas. His vision slowly shifted towards the massive crowd starting to form around Gregg and the two racing teams. The youth could hear the faint sound of talking coming from the center of the mob; no doubt about the race which was shortly about to begin. Without even the smallest of hesitation, The green eyed boy started a slow stroll towards the circle. As he approached with slow unpredictable movements, the other Storm-Riders simply moved out of the way without saying a single word.

"Come check this out, girly."

He said half turning his head back towards the blonde female. The continuous slow walking made the other riders nervous, so they left the circle entirely; not wanting to be in the crossfire they knew for sure was coming. San Fransisco riders had a type of "respect" for Ezekiel and what he stood for. He was known to takeout entire teams by himself; though none of these stories were confirmed true or not. His Graffiti; or art as some people would call it also carry certain legends; which too haven't been confirmed true or false. The crowd slowly broke apart as the middle was reached, and the words of Gregg could be heard more clearer. Ezekiel stood directly behind the team known as DarkWings with both hands snug in his pants pocket.

"The rules are simple, Gentlemen. A race around the entire city, winner takes all. The first team with all three members back within this very location wins. Oh yeah, and to make sure you guys don't 'accidentally' cheat. I'll have eyes all throughout the entire city, so I'll know. And with that being said! Get to the starting line, and may the best team win!"

The mob quickly dispersed; like a bunch of wild hyaenas with a freshly picked carcass. The riders kept a safe distance away from Ezekiel as they moved towards the starting line. Gregg himself simply waved at the green eyed youth with a very smug and arrogant smile. Ezekiel waved back, but with a middle finger extended. Turning towards the girl, emerald colored eyes made contact with blood red ones.

"This race is gonna be short lived. Blazin' Aces has the 'home team advantage' But really, they lack the fuckin' skill to take the victory. Dark-Wings on the other hand... I really have nothin' to say about those fags!"

He spoke to the mysterious blonde girl, rotating his neck a few times while waiting for the starting signal.

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12 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:17 am

Silently Ophelia began following the male who urged her on, her eyes taking in every one of his movements as she wondered just what he was doing and why on earth every single storm rider in the area moved out of his way. She had never seen so many riders suddenly move to allow someone to move between them, not out of fear or respect so this little action made her raise an eye brow in silent curiosity. This man seemed powerful to say the least if he had half of San Francisco moving out of his way so she wondered to herself just what he had done to gain so much respect. She had never heard of him so she doubted slightly that it was his position in the air trek world, but she could have been wrong.

When they were finally situated in front of the riders the sound of the silver haired male’s voice carried over all of them, announcing the rules and how he apparently had eyes all over the city. Now that thought made her roll her eyes since that was virtually impossible and a snide comment nipped at her tongue, but she refused to let the venomous saying slip her lips as that moment as she simply stood behind Zeke with her arms crossed over her chest and her weight balanced on one foot.

The bright crimson hues of her eyes were locked on the silver man, judging just how powerful he was in the air trek world with a look that could kill if provoked. He was all she watched even as the crowd dispersed and he stared down the male next to her with arrogance; her predatorily tendencies were kicking up in her chest, threatening to rip out and wipe the smug smirk right off his lips if he did not stop it. If there was one thing she could not stand it was those who didn’t know their place and she was sure that the emerald eyed male could feel that feeling of complete rage radiate off her body. The only thing that calmed it was Zeke flipping him off, her smirk returning to her lips once more as she let her gaze wander over to the bright green one that was peering at her.

”Blazin’ Aces will most likely win simply because of the advantage unless these Dark-Wing wannabees can pull off a miracle. They seem like they’re all talk and no walk to me which makes them a complete waste of space in the air trek world.”

Her tone held a little bit of malice in it, quite enjoying the idea of eliminating such a pathetic waste, but her tone quickly turned to hold complete venom now that poisoned the ears it reached, her gaze flickering over to the silver haired man with light annoyance.

”That man on the other hand is the worst waste of air I’ve ever seen. I’d love to just rip his throat out and toss him over a cliff for you. People with arrogance like that need to learn that there are more important things in life than themselves.”

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13 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:53 am

"The Air-Trek world, huh...? That's a world that died a long time ago, gorgeous. These people got with the times, it's a fuckin' game to these faggots. But Blazin' Aces could win, they could lose. Both teams are greatly lackin' skill. Pretty much, it comes down to the better faggot ass team!"

