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Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors!

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The crimson eyed female let her smirk remained painted upon her lips while her companion placed kisses all across her freezing flesh, her heart picking up little flutters occasionally despite the appearance of her calm outer shell. Unlike him, it seemed as though she would be able to hold up her calm appearance for a little longer than he could; that meant that she would get a chance to toy with him for a few minutes before they would both be lost to the feelings of passion and lust with no return in sight. His caresses against the flesh of her face as it began its descent to her waist made her twirl her fingers up even farther on his toned body, this time lacing around the back of his neck lightly and leaving small burns across his flesh with her contrasting touch in the process.

Ophelia was lost in the feeling of his flesh against her own, a feeling that did nothing but sooth the beast right up until the moment when his finger tips ghosted over her inner thighs. That was when he re-awoke the monster, the faint smirk that had vanished from her lips a few moments ago in her relaxation returning as devious thoughts began to run all through her mind. She allowed him to continue attacking her body with his sensual little pecks, his hands moving lower and lower on her body as she started to move her left leg up from its limp position on the bed so it was bent with her foot planted in the soft mattress.

“Don’t worry darling, I am sure that you will be more than a suitable king if you keep up these delectable games of yours.”

A coy look began to fill her eyes as she allowed him to kiss back up to the spot behind her ear, her left hand moving to fall down to his searing chest where his heart was beating. The light pecks that were placed against her skin made her let out a small noise of pleasure, though it did not last for long. Using her positioning with her left hand and leg placed against his side she threw all her weight against him, toppling him over until she was seated atop his waist; it was surely a position that was taunting. His ascent through the material of her skirt was stopped right away, her eyes spark, an almost purr like sound before she threw all her weight against his left side to topple him over to the right.

”Let the games begin.”

Those were the words that raced through her mind, her aura beginning to radiate lust as she began her assault. Ophelia leaned down to his collarbone, starting to plant little kisses there and eventually ending at the top of the column of his throat while her hands rested on his upper chest. Her ascent was not all gentle though, a few bites tugging at his flesh every now and then to ensure that he knew that she was the one in charge at that moment. It was something that she could not help but do, something that she thoroughly enjoyed in reality as her scent began to intoxicate him like an opiate. It was only after a few moments that she raised her head up to look at Ezekiel’s bright emerald eyes, her hair messy blonde locks falling to frame pale face. Her lips were only a few centimeters away from his, blowing her warm breathe over his face as she waited to see just what he would do in this position.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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77 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:56 pm

      Words couldn't describe the way Ezekiel felt at this very moment. His heart constantly skipped beats, while his judgement became nothing but lust ridden thoughts and sinful words, but he truly didn't care anymore. He wanted Ophelia to feel what he was feeling - he wanted the girl to want him as bad as he wanted her. Normally, such weird wants wouldn't faze the arrogant youth, but things were different now. He didn't want the girl to feel them for her personal gain, but for his own. If she felt the passion, the lust, and the sin. Tonight would forever be a night to remember...

      "These games won't be the only thing I keep up, sexy. You just lay there n' let me handle everything, iight...?"

      The emerald eyed boy continued to whisper his words of passion and flirtatiousness. His lips tracing the girls body with gentle lip presses, while his hand continued to travel very slowly up her skirt. Ophelia's winter embraced wrapped around his neck area. The ominous air from the girl added pressure to Ezekiel's movements, but he paid them little to no mind. Her fingers constricted around the back of his neck as the passionate kisses commenced. The boy had a feeling all this was happening do to the girl truly enjoying herself, but it's quite difficult to tell with one so mysterious as Ophelia. His hand wouldn't stop it's slow upraising. Maybe it was safe? Maybe they were on the same page? It didn't matter right now. All Ezekiel knew was Opehlia had no desire for him to stop - or so he thought...

      "Yo, you lik---....!!!"

      Suddenly, within the blink of an eye, there positions were changed. Ophelia rested her petite frame on Ezekiel's waist, while Ezekiel laid on his back with the faint look of confusion. Something like this would've never happened if he wasn't so in the "zone". But whatever, you can't change the past, right? Before the boy was even able to react to the girls hasty movements. Gentle kisses of warm breath began tracing his frame, causing the boy to release low pitch grunts of pleasure. The kisses quickly turned into flesh pulls with her teeth, but these too felt amazing to the youth - he wasn't complaining one bit. Her smell was even stronger now, or had a more powerful effect. The youth found himself unable to move - the blood in his body coursing to a single lone "area" In the matter of seconds, Ophelia would feel what made Ezekiel a man - if she wanted to or not.

      "Go ahead! Please, continue, babe. You already seem to know what I like."

      He continued to whisper as Ophelia hung centimeters away from his face. Even under this state of hypnosis, Ezekiel continued to keep his flirtatious edge and winning smile. The green eyed youth gripped the girls waist with his right arm and began a steady moving pattern. His arm slowly moved up and down as the two looked gazes of pure intimacy. Ophelia's blood tinted eyes and messy blonde hair caused the youth to chuckle a jolly laugh before he closed the little distance with a powerful kiss. His tongue wrestled with hers, as the firm grip on her waist moved over to her butt. The boy was still unable to move at this point. Maybe this was Ophelia's plan the entire time? seduce Ezekiel into the point of submission and ravage his helpless defenseless body. Eh, he had no times to think about such things. A beautiful girl laid on top of him, as blood continued to pump into a specific "area"... How would she react? He wondered...?

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A devious glint filled Ophelia’s lustful eyes as she slowly moved down closer and closer to the ebony skinned man’s lips, her breathe mingling with his own as a cross between a smirk and a smile slowly crept its way onto her lips. She was more than satisfied that she was able to pull the reaction she wanted out of Ezekiel’s body, proving to her that he indeed wanted her in the way she planned on having him. She was one who always enjoyed a little reassurance, but the thoughts that were dancing in the back of her mind made it to where she could only enjoy it for two or three minutes before a coy comment began to push against her lips. After all, how long did her companion expect her to keep quiet before throwing a little twist of silver laced words into their game? She loved playing around with her prey, so she just had to do it before their lips were closed by his actions.

”It did not take much to figure it out I must admit, but I thought we were here to evaluate the level of comfort of your bed, not dirty the sheets.”

Her smirk was practically stamped on her face as she slowly rotated her hips against his own, emphasizing that she was hinting at sex all while trying to light a fire in his veins. The little grunts that had escaped his lips made her want to purr from satisfaction and any more would only drive her sanity even farther from her grasp. Lust was slowly over taking all of her thoughts; at this rate she doubted that she would even be able to keep teasing him for much longer before their clothes would be visiting the ground for the night. The added feeling of his skin running up and down her waist only made her want to skip the steps that were laid out for their game, but she would attempt to behave herself for now as difficult as it was.

The next thing she knew his lips were pressed to her own, his tongue wrestling with hers in a passionate kiss filled with so much intimacy the room was practically bursting with it. Slowly the pale haired woman dragged her nails down his chest, tracing their way down the arch of his abs before flattening out against the heated flesh of his stomach. His whole lower body seemed to be getting hotter because of the pleasure he was feeling and the motions were even matched by her own body: her lower body growing flushed and damp. The feeling was extremely intense and only drove her to continue farther, dragging her fingers down his stomach at an agonizingly slow pace before finally reaching the beginning of the hem of his pants. Silently her fingers toyed with the button in a taunting way, the passionate kiss never ending as their lips remained locked like two puzzle pieces.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      His motionless body fell victim to raw human nature. He couldn't move, couldn't blink, and could hardly even think straight. The sinful thoughts coursing through his head were all jumbled together and fast. His dark black pupils became dilated from the many emotions pouring out of his body. No longer was he nice and clam on the inside, no longer could he calculate his next move and plan accordingly. His exterior was a raging predator, wanting nothing more but to seek pleasure for a creature of the opposite sex. While his interior seeked the same thing. Everything from his movements, to the kisses, and even to the low pitch grunts he exhaled. They all spelt one thing, and one thing only - S.E.X.