Ezekiel spoke with a serious tone of voice; but still had a great deal of sarcasm within his words. The youth took a few steps back until his back hit a brick wall. As he did this, the mysterious girl continued speaking with her gaze piercing the entire mob of Storm-Riders and going straight towards Gregg; even Ezekiel could feel her strong dislike for the man. He chuckled while reaching into his pocket; pulling out a lone cigarette and a beautiful silver lighter. With the flick of the wrist, the shiny head flicked backwards, and a bright red flame became exposed. With the cigarette resting loosely on his bottom lip, the green eyed youth slowly lit it, and returned the silver lighter back to it's original place. The girls words hit him heavy; but he showed no sign of concern or confusion, he simply nodded while the cigarette rested on his bottom lip, wasting away.

"No joke. You're a crazy ass chick, girly. Beautiful beyond all belief, but crazy ass fuck. But there's nothing wrong with crazy. Some of the craziest people on this fuckin' planet have the most fun, so you're coo' with me, sexy."

He muttered with the cigarette on his lip muffling some of his words; but it sill remained fairly easy to understand him. Slowly, Ezekiel started rotating his head once again; the twin ATs around his neck was starting to become quite a strain. So with his right hand, he grabbed the motorized skates by the thick black string, and placed the twin objects by his feet. The cigarette still remained on his bottom lip; wasting away ass the seconds passed. The race would start in a couple of minutes but Ezekiel was still debating in his head if he wanted to find a good place to watch. Turning his head towards his new mysterious companion he began shooting out words, with the small white stick within his mouth quickly becoming nothing but ash.

"So wassup? You gonna hang around and watch this shit? I wouldn't want you bored if you were, so I'd hang wit cha', girly."

He said with a simi flirtatious tone as his eyes dropped down to the ATs leaning against his legs.

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Silently Ophelia watched as the emerald eyed man pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, her hose wrinkling in distaste at the smell. She honestly hated the pungent smell of cigarettes and she could never explain why, but it absolutely made her stomach churn. Without a word to Zeke she tried to keep her calm and the scent from her nostrils before she would snap and just throw the damned sin stick far away from her. She even took extra precaution not to snap at him just yet, taking a few deep breathes and focusing on the words that left his lips.

Thankfully for her his words created just the distraction she needed, a small smirk dancing back to her once irritated expression. He was playing with her, using words that he thought would play with her head. It didn’t work with her though, a chill filling the air as she dropped her hands to her side and pushed some hair from her bright eyes. She was going to enjoy playing with this man, enjoying toying with his head and she honestly couldn’t wait for the games to begin. Silently she watched he place his air treks on the ground, only studying the material for a moment before her dangerous eyes danced back up to Zeke’s face.

”All the beauties of the world are insane for if we were not then life would not be any fun for those chasing us. You can accompany me on this pathetic excuse for a race but do not expect to get any farther than a teasing smile. I see right through you and let’s just say I rip anyone who pisses me off to shreds.”

The predatory spark came to life in her eyes as she placed her hands loosely in her pockets, waiting for his next reaction as her eyes darted about the location for a place to spot the race. Quietly she place pressure on her back wheels, not a sound coming out as she began skating away and towards one of the taller buildings that would give her a vantage point with the expectation that the emerald eyes man would follow her every move.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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A sadistic nature overcame the very girl standing in front of Ezekiel. Was it there the entire time? If it was, this just further proves his horrible persona reading skills. The green eyed boy couldn't take his eyes off the blonde now; this sudden switch in her came to his attention. He slowly began playing with the what remained of the wasting cigarette; moving the butt from left to right with quick tongue movements. As the girl spoke, each word dug into his body, heart, and soul. He felt like a victim for some reason; or more like a helpless animal trapped between a wall and a shadowy blood covered predator. His left arm rose and clipped the butt of the white stick and with a swift finger flick ended the foul smell. As the rant came to a sudden end, the boy couldn't help but laugh as he bent downward towards the sibling ATs resting up against his leg.

"You see right through me, huh? I mean, I can tell your undressing me with your eyes, but you don't know shit about me, girly."

He said while putting on the twin ATs with great haste. His shoes ended up within the black book-bag; which resided on his back. As the mysterious blonde girl moved forward, Ezekiel lazily followed behind. He honestly had no intention to ride this night, but he still brought his ATs anyways. He chuckled as he thought about the this very girl making him ride. Something about her drew him closer; not sexual, not physically, but mentally. She was a different level from the Storm-Riders here. She mentioned the "Air-Treks World" does this mean she knows about the eight legendary roads, or was she just talking? The questions could continue forever, but Ezekiel wasn't the type to dwell over things that didn't concern him. If he wanted answers he'd get them. But for now, he simply followed, and waited.

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”Yes because my goal in life is to get you naked in my apartment.”

She was sure that Zeke could practically hear her rolling her eyes because of how much sarcasm was laced into her speech even though she did find it quite amusing that he was twitting her words around. Silently she edged closer to the building, her eyes scanning just how tall it was before she accelerated forward and towards an alley way by pressing onto her back wheels. Her hair began whipping behind her head as she bent her knees slightly and pushed herself up into the air, jumping up onto one of the walls of the building in the alley way before bouncing over to the other and using this technique to climb up to the height she needed. Her eyes sparkled with mischief now as she stared down at the green eyed male, smirking lightly as her voice echoed to his ears from her location.

”Just do me a favor and stop undressing me with your eyes; I prefer having all my clothes on. Now hurry up and get over here since I have a feeling you will know the best place to go.”

She had a feeling he was probably thinking the same thing of her simply because had brought it up for why else would he chose those exact words? She let her smirk continue to paint her lips as she started to ride backwards, heading off towards the other side of the building as she waited for the sound of air treks to fill her senses and signal that he was too on the roof.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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"Sounds like we share the same goal, girly."

The flirtatious words continued pouring out of his mouth even though he knew the girls last comment was pure sarcasm. Ezekiel watched as the red eyed female made her way over to a lone building near the end of the alleyway. His eyes danced as he watched her scale the building with respectable skill; maybe she wasn't all talk? Maybe she truly knew what it meant to be a real Storm-Rider? Upon seeing this little display of skill, the boy started to think following this seemingly dangerous female was a great idea; no matter how ominous the aura around her felt. He stopped about fifteen meters away from the wall and looked directly up at the girl; even from this long distance, the crimson red pupils she possessed pierced the clam night.

"See, there you go jumpin' to conclusions n' shit. Trust me, If I wanted you, I could have you, gorgeous."

Reviving the mini motors within the Sbiling ATs, the boy shoot forward with swift speeds. With three powerful leg strides, Ezekiel closed the fifteen meter distance under seconds. Bending his legs, he pushed upward with great leg strength and landed on the building with a simple wall-ride. He turned his body to it's side, and started zig-zagging his legs; this motion started relatively slow, but soon turned into a blur of overlapping legs. As his ATs hummed, the boy turned all the gathered momentum and speed, into a magnificent spin. He shoot up the wall with rocket speeds. The speed at which he moved catapulted his body a extra ten feet over the wall. Twisting a few times within the open sky, Ezekiel quickly regained control over himself and landed safely on the roof with a low "Thump". He lazily followed the glow of the girls eyes with little chuckles.

"Shit, I guess we could head over to the San Fransisco tower? That shit overlooks the entire city. Only thing is, it's almost impossible to reach the top in one go; I've only been able to do it twice myself, but that's besides the point. So, you got another idea, sexy?"

Name* Stanky Spin*
Rank* C*
Description* A straight forward trick used to climb extremely high walls and towers. When contact with the wall is made, Ezekiel starts the trick off with a simple wall-ride. His legs start to criss-cross to gain the right amount of speed before he suddenly jerks his body to the left and starts a crazy spin. The spin has more than enough power to literally catapult him off the tower or wall in question. The secret to this trick would be dexterity. The more a person has of it, the better control they have to ensure they stay connected to the surface and ride it safely.
Limit* Must learn from Ezekiel*

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Her eyes traced over his every movement, watching carefully as he shot forward with a burst of speed she only suspected he had contained within the contraptions that he wore on his feet. She remained silent as she watched him burst forward and zigzag up the wall in what she thought to be quite an impressive display of talent, her smirk remaining securely in place. Ophelia knew that she had misjudged him based off of his little display of skill that he had just shown and it only peeked her interest even more about what this man could possibly do when she was not looking. Still she kept her interest as silent as possible, only bringing her hand up to her lips as she silently tapped her finger tips against the pale flesh in thought over whether or not the San Francisco Tower was a good idea.

She had heard of the San Francisco Tower before but she had never considered climbing it. It proposed a decent challenge to hear and the thought of trying something so difficult made her feel as though it would indeed be worth her while. However she knew well that it might not be successful since this man, who probably had double the power of her body, had only been able to climb it twice. She could easily tell that he held a lot of power behind his strong frame and his entire aura reflected that. Now she let a sigh escape her pale lips, contemplating what she should do now as she silently skated up to her emerald eyed companion, her own eyes boarding into his own as she lazily stood next to him. Her usual predatory aura faded momentarily as she became lost in thought, her words tumbling lazily from her tongue.