      Ezekiel heard her words, but couldn't responded even if he wanted too. It took all the mental control he possessed to even blink his bright green tinted eyes. The grinding of Ophelia's helps cased Ezekiel to release a even louder string of sexual grunts. This girl knew exactly what she was doing, she had the boy at a complete standstill. The grip he had on her butt greatly increased as she continued her erotic hip grinding. All her movement caused the organ within his jeans to become even more frantic and unpredictable. The only thing keeping it caged would be the jeans button, but how long would such interference remain? As time drew on, and the room became filled with thick sexual tension. The button caging the organ slowly began losing it's tight properties.

      Their lips remained look in a type of entangled embrace. Their tongues continued to wrestle - either sides showing no signs of hesitation or quitting. As this went on, and Ezekiel found himself enjoying every passing second. Ophelia's hand traced his chest yet again and making a very low descent. But this felt different from before, but what was it? The boy no longer felt a rush of ominous cold seeping into his flesh as she did this. But instead felt nothing but warmth and passion. He couldn't give the thought much any time to linger, but he knew what was going on - he just didn't have the will to show it. Ophelia finally made her way to the him of his jeans - her small hand toying with the already loose button. Throughout this entire time, their lips remained pressed together, and this "toying" movement lasted much longer than it should have. Using ever ounce of strength and will power he could muster up, the passionate grunts leaving his lips slowly formed words.

      "You got it...? Or do you need some help...?"

      It was almost exhausting to speak, but he managed it. Hopefully this worked because the good lord knows he doesn't possess the will power to do it again.

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80 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:43 pm

The female continued to battle against his tongue, never giving into him or allowing him to gain the upper hand over her over her body the entire time that they wrestled for dominance. After all, it was far too much fun holding all the cards in their game, keeping total control over the usually calm male. He seemed to be one that never fell this far into his pleasures and if she had the opportunity to hold this over his, she was more than willing to keep it up; she enjoyed taunting him more than anything, so taking notes was a must in her mind even if her memories would eventually end up shrounded by some sort of intimate haze. At this point she was perfectly alright to keep up her long list of things to annoy him with, so she kept memory that he was acting strictly off of his instincts. The male in him was clawing at the cage of his free will, begging to have his way with her, and secretly there was a little part of her that was doing the same exact thing. She was a woman after all, a woman with needs, and he was going to help her fulfill those sinful pleasures much to her happiness.

Only one thing reflected that of this lustful nature that was beginning to take hold of her, though it was very district much to her happiness. Her hip movements were simply becoming more dangerous and pronounced, pressing up against the rough fabric of his jeans to elicit as many noises as she could out of him. The petite female was still able to keep hold of was the amount of groans she let slip her lips - something that all men seemed to take pride in pulling from a woman - so she was sure that he was growing irritated with her lack of response. After all, he would eventually need some reassurance that she was enjoying herself becaues of the pleasure he was inflicting on her body, but that would all come later when there were no more layers separating them from their desires. She was a master at hiding things after all, not even a groan of intimacy slipping her tongue as their lips separated.

”I got it darling.”

She smirked once more, peering at him with predator like eyes through her dark lashes as she moved down for the kill. Pale lips began to peck at the heated flesh of his neck, keeping his mind distracted as she pulled at the metal annoyance that kept him caged up. It only took her a few moments to rip the button from its holder, allowing the fabric to spring open to her delight. All that was left now was to rid themselves of the god awful strips of cotton that kept them apart from each other's skin, pieces that she knew would not last much longer if they remained in their places. She was even the first to start this process, slipping the material of his jeans down his legs inch by inch to taunt him as her kisses continued to mar his perfect flesh.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      "Just hurry up..."

      Ezekiel's breathing became more frantic and sudden. His grip on Ophelia's backside becoming tighter and tighter as the pleasure rushed through his warm body. The girls hip movements become to much for the boy to bare - he really didn't want her to stop. It was more than apparently what kind of hold she had over his physical and mental will-being at this point in time...

      "Yeah, just like that..."

      He muttered softly with agonizing grunts of pleasure and lust as Ophelia began pecking at the flesh of his scorching body with soft gentle kisses. As she did this, the girl continued to fiddle with the metal part keeping his pants over his waist. The entire time she did this, Ezekiel eyes remained close as all his five senses became heightened to extremely levels. Suddenly, as the small button came unless, Ezekiel's organ sprung upward with much thrust - nothing held it back anymore, it was free from it's fabric like prison. As Ophelia continued to drag out the grunts from Ezekiel, the green eyed youth could feel her hands dragging down his jeans inch by inch. Slowly, he opened his eyes with dilated optics and looked directly upward at the massive cream colored ceiling overhead.

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Two arms slowly ticked along the perfect round, steel plate that made up the face of one of the few grand clocks in that luxurious hotel room, the numbers reading eight o’clock exactly when the silent perfection of the room finally broke, lifting the spell that had been cast from the night before in a lustful and irrational passion. It was not an incredibly loud noise that broke this perfect crystal casing though, simply a small hiss that slipped the pale lips of the female who was lying across the bed on her side. Light was spilling in from the slightly parted curtains that were supposed to keep them locked up in their bliss, irritating her eye lids to the point that she could no longer stand lying in her position on the bed and therefore making her hiss.

With slow motions the female let her fogged eyes flutter open to meet the amazingly bright light that kept urging her awake, questions coursing through her mind which mainly centered upon why her window was left open. The petite woman was a creature of habit, always keeping her window locked tight so no light could awaken her at some ungodly hour. In fact she had only expected the blare of an alarm clock to awake her that morning like it did every day, but there was no such sound reverberating through the room that she lay in. Old habits were hard to break, especially when one was locked in a cocoon of drowsiness, so she tried to turn in the sheets that were tossed over her petite form so she could slink out of the bed and shut herself back up in a pitch black world until the alarm clock demanded her attention; however, she quickly figured out that her body was trapped in some sort of cage, a fact that did not please her in one bit. The predator that was hiding within her chest began to grow irritated by the fact that she may be stuck by some imbecile, a growl nearly bursting from her tongue as she peered down with hazy crimson eyes to see what was keeping her in place by her waist line. The beast within her was tamed for the time being though when it recognized the arm that was radiating heat onto her skin, sleep finally vanishing from her mind as a smirk danced across her lips with the memories of the events that had taken place the night before.

The arm that was keeping her in place belonged to that of her delightful companion Ezekiel, a fact which placed her in his posh and now sex ridden hotel room in the middle of San Francisco. To say that the night before was enjoyable was a understatement in her mind, and now that she was starting to comprehend the world around her she was more than pleased about how things had ended up. The night of passion and instinctive pleasure had drove both of them near mad and the occupants who surrounded them must have surely complained to no end, but she did not care in the least. For once she was content with where she had ended up on a crazy and originally uneventful night, it dumping her in the arms of a man who played her games almost as skillfully as the predator that lurked beneath her skin.

With these revelations she decided that getting up was just not in the cards right now, the woman hunkering back down into the cloud like pillow that her head rested on with her pale locks fanning about her head. Her only warmth was the male’s arm that was keeping her in place and the crisp white sheet that was strewn only from her breasts to her bottom, and for once, she could have cared less. Much more entertaining things were on her mind in those silent moments of the early morning, memories of the fun little games that had transverse the night before on that now destroyed bed dancing before her eye lids. She could not even contain herself from letting out a near silent laugh at the fact that Ezekiel was probably covered in little scratches and bite marks now, something that he would not discover until much later. This morning was simply turning out to be much more pleasant that she could have ever imagined and her day had not even begun yet.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      His eyes slowly opened as the bright morning light seeped through the curtains. This certainly wouldn't be his ideal way of waking, but he had no control over it at the moment. Ezekiel fluttered his heavy eyelids a few times before turning his attention to the grand clock across the room. It took a few moments of focus before the image came out decipherable and readable. The hands read 10'O-clock, which caused the slightest hint of confusion to overlap his drowsy face. Ezekiel isn't the type to sleep so late into the morning. So what made today so different? Normally, his type of internal clock wakes him up much early, but today it didn't. But than he realized the previous night clearly had a greater toll on his body then he originally thought.

      "She must still be sleepin'?"