”My only suggestion would be the top of the Golden Gate Bridge but I’m always up for a challenge. I’ll leave this choice up to you though since I assume you’ll be leading the way.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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"You gonna let me lead, girly? Iight, coo', we headin' straight for my hotel room if that's the case."

He said laughing hardly at his own joke; the female lead herself right into that one. Ezekiel removed all the weight from the twin skates on his feet; the motorized wheels slowly drug him away from the crimson eyed girl as he spoke. The strange grip her presences had over Ezekiel's soul seemed to slowly loosen; like the powerful jaw grip of a blood crazed shark. The frantic cheers and howls from the other Storm-Riders indicated the race was soon to start. But honestly, this mediocre race was the last thing on his mind. As the gawking died down yet again, Ezekiel shifted his vision upward towards the big white moon overhead and thought about the girls suggestion. Golden Gate Bridge had a great viewpoint and it was pretty easy to climb; even a novice Storm-Rider could accomplish it with little effort. But if they were to try the tower... The youth quickly shook his head. Of course they couldn't climb the tower; it's virtually impossible by normal means.

"Yeah, the Golden Gate Bridge is a damn good suggestion, girly. And besides, I really don't feel like puttin' my life on the line for a lame ass race."

He said fixing his vision on the girl about seven meters away now. Placing a little weight on the motorized skates, the boy came to a sudden stop. He placed both his hands in the front pockets of the black hoodie he wore. The youth smiled as he turned his back towards the girl; he spoke yet again while doing this.

"But it's completely up to you, babe. I'm down for the Bridge or the Tower."

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20 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:38 pm

Silently Ophelia tilted her head at the emerald eyed man before her, her crimson hues taking in every single detail of his personality as she awaited his response to their teasing antics. She got just what she expected out of him, a teasing tone where he claimed than they would be returning to his hotel room. She knew well that they would not and even if they did she would paint the place red; it was that thought that made her blood thirsty glint fill her vision as she silently bounced her weight from one foot to the other with a teasing tone in her voice.

”I look forward to our little adventure to that room of yours. Maybe we can do a little redecorating while we’re at it.”

There was a dangerous bite to her words, one that threatened to rip at his skin as she let a wolfish smirk come to her lips. She could not wait to get to play with this man, loving every second of their continuing teasing and antics that he let drag on. It was clear to her that Zeke was a great companion to pick for that night’s escapades; not many people could put up with her games without going completely insane by the end.

When he swiveled around to meet her gaze and spoke to her about being just fine with the city’s iconic bridge she nodded at him, the predator inside her had grown silent. It was simply choosing to pace around its cage as it waited for her to get to the real games that night, wanting to savagely attack the idiot riders who were running around the city. It no longer found interest in ripping this man in particular to shreds, more interested in playing with him because he was able to tease her without getting his hand bitten.

”The Golden Gate Bridge it is than my dear.”

She purposely used an endearing word in a teasing way, silently pushing past him as she used her surrounds to figure out where the bridge was. It was probably a good ten miles away from their current location, maybe even more but it would have been easy to get there if they hurried up. After all, it was not the race that was their center of attention, that much clear to even the dumbest of people. Without a single word to him on any further subject she revved the little motor inside her air treks, wind whipping all around her as she smirked at the man and suddenly took off, leaping onto the nearest roof top and starting her journey to the bridge with the expectation that he would be on her trail without a single issue.

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"Trust me. 'Redecorating' is gonna be the last thing you'll wanna do, girly."

He said with a strong filtrations voice; even though the trapped feeling overcame his body yet again. This girl truly was something else; but what? No matter how hard Ezekiel thought about it, his thoughts always ended up drifting to some type of horror movie; where the girl was the serial-killer and Ezekiel himself was the helpless victim. He smiled at the thought; the feeling made him actually think about his next words and actions; but it's not like he'd go through with them. He released a deep sigh as the motorized skates started pulling the youth away from the girl yet again. As the green eyed youths mind drifted towards the race yet again, the girl spoke; making her decision known.

"'Dear?' Sounds like I'm wearin' you down, girly."