      The boy thought to himself as he slowly removed his arm from around her small petite waist. He wasn't entirely sure if the girl was still asleep or not, but still - he didn't just want to wake her so abruptly. Once his arm was slowly away from the girl, he slowly stood up from the plush white bed. But the very moment his legs came in contact with the floor, they almost completely gave out - last night really did a number on the youth. He stood in place for a few moments, feeling the nice morning breeze blow over his fully naked body. As the strength returned to his legs, Ezekiel made his way over to the dresser and quickly retrieved a pair of red basketball shorts. He found putting them on quite "bothersome", little scratches and bite-marks riddled his entire frame. But as the small stings of annoyances' made their presence known. Ezekiel could do nothing but smile his typical smile as his remembered the events from the previous night.

      "Jeesh! Crazy brad really did a number on me. But whatever, I ain't complainin' one bit..."

      He made his way over to his scattered clothes from last night with soft footsteps. His eyes scanning the floor for his jeans. After a few moments of searching, the youth found the baggy article of clothing and dug within the pockets - pulling out his silver flick-lid lighter and a almost full pack of cigarettes. He knew the girl hated smoking, so he would probably need to sneak this one in. The emerald eyed boy made his way towards the balcony. Right before he reached the sliding door, he noticed his cell phone on the dresser. So with a quick movement of the air, the boy swooped it up and made his way on the deck of the hotel suite. The sight of a early California always made Ezekiel smile. Frantic Storm-Riders making their way home from a busy night of breaking the law, normal citizens departing for work and school, and the singing birds - filling the day with their wonderful singling bliss.

      "A dude can get use to this."

      He spoke with a laughing tone of voice as the small white stick was placed and balanced on his bottom lip, soon followed by a bright red fiery tip. The green eyed youth waved the slowly burning stick from left to right with his tongue as he left the smell and effect seep into his ebony colored skin. He rose the phone up to his face, and pressed a long series of numbers, when that was finished, Ezekiel held the phone to his ears and waited for someone to pick up. As this process went on, the youth noticed a few children - who couldn't have been no older than thirteen and fourteen. These children rode Air-Treks, with great laughter and spirit - but this sight only lasted for a moment before a person on the other end of the call answered.

      "Yeah, um. Lemme get your entire breakfast menu. Yeah, I'm sure, just bring it up! Iight, coo', thanks."

      With that out of the way, the youth placed the phone in the shorts right pocket, and continued to soak in the scenery.

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84 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:32 pm

The blonde female lay asleep once more on the plush mattress when the clock began to click past ten, her body deciding that it was best to rest while she still had the chance. It was rare that she ever got to relax for a few hours and simply do nothing, so her subconscious took full advantage of this beautiful opportunity. Sadly though, her instincts would eventually kick in, her body rousing from sleep at the sounds of the dresser doors clanking and the balcony opening. She had always been a light sleeper - sensitive to the point that even the lightest of rattles would awake her - so it would not even matter if Ezekiel was trying to be sneaky to let her doze a few more hours.

Slowly her bright crimson hues fluttered open and welcomed the bright morning light, her body nearly completely awake due to the fact that it was so late. It did not even take that long for the fog to clear from her mind because of this which allowed to start comprehending everything that was going on around her. The first thing that the blonde haired woman noticed was not the numbers on the clock that stared at her face though, but the lack of warmth wrapped around her stomach. Even the bed seemed a little lighter and a quick inspection of its contents proved that her delectable companion had indeed relocated himself to another part of the hotel room; he was not gone at least, that much evident by the fact that his clothing and personal affects were scattered about the messy room. There was a touch of curiosity hidden in her hues as she peered about to try and figure out where on Earth he had run off to, though right now she had to take care of finding some sort of clothing before she could go wandering about. Nobody but Ezekiel wanted to see her naked after all.

The sheet was stripped from her body easily as she moved about on the comfortable bed as silent as a cat on the prowl, though she was far from graceful in her movements. In fact she nearly fell over when her feet took all of her weight, a stream of liquid fire shooting up her legs and causing her teeth to grit to hold back a small hiss of pain. Her scared and mutilated legs had been over exerted from the night’s riding obviously and when mixed with last night’s games, she had little to no chance of walking without some trouble. Ophelia had dealt with this before, the searing pain that made her want to curl up, and she did what she knew would alleviate her; simply standing there would allow her to adjust. With her nails dug into the bed she waited until she knew she could walk on her own, the faint words of the male fluttering into the room and urging her to get over the pain that much quicker.

Finally she felt as though she would not topple over, a blissful feeling in her world. Now that things were normal it was time to start hunting down some sort of clothing and the first thing she thought to do was to go through the dresser drawers. Silently she crept over to the large wood dresser, pulling the door open and rummaging about. She could have went and got her own clothes, but she did not feel like bothering with pulling all of the little pieces on so she simply yanked a white shirt from the furniture and slipped it on over her petite frame. The clothing hung down to her mid thighs and was a comfortable fit so she was satisfied with her selection that would keep her covered for the next few hours – or whatever it would turn into. Once dressed she bumped the draw closed with her hip while pulling her tousled blonde locks from the inside of the shirt to hang loose all around her body.

”Now, where did he go?”

A small smirk played on the female’s lips as she questioned the location of her companion in her mind, her knowing that he was around just not where he was dwelling. With a quick scan of the perimeter though she discovered that he was hiding out on the balcony, thoughts beginning to race though her mind of what to do to him as she crept up behind him as silent as a cat. She figured that she would simply startle him at first, maybe run her icy fingers down his muscles to get a small jump out of him. However, the second her eyes fell on the cigarette hanging from his lips all playful thoughts vanished and were replaced with questionings of his intelligence. A light glare even came to fill her eyes as she reached around him and plucked the white stick from his lips before throwing it over balcony.

”I could have swore that I threatened to murder you next time I saw one of these sticks in your mouth.”

Her words reflected her dislike for the items as she moved to lean against the balcony wall, her glare still lightly reflected in her eyes though the playful one was hiding just beneath the surface.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      Ezekiel continued to let the cigarette stench seep into his ebony skin as he stood in place with his eyes closed - completely oblivious from the world around him. But as this happened, he could feel something softly tugging on the small white stick balancing on his bottom lip. Before he even had a chance to react, the cigarette was away from his grasp and descending towards the solid ground below. The youth exhaled a few jolly laughs as the soul sucking voice of Opehlia reached his ears.

      "What can I say, beautiful. I like danger."

      He spoke with a arrogant tongue while exhaling a mighty yawn of relaxation. His emerald tinted optics glanced over at the girl directly beside him. He smiled at the sight, it seemed Ophelia has found one of his white shirts. He really didn't mind that she wore it - she just didn't seem like the type of female to do such a thing. The youth instantly thought about his next set of words - he wanted nothing more but to comment off her sudden change of character.

      "First you damage my body, than you rock my clothes? Sounds like someone finally made themselves at home."

      His words ceased with a faint chuckle. His eyes were fixed back upon the mighty city he stood over. Last nights events still had his body a little weaker then usual, so he'd probably just stay within the hotel-room for the reminder of the day, and Ophelia is more than welcome to stay - if she wanted too that is. His green eyes shifted back to the pale girl standing directly beside him. The white shirt did her body justice, or maybe it was just the fact Ezekiel liked his women in his clothes? Either way, he enjoyed the sight and made that very clear with his peeping eyes.

      "I ordered you some breakfast. I had no fuckin' idea what you liked, so I'm jus' havin' them bring up everything. I'm pretty sure they gotta have somethin' you like."

      He took a pause from his little speech and changed his position on the balcony. His back now leaning on the metal frame and his eyes looking directly at the sliding door.

      "And besides, you need to eat somethin' so you can regain all that lost strength."

      His words finally ceased with a sharp flirtatious edge.

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86 Re: Beautiful Art, Savage Blood, Roaring Motors! on Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:06 pm

Ophelia rolled her bright eyes at his comment about enjoying danger, finding it to be completely ridiculous and used only to irritate her. She did not even bother to respond to it as she moved to lean up against the railing of the balcony, her eyes dancing over his body to take in its apperance and perhpas distract her from her distaste with his actions. He was lucky she enjoyed staring at him just enough that it worked, the corner of her lips turning up into a light smirk as he seemed to half complain about his new markings. From his whole statement though she knew she would have to select her words carefully.

”What can I say other than it is a little too early in the morning to start complaining about that my clothes are most likely half destroyed in a corner of the room. Besides, I thought you would want me to hang around a little longer. I did not mean to damage your pretty little body too much after all.”