He spoke as the girl brushed his shoulder lightly as she moved by. He chuckled as the roar of the sibling ATs overtook the rooftops. The Green Eyed youth followed the crimson eyed girl; even though he secretly felt like a mouse being lead to it's death-trap. Skating directly to the side of the mysterious girl, Ezekiel asked a question that has been on his mind ever since he's been talking to her.

"Yo, how much do you know bout' Air-Treks? You seem to know your shit, girly. So I'm jus' a lil' curious."

Aside form the victimized feeling Ezekiel was feeling standing beside this girl. He also felt another one; one of someone with a great understanding of what it meant to be a legit Storm-Rider. He could be wrong though, he just wanted to make sure... He wanted to make sure his teachings were right...

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”Trust me, you’re far from getting anywhere with me.”

Ophelia spoke to him with small hints of flirtation laced into her words, making sure that he knew that what she said was all just a tease. The more he played her little game the more she began to enjoy his company since it was not often that she found someone she could stand for longer than five minutes before either wanting to scare them off or rip their throats out. She noticed that he could even stand her aura which most often than not terrified people and even sent some screaming from the petite female; her personality was just that overwhelming. However she could not control her blood thirsty, sadistic nature and how often it came out simply because it often got the better of her.

For once though her nature began to slip and dissipate just the slightest as she focused on the wind against her face and the scent of the crisp air. Traveling in the cool air of the night from roof top to roof top seemed to calm the predator down, make her stay calm and collected despite what the rest of her body screamed. Ophelia had no problem at all traveling from the top of one building to another because it was her preferred means of transportation; it was much too easy for the SAF to pick her up when she was skating along the streets. If one looked closely enough though they would recognize that most of her motions reflected that of a dancer; her leaps held hints of ballet moves and her movements that required stability reflected break dancing. Everything she did was completely graceful though as she let a soft smile pass her lips, her hair dancing behind her in light golden wisps.

The only thing that broke her from the trance she had been enveloped in was the sound of her emerald eyed companion's voice, his words seeming guarded as she turned her head to peer at him with just as much malice as earlier. Her barrier went right back up, her focused senses dissipating as her mind comprehended what he had asked her. With a ghost of a smile on her lips she spoke just loud enough for him to hear her and kept riding along.

”I know enough about Air Treks to get me what I need. The person who introduced me to Air Treks made sure to teach me all they knew and what knowledge they did not pass on to me I have acquired through ridged training.”

As she spoke a tiny hint of sadness filled her confident voice at the mention of the person who had introduced her to the world of Air Treks, but it was quickly burried back in the back of her mind where it belonged. She would not let that speckle of sadness hold her back, her predator like eyes scanning over the area as she let her warm aura envolpe her body and continued to think of what to say in response to his words.

”Most have also told me that I had a great understanding of what it means to be a Storm-Rider simply because I understand the desire to fly and be free. I have always held the belief that every person has wings, some are just unable or unwilling to use them and now, today, the government is trying to clip out wings and send us crashing to the ground instead of soaring into the warm kiss of the sun.”

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As he rode, as he jumped, and as he landed, miniature scars of raw emotion and passion sliced deep within the earth. Ezekiel could feel his own intense passion as he rode with this girl. It was a little odd honestly, the longer he stood by her, he felt weak and inferior; like a wounded animal. But another feeling overtook his body and soul; the feeling of a man with much to say. The feeling brought out the "power" in him; a power he would never use unless it was 100% necessary. Swiftly, Ezekiel transferred his weight evenly between both the sibling ATs resting firmly upon his feet. By doing this, the riding became more or less "passive"; calming the hostile and emotional nature within the boy. The scars slowly began becoming less noticeable with each leg movement, until they were virtually unnoticeable.

As the girl spoke in response to his personally question, he said nothing; he simply listened, feeling her words, feeling her meaning, and feeling the soul of a true Storm-Rider. Her story sounded pretty similar to his in many ways; in terms of a "person" teaching the girl all she knew about ATs. She then mentioned training; the only true way to become a gifted and talented Storm-Rider. But Ezekiel had all the tools within his disposal growing up; his knowledge about the Air-Treks is unmatched by few, could this girl really be one of those rare individuals? As the two continued to ride forward; with swift leaps and silent movements the conversation continued. She spoke about flying; being one with the sky, having the true ambition as a Storm-Rider. Ezekiel's thoughts, for a split second, drifted to his brother; but this was so sudden, it had little to no effect. The green eyed youth shoot forward in front of the girl; skating backwards, while looking the mysterious female deep in her Crimson colored optics.