Slowly she was backing him into a corner, trying to weave a web that would trap him within his own selection of words. She wanted to see just what explanation he would have to her, her eyes sparkling dangerously as she leaned back a little more onto the rail.

”If you do not want me to stay I could always pack up and go, darling.”

If her smirk could have gotten any wider it would have simply because she enjoyed playing their little games. He was her favorite toy, her favorite prey, and she would not have traded it for anything as she simply let his wandering eyes do as they wished without a single comment on it. The only thing that got her to even think about talking again was the fact that he mentioned having ordered breakfast; well not really breakfast but a feast. His reasoning behind it was even more ridiculous than she could have imagined and she had a perfect remark to go along with it. Slowly she stood up from the balcony, mirroring his movements as she turned to stand right before. Her arms came to cross over her chest once more, the material of the shirt riding up a little higher on her thighs as her eyes questioned him.

”I do not eat much so I hope you plan on sharing with me. Besides, it would be a shame if you could not play with me a little more all because you lost all your strength.”

A flirtatious bit was wrapped all around her statement, her knowing very well what she was insinuating.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      The green eyed youth couldn't help but smile at Ophelia's comment. She was right about the clothes though - it nearly took Ezekiel a lifetime to find his pants. The girl also apologized for wrecking his precious little body - not like she needed to in the first place though, but even he knew she was simply teasing him. He let her words go in one ear and out the other - he really didn't want to comment on her words - at least not yet...

      The ominous air surrounding her body began entangling the youth into her killer web, but Ezekiel stood his ground - he was virtually immune to the small females mental games. She choice her words carefully and preciously - she wanted to get a reaction out of ebony skinned boy by any means. But Ezekiel remained calm and collected - for now his inner beast became tamed and obedient. Suddenly, his ears flinched slightly as he caught her next wave of words. She spoke of easily leaving if he wanted her too, the girls voice remained cunning and accurate - she knew what she was doing. Ezekiel let out a soft chuckle and fixed his glowing eyes upon the girl before a few words left his mouth.

      "Nah, I want you here, babe."

      A few moments overcame the duo, Ezekiel still leaning up against the railing with his arms crossed against his chest. While Ophelia continued overlooking the grand city. But before the youth realized, the girl had completely copied his movements - she was now facing the sliding door with her arms hugged up against her breasts. The ebony skinned boy eyed the girl with a smiling face as she spoke - her words sharp like her nails for the night before. It was true, Ezekiel haven't recovered his lost strength, and food would easily fix that problem, but he wouldn't let this girl know that, so he needed to react quickly.

      "Of course I'll help you eat it, babe. Don't want you gettin' all fat n' shit. But last night was a lil' crazy. It's like I was sleepin' with a tree branch."

      He spoke with his words drenched in a teasing coat. Using his waist to push himself off the metal railing, Ezekiel walked over in front of Ophelia - his piercing green eyes looking directly in her red stained ones. Slowly, his left arm griped her petite waist with a powerful firm grip, all while his head moved forward towards her pale delectable neck. His plump lips slightly puckered as they moved forward. Soon, little sensational pecks softly began devouring her very icy flesh. As each kiss came to a slow end, the boy would mutter a single word until the sentence was finished.

      "And I'll do much more than that..."

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The female could not help but let a satisfied feeling overwhelm her chest when he mentioned that he did not want her wandering off just yet, though she was more curious than anything as to why this was true. He did not seem the type to get attached to his woman so she simply passed it off as him wanting to play around with her a little longer. If his words proved otherwise though, she would make sure to use it to her full advantage when teasing him later in the day. After all, what was more entertaining than the thought of Ezekiel being attacked to one girl whom he had met not even twenty four hours before? There was probably very little as hilarious as that.

Silently she kept waiting for him to continue along with what words were bound to slip, her choosing not to comment any more about him wanting her to stick around. Her eyes were locked on him the entire time, the soft touch of his flesh against her skin still lingering in the back of her mind. She had to admit, it was rather entertaining how long his touch remained blazing against her frozen flesh, and she wondered just long it would stay like that. It appeared from his next two statements that it would choose to linger for quite a while longer.

”Well you did not seem to be complaining last night when you had your arms wrapped around me. In fact, you seemed perfectly content.”

Her eyes sparkled dangerously as she waited to see just what he would be up to next. He was clearly up to something by the way his body moved, his eyes trying to pry into her body as he pulled her closer with his strong body. The female could not help but to smirk darkly at him, allowing her whole body to become trapped and held in one place without any sort of complaints escaping her lips. For once in her life she had no complain about being trapped so easily by another person, her even enjoying it on some odd level simply because it added to their fun little games.

The next thing she registered fully though was the various little pecks he was planting on her skin, delectable marks that made her purr a soft rumbling noise of content and maybe even pleasure. She let her hands wander up his chest as he did this, running her fingers all along his upper body and tracing the various marks that decorated his skin in addition to his ink tattoos. It was her own version of a tattoo she supposed, one that was not permanent in the least but that would indeed stand out against the rest.

”I would not have it any other way. Let’s just try not to wake up half the hotel this time though.”

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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      "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You still hella small, but I guess I can live with that..."

      His words faint and soft as his little kisses traced her entire neck with sensation movements. As Ophelia's hands traced his outer frame, Ezekiel's powerful grip wrapped around her waist slowly became stronger and more aggressive. His head slowly began climbing up the side of the girls face all while delivering a string of kisses. Her passionate purrs reached his ears, while her next set of words did the same.

      "No promises, babe."

      He whispered yet again looking Ophelia directly in her face with his typical arrogant smile. But before he even had the opportunity to pleasure his companion anymore, a string of knocks collide with the oak like frame of the hotel room door. The ebony skinned male fixed his vision upon the door across the room and simply shook his head - he had a strong feeling something like this was bound to happen. Ezekiel slowly turned his emerald gaze back upon Ophelia, and with a plump kiss upon her winter like forehead he released a wave of words from his mouth.

      "Looks like your food is here, girly."

      The grip upon her waist lifted, and Ezekiel slowly walked through the sliding screen door with lazy type movements. On his way towards the oak like door, he scanned the entire hotel room. Blankets, pillows, and cloths covered the entire floor and furniture of the room. This sight caused the boy to bust out into a jolly laugh while softly shaking his head from side to side. Hopefully the person bring the duo their food wouldn't ask to many questions about the mess. But if they did, Ezekiel would give them a straight up answer - even the answer is pretty obvious upon seeing the girl in nothing but a white shirt that stopped at her thighs.


      "I have your order, sir..."

      "Iight, you can't jus' leave it right here... I'll think of somethin'..."

      "Ok, enjoy your meal..."

      The hotel staff was a young girl - couldn't have been any older than sixteen. Upon noticing Ezekiel's exposed chest, the young girl instantly looked down with a flustered face. Ezekiel didn't notice how uncomfortable he was making the young lady do to the face he was frantically moving around attempting to kick the scattered clothes out of the way for the massive pushing cart of food. The girl slowly looked up and noticed Ophelia standing where ever it was she was standing and almost instantly looked back down at her feet - she seemed to be a very shy girl. It didn't take much for the child to figure out what went down in this room, but she said nothing - she just kept silent and waited for Ezekiel to dismiss her.

      "Eh, fuck it!"

      The boy shouted walking back over to the pushing cart of food, grabbing it by it's handles, and pulling it into the center of the massive suite. After doing this, the male slowly made his way back over to the young girl still strongly focusing on her feet.

      "Well, is that all...?"


      "I mean if that's all, I guess you can go now...?

      The young girl practically ran off once hearing these words - still not giving Ezekiel or Ophelia any type of eye contact. The boy laughed a slightly, and closed the oak like door with a mighty slam. He made his way over to the cart of food and looked at the almost endless amount of dishes to pick from. All the fancy breads and fruit made his face grow a look of confusion, but that quickly faded as he caught glance of plump green grapes. The ebony skinned boy picked up a few, and popped them in his mouth one after another.

      "I think you scared off that girl, babe."

      He spoke - attempting to tease Ophelia's ominous type effect she has on the weaker souls. As his lips smacked from the grape juices, he made his way over to the edge of the bed and sat upon the fluffy white cloud.

      "Enjoy, darlin'."

      Ezekiel spoke looking directly at Ophelia as he continued to devour his favorite fruit.

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