"I dig it, sexy. You have the mentality of the old school Storm-Riders; the people with who had their shit together. I agree, everyone has a pair of healthy wings; some healthy than others. But you can't blame the government for protecting the public from stupid ass people. Is it right that they punish a entire community for the mistakes of a few? Hell fuckin' no, but it happens!"

He spoke with a laughing tone twisting his body to its original position; which would be beside his mysterious blonde companion. Words continued spilling for his mouth after doing this.

"Wide spread panic isn't worth this shit. Just to fly? What's the cost? Having children and innocent people terrified?! Yeah, fuck that. But I will say one thing... Things need to change ASAP! Soon, the entire fuckin' state will be shit deep in garbage riders trying to fight the authority; a battle I rather keep myself out of unless I had no other choice. Get it, girly?"

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24 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:13 pm

Her eyes were glued to his feet as he rode along in a way she did not recognize, the ground becoming scarred by his simple motions. It made her wonder just what he was capable of if all he had to do was simply skate along the roof tops to scar the ground. The farther they got though the more she noticed that the scars began to dissipate before they were completely gone from sight, her curiosity nearly bubbling over now as she simply kept skating alongside him. The scars reminded her so much of her own that were across her legs, making her wonder just if there was some sort of connection between his Air Treks and the Fang Road. She kept all of this to herself though and simply let her the bright red gaze stay attached to his movements, a small smirk crossing her lips as he suddenly shot in front of her.

The words that slipped his lips were rather true in her opinion, that she was one of those people who preferred the old war that Storm-Riders use to follow. However he did bring up a few good points about the fact that the Air Trek world would put many innocent people in danger and make them fear everything around them. It made her pause and think about her own take on what she thought should be done for the Air Trek world, her head tilting to the side lightly out of her own curiosity as she spoke aloud.

”Well I must say that you have thought all of this out in a way that I probably would not have even considered, though I still think that the world will not fall that far down. However I must say that you are right in the fact that if we keep letting shit riders do whatever they want the whole Air Trek world is fucking screwed.”

Whoever the emerald eyed man was he had the world of Air Treks down perfectly inside his mind. He had obviously thought through the entire prospect of letting Air Treks run wild and the consequences it held and this made her wonder just what had happened between Zeke and the other boy that she had met just a few days earlier. If he and Zeke were brothers then what had caused them to drift apart so badly? The only thing that seemed to make sense was the fact that they had maybe disagreed on what they should do with Air Treks, if they should be expanded or held down where they were. She silently hoped that what she had guessed was the actual problem since that would make life so much easier for her in the case of understanding how this man ticked, but she needed to know that this man’s name really was Zeke and that she had not just heard it wrong earlier.

”You know I never got your name confirmed. Care to share it with me?”

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25 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:01 pm

"The world is a fucked up place, girly. Fear rules over common sense and acceptance. If the entire fuckin' planet fears the Air-Trek movement, we aren't gettin' anywhere any time soon."

The youth spoke with powerful leg movements as the girls words traveled in his head in a type of endless loop. Was she right? Was there still hope for the world; was there still hope for the old ways of the Storm-Rider? Ezekiel honestly didn't think so. What the SAF stood for and their methods of catching lone Storm-Riders quickly changed his opinion. The struggle between Storm-Riders and the Special Air-Trek Forces' is one that has been going on for a very long time. But with Paradise in the picture, it's one that calmed quite a bit for the most part, but once Paradise closed it's gates, the struggle took bloom yet again. Was closing Paradise the right move? Did closing it do more harm then it did good? The questions were never ending. The green eyed youth shook his head slightly and released a deep breath of anguish.

The duo continued leaping from building to building; the faint gusts of winds masking their sounds. The green eyed youth could tell the other Storm-Riders were dispersing; most likely attempting to gain a good view point of the already starting race. The boy smiled at the sight of this. The happy looks on the riders faces, the chanting, the playing around, and the horrible riding. This is what it meant to be a Storm-Rider; to be one with the sky, to be one with yourself. Not trying to prove yourself constantly to people who don't give a crap about your personal being. The faint talking of his mysterious female companion brought his thoughts back to reality; it seemed she wanted his name. With a flirtatious chuckle, the boy skated out in front of the girl while words poured out of his mouth.

"You want me name huh, gorgeous? Or do you jus' wanna know it so you can scream it out later? Either way, it's Ezekiel, or Zeke for short. People around these parts call me Zeke, lazy fuckin' bums."

He continued his pace in front of his crimson eyed companion for the night.

